Stormy Ch. 01


I pulled the car into my driveway, parked and sat there with the engine running for a few minutes. Pulling myself out of the reverie I turned the engine off and looked up to the great oak standing between my parents home and our neighbors. I got up from my seat and walked to the tree and easily swung myself up to the lowest branch. Soon I was standing on the wooden walkway that spanned the distance between both houses. Stormy’s dad had built it ten years ago tomorrow as a birthday present for his daughter and me. Of course it was my constant climbing along the limbs to her window that inspired this particular piece of engineering. Stormy and I had been friends since, well since forever. We shared the same birthday, lived next to each other and both of us had lost a parent. My dad had left my mom so long ago I couldn’t even remember his name. And her mom had died in childbirth. But between our families we had survived, hell we had thrived. Secretly I looked up to her father like he was my own and I knew Stormy felt the same way about my mom. I leaned up against the railing as I had a thousand other times my fingers finding the initials etched there three years earlier.

“Thought I might find you here.” I looked up to see Stormy climbing out of her bedroom window. My heart caught in my chest as it always did lately. Lately, oh jeez it’s been years now since she began to look like the woman she was growing into. Her long dishwater blond hair woven into a braid that hung down to her butt. I swallowed hard staring at the tight shorts clinging to her incredible ass. As she turned her impressive breasts came into view hidden under the clingy blue half shirt that also revealed her pierced belly button. I turned to look again over the shared backyard. “Whatcha thinking?”

“I can’t believe its all changing. That in a couple of months we will be thousands of miles away you will be on one coast and me on the other.” She closed the distance and I felt her hands slip around me from behind her breasts pressing against my back. I suppressed a shudder of desire as my childhood friend and the woman I most wanted to be with embraced me.

“What’s really bothering you?” Her lips right by my ear, her breath as she continued causing a swelling between my legs. “I have a feeling there’s more to it than us just parting.” Every syllable precisely spoken as her lips brushed against my ear. I turned and looked over my shoulder, her face so close to mine. I looked into her steel gray eyes so prominent in her heart shaped face. Just below her eyes the high noble cheekbones, then her button nose, her full lips framing her brilliant smile. “Turn around.” She said as a mischievous mask slipped into place. I turned and she molded herself to me my hands settled onto her firm butt. She kissed me and the world seemed to go away. There was only the heat of our bodies and the electric contact of our flesh touching. Her tongue invaded mine and we dueled for a time even as her leg rubbed against my crotch. When we finally broke the contact I was gasping she was wearing the sex hungry mask now. Even as her hand moved down between my legs the voice cut thru the air.

“Mike? Mike where are you?” My mom broke the moment. I groaned in disappointment. I looked at Stormy and she just smiled, “Later stud muffin.” She tore away from our embrace and sashayed back to her window. She bent over letting her shorts ride up revealing a hint of her crotch missing a key piece of clothing, no panties. “Mike?”

“I’m up here mom, I’ll be right down.” I yelled back and began the climb down to the ground.

“You look like hell.” That was my mom subtle as always. She offered me a cup of coffee, which I eagerly accepted.

“I haven’t been sleeping well.” She got that motherly look on her face.

“You need to take care of yourself, finals are coming up and you know how important they are.”

“I know mom, its just I have been distracted lately.” She was sipping her coffee but her eyes brightened in response.

“Distracted, twitterpated would be closer to the mark.” My face must have been that ‘who me?’ look. “Stormy huh?” She asked already knowing the answer. There had never been anyone else my entire life. I nodded and stared down into my coffee, my dark reflection stared back. A strong jaw was my prominent feature, just like my dad apparently. But I preferred my elegant ears with their slightly pointed tips. When I was a kid I always imagined I was a ‘changeling’ the elves had left for my mom since my dad had run away. And of course my light body frame, I was built for speed not strength, and that is why I was going to college on a sports scholarship. Track and field had saved my life; the same way gymnastics had changed Stormy’s. We both train together, running and a weight regiment that works for both of us. Of course there is more we do separately but we try to find as much to do together as possible.

“Twitterpated, nice word mom.” She hugged me and whispered in my ear.

“Don’t live a life with regrets.” With that she stepped away looked me in the eye for a long moment and then turned away and left me to my own thoughts. I needed to clear my thoughts so I finished my coffee as I walked up the stairs. I walked to my room set out some clothes and then stripped down getting ready for a nice long hot shower. I stepped into the bathroom zenci escort gaziantep bayan in a daze not seeing my mom until it was too late.

