Stories of Josh Ch. 01


*These stories are based on real people, who have been renamed for privacy reasons. The situations, however, are mostly fictional, written for your enjoyment. So, please enjoy. And please, leave feedback. Tell me what you’d like to see, what I’m doing wrong, and what you saw already and really liked. Feedback is the only way for me to progress as a writer, and while I have other chapters in mind, the amount of feedback I receive may determine whether or not I decide to write/post them. Thank you.*

Josh pushed the door to his government classroom open carelessly. It wasn’t so much a classroom as a trailer… but everyone had grown accustomed to it. The only inconvenience was the long walk to the trailer portion of the school. Because of overpopulation in their district, Josh’s school was overcrowded, and had been forced to hire extra teachers and buy trailers to teach in. And every teacher still didn’t have their own room. The campus school held over 1,500 students everyday, and Josh only cared about a small few.

The smell pervaded his nostrils nearly instantly. Every day the trailer smelt of a mixture of food, ass, and bodily odor. It was the heat’s fault. During the summer the trailer felt fine, but during winter days the heating was on and so they added and insulting warmth to the stagnant odors. The closed windows probably didn’t help. Anyway, every day it smelled, and every day the class complained, but Coach Lance had grown accustomed to the heat and smell, and couldn’t understand what they were complaining about. So Josh made his rounds each afternoon, pulling up the blinds, and lifting the windows before the rest of the class arrived.

He planned on sitting down, but the smell was really beginning to irk him, so he stepped outside onto the wooden deck and leaned over the rail. He spat a loogey onto the dirt below and turned around. A number of his classmates entered the trailer one after the other. Josh was acquainted with them all, but didn’t really care about them one way or the other. He adjusted his denim jacket slightly and ran his hand through the side of his medium length blond hair. During the summer he usually buzzed it all off, but currently his bangs were nearly at his nose, and the rest of his hair was almost shoulder length.

Elizabeth rounded the corner of the trailer and smiled at him as she looked up. Recently she’d had her braces taken off, and to Josh’s great approval she smiled much more often these days. Elizabeth was a beautiful girl, simply dazzling. She had a petite face, her nose slightly upturned, and her chin coming to a point. Her hair was longer than Josh’s and did not curl slightly at the ends like his did. Originally she was a brunette, but months ago she had experimented with blonde highlights, and Josh loved the way it made her slightly tanned face glow.

She floated past him, and John couldn’t help but notice her lovely ass, and the way it always looked in her blue denim jeans. Today she wore a pink sweater over her chest, and the tight sweater showed off her B cup breasts wonderfully. As she disappeared behind the door, Josh shook his head to clear his mind, and then rubbed his hands together for warmth. He was about to head in when Cara rounded the same corner Elizabeth had.

Cara was short, only about 5’2″, but beautiful beyond measure. She was born in the United States, but her blood was fully Indian. Indo-Aryan that is, not Native American. For a long while Josh had concealed a crush for the beautiful young woman. In his mind, they were soul mates. Of course he couldn’t be sure how she felt about him, what guy ever knew what women were thinking? But, she seemed to genuinely value him as at least a very good friend. They had just met this year, but already it seemed that neither could withhold a smile when they saw each other.

Today, she seemed very unhappy, though Josh couldn’t begin to guess at why. Cara was nearly always happy, she was perhaps the most innocent, loving, and gentle person he’d ever met. Not to mention she was fantastic to look at. Her deeply tanned face wore her almond shaped, brown eyes wonderfully. Though her face was somewhat squared, like many Indians, her defined and angled cheeks gave her a beauty not many Indian girls could obtain with all the makeup in the world. And on the topic of makeup, she wore very little. Her face was occasionally oily, but what teenager’s face wasn’t? But even though school was stressful, she managed to maintain a practically blemish-free face.

Currently, she wore very comfortable clothing, and her hair was straightened. Josh loved her hair, especially when she straightened it. Jet black, it framed her face perfectly, and fell just past her shoulders. Her chest wasn’t stupendous, a moderate A cup, but Josh was a tit man anyway. They didn’t hurt, but he enjoyed a petite girl. Cara wasn’t the stereotype petite, but she was tiny. Her waist wasn’t that of a model’s but, it was attractive. She didn’t have a pudgy stomach or anything. Her hips, which Josh adored, were wide and full, fitting her thighs perfectly. Josh loved when a girl had full thighs like Cara and Elizabeth. İstanbul Escort Perhaps one of his biggest turn-offs were chicken legs.

