Straight up the wrong Alley

Straight up the wrong AlleyA short story about a 34-year-old college teacher in a new town. He went for a stroll, out and about. Takes a wrong turn and got chaste straight up an alleyway. He is taken, used, and abused by several mostly younger black men at the back-door of the Blue Oyster bar. Once the men are done with him, he is left tied-up in the alley at the gay leather bar. A college dude master shows him the ropes. Tying him up, hanging his body from the ceiling. Again the professor gets used viciously. But he gets his own back once the very young college master gives him a lift back to campus.STRAIGHT UP THE WRONG ALLEYVictor was walking around town, a little disorientated and tipsy. He feared that some asshole had slipped something into one of his drinks. He was new in town. Just having started at his new teaching position in this city’s college. Victor knew that the campus was around here somewhere. And took a short cut down a back alley in the entertainment district of town, or so he thought. It was already quite late, and the sun had set ages ago. This alley wasn’t really well lit either. So it was hard to see if Victor had taken the correct short cut back to campus.As he was getting cold and it was late, he walked a little faster down the long alley. “Hey honey … “, said a raspy voice from the shadows. ” … Want to have a good time? … You look like you could need someone to warm you up … How about it? … Only 20 dollars for some real fun!”. It was a street hooker doing her best to earn some cash. “A fiver for a blow job then? … Come on, man … This girl needs some love …”. But the professor wasn’t up for it. And frankly, he had seen her around. She reminded him of a slut he had in one of his classes.A short distance along the alley, he saw two thugs beating up a young college man. One of them held the youngster’s face as the other shoved his big black meat into it. Victor was straight. Yet somehow, he got turned on by the thugs abusing the fellow. He quietly watched them a while from the shadows across the alleyway. “That’s what you get, Boy! … Y’all are on our turf now, Bitch! … Hand over your bling … Or T is going to take it out your ass!”, shouted the black gangster menacingly. Apparently, the boy did not react quick enough. “Fuck it, T! … Take his ass … He’s gagging for it anyway … Shove that baseball bat up his cunt and breed the Bitch!”.Victor was anti-aggression. But could not help it. He got turned on by what he saw. The thugs were well-hung fit assholes. Sneakers, shorts, tank-tops, a baseball cap that sort of type. Gold-toothed and blinged up. Full of tattoos all over their pumped-up black bodies. The little white punk at their feet wasn’t ugly either. All of a sudden, the professor felt a hand down his pants. In fright, he looked around. But discovered he just had put his own hand down there. Now Victor knew it for sure, he got slipped a mickey. He was horny as fuck. And he was adamant it was one of his gay students that had tried to chat him up.Victor manned up and stepped back into the light. Made himself look as butch and authoritarian as he could and shouted: “Hey, … Stop that at once! … Or I will call the police!”. Bradly, the guy that kept the youngster pinned down, looked mad in Victor’s direction. T still tried to force himself into the boy’s ass. But his fat shaft was way too huge for the white puckered fuckhole he was trying to penetrate. T wasn’t happy at this interruption, either. And even the white boy looked angry at Victor. The professor realized that the lad was just cruising for some black thug cock.Once the professor had walked passed the 3 lads, Bradly and T robbed the punk anyway and walked towards Victor. Victor looked around in fright as he felt that he was getting followed. Walking a little faster, the gangsters still gained on him. Victor started running. Ducked into another side street and ran straight into the arms of 3 nasty looking men. 2 burly white guys and a black bodybuilder. RJ, one of the white guys, clotheslined Victor. Knocking the wind right out of the professor. Who promptly dropped to his knees, grasping his throat. “This fucker dared to interrupt my playtime … “, shouted T at the guys. It was now evident to Victor that the 5 of them were in the same gang. And that his ass was in big trouble now.T hadn’t bothered putting his schlong away when he ran after Victor. So the first image the professor saw was his huge black cock slapping his face hard. “Nice hit RJ … You knocked the pussy right on his ass!”, congratulated Johnboy him. The big black brick-shit-house of a guy stood behind the professor and shoved two fingers into either side of Victor’s mouth. “Gag the motherfucker, T! … Make him choke until he passes out! … We are going to have some fun with this cracker.”, yelled Johnboy with a deep southern accent. “Ya man, … Take that shit … Say ‘Aa’ … “, called T nasty as he shoved the fat cock straight into the stretched open mouth. “Bite, and you will lose your teeth! … Open your mouth and swallow it down! … All the way … Wider! …”, shouted Johnboy tekirdağ escort