Stranger On The Train

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It was one of her favourite parts of the day. That small window of time that she was by herself. Work was finished and she was on the train headed home. Often she caught herself people watching, mostly while on the platform waiting for her connection. Making up stories in her mind of where they had been and where they were going, especially if she saw the same people regularly.

She had a few favourites, there were two in particular that she would look out for. Young quite cute guys, the tradie types; she picked them as painters or plasterers maybe. The way they always played around with each other made her smile. One of them had the most incredible blue eyes. He was the one that she was sure had noticed her watching them out of the corner of her eye. He was the one that seemed to play up the cheekiness with his friend. He was the one that made sure she could see him from her seat when they boarded the train. He was the one that listened to his music with only one headphone in his ear. She often made eye contact with him, but only ever for a split second. The type of eye contact you have with someone to make sure they are still watching. The sly smile when you look back down knowing that they are. The bite of the lip, the quick glance back up. He was the one that always looked back when they got off at their station.

This day was different, he was on his own; his friend wasn’t with him. As they entered the train they bumped into each other.

“Oh I’m sorry.” He said as he moved aside allowing her to go ahead of him.

“That’s okay.” She said softly as she went and sat in her normal seat.

She was very surprised when he sat down next to her. Her heart started racing, she couldn’t stop her knee from bouncing. She paused her music and slid her headphones off, and started scrolling aimlessly through her phone. At the same moment they both did the side look at each other then quickly looked back at their phones, smiling to themselves.

“Fuck me, you’re hot.” She said ever so quietly.

“Excuse me?” He said to her, giving her a cheeky look that showed he heard exactly what she had said.

“You heard me.” She said, biting her lip.

“Ha-ha, you’re not too bad yourself, pretty lady.” He said as he rose from his seat. “Um, this is my stop.”

“I know.” She said giving him a wink as he got off.

As the train pulled out of the station, she looked out of the window. He was standing on the platform watching her. She gave him a little wave as he gave her a cheeky smile, a wink, turned and walked away.


That night as she was laying in bed, her mind drifted back to their encounter. She still couldn’t believe she actually said anything to him, let alone that. What was she thinking? Clearly she was thinking how hot he was. That jawline, that smile, those eyes. Hhhmmm those eyes. The thought made her moan. The thought also made her slightly warm and moist between her legs. She couldn’t help but slide her hand inside her underwear. She lightly rubbed her thumb over her clit, then slid the tip of her middle finger inside herself. Making herself wetter she inserted her whole finger deep inside, swirling her thumb around and over her clit. Remembering his deep gruff voice she inserted her index finger as well making herself groan. Slowly moving ataşehir escort bayan the two fingers in and out of herself she started dripping. Ramming her third finger roughly in as well her pussy juices squirted into the palm of her hand. Her arse was moving up and down and her muscles started tightening around her fingers. Fucking herself harder and harder her body started trembling, she threw her head back, spread her legs wide and arched her back as her arse rose into the air. Using her other hand she rubbed her juices over her clit as her muscles tightened further. As she pictured him in top of her with his cock deep inside she came hard, letting out a low animalistic groan her pussy exploded, her muscles pushing her fingers out of her with a massive squirt. As her pussy pulsated and quivered after its much needed release she slowly got her breath back, imagining herself curled up into him she drifted off to sleep.


She only saw him once over the next couple of days. His friend was with him again and they were up the other end of the very full train. As they got off at their stop she saw him obviously looking for her through the window. As he spotted her, he trailed his friend, gave her a head nod hello and a little wave. Her heart raced as she watched him jog to catch up to his mate.


It was Friday evening, and after having a few after work beers with her co-workers she was on a later train home than normal. She certainly wasn’t expecting to see him at this time of night.

“Hello.” She moaned as she felt his hot breath on the back of the neck. Somehow her body knew it was him.

“Hello.” She raspily replied.

As they got onto the train and she headed for her normal seat he grabbed her hand.

“Let’s sit back here.” He said to her guiding her to one of the seats up the back, further away from the other passengers.

“I’ve been thinking about you.” He said looking at her.

“I thought about you the other night.” She admitted.

“Oh yeah? Any fun thoughts?” He said with that gorgeous cheeky smile of his.

“Well, since you put it that way, I may have masturbated to the thought of you.” She couldn’t stop the words coming out of her mouth, knowing she had turned bright red.

“Oh, now that is a nice thought.” He said again with the smirk. “Maybe you should show me.”

Surprised she replied, “Well it’s not like I filmed it.”

“Nah, I mean, no one’s watching now. Maybe you should show me.”

Maybe it was the alcohol in her system, maybe it was his cheeky confidence, but she realised she had started slowly running her hand up her own thigh, pushing her skirt up slightly.

He manoeuvred his body to hide her a little bit better in case anyone walked up their way and so that he could get a slightly better view. She slid her fingers inside her panties. She was amazed at how turned on she already was. Closing her eyes and gently rubbing herself softly she inserted her fingers in and out, leaning her head back she almost forgot he was there and where they were. She started to quietly shake as the small orgasm took her.

Reality hitting her she turned to him, “Aren’t you going to miss your stop?”

“It’s all good, I already have. That was so worth it. That was amazing to watch.”

She escort kadıköy knew she was blushing again.

