story of the sexy tattoo


story of the sexy tattoowelcome everyone a lot of people have asked about the night the wife got her sexy pussy tattoo so here goes and i hope i don’t leave anything out because it was a very interesting nightwe had talked about getting a tattoo on her pussy for a long time but she was always putting it off for obvious reasons but one evening she said that she was ready and she had the artwork picked out. i was very excited at the thought of what would be happening .the wife has always been quite shy up until she started to actually show thing and then she would loose her inhibitions completely ,to the point that she wouldn’t give a second thought to what or who she was showing even right in front of me {she is a little famous amongst my friends for giving them a show at parties or even just after a few drinks at home } they new to give her some drinks then some sexy , forward compliments and it wouldn’t be long before she would start showing upskirts at first continuing on to full on bending over with no undies on all to the sexually explicit coments from the friends . they learnt that the key to get a good show was to be forward and make sure she new they were seeing everything because if someone was trying to be sneaky and perve on her behind my back she would end the show .she loved bieng the centre of attention only infant of me infact she would encourage me to start the comments and to be just one of the boys with no special benefits {the more open and forward they would be the more they saw}anyway back to the tat i asked her if she new what position she would be in whilst getting tatted and she said she assumed sitting back with her legs open .your ok with that i asked ,she admitted to bieng nervous but said it wouldn’t be the first time strange men had seen her in that position and with that comment we headed to the shop stopping for a couple of strong drinks on the way .when we got to our tattoo shop in which we new the artist quite well as we had being getting work done there for several years so we had a good rapper with all in the shop we spoke to the artist we wanted and he looked a little shocked so did a few other people in the shop as she didn’t ask quietly .he asked us to come into the back office to get more details and when we told him what we wanted he said the same thing as me about the position she would be in ,she laughed and said it was fine so he said he well show me the art work, she did and than he asked her to show him exactly where it was going ,so she pointed to her pussy and he said no show me ,if I’m going to do this i need to know you wont chicken out and also that your hubby wont freak out ,so in an instant {i guess the drinks helped} she lifted her skirt and dropped her undies giving him a full and closeup view as she pointed to the spot and before she could think his hands were touching the spot and gently moving the skin around saying something like ah yes the skin is is nice and will be good to tattoo but i and i think she also new that he was coping a feel and testing the limits .the wife never flinched on the contrary she arched her pussy forward to give hime better access .he said yes he would be happy to do the job but wanted to talk to the boss first .we bayburt escort always had a deep respect for the boss not only was he a very large biker but a really nice yet very forward guy who often looked in on the wife getting work done and would say things like “thats it you do everything the artist says and well look after you “the wife would tell me that there was something about him that she couldn’t put into words but she said it felt like she was his property {like a bikers slut} because he was the boss and he would perve on her whilst getting work done she said it was like a fantasy and he wouldn’t care that i was there he would serve and talk dirty to her and she just loved when the boss walked in to the office where we were waiting he shook my hand and gave the wife a nice hug and began to ask about what was happening ,as we told him he said to me “you know how she will be positioned don’t you “i said yes of course and I’m fine with it “you don’t get a tat on your pussy without someone seeing it do you”? he laughed but never once asked her if she was ok with it . he turned to her and said ok show me where its going , in a split second she completely pulled the skirt and undies of and arched it forward touching the spot {i was amazed here was my wife completely naked from the waste down trying to give the best view of her pussy to this huge man, she really was taken with the power of this guy”nice he said as he began touching it swell i always wondered what you had down here and its better than i hoped this is a very nice pussy my girl he said ,the wife melted with this compliment .ok then ill leave you with he said but remember we want you to relax and make sure you don’t get shy while the artist is down there or i will be very disappointed ,so the wife promised .while the artist got set up we walked outside talking and i couldn’t help tell her that i noticed that she arched her pussy forward while they where touching it ,she said of course i bet every woman they have tatted in private place have been shy ,i want to show them I’m not and I’m enjoying it .i said it looked like you were getting horny, of course i was standing there letting strange men feel my pussy while my hubby watched i loved it especially for the boss he had no reason to feel it but he did never pretending to be doing anything else but feel me up and at that point i really wanted him to enjoy me ,he made me fell so fucking sexy. i couldn’t believe she was talking like this just 15 minutes earlier she was almost shaking in the car with nerves .it was timeto go in she was keen ,as we got in they had a small screen set up and when she asked about it they said it was to protect her privacy .she said it making me feel like i should cover up does it have to stay i don’t care if people can see “I’m proud of my stuff “and so you should be the tattoist said .ok the real reason its there is to stop to many people walking in just for a perve ,look if you have a close look the other 3 tattooist can see completely around it and so can there customers does that make you feel any better ,she laughed and said it sounds like you have all been setting it up so to enjoy the show ,another tattoist looked bilecik escort a little shocked and said it was ok if she move it to her liking ,she laughed again and said of course not just don’t get distracted or you will fuck up his arm[meaning his customer] she said I’m prepared for people to see what I’ve got tonight ,you don’t come into a tattoo parlour full of men to get a tat on your pussy and expect them to look the other way by all means every one if you can see enjoy .