Stranger in Our Midst


“Maggie, Susy, Andy… this is Lance, your half-brother. He’ll be living with us from now on!”

Way to go, dad. We never knew dad had a son in a previous marriage, and all of a sudden he drops a bomb on us and places this stranger in our home, expecting us to just accept him and move on?

OK, so we did… in a way. Sure, Susy had to start seeing a shrink, and Andy suddenly became interested in girls (at a much too young an age, in my opinion) and stayed out every other night, but on the whole, things worked out well. Mum and I treated Lance with respect, although we were never really close to him, and dad… well, he was as preoccupied with work as always. No news there.

Lance was an odd one. I never felt like he was my half-brother, more like he was a distant relative. Susy and Andy and I are all blond and chubby, whereas Lance is tall, gangly, and dark. Apparently he got it from his mum. She died in cancer, and that’s why Lance came to live with us. He was always quiet and withdrawn, and we never got to know him. He kept to himself most of the time, like a house guest. And now, 3 years later, he was moving out.


It was kind of typical that our family was scattered in different activities the day Lance moved out. Mum and dad were at work, Andy was out on a date, and Susy was at the mall with her friends. Me, I was supposed to go over to a friend’s house, but she got the flu, so we cancelled it. I felt a little sad when I came home and saw Lance packing, so I offered to help him. His gloomy face lit up.

“Thanks, Max,” he said, calling me by the nickname only he uses, a boyish form of “Mags”.

We carried the bags and boxes out to the car. Lance didn’t own very much.

“Do you wanna… come along and help me move into my new place?” said Lance. “Unless you’re busy..?”

“No, I mean, sure, I’ll come!” I said.

When we drove through town looking for Herald Street, I looked at Lance’s bony hands on the steering wheel. When did the skinny little boy grow up into this mature handsome man? He was only 19, one year older than me, but he seemed so much older – like, 30!

“There it is!”

His voice was manly too, not breaking like Andy’s. We were lucky; there was an elevator in the building. We pinned the door open with one of Lance’s heavy boxes of books to keep it in place, then we unloaded the car and went up to the 8th floor with all his stuff. Lance’s apartment was small and dark, and the walls were nothing but bricks and concrete.

“It used to be a textile factory in the 40’ies,” said Lance. “Cool, huh?”

And when I saw it through Lance’s eyes, it did look cool. Raw and primitive and bare. Like a clean slate. I helped him put together his IKEA bookcase and blow up his inflatable bed, and Lance put the books up. Even though we didn’t say much to each other except for “where would you like this?” and “I think those would go nice over there, don’t you think?”, we still had fun trying to create a home out of Lance’s few worldly possessions.

“I’m hungry,” said Lance, when we were almost done. “Come on, let’s take a break and go for pizza. My treat!”

Half an hour later, we were back in the apartment, sitting on top of the inflatable bed eating pizza with our hands.

“You have to get a kitchen table and some chairs,” I said. “And cutlery and glasses!”

“I’ll go shopping tomorrow,” said Lance. “Hey, Max… thanks.”

“No problem,” I said. “It feels a little weird. You moving out, I mean.”

“Well, now everything will be back to normal,” he said. “Just… the family.”

I felt guilty.

“But you bahis firmaları ARE family!” I said, but it sounded lame in my ears.

“I’ve never felt like I was a part of the family,” said Lance, without a trace of bitterness.”It’s like I’ve been on the outside, looking in through a window.”

“I’m sorry.”


Lance suddenly looked at me, actually LOOKED at me, and I felt pierced by his deep, brown eyes. I couldn’t understand why I suddenly felt so… so… weird, in front of Lance. We’d never been good friends or confidants, but we’d never argued either. We were polite strangers. Why then, did my heart beat when he looked at me?

“Why are you sorry?” Lance repeated.

“Well, I… I think it’s sad that you felt like you were an outsider,” I said. “I mean, after all… you ARE our half-brother.”

“That’s just genetics,” said Lance. “I think it’s more important what you FEEL. I have close friends who feel more like my brothers to me than Andy ever will.”

“It’s not that we don’t like you,” I tried to explain. “It’s just that… we never even knew you existed, and all of a sudden you’re living with us! But… I think you’re OK. I like you.”

“It’s getting dark,” said Lance. “Come on, I’ll drive you home.”

