Strange Encounters


This is my first erotic story and the first part of a series.


I woke with a huge hardon. As I remembered my dream, I began fondling myself. Stacey and Ann were varying between licking my testicles and sliding their mouths up and down my shaft. Every so often they would exchange spit from mouth to mouth and suck on each other’s tongues. While thinking of what I had just dreamt, I hadn’t even noticed that I began masturbating, and within no time, I shot a huge load that went everywhere in all directions. Mostly on my stomach, chest and a little on my neck. I quickly ran to the bathroom to wash off.

Usually my parents are up way before me but I think their sex filled night left them a bit sleepy (my room is directly across from their room; I could hear everything [I’m sure a lot of people had this problem growing up]). After a hot shower, I had a small breakfast, and I took my black coffee with sugar to go. I left my house before my parents had even gotten up leaving them a note explaining I wouldn’t be back tonight for I would be at Joe’s.

What huge plans Joe and I had tonight. About a week ago we had met Stacey and Ann at our high school graduation party. They didn’t go to our school, so that made them all the more attractive. That night they asked us if we would like to join them at a local club tonight for drinks and some dancing. Not being much of a club person I was reluctant at first but Joe convinced me. We exchanged numbers with the pair and they left the party.

Joe and I weren’t real big jocks or anything like that. We weren’t really the type of people that could be classified with any stereotype. We were just average. But for some reason all throughout high school neither of us had any trouble picking up really attractive girls. Joe and I were best friends and we did everything together, we had known each other since kindergarten and we were even going to the same college next year and living together. We were taking a year off from school to save up as much money as we could for college, but intended to hang out as much as we could despite our heavy work schedules.

As Joe and I were leaving the party a week ago he told me that he thought that the girls wanted to have a foursome with us and that if we played our cards right at the club we probably could do it. At first the thought was ümraniye escort weird. I had often fantasized about having threesome with two girls, but the thought of another man being there was off putting. But then I thought, it was just Joe, it would be just another one of those things we did together. I told him we could try it, but only if I felt up to it tonight.

When I arrived at Joe’s I noticed his parent’s vehicle wasn’t there and assumed that they must have left for work. I proceeded to the door, and just as I was about to knock the door flew open and in the doorway stood most beautiful person in the world. Her name was Kim. She was Joe’s sister, therefore I could not touch her, I didn’t even feel free to look at her without feeling like I was doing something wrong. Joe and I were like brothers, so her and I were pratically related. I would do just about anything to not feel that way about her if it wouldn’t compromise my friendship with Joe. She told me that Joe had not even got out of bed yet despite it being almost noon. She asked me how I could be friends with such a lazy person. I awkwardly laughed at just about everything she said to me, as I could not to help but get stuck in a trance thinking of her naked. She was wearing a small tanktop with clearly no bra, with tight sweat pants and I assumed no underwear. I was getting hard. After a breif moment of silence she asked if I were ok, noticing that I hadn’t said anything since I arrived on their doorstep.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I just,” I was thinking of an excuse “didn’t eat much this morning.”

“Well come on in fix yourself something to eat, you can wake my brother up or just wait for him to wake up while you watch T.V.” she explained “really just make yourself at home, I am going out for a run, I’ll be back in about in about an hour,” she began walking down the driveway to the road, I ignored the naughty feelings I got while I examined her backside. She turned around quickly and may have noticed me leering at her tight ass, I’m not sure “if you guys are still here, I’ll see you then.”

I went into the kitchen and made myself a bowl of cereal. When I was finishing up eating, I heard noises coming from Joe’s room. I just imagined he was getting up, so I finished eating and place the bowl in the sink before I started moving towards his room. pendik escort Then I realized what was really happening Joe was masturbating to porn he was watching on his T.V. In his room. He must have woke up and assumed that he was all alone in his house. When I was just outside his door, I could hear the sounds of his hand moving up and down his shaft, lighty beating his nutsack. I notice that my semi hardon that Kim gave me was getting even more stiff now that I was listening to Joe masturbate. I decided to waltz in on him as if it were an accident. He was lying down on his back and covered up with his blanket fast, although I had a quick glimpse of his rock hard dick in his hand. He gasped and sighed one after the other.

“Man, if I had a dollar for every time I caught you jacking off, I would be,”

“You would have seven dollars.” Joe cut me off.

“Nice to know you are counting. What are you watching?” Before I could sit down on his bed to see what he was watching he reached for the remote on his end table but accidently knocked it to the floor by doing so. I laughed as I sat down. He was watching this video of a foursome. “Trying to learn some tricks for tonight?” I chuckled.

Joe stayed silent, for a while “Can you let me finish?”

“Yeah go ahead!”

Joe waited. ” Well aren’t you going to leave?”

“We are going to have a foursome tonight, what’s the big deal? Just go ahead and finish up I will just sit over here and watch the porn too.”

“Ok” Joe slowly moved away the blanket, placed his hand back on his cock and began stroking himself, while I was sitting on the edge of his bed no more than a foot away from him. I could only see his bare feet and halfway up his legs as he was laying on the oposite side of the bed, but the noises that were caused from him masturbating and his little moans and groans turned me on.

Within seconds I felt my cock was harder than it had ever been before. I was throbing and aching so hard that I had to rub it through my pants to make it feel better. This would not suffice for long, soon I undid my pants and started furiously masturbating.

Right away Joe got up and sat beside me. As we masturbated sitting next to each other, I often looked out of the corner of my eye at his hand as it went up and down his hand so fast. After a while bostancı escort I was only looking at Joe. In fact the next time I looked up at the T.V. I realized it was bi porn.

I then shockingly looked at Joe, who I noticed had been staring at my cock the whole time, he instantly grabbed my dick from my hand and began giving me a really sensual handjob. I let him occupy me for a while before I decided to give my friend the same treatment.

We sat there for a while gazing at each other’s pieces jacking each other off, watching bi porn when I realized, I wasn’t gay, I wasn’t even bi really, we were just two friends helping each other out.

Then suddenly Joe dropped to his knees and quickly got between my legs, without a word he took my cock in his mouth. All I could think about was that this was better than any blowjob that any girl had ever given me, I closed my eyes leaned back and imagined it was Kim who was sucking my cock. He continued to suck me for two straight minutes, varying between licking my balls while jacking me off and sucking my dick, much like Stacy and Ann had in my dream last night. When he noticed how much I liked having my balls licked he began focusing on just them with his mouth, licking and sucking on them all the while he fucked me with his hand.

Within moments I felt him lift my legs up until my feet were over my head, licking all the way to my asshole, it wasn’t until he spat on it to lube it up before I realized what he was about to do. I was worrried it would be weird (even though in the heat of the moment I would often want a girl to rim me I was to afriad to ask becuase I thought it would feel weird). “Joe, wait I’m not sure if I want you to,” He looked at me with such desperation in his eyes. I instinctively grabbed the back of his head and shoved his mouth to my ass. It felt amazing as he started rimming my ass all over. I began stroking my cock while he continued licking my asshole. After a while I needed him to stop otherwise I would have came all over my face (which at the time I would have been ok with, but I knew I would have regretted it). He lowered my legs and began sucking my cock again this time shoving his finger in my ass. It didn’t take to long with Joe sucking my cock and giving me a prostate message before I came all inside Joe’s mouth.

He swallowed it right away and crawled up me, kissing my body all the way. I felt paralyzed as he did so. It wasn’t until he kissed my lips that I was able to move, I grabbed his body and rolled him over so I was on top of him as we continued to kiss passionately. “Your turn.”

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