menacingly at the professor. Watching T up close. Victor could not do anything else but comply. He felt how T kept pressing the huge meat down. Past his soft pallet, straight into his esophagus. “Hell … This fucker is actually doing it! … Fuck, man … Now that’s a sight you don’t often see! … Your monster cock down a throat!” called RJ randy. The 5 burly men were all a little impressed. Victor had swallowed the 12-inch really fat schlong all the way down. Okay, he was getting choked by it. But Victor actually did it. T pulled back only seconds before the professor started to lose it. Thick wads of saliva trailed between his lips and T’s black monster. As Victor gasped for air, tears streamed from his eyes. T meanly kicked Victor between the legs. Making him topple over. “Look boy’s he wants some up his ass too … Roy! … Your up! … Pound that cunt open for us.” Roy, the other white meat, took Johnboy’s place behind the professor and ripped Victor’s pants from his ass. He squatted behind him. And plowed the very long, but thankfully slender, dong into Victor’s rear. The professor tried to pinch his hole closed. But the stuff he had been given before had made every muscle in his body relax. Victor had never been buttfucked. So he gasped loudly as he got penetrated deeply. The guys meanly laughed at the sight. Roy pressed the professors head into the dirt and pulled his ass in the air. With his hands, he strongly grasped Victor’s hips and screwed him hard and fast. This white trash punk was getting his workout. And Victor screamed his head off. “You’re getting it now … I am going to breed your hole, old man!” Shouted Roy gruffly at the professor. Roy was only a few years younger than Victor. The comment hurt more than his prick up the professor’s asshole. He slammed in hard as he unloaded his nut. The guys watched him with pleasure. And Victor tried to wriggle free once Roy vacated his bum.”Tie him up! … His ass is going nowhere until we all had a go on it, boys!” called Johnboy to the rest. Quickly two of them grabbed the professor’s arms. And tied them up on his back at either side of a rusty metal rod. A rope was slung around Victor’s neck and tied to it. Pulling his head painfully backward, arching his back. The professor got put over a barrel. And his pants got cut off his legs. Even his shirt got ripped to shreds. T pushed the guy away that stood ready to fuck some cum into the professor’s cunt. “Piss off … I saw him first … I’ll ruin him for all of you fuckers! … I am going to make him bleed!” laughed T meanly. His fat cockhead got slammed hard against the buttocks of the professor. And the sound was excellent. It made the five guys slap Victor’s ass and back. Turning his husky body bright red. T rubbed the fat glans from Victor’s balls to his back door entrance. Pushing the cum that had dribbled out, in front of it. Lubing up the tender hole with it. T pressed the cockhead in and out a little while. Grasping his throbbing monster firmly. Teasing the butthole, he was about to split wide open. “Ready Bitch? … Here it comes … Nicely lubed cunt, bastard … I am going in deep … Relax, or I will rip it!” shouted T horny. He grabbed the professor by the metal rod over his back for leverage and plunged in. As soon as he began to scream, Victor’s mouth and throat got filled again too. The men each took turns on his face. Making him gag, choke, and sputter. Once T shot his nut over the professor’s ass, the hole got filled by a new cock. The gangster thugs railed all his holes for a while. Leaving Victor cum-drenched and in agony. Laying over the rusty barrel with his knees on the ground. His arms still tied-up behind his back.The gangbangers walked away, smug, and meanly laughing. Impressed by themselves and the fun they just had. “That’s the last time you stick your nose into my business!” joked T viciously. Kicking the tormented professor to the ground. One of the guys had banged on the back-door of the Blue Oyster bar as they walked away swiftly. “Let’s see if those faggots also want to play with you too, sucker!” had Johnboy called back at Victor.A group of men from the Blue Oyster bar had heard the commotion outside in the alley. And were not at all surprised to see a naked dude in their playground out-back. The Blue Oyster bar was a rough gay joint. Mostly frequented by men and boys into bondage and domination. 