We didn’t speak on the way. I felt hurt, as if he had pushed me away. But when he stopped outside our house he suddenly grabbed my arm and squeezed it.

“Thanks, Max,” he said. “I really appreciate you helping me out today. You’ve always been my favorite sister.”

“No problem,” I said, and felt all happy and warm inside again.


2 weeks later I was standing outside Lance’s door again. I rang the door bell furiously, and ran passed Lance when he opened.

“Max?” he said, surprised and worried. “What’s wrong?”

I explained about the fight I had just had with mum and dad over a stupid curfew – I was 18 and still had a CURFEW? – and I refused to go home to those morons!

“Have a seat,” said Lance. “I’ll be right back.”

He went out into the tiny kitchen, and I walked into his living room / bedroom and slumped down on the inflatable bed. The TV was on. Seinfeld. I wiped my tears and felt my rage cool off while I watched Kramer charm a woman off her feet in spite of his ugliness and goofiness. Lance came in and sat down next to me.

“I talked to your mum,” he said, putting his cell phone on the low coffee table in front of the bed. “I suggested that you stay the night and I drive you home tomorrow. She agreed to it.”

“Thanks, Lance!” I gave him a spontaneous hug, but quickly pulled back.

Even though he WAS my half-brother, he hadn’t grown up with the rest of us and he wasn’t “in tune” with our habit of hugging left and right. It felt wrong to hug him like that.

“No problem,” he said. “I think it’s good if all you you get to cool off before you see each other again.”

We watched TV some more, chatted during commercials, and Lance told me about him taking a year off before college to work at a floral maintenance service company and taking art classes in the evenings. We talked more with each other that night than we’d done in the past 3 years. When I couldn’t hide my yawning any longer, Lance made the bed and tossed me a T-shirt to use as a nightgown. He stayed rather long in the bathroom to give me time to undress and get into bed. When he came back, he turned the lights off before he undressed, then he crawled down next to me with his back to mine. I was so tired that I fell asleep in less than a minute.


When I woke up, something had kaçak iddaa happened. Lance had turned around in his sleep and now his chest was pressed against my back, his arm was wrapped around me, he was snoring quietly next to my ear, and I felt his hard-on press against my ass. I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to move. I was in Lance’s arms, and it felt nice. Sure, he was still rather skinny, but I could feel the strength in the slim, muscular arm around me. Lance was all man. I carefully pressed myself against his warm body. He was so hard… I could feel his cock press into the cleft between my ass cheeks. It trembled. I squeezed my ass around it to trap it. That’s when Lance woke up. He gasped for breath, freed his arm, and sat up. I rolled over on my back.

“Good morning!” I said.

He stared at me as if I had grown a second nose during the night. His eyes went further down, his chin dropped – and then he rushed out to bathroom. I looked down. Lance’s T-shirt was a little tight on me. My bra-less breasts strained against the fabric, and my nipples pointed out. I got dresses and walked out into the kitchen. I looked in the fridge. Great. Lance had no milk and no bread. No breakfast. I’d have to go home to eat. Lance came out, fully dressed.

“Come on!” he said. “I’ll drive you home.”

He didn’t speak in the car. Neither did I. But again, before I left the car, he grabbed my arm.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I always have a… an erection, when I wake up. Didn’t want to freak you out.”

“It’s OK,” I said. “Really.”

And I left the car.


But of course it wasn’t OK. I’d felt Lance’s hard cock against my ass and I’d had his arm around me in a protective sort of hug, and I had liked both these things! I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I daydreamed about it. At night, after Susy had fallen asleep, I’d lie and fantasize about how Lance’s hard body pressed up against mine, how his hard cock slid in between my thighs, and when I parted my legs he steered his tool to my wet pussy, and… once I’d reached my orgasm, I’d confess to myself that I had the hots for Lance.


“Max? What are you doing here?”

Lance looked surprised.

“I wanted to hang a little,” I said. “Can I come in?”

Hesitantly, he let me in, and I took a seat on the inflatable bed. Lance stayed in the doorway, as if he was afraid to come any closer.

“I’ve been thinking about that morning,” I said.

Lance pulled a hand through his hair and looked uncomfortable, but at least he didn’t try to pretend that he didn’t understand what I was talking about.