“Hey Josh,” Cara said, her eyes betraying her smile.

“Hey Cara,” he replied, “How’re you doing?”

She smiled again and shrugged, “I dunno, I’m just whatever. I don’t feel like talking about it. Maybe later.” With that she slumped into the trailer.

Elizabeth joined Josh outside shortly. She was coming from dance, and the heat from dancing for a few hours, combined with the trailer was too much for her everyday. Standing just outside the doorway she fanned herself and smiled at him. He smiled back, one, because it was instinctive, and two, because it was amusing that she was fanning herself while her breath steamed the air. “So, how was your weekend Josh?”

“Eh, it was okay, just working on that English project and I saw a movie with my cousins.” Josh shrugged and moved forward, opening the door for Alexia and her twin sister Alisha.

“I see, well, at least you got some time to relax and see a movie. I can’t remember the last time I had a break.” Josh didn’t doubt that one bit, Elizabeth was the busiest, hardest working person he’d ever met. She was sure to be rich one day. That was probably one of the main reasons he was attracted to her, her brain. She was beautiful yes, but there are plenty of beautiful people in the world. Elizabeth, however, had a magnificent mind. And she and Josh rarely had a dull conversation. It was rather refreshing seeing as most of his school was filled with morons. The exceptions would be himself, Elizabeth, and Cara, among a few others in the school.

However, just as Josh was planning to strike up a conversation in the cold, Trey, Elizabeth’s unannounced boyfriend arrived late as usual. Josh couldn’t see what she saw in him. He was a decently smart, and somewhat attractive black man. Pretty strong, but nothing special. Josh couldn’t understand what they talked about most of the time, they didn’t seem to have much in common. Anyway, he wrapped his arms around her, and that was Josh’s cue to head inside. Seeing Elizabeth with Trey, or Cara with Kurt always made him sick to his stomach.

It frustrated the young blond man more than anything. Both Trey and Kurt were the same, sort of like jocks, but not really. Not very intelligent for the most part, and wannabe trouble makers. Nothing in common with the two girls, but they still flocked to them. What frustrated him more was that everyone knew that both the men were at times disloyal to their respective women. Josh had cheated on a girl once in his life, nearly twice, but he refrained the second time. He couldn’t see what good could come of cheating.

A bit pissed, Josh stepped into the still rather hot trailer and took a seat next to Cara and was soon joined by his best friend Rafael. Rafael had been friend with Josh since Freshman year, and until Senior year he’d been much like a bodyguard at times. Josh hadn’t really put on much muscle until the previous summer, Rafael on the other hand had always been rather large and built muscle easily. As of now, Rafael weighed in around 180 pounds, and Josh only weighed about 155. The entire summer they’d been pumping iron and writing lyrics together. In between work anyway.

The two of them had a lot in common, such as humor, thoughts, problems, and some interests. Rafael, however, liked cars and Josh liked video games, Rafael was obsessed with females, and Josh was respective of them, and Rafael smoked and drank, Josh did neither. They usually got along though, and only occasionally was there awkward silence between them. Of course, everyone knows that silence between men was usually no big deal, unlike when guys and girls got together, an awkward silence then was just… awkward.

Rafael and Josh struck up a conversation about their weekend, as everyone waited for Coach Lance. He was late nearly everyday, and when he did finally waddle through the door, that usually didn’t change anything. In this AP History class it was rare that the students actually did any work. So they continued talking, until they’d had enough debating of superheroes. Then the two became quiet and saved conversation for later. It was after they finished talking about whatever they talked about, that Cara and Josh would chat about the weekend, homework, a project, religion, or life. They were usually pretty interesting conversations, and Josh could normally make Cara laugh easily, but today she just wasn’t in the mood.

“So Cara, how was your weekend?” Josh inquired, smiling warmly at her.

She turned and replied, but Josh could tell something was wrong, “it was alright, busy. English project and all you know…” She trailed off and looked away, putting her head down.

Josh tried to make her feel better, but her mood wouldn’t budge, and finally Coach Lance spoke up. “Okay, we’re going to watch a movie today called Bowling for Columbine. Anyone heard of, or seen it?” He looked around, “Elizabeth, you’ve heard of it or seen it?”

“Just heard of it Coach Lance. But I think it will be interesting İstanbul Escort bayan to watch it.” Everyone began murmuring and laughing because they knew of Elizabeth’s strong political inclinations. Whenever something political came up in class she was the first to comment or debate about it.

