Stretching Pt. 03


Circa Early 2003

The next morning while still in bed, Amy reached into the nightstand where the new big vibrator had been stashed, and picked it up. Examining the thick shaft in her small hands she said, “I can’t believe you bought this, it’s huge.”

She put her hand down to her pussy and felt around saying, “It feels like my pussy is bruised, and I also feel a cramp deep inside, how far did you have it in me?”

“I don’t know, most of it.” I replied.

“Really, like how much?” She asked as her small hands could not completely encircle the thick shaft, making it look even bigger.

“All but about an inch I guess.”

“What?” She asked, a little surprised and either proud or horrified with herself (I could not tell), as she moved her hands down to the bottom to see how much all but one inch was.

Amy then laid the big toy on her stomach with the bottom lined up with her pussy. The head was up to her belly button and said, “Look how big this thing is.”

“Do you want to use it again?” I asked.

“What? Right now, NO, I’m too sore.”

“No” I quickly responded, “Not now. I meant again, in the future? You seemed to have liked it.”

“You can’t even fuck me now because I’m too sore. I don’t know, we’ll see.” Amy said, “Plus, it’s gonna stretch my pussy out.”

She didn’t say much else, but also did not say she disliked it, or that she would not use it again, only that she was worried it would stretch out her pussy. It was clearly obvious by the way she reacted the night before that she liked it, and I was sure we’d be using it again. She was pretty sore for a few days after using the new huge toy though, and we could not have sex. A few days later she was back to normal, with no signs of any damage done. I could not stop thinking about it. My sexy little girlfriend had just gone wild getting her pussy pounded and stretched to new limits and I had a sneaking suspicion we would be doing it again. My little slut was into size, and I couldn’t help but be turned on by it, and it wasn’t just that she liked size, it was how whoreish she acted with the big toy inside of her. Whether it was subconscious or not, the fact that she said “gonna stretch my pussy out” implied that she already knew she was going to use it again. I was not worried about it. Amy’s pussy was so small and tight that stretching her a little would probably be good for sex. There were a few times when we were having sex and if I had the wrong angle and was half way out, I thought she nearly broke my dick. Plus, it was very hard to last long in her.

At this point in our lives, we both got pretty busy with our careers and spent our time on the weekends going out, sometimes to a club or bar with friends, other times to dinner with just the two of us. Since we now lived together, Onwin we had a very active sex life. Over the next few months, we started to incorporate the toys more and more into sex play. The smaller toy with the thick knot on the bottom started to be used on a regular basis, and I would always push as much of the thick knot into her pussy as possible, sometimes getting the whole thing in. More often than not, it would leave her sore, but usually only for a day now, and not several days. I would always lick her and use the vibrator while doing it, and she would have explosive orgasms with her pussy being stretched. Soon, the bigger toy started finding its way into our play. I don’t think we used it again for almost a month after the first time. At first, it was once in a while, but as the months rolled on, it gradually started to be used more frequently, and she loved it every time we used it. Each time we used it, she seemed to grow more accustomed to it and it did not leave her quite so sore after, and it was getting easier for her to take.

Around this time, she had her boobs done and enhanced from a B cup to a full C/small D cup. This slowed our sex life for a several weeks, but she recovered quickly. She always thought her ass was too big for her upper body and was happy with the results. So was I. She would make a porn star jealous. Here was this tiny girl with a little waist, but with a big ass (relative to her small frame anyway) and now, big tits to add. Her pussy was also expanding as the months passed with the now regular use of the toys. It was gradual, but I knew it was happening because she became less sore over time with the repeated stuffing, and eventually, not sore at all. I also noticed how easily my cock would slide into her now. It used to pop in, but would now slip into place like it belonged there. While using the toy with the knot she would now reach down to feel her pussy lips stretched around the huge knot and laugh, “What are you doing to me?”

She knew exactly what I was doing to her, I was stretching and stuffing her pussy, and she loved it. Her pussy was more relaxed than before. She could still tighten up and squeeze my cock the same, but she was just more flexible now. While Amy’s pussy was almost too tight when we had met, she was more like average now.