[i swaer she was getting more and more hory and playful as the night went on.anyway the tat took about 1.5 hours and in that time everyone in the shop had got up and leaned in to get a better look under the pretext of looking at the tats progress and every time some had a close look the tattooist would move his hands out the way exposing my wifes hot open pussy even i had a look and was amazed how hining and open her lips were ,don’t get me wrong they positioned her with her legs as far apart as possible for in his words so he could get in closer to his work .when he started he had a paper towel held against her pussy to appear professional but that lasted about five minutes and the whole time he is showing workers and customers her pussy and they were not shy in having a kook at on stage this young customer s face was about a foot away from her pussy and stayed for about 2 minutes ,the wife just smiled and would say thing like does it look good can you see it ok , have a good look don’t be shy.whilst all this was going on the tattooist kept getting back to work but would occasionally say i have to put my hand here or i have to pull the skin tight here so the wife looked at him and said about half way through “you don’t have to tell me every time you need to move your fingers hey your tattooing my pussy i know you need to touch it just relax and do it , to which he did when he finished he cleaned off the excess ink leaned back to admire his work and said to her “stay there a minute i want to show the boss “is that ok?yes yes please let him see .while he was gone the rest of the store proceeded to get up close and have a good look couple even rubbed there fingers lightly above the area .in the end there 3 other tatoist and about 5 or 6 customers and a couple of friends of the shop that helped them self to a perve .then the boss comes confidently strolling in in my wife still with legs spread and naked from the waste down in plain view still smiling and laughing ,he literally walked straight in front of her sat on the stool and pulled it up close and began looking closely at her hot pussy ,my wife to my surprise broke the silence and said i hope you like it i was a good girl for everyone especially the tattooist and i had fun so tell me do you like it down there i hope you like the tattoo swell and smiled at him .he started by saying “its hot ” he then looked at me once again and said its ok if i touched it to get a better view of the tat and of course i said go ahead enjoy.although i was behind her at this stage and couldn’t see exactly what he was touching it was obvious he was feeling her up completely especially when i could hear her breathing heavier ,whilst he was doing this he was saying things escort bayan to her like “yes ronnie {the tattoist} told me you were the best women he has ever tattoed he told me how you let him do his work without getting shy or scared”the wife interrupted saying “the more he worked the more fun i had i even loved giving your other customers their moneys worth i bet they tell their friends how good this place is.and with that the boss stood up between her legs leant down and kissed her cheek and copped a feel off her tits at same time and said i hope we can work on these soon ,she just smiled as he left .she stood up thanked every one we payed {a discounted price} and was only once we were on the way home that i found out the true extent of what happened and how horny she got .i knew she was getting felt up the whole time under the ruse of need to get into the correct position but on any number of times he had fingers completely inside her and when i was talking to the other he was slowly fingering her obviously and deliberately rubing her clit almost consantantly ,she said on a number of times she was on the verge of coming but he could feel it and stopped her .i asked her did this bother her and she said yes to which i was a little upset that he mad made her upset but she corrected me by saying it bothered her that he stopped her from coming .i asked how she felt about the strangers so openly looking at her spread pussy close up ,she said it made it all the better the tattooist would lean back to show me of a couple of times i think they even seen his fingers slide out ,but she said she had no doubt they could see into her hole because they weren’t shy in getting in close and she was also lifting it to show it off more. i finished by asking about what it was like to show the boss at the end and she said it was the best part of the night nowing that the tattooist had told him what he had been doing to me and that i liked it she said she can only imagine what he said about me to the boss and i know in myself what ever he said about me he wasn’t exaggerating ,i said what do you mean she said everything he probably said about me was true , he showed me of he felt me uo and he fingered me for the better part of an hour and a half and i loved every bit of it and he new i loved it .i said that is cool I’m glad you got so much more than the tattoo out of the night she said it was toped of by the boss coming down to check me out and when he sat down infant of me i new full well what he could see but still tried to open my legs more i really wanted him to think i was his property to inspect and he asked you was so hot ,she said here i was spread eagle right in front of him my pussy inches from his eyes while i try to spread even more he is talking to my husband about me . i said i thought you liked him seeing the most but tell me what he did to you , i could see he was toching and rubbing your pussy and i think he even fingered you did he? of course she replied did you think he wouldn’t after ronnie told him how he had fingered me but he didntg try to do it on the sly once his fingers got near the hole he slipped them all the way in slowly but deep and played with my spot at one stage i think he had 3 fingers in but he just kept them deep and still while he pressed againts my g spot .well thats about it for that night but we continue to go to the same shop and every staff member including the new ones no what my wifes tattoo is and how much she liked getting tattoed

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