“I told you,” he said. “I always have an erection when I wake up. It’s just biology.”

“I didn’t mind,” I assured him. “I liked it. It felt good.”

Lance’s pale face was all red.

“I’ve been thinking about it,” I said. “Do you know what I’ve done while I was thinking about you?”

I lifted up my top and caressed my breasts. Lance backed up against a wall.

“Stop that!” he said. “You’re my sister!”

“It’s like you said, that’s just genetics,” I said. “It’s what you feel that matters. And you don’t feel like my brother.”

“That’s not how the law sees it,” Lance protested.

“I won’t tell if you won’t,” I said, and pulled up my skirt.

I had no underwear on.

“Oh my God,” Lance whimpered.

I parted my legs and opened my pussy with two fingers.

“No-one will know,” I said. “Don’t you want fuck me?”

Lance came up to the bed, knelt on it, leaned in, and kissed me. I had never guessed that Lance was kaçak bahis such a great kisser. His lips were soft and his tongue circled mine, slow and sensual. I took his hands and placed them on my breasts. He squeezed them lightly, pressed them together, and buried his red face in the cleft. His cheeks were burning hot. He kissed my breasts, kissed both nipples, played with his tongue over them, and sucked on them. He lied me down on the bed and placed my legs on his shoulders. I moaned happily when his long, thin fingers parted my labias and traced a line from my opening to my clit with the very tip of his tongue. He took my clit in between his lips and sucked on it just like he had sucked on my nipples, and I pressed his face closer.

“Yes!” I said. “Oh, it feels so good! Keep sucking, it’s making me crazy!”

He sucked and licked and put a finger into my pussy and moved it in and out. The double stimulation drove me insane, and I came quicker than I’ve ever done. Lance held my hips in a steady grip and sucked on me and fucked me with his fingers. Normally I can’t come again or even stand to be touched again immediately after I’ve come, but Lance held me so I couldn’t move. I was left to his mercy, and my body suddenly tensed up again, my legs trembled, and I came again, this time even harder than before. I screamed, it was so wonderful that it was almost unbearable, almost painful!

“Please!” I begged him. “I can’t take any more! Fuck me! Please, Lance, fuck me!”

He didn’t bother undressing, he just opened his jeans and pulled out his red, swollen cock. I pulled him down on top of me, I was desperate to feel him inside me, I clung to him, spread my legs as far as I could, and moaned impatiently. He fumbled a little, then he found my opening, and with one big thrust, he sank to the bottom. He lifted my legs up over his shoulders and pumped violently in and out of me. I was surprised to learn that cool, quiet Lance was such a volcano of passion in bad – and that he was so loud! He groaned shamelessly for each push, muttering “so fucking good!” over and over again. This encouraged me to get verbal myself.

“That’s it, give it to me!” I shouted. “Gimme all you have!”

“You like it this way, you hot little piece of ass?” he asked. “You like it rough?”

“Yes!” I said. “Fuck me hard, Lance! Oooooh, that feels so good!”

“You like it when I hold you down like this?” Lance asked. “Maybe next time I should tie you up?”

Next time? Those two words made me even hotter than all our dirty talk.

“You make my pussy drip!” I said. “Come on, baby! Fuck my wet pussy!”

“You’re such a nasty little slut,” he hissed. “We shouldn’t be doing this! You shouldn’t wave your tits and your hot little ass in front of your own brother!”

“But I want your hard cock so much!” I teased him. “And you seem to like ramming that big thing into your sister’s hot pussy!”

Lance closed his eyes and whimpered, pushed a few more times, and then he abruptly pulled out of me and jerked himself off. He shot large tears of sperm over my tits, groaning like an animal in pain. I didn’t get the chance to be disappointed that he had pulled out before I had come a third time, before he pressed his still hard cock back inside and continued pumping until I came. This time, he pulled out and lied down next to me, hugging me tight, kissing my hair tenderly.

“You know I didn’t mean all those dirty words I said,” he whispered. “I think you’re amazing, Max.”

“It’s OK, I said, and kissed him on the cheek. “It was just sex talk.”

“You’ve always been my favorite,” he said. “You’re the only one in the family who never acted all weird around me.”

“You still don’t feel like a brother to me,” I said. “More like a distant relative.”

Lance smiled, and kissed me on the mouth.

“I can live with that,” he said.

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