During this time, we had gotten engaged. I had also gotten a promotion, which meant more money, but also more travel. By now, we would use the big toy once or sometimes twice per week, and with a decent warm-up the toy was no problem for Amy to fuck. This was another one of those turning points. I had always encouraged Amy to masturbate as much as possible, and now suggested that she take the time to pleasure herself while I was traveling. We had reached the point where we stretched her Onwin Giriş pussy in some fashion every time we had sex, and now she was now stretching it all by herself when I was away. I would always make sure Amy’s pussy was well stretched when she would orgasm. As time went on, I started to noticed that Amy’s pussy was getting looser, and would learn she had become a pro at taking this big toy. I don’t really think she was permanently looser, it’s probably more due to the fact that anytime I fucked her, the big toy had been in her very recently. Apparently, having now grown accustomed to the big toy, she would regularly stuff the 2-inch wide toy in her pussy while using the bullet vibrator on her clit. Her favorite way to do this was to prop the dildo up on a firm pillow and ride it while she mashed the strong bullet vibrator into her clit.

I don’t know exactly how much she did this, but I know it was a lot. I would guess that she was using the big dildo 8-10 times per week, maybe more, between using it with me and solo. Most times when I grabbed it for a play session, she would remind me it needed to be cleaned, even if I had not been home for a few days. On a few occasions, I would come home from a business trip, or an occasional night out with friends, to find Amy had been fucking herself silly with the thick dildo earlier in the night. I loved coming home to find her with a freshly stretched pussy, and loved the feeling of effortlessly slipping inside of her. This might have bothered most men, to find you wife has been constantly pleasing herself with a toy quite bigger than yourself, but not me. Strangely enough, I found it a turn on to be when we were having sex and Amy would say, “Harder, fuck me harder. Deeper, baby, deeper.”

She would try to pull me deeper into her, and even if I was fucking her as deep and as hard as I could, Amy wanted more. I loved it, and always told her how good her pussy felt, encouraging her. I did like that fact that I could last much longer with her now. She even admitted to using it as many as three times in one day while I was gone and she was feeling horny. Wow, so much for only using it once in a while. It really could have gone either way when I originally bought the thick toy for her. She could have used it once and said that’s enough, but Amy went the other way. She was now clearly into big dick.

We enjoyed anal sex from time to time when Amy was in the mood for it. One night the subject of double penetration came up and Amy wanted to try it. We soon started to experiment with double penetration. At first it was with the small toy in her pussy and my cock in her ass, but eventually progressed to the big toy in her pussy and my cock in her ass. This would make her so full, and so tight too. The feeling of slipping into Onwin Güncel Giriş her tight little asshole with the huge toy stuffed into her pussy was almost painful on my cock.

One Friday night after being away for a few days she said, “I was a bad girl when you were gone.”

“Oh yeah, have you been fucking yourself with your big toy again.”

“No, I was really bad the other night, do you want to see?”

Excited I responded, “Yes, show me how bad you were.”

“Just watch.” She instructed me.

I sat on the edge of the bed as she stripped down and grabbed the two cocked shaped vibrators, the bullet vibrator, and some lube from her nightstand.

“Hold on,” She said, “I need to clean them.”

She disappeared into the bathroom to wash them, returned, and hopped on the bed. I watched as she placed a pillow on the bed, draped a towel over it, and then lubed up the 2-inch thick toy. She sat down on it on the pillow, easily engulfing the big toy nearly all the way in one motion, without even a moan. She was clearly experienced at this little ritual and I was surprised at how easily she could take the big toy. Sure, I used it with her all of the time, so I knew it was not a challenge anymore, but there was usually foreplay and warm-up involved. Damn, I thought. I remember when she could barely take this thing, now she’s taking it in her greedy hole like it’s a nothing. How much has she been fucking this thing?

She went right back to work and lubed up the smaller vibrator. She lifted herself up, the big toy sliding most of the way out of her pussy, and placed it under her backside. She worked her body down more slowly this time, gasping until she had all of her weight resting on the pillow and the two toys buried in her holes. Her eyes were wide and she had an evil looking smirk on her face. She then turned on the bullet vibrator and held her to her clit. She started to slowly ride the two toys, fucking both of her slutty holes. I was so hard watching this that I thought my cock was going to rip through my pants. I stripped down and made my way over to her. She took her free hand and brought my cock to her mouth. She started sucking me and working my cock with her hand as she rode the two toys deep. I could not believe what a nasty little slut she was. She was being triple penetrated, and loving every second of it. I think I shot my load in less than 2 minutes, and she swallowed every last drop. She seemed relieved that I had cum and now focused on herself as her free hand was alternating between her breasts and pulling on her nipples, as she continued to fuck her toys. She was moaning and screaming like a complete slut as she fucked herself to a long orgasm. This would be a scene we would replay again on many occasions. She would suck me off while fucking herself silly with the two toys. Around 18 months ago she could barely take this 2-inch wide toy, but now she was fucking herself with it at will, with another toy stuffed her ass, and a dick in her mouth. I could not believe the monster I had created, and I loved it.

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