“Well, anyway, it’s directed by Michael Moore, the director behind Fahrenheit 9/11. So it should prove interesting. Everyone please move forward and pay attention. Trey hit the lights.” Everyone did as he said, and Josh moved to sit just in front of Elizabeth, Cara sat behind him. Turning around to see if she was feeling any better, his eyes immediately traced down her body to the crease between her legs. Her legs were spread widely because of the way she sat in the chair, facing the back of the chair. His eyes lingered on the cameltoe before him as Cara was looking away, chatting with Alisha. As he gazed, mesmerized by the tight sweatpants clinging to Cara’s vulva and thighs, he couldn’t help but wonder what her pussy really looked like. It was obviously more pronounced than some, Cara always seemed to have a cameltoe, even though she dressed rather conservatively. Even in her loosest pair of jeans, the crotch always clung to her inner thighs.

Snapping out of his trance, Josh looked up, and Cara began to look forward, their eyes met and he smiled warmly, as he always did. She returned the smile genuinely and he asked, “You feeling any better?”

“I’ll be fine, thanks for asking though.” Her smile faded, and the movie began before them.

“Okay, I just don’t like when you’re sad is all,” Josh said, and reached toward her, his hand glanced her thigh and his heart jumped. He squeezed her side, causing her to jump as it always did. She hated it, but it always made her laugh when he tickled her.

“Stop it!” She laughed and pushed his hand away.

Josh smiled again and turned to watch the movie. It was a little slow in the beginning, but everyone watched, talking slightly to one another. While the movie was explaining gun safety, Josh felt movement behind him, and then pressure on his shoulder. He turned to find Cara resting her chin lightly on his shoulder. It nearly startled him at how close their faces were, he’d never been this close to her before, and suddenly he felt and extreme urge to kiss her, he didn’t seem to care where, the forehead, lips, cheek, chin, he just wanted to kiss her. However, what he actually did was say, “How’s it going?” What the hell was he thinking? She smiled, and lifted her head from his shoulder. He immediately felt an emptiness in his heart. Had she wanted him to make a move? Did he do the right thing? No way to find out now.

Bowling for Columbine wasn’t even half over when the lunch bell rung. Coach Lance paused the movie, and everyone slowly got up to go to the cafeteria. Josh never went to lunch anymore, the food wasn’t that great, Rafael was his only friend at lunch, seeing as Cara sat with Kurt, and the lunch ladies were complete bitches. So, he just stayed in the classroom and spoke to Elizabeth about homework or other various topics. It was much more fun in his opinion. Today, however, Elizabeth decided to go to lunch, her suspected it had something to do with her dating Trey. Josh was preparing for a very lonely lunch period, when he noticed that Cara had not gotten up to leave.

“Are you staying here?” Josh asked after everyone but Will and Jasmine, who always stayed to make out, had left the trailer, including Coach Lance. During the movie, Cara had turned toward the desk, away from the movie to lay her head down more comfortably. Now, as she leaned forward on the desk with her head down, Josh could see a distinct panty line through her sweatpants. If he wasn’t mistaken, she either had a hell of a wedgie or was wearing a thong. This was amazing in Josh’s mind, he had never pictured Cara as one to wear a thong of any kind. He always pictured her as the innocent, and completely pure, virgin. Though he was still pretty sure she was a virgin, a thong was very surprising.

“Hmm?” She lifted her head and turned to look at Josh, her eyes looked a bit reddened, as if she’d been crying or her eyes had been watering. However, it was still dark in the classroom, so there may have been nothing wrong. “Oh, yeah, I’m staying, don’t feel like eating really.”

“Really? You always go to lunch. What about Kurt?”

This triggered something in her, “Fuck Kurt! I don’t give a damn about Kurt!” She hissed, and Josh jumped back slightly. Tears began rolling down Cara’s cheeks, and Josh immediately pulled his chair next to her and took her into his arms. She cried into his strong shoulder.

“Cara, what happened? What’s wrong?” He cooed, stroking her raven black hair slowly.

Between sobs, Cara looked up, “Kurt cheated on me Josh! That fucking pig fucked some slut at a party! I broke up with him this morning after he admitted to it.”

Josh thought she’d known about his exploits and just didn’t care, everyone else did. It seemed, however, that she was one of the only people in school who didn’t Escort İstanbul know about her boyfriend’s infidelity. “Well, Cara, I always thought he was a jerk, never liked him. You’re better than him, he doesn’t deserve you.” Josh tried reassuring her, wiping the tears from her cheek with his thumb. Without warning, the young Indian beauty leaned forward and locked lips with the blond man. Josh’s heart very nearly exploded with excitement and joy. Her lips felt wonderful, full and soft. Josh’s right hand caressed her cheek, as his tongue explored her mouth, and he sucked at Cara’s bottom lip. This may have been the most blissful moment in Josh’s entire life, but he broke the kiss suddenly.