“Sorry mom.” She looked at me her eyes looking at me appraisingly.

“God I make handsome kids.” I blushed.

“Mom!” She dismissed me with a wave of a hand.

“Mike you need to relax. I breast-fed you for god’s sake. Changed your diaper, should I go on?” I shook my head and held my hands up in surrender. She reached over and started the water for my shower then turned back and continued. “Stress will kill you.” She looked past me and smiled. “Hi Stormy!” I smiled and looked at my mom.

“That won’t work.” I said she was always trying those sorts of things.

“Hi mom,” came Stormy’s voice from behind me, “nice view Mike.” I turned around in shock and her eyes tracked down between my legs. “Yes mom you make yummy kids.” Stormy always called her mom since, well since we were children. I turned back around and slipped past my mom and into the shower pulling the curtain behind me. I could hear mom’s and Stormy’s laughter and then there was hushed whispers and then my mother’s voice.

“I’ll leave you two alone.” The door to the bathroom closed and I heard Stormy sit on the toilet.

“She means well.” Stormy’s voice drifted over the falling water.

“That’s what’s so hard.” I stepped under the water and wet my hair. She said something else but I couldn’t hear it with the cascade of water around my ears. The curtain opened and Stormy stepped in wearing only a smile.

“I said do you mind if I join you?” I shook my head and looked her over from head to foot. For all of our years together and all the slap and tickle we had enjoyed, I had never seen her naked before.

“Damn Stormy.” Her sun kissed skin was free of any tan lines. She turned around so I could see all of her.

“Well I saw you, I figured I owed you.” She walked over and held her hand under the water. “Perfect, can I share your shower?” She didn’t wait for a response she simply stepped in and again pressed herself against me once more. Her lips found mine and I again rose to the occasion but this time without clothing to inhibit its movement my cock slipped right between her legs. Her thighs closed around it trapping it. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts. I began kneading them and heard her moan in my ear. “Mmmmm,” suddenly she was serious, “I don’t want to go to college a virgin and I have always wanted it to be you.” She softened against me her commanding demeanor evaporating. “How do you feel about all of this?”

“I have wanted you for so long, it hurts when you walk by at school and I can’t touch you, agony. I have loved you…” Her head lifted up and her eyes sparkled.

“Love? I never hoped that…” I interrupted her just as she had done to me.

“This isn’t easy for me.” She smiled and just watched and listened. “I have always felt a connection with you. Since we were kids I could almost finish your sentences and you mine. It was eerie that we shared the same birthday and your dad has always been great.” My thoughts meandered but I got back on track. “I think I loved you since I was six, maybe six and a half. But then it got stronger and stronger until the physical aspects came into it. I have wanted to be with you for so long.” She wiggled her butt teasing me once again. I groaned and continued, “so many nights I took matters in hand after we made out and I left frustrated.”

“No more teasing, I need you inside of me today and every day until, well until we can’t anymore.” I began to move my hips sliding between her wet hips feeling her hot wetness rubbing above me. She shuddered and her hands grabbed my arms. “That’s not fair.”

“Fair, no I am not being fair. And if you bend over you’ll find out how unfair I can be.” That hungry look returned and she growled in her chest.

“You want me bent over the first time?”

“Yes, truth be told I don’t want you slipping and getting hurt.” She laughed till she cried, her tears mingling with the shower water.

“I guess that would be safe sex?” She said when she could speak again. I nodded as I ran my hands over her body. “Then you shall have it then.” She broke away from me and turned around and pressed her butt against my hardness having it slide between her cheeks and across her sex again. My hands settled onto her hips as she slid her hands down her body over her breasts, stomach, thighs, knees and finally her calves. She was folded in half and her sex was now easily accessible, I continued to move forward and back rubbing the head and length along the petals of her sex and about the tenth time I slipped inside of her and was soon hilted in her. I groaned, she moaned and I looked down at my buried cock in pleasant shock.

“I’ve never dreamt it would feel this good. You are so warm and tight.” She could only moan and move a bit. I took her hint and pulled back a bit and then moved forward she gripped me like a velvet fist. I moved further back and faster, soon I was slamming into her in long hard strokes. Stormy began to moan and then cry out with each thrust and with a long wail she convulsed around me her entire body shaking. As tight as she was that it took to send me over the edge. I began escort bayan gaziantep to pulse inside of her my own knees nearly buckling another cry coming from her. We both dropped to the floor of the shower the water washing away the fruits of our lust. I pulled out of her and she turned around and threw her arms around me.