3 nasty fuckers lifted Victor up out of the dirt and carried him into the bar’s backroom. The room was painted black and had all kinds of stuff to ty people onto. It even had a few cages where some college dudes spend most of their time waiting. Until it was their turn to get abused by the rough and mostly older men.It had taken the professor a little while to regain all his faculties. But once he saw where he was, Victor would have wished he had not come to.The backroom dungeon filled up with a lot of man wanting to see what the catch of the day was. And they whooped and hollered as they saw the professor’s cum-dripping naked ass lying in escort tekirdağ a sling. One of them took a cat-o-nine tail’s to his torso. Whipping the already red body into a high-gloss red. Victor’s body burned, shook, and trembled wildly under this onslaught. But to his own shock. He actually started to enjoy the pain. Even wanting more dick up his hole and cum in his mouth.When he started to moan lustfully, the guys whipped their boy-toys out and played with the professor. Victor got gang fucked in a sling. They gave him what he wanted. And the harder and rougher they treated him. The better he started to like it. Even the hot piss he was made to drink did not bother the otherways germophobic professor. “Fellows … let string this dirty pig up! … I want to teach him a lesson, he won’t forget!” shouted master Danny boisterously. Danny was one of Victor’s students in chemistry class. But the Danny the professor was used to, was nothing compared to the mean leather master he saw standing between his legs. Master Danny lent forward and took the slave collar from his hip and tied it around Victor’s neck. Indicating to the other men that this one was his now. All but two of the horny basterds left Danny to it. Victor felt empty, cold, and dirty. And worst of all, he felt used. The professor blamed that on the pills wearing off.”Ready for some real chemistry lessons, Prof?” said master Danny naughty. Victor was held by the two helpers. As Danny bound the first thick hemp rope around his upper torso and arms. From front to back and vice-versa. Soon the professor was tied-up like a Christmas ham. Tighter then he cared for. But that was not something he was able to do or say anything about. Because master Danny had placed a thick rubber dildo gag between his teeth and cinched it tight around the back of Victor’s head. The thing was so big and sat so deep into his mouth that it made him gag. Sending wads of spit drooling from the corners of his mouth.Master Danny fastened more ropes around his lower torso and legs. Pinching the groin tight, but leaving him full access to the professor’s cock, balls, and asshole. Danny skillfully had made three loops in the ropes. Victor could not figure out why this was. Until the helpers hooked two winches on either side of his legs to them. And master Danny fastened the main hoist at his back. The three of them hoisted Victor clear of the ground. Letting him hover inches vertically above it. Then master Denny inspected his own handy work and was delighted with the result. He watched the two helpers as they attached tit clamps to Victor’s nipples. Bound a rubber cockring around his scrotum and just below his dickhead and roughly inserted a prostate vibrator up his asshole. It directly hit the right spot. Victor’s cock immediately began leaking pre-cum.Master Danny circled menacingly around Victor as he wriggled in the ropes. Hitting him with a leather-tipped riding crop. Sending waves of pain and ecstasy threw the professor. Standing behind Victor, he pressed the prostate vibrator, switching it on. The buzzing sound emanating from Victor’s hole was only drowned out by the moans coming from deep down his throat. Sensing that the professor was a little too pleased with the lewd treatment, master Danny quickly whipped Victor harshly. Making his eyes water again.The control master Danny had over his professor turned him on. He pulled his 9-inch dick out from under the leather codpiece. It framed his cock beautifully. Jerking himself off with one hand. With the other, master Danny had grabbed an electric cow-prod. He hit certain very carefully chosen spots on Victor’s body with it. “How is that for a lesson in chemistry? … What do you get when you mix electricity with a saline solution?” asked master Danny as if he was quizzing the professor. Victor looked dirty at master Danny and got more punishment as a result.Danny had pulled up a side table with an electric pulse generator. Attached the probes to the collar, the tit clamps. The two cock-rings and the prostate Vibrator. And slowly turned up the juice. First to the nipple clamps and the cock-rings. They pulsed in turn. Communicating throughout Victor’s body. Then he also made the prostate vibrator shock his asshole. And master Danny watched with extream pleasure how Victor’s body reacted. There was nothing Victor could do about it. This was pure witchcraft as far as the professor was concerned. The feeling was nice. And master Danny turned the strength up and down. Making Victor go crazy. His cock was now leaking a steady stream of man juice down his legs. As his cock flung uncontrollably up and down.Master Danny let the winch on Victor’s back down. Sending him toppling over forward. Only stopping him inches above the ground. And he lifted the hoist on his legs up. Placing the cock-hole at the right height. It also pulled his legs wide apart. Danny replaced the vibrator with a huge dildo. Stretching the professor’s cunt open. He did not need any lube. There was still cum dripping from it. Once master Danny felt like it, he fucked the professor roughly. Slamming the 9-inch tekirdağ escort bayan dick right up the prepped hole. Master Danny could not care less when Victor started to wine. He unfastened the gag from his mouth and ordered: ” Be quiet … Or I will hurt you! … Heck, … I will send you straight to Hell … or detention … or whatever you teachers call it these days,” joked Danny gruffly. As he railed the professor’s ass, master Danny whipped Victor’s back and ass with a spiked paddle. Leaving little puncture marks on it. Just before he came, Danny ripped the condom from his dick and walked over to the main winch. Lifting Victor horizontally. Master Danny jerked off right into the professor’s face. Grabbed a hand full of hair and shoved the dick in deep. He choked Victor with it. Grasping the face and viciously holding it down. Once Victor started to gag for air master Danny filled the throat of his professor. “And that … Fucker … That is real chemistry! … Take it … Swallow that man-juice … Take it all … Asshole … Swallow!” screamed Danny denigrating down at the professor.The 23-year-old master dropped to his knees once he was spent. He had gone full-out on the professor’s ass and throat. Rolling a cushioned bench beneath Victor, he lowered him down and proceeded to untie him. Giving Victor little kisses all over his tormented back and ass. Sort of soothing him. Just before Danny set Victor lose, he handed him his torn pants and shirt. Together with a dirty old Jockstrap and a piss-stained denim shirt. Danny walked to the bathroom as he left the professor to get dressed. He came back with a towel to clean Victor off and to wrap it around his waist on the way home.”Want a lift home? … Where do you live? … ” asked Danny of Victor. Victor looked a little bewildered at master Danny. He had expected a lot, but nothing like this.The two of them walked to Danny’s pick-up truck. Victor had told the lad that he lived in the faculty apartment block on campus. Explaining to Danny that he was on the way home when he walked down the alleyway.Danny laughed meanly as he drove in the wrong direction. At least that’s what Victor thought. “You really need to get your self a compass or a map … The campus is east of here. Not west!” said Danny. And Victor realized he must have walked out the wrong exit of the club he was drinking at. Getting turned around, he had walked away from campus rather than toward it.Victor instructed Danny to park right in front of his apartment. He got out the jacked-up pick-up truck on the passenger side. Saying nothing to Danny. Danny had watched him walk around the front of the car to the driver’s side. Expecting to get a thank you from him. So he rolled down his window. Victor stepped up onto the footboard of the truck, lent inside the driver’s side window and looked Danny in the eyes. He gave the dude a right-hook to the face Mohammed Ali would have been proud of. Sending the masters’ leather cap flying. He grabbed the car keys out of the steering column and opened the driver’s side door. Victor pulled the student out of his car. And held him in a tight headlock. Nearly choking the guy, as the two of them walked over to Victor’s apartment.The fresh air during the car-ride had done Victor right. His mind was cleared, and he wanted revenge.He dropped the choked guy onto the couch and sat next to him. “Do you still want straight A’s this year, boy?”, asked the professor of Danny. He wanted to run out of the apartment. But found that Victor had put a pair of handcuffs on him. Tieing him to the couch. “You’re not going anywhere, Bitch … Not so much fun now the shoe is on the other foot … Ain’t it? … So, answer me! … Do you still want A’s this year?”. Victor had a mean look in his eyes that actually scared Danny.”Sir, I’ll do anything … I am sorry … I really am … I … I …” stammered the little boy. Having lost all his masterly trades within a few seconds.”That is right! … You WILL do anything I say! … I am your professor … And I have no problem failing you in class from now on!”, laughed Victor menacingly. “But I know what it is you could do to get … let’s say a C or a B-minus … “”Oh, good God! … I really need to keep my grade up, Sir … I’ll do anything for you! … But I need A’s.””Not a chance, Bitch! … A B-minus is the best you’ll get from me … That is IF you can deep throat my balls dry! … Now stop your whining and get to work … Study time just got a heck of a lot harder!”, threatened Victor.Danny pulled the dirty cock from the even nastier jockstrap. And gagged himself on it. Looking up to see if he was pleasing Victor at all. “You got to do a lot better than that, boy … D-plus … maybe!”, joked the professor.Danny pulled out all the stops. And set to work. Victor quickly got what he wanted. He unloaded his balls into Danny’s mouth. The release was the only thing Victor had been missing throughout the entire ordeal this evening. He pleased the thugs. Victor helped the men in the Blue Oyster. And even Danny got his pleasures. But Victor never got sent over the edge. Well, … Until now. And Danny did a great job of it. As Victor uncuffed Danny, he handed him the dirty towel to wipe his face clean with. “Okay … Adequate.”, muttered the professor with a nasty grin.The next exam Danny had to take, he got the straight A he deserved.

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