“Cara, are you sure you want this. I mean you’re just upset about Kurt. I don’t want to be a rebound for you Cara.” The kiss had been broken, but not the eye contact. And as strong as Josh wanted to be in this situation, he melted under her beautiful brown eyes.

“Josh, you aren’t just my rebound. I’ve wanted you for a very long time. From the day I met you I’ve had a crush on you, but I thought I loved Kurt. It hurt me to like you, because I felt like I was betraying Kurt. It seems that son of a bitch was a step ahead of me. But when I found out he’d been cheating on me, I knew I wasn’t meant to be with him because of the way I felt.” Cara moved her face closer to Josh, until their lips were barely an inch away from one another. “I know you’d never hurt me like he did Josh,” she whispered, “I just know you wouldn’t.”

“Cara,” Josh reasoned, “you know my feelings for you, I’ve told you over and over that I like you and that you’re a big part of my life. This is like a dream come true, and I’d love to be able to love you. But I’m not sure I can torture myself by tasting the forbidden fruit and then having it ripped away from me.” Josh paused, backing away a bit, “You can’t imagine how hard this is for me, but your marriage is not up for you to decide on. I’m not Indian or Hindu, I can’t marry you. You told me you’d never betray your parents, which means you’d have to betray me.”

This seemed to put things in perspective for Cara, but she recovered, “I know all of that, but I have these feelings for you, feelings I’ve never felt before, and I want to explore them, because if it turns out they’re true love, I wouldn’t want to miss out on that. But you’re right, I’d never betray my parents, I couldn’t, but I’d be willing to betray my husband. I can’t love someone who is proposed to me, rather than allowed to propose to me. If it turns out we’re together when the time comes, I’ll stay with you, and be untrue to him. He wouldn’t love me like you could.”

Josh didn’t mind the sound of that, “But what about not being able to see you. We can’t be together until you’re living alone with your husband and are able to leave the house unsuspected and unmonitored. Until then I’ll be without physical affection. I don’t want to think I’d be unfaithful to you, and I’d never stop loving you, but lust sometimes overcomes love for the moment. Cara, I don’t want to hurt you, and I’m too afraid that I would–“

A finger was placed over his lips, “Josh, calm down. I want to be with you, this isn’t some rush decision. I’ve thought this over, and I don’t mind if you’re with other women, as long as you don’t sneak around, and don’t love them. All I can ask is for you to be honest with me.”

Josh was speechless, all he could do was plant his lips upon hers, his heart thumping inside his chest. It was probably as close to Heaven as Josh would ever get, and it was amazing just to feel loved, and by a beautiful woman that he loved as well. Breaking the kiss, Cara stood, and pushed her chair away, then pushed Josh back into his chair so that he was sort of slouched. She then wasted no time in straddling his crotch. Within moments a stiff slab of meat was pressing against the inside of Cara’s thigh.

Cara leaned forward, kissing Josh on his lips passionately, their tongues intertwining. Josh returned the kiss enthusiastically, and while her hands caressed his hair and shoulders, his hands grasped and fondled her lower back, straying down to her ass cautiously. Cara seemed to feel that he was unsure of how far she wanted him to go, so she took the liberty of grabbing his wrists and placing his hands on her ass cheeks. Without need of further encouraging, Josh squeezed and rubbed her tight ass through her sweatpants and Cara began grinding her hips into the stiff cock pressing between her legs. This just fueled Josh’s actions, and the kiss became more heated, and eventually his mouth was tracing light trails down her cheek, to her neck, and then up to her ear where he found the sweet spot.

Cara’s body quivered as his tongue probed her ear lobe and ear. Josh had always been known by girlfriends as being good with his tongue, and especially talented in the ear and neck areas. Breathing in deeply, Josh inhaled the sweet scent of her hair, and opened his eyes as he continued sucking on her tender ear lobe. Will and Jasmine seemed to be in their own world, despite the small moans escaping Cara’s lips. Still, Josh was a bit apprehensive doing this stuff in front of them. He figured Cara was ten times the prude he was, but it didn’t seem that she cared at all. After a moment though, Cara sensed his fears and stood from his lap, grabbing his cock through his jeans and pulling him to his feet.

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