“I love you Mike!” I kissed her face, as the emotional bond between us grew stronger as the moments passed.

“I love you Stormy!” We crawled to our feet and washed up kissing and groping each other. “I wish it could have been a more romantic setting.” She smiled and kissed my cheek.

“Beds are so overrated. Plus my dad will be gone Saturday and we can explore each other better then. I want to give you a blowjob, I’ve been practicing.” I made a mock look of shock.

“Why wait?” I said jokingly but she pondered it for a moment only before dropping to her knees in front of me. “What are you…” her lips wrapped around my semi hard cock. “Stor-my oh my god! That feels so good!” She stroked my length and it hardened quickly. Soon the head was in her mouth as she was swirling her tongue around it. I shuddered and looked down as she looked up at me, we maintained that connection the entire time. As she adjusted more and more of my length disappeared into her mouth. She could only take half of it but when she began to bob her head forward and back it didn’t matter to me I was in heaven. I was panting in time with her movement, speechless as she strove to make me cum again. “Stroke it some more please.” Her eyes glittered as her hand came into play again, sucking and stroking was quickly bringing me off. “I am getting close.” I gasped as she sped up further her hand squeezing and stroking and she took another inch down her throat eager to please me. I began grunting as my toes started tingling. This made her take me out of her mouth and was stroking me furiously with the tip pointed at her tits. I groaned one last time and shot all over her lovely breasts. She took a finger and licked my cum off her tit.

“Not bad, not great but not horrible.” I drew her to her feet and helped her clean up.

“That was incredible, thank you.” She nuzzled me and said I would be reciprocating soon enough. “Glad to, with a little help that is.” She smiled and licked my ear.

“I’m sure you are a natural.”

“Mike! Stormy! Can you come down here?”

“Okay mom!” We yelled in stereo. I turned off the water and Stormy was already drying herself. When she bent over to dry her legs I tempted to start yet another love making session.

“No, later, maybe.” She said as she wiggled her ass at me. I groaned and began drying myself.

“Fucking tease.” Stormy only nodded and smiled. She dressed in the bathroom as I slipped into my room and got dressed there. Like her I wore shorts and a t-shirt but decided to go barefoot. We walked down the stairs to see an elderly woman sitting with my mom. She reminded me of a heavyset dwarf without the facial hair.

“Hey mom, who’s this?” My mom rose to her feet and gestured for us to sit on the couch opposite her. I let Stormy sit first and then sat next to her.

“Mike, Stormy this is Natalie Brockmeyer, she is a retired nurse.”

“Nurse? I am confused.” I said seeing the pain in my mother’s eyes.

“She is the nurse who help deliver both of you.”

“Really,” Stormy said, “what brings her here after all these years?”

“She has a confession to make.” My mother said.

“What sort of confession?” We said in unison. Mom turned to Natalie and she looked guilty of something. She paused but then the words came rushing out.

“I was your nurse when you were both born. And I did something horrible and I need to try to make amends if I can.” A cold fear hit me in my gut.

“What did you do?” Stormy had no voice and her color looked pale.

She looked at Stormy, “Your father’s wife died in childbirth.”

“You mean her mother?” I said already knowing the answer and the pain welled up and I spun towards my mother even as the words spilled from the nurse’s mouth.

“No she,” she pointed to my mom, “is your mother.” Stormy’s hand fell on my leg and she squeezed and squeezed until it hurt.

“No…no…NO!” Stormy’s voice rose as her grip hardened on me.

“Mom? Did you know about this?” I remained calm on the outside but inside I was screaming as loud as Stormy was. She shook her head and was fighting back the tears we were both feeling. Stormy wasn’t my childhood friend, she was my sister, hell she was twin sister and we just fucked with abandon upstairs. I was in love with my sister, but not in a sibling way, but as a man with a woman. I looked around the room in a daze and then turned on the nurse.

“Explain.” That’s all I could trust myself to say.

“Stormy’s father had just lost a wife and a child. Your mother had twins; she had more than she wanted. I took one child and swapped it for the other. So the father had lost half as much and the mother had gained only half.”

“Who the fuck are you Solomon? I am in love with this woman!” The words were out and Stormy looked at me and then the tears came. She cried and seeing that I lost it. We held each other and wept as if something deep inside had broken.

“Love? You can’t love her, she’s your sister.” The old woman stated the obvious with such ease. I broke my sister’s grasp and rose to my feet in a rage.