“I’m so sorry, but I really should be headed back in the right direction. ” As he stood she noticed him trying to hide his rather large hard on.

Just as he was about to jump off the train, she called to him. “Hey, maybe we should try and make this train again next week?”

With a large smile on his face he exited the train calling back, “Sounds like a plan pretty lady.”


Even though she looked out for him every day, she only saw him once that week.

It was on a very full train again, she had been lucky to get a seat, though not her normal one. The boys were both standing half way down the aisle.

She decided to be a little bit cheeky considering she couldn’t get close to him but knew he could see her. She pulled a lollipop out of her bag and started sucking on it, swirling it around her mouth, rubbing her tongue over it. He was definitely watching. She noticed his friend obviously was too, who had just given him a little elbow to the ribs and a nod in her direction. He turned and whispered something in his ear, which made his friend look back up at her more intently. Turning back to him, he gave him a playful shove and nipple pinch which made them both laugh and muck around with each other. So obviously he had told him what had happened.

As they got off at their station they continued shoving each other and laughing. Today they both looked back at her, just as she took the lollipop and ran it hard down the length of her tongue. She noticed as he waved with one hand he was rearranging himself with the other.


It was Friday, work was done for the week. She hadn’t stopped thinking about him all day. What if he wasn’t there. This was so strange, it wasn’t like they were going on an actual date or anything, she didn’t even know his name.

At least she knew she looked good today. She had decided to wear her shorter than normal black skirt with her work shirt that day, along with her pretty high heels.

Waiting patiently on the platform she was trying not to look like she was searching for him, though really she was scanning the platform every few seconds. Oh there he was, her heart leapt for a moment. He looked so good, he wasn’t in his normal work gear. She stood up as he strolled up the platform with his hands in his pockets. Confidently she strutted up towards him. She’d had an idea, a very naughty idea. As she walked up to him she put her hands on his chest then held her index finger to his lips. She grabbed his hand as he had done to her only the week before and guided him back down the platform towards the unisex toilet.

They both quickly looked around to make sure no one saw them slip in there together. Once inside she turned to face the door and locked it, taking a deep breath she turned back around. He was standing right behind her and he smelt amazing. She grabbed his chin and jaw with one hand and for a moment they both inhaled the intense nervous sexual energy that was pouring out of both of them. As they looked deeply into each others eyes, he reached up and ran his thumb hard over her bottom lip. The motion made her close her eyes and groan. She opened them as his lips smashed into hers. As she bostancı escort parted her lips and pushed her tongue into his mouth, he picked her up, wrapped her legs around him and pushed her up against the door. He started biting her ear and kissing down her neck. She couldn’t take it anymore, she reached between them, undid his pants and started stroking his rock hard cock.

Still holding her up by her arse with one hand, he used his other to pull down his pants. As her stroke pace increased he started groaning, he lightly ran two of his fingers over her very moist panties, which he then moved aside. He grabbed his cock from her, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and he thrust his cock deep inside her causing the door to make a large banging noise. She gasped, almost letting out a small scream, he felt so good. He slowly pulled himself out of her then thrust himself deep inside her again. Kissing him passionately, he continued pounding her against the door. The cries and whimpers escaping her lips started increasing.

“Shhh, Pretty Lady, Shhh.” He said as he covered her mouth with his hand, making her throw her hand back in ecstasy.

Taking a step back he turned her around and then moved her so that they were standing in front of the sink and small mirror. Sliding her panties down and making her step out of them, he knelt down on one knee behind her. With one arm wrapped around her front, he easily slide his fingers inside of her. He then bent her over pushing his face between her arse cheeks and used his tongue to lap up her juices. His fingers were magic, the speed in which he fucked her with them was going to send her over the edge, quickly. He bent her over further and started giving her a real tongue lashing. His hands were running up her body, grabbing her breasts under her shirt. Quickly she pulled it over her head and unclasped her bra releasing them. He groaned as they filled his hands. Turning her around he stood up and took one in his mouth, twirling his tongue around her very hard nipple as he pulled hard on the other one. Her wetness started running down the top of her thighs.

Bending forward she ran her tongue hard up his cock.

“Not yet, soon.” He grunted as he turned her back around.

He ran his hands over every inch of her bare back and arms before holding onto her hips, he started pumping into her, hard.

“Harder, Fuck me harder.” She panted.

He quickened his pace further. She grabbed one of his hands and put it around her throat. He squeezed it slightly.

“Tighter.” She grunted.

He tightened his grip around her neck and she started to explode. Her pussy muscles tightened and convulsed around him.

“Oh Fuck!” He exclaimed, just as he pulled out of her his first shot of cum landing on her arse.

“Suck me, suck me.” He begged.

She had already turned around and had her mouth on him as the second shot filled her mouth. She took him as deep as she could as the third and final shot slid down the back of her throat. Slowly running her lips over him she cleaned up very drop as his whole body shivered.

“Holy Fuck, Pretty lady.” He whispered, as he leaned against the wall getting his breath back.

After redressing and adjusting herself she cupped her hands under the sink and drank a mouthful of water. “Think we missed the train?” she giggled at him.

Sitting on the platform chair together, he turned to her. “Who even are you? Just realised, I don’t even know your name.”

With a smirk she replied, “I’m just a stranger on the train.”

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