“Can’t? I have loved her for twelve years. We have lived next to each other all our lives.” I wanted to hit the old bitch. “Does her father know?” The look of alarm on her face said yes he did.

“He knew, has always known.” I sat floored, he knew, and he knew how we felt about each other. The man I thought of as my surrogate father had always known. That’s why he moved next door. But why did he allow us to grow so close. Perhaps he couldn’t and not let on for fear of prosecution.

“We need time, so much has happened.” I rose to my feet and drew Stormy up with me. “Let’s take a walk and get some air.” She only nodded and followed me an emotional blank right now. Once outside we headed south along the street towards the park. We walked in silence until we reached the shade of the trees at the entrance of the park. “What are we going to do?” My voice sounded hollow in my ears and Stormy just shook her head and began to walk deeper into the park. I followed and wondered if she had a specific place in mind or just needed to keep moving. It didn’t really matter at this point I wanted to think. Shortly it became clear she did have a spot in mind we were heading for our circle of cedar trees. The circle was nearly perfect and in the autumn there was a soft bed of cedar needles to sit on. There was an evergreen that marked the center of the circle and that is exactly where she stood when I caught up with her. Her back was up against it and she wore a strange mask, so many emotions dancing on the surface. As I neared her she lifted her arms to me.

“Come here.” I let her take me into her arms and we cried for a while until almost desperately her lips sought out mine. The wellspring of our desire rushed to the surface. At that moment I couldn’t live without her touch, her taste and the sound of her voice. Hungrily our lips met and she moaned in my mouth as my tongue invaded. My hands moved up to her breasts finding her nipples instinctively teasing them to erection. Her hands settled onto my butt pulling me against her crotch as she rocked her hips so that my quickly hardening cock met her denim-clad sex. “I am not wearing underwear,” she said as we came up for breath. “I need your dick in me soon.” I never looked up not caring whether someone was watching us or not.

“I will die without you.” My words troubled me but at that moment it was true. I lifted up her top and feasted on her nipples. “Unzip my shorts and get my cock out.” I moved from breast to breast suckling and nipping her sensitive flesh with my teeth as her agile fingers did their work freeing me from my shorts. My hands were busy as well unbuttoning her own shorts unzipping them and moving them over her luscious hips on their way to the ground. I stepped out of my shorts and Stormy mirrored my movements before spinning me around placing my back to the tree. She took a few steps back before doing a cartwheel into a handstand I got the hint and lifted her by the hips until my tongue and lips could taste her sex. As my tongue traced the petals of her pussy her mouth moved around my cock. Tracing the lips my tongue found a very sensitive spot, a little button of flesh that when I flickered it Stormy shuddered in my grip. I lightly suckled this nub and soon she was moaning and taking most of my dick in her wonderful mouth. I guess I was a natural at this. The way her mouth and tongue pleasured my cock when I made her happy just made me more eager to do a better job. I lavished her entire pussy with attention always going back to push her button.

When Stormy couldn’t take it any longer she took me from her mouth and growled, “I need you inside me, now!” Her arms went down and I lowered her slowly and she rolled to her feet if a little wobbly. She then raced over and jumped into my arms her legs straddling my chest. I let her slip down just a little to make it easier for her to guide me into her. My hands settled onto her hips and inch by inch lowered her until the head was pushing the petals aside.

“Ready?” I asked looking into her steel gray eyes. She nodded and with a lifting of my hips and moving my hands down I impaled her on me. She bit my shoulder to silence her cry of ecstasy as my arms began lifting and lowering her on my iron hard cock. After a short while my arms began to shake from the strain I looked around and found a nice patch of shade to lower her to so we could continue. I knelt with her still transfixed on me and eased her onto her back and once the stress was off my arms I began to thrust into her again. Quickly at first until she begged me to slow down. I moved in and out of her at a leisurely pace now enjoying the feeling of the way she felt around me. Every so often I would pick up the pace for a bit and then slow again. She began playing with her nipples and a hand slipped between us as she teased her button as well. I continued to move watching the looks her face took on, rapture, joy, and animal passion and yes sadness. As her body began to tense up and I knew she would be coming soon tears began to well up in her eyes I moved faster driving myself deep and hard into Stormy. She made little grunts now with each of my thrusts each a little louder than the last. And once more her mouth found my shoulder as a powerful orgasm gripped her, Stormy’s teeth bit down hard breaking the skin but I continued to thrust until her hands went to my chest begging me to stop. I stopped hilted inside of her looking down at her angelic face. Her hand went to my face and traced my cheek and eyebrows.

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