strip club and quick car sex


strip club and quick car sexFew months after my 21st bday myself,  my boyfriend Kyle and a few friends landed up at a strip club. The 6 of us ( 2 girls and 4 boys) sat down at a semi round booth table and order a few drinks. Once the waitress came back with the drinks Kyle’s friend Steve ordered a table dance, soon a blonde russian girl rocked up at our table. She climbed onto the table greeting all of us,  and chatted while waiting for the new song to begin. She soon stood up holding onto the pole in the middle of the table, she was wearing stunning blue hills and matching blue lingerie suiting her complexion. The new song started and she started dancing around the pole, her legs were toned with a small petite ass and slim belly, up and down the pole she went and soon taking off her bra, exposing her big tits to us. One could see they were fake but boi did they look so good. The first song finished and as the 2nd song started she started to move around our table, starting by Amanda  (the other girl with us) putting her boobs to close to her face.She moved all round the table and finally arriving by me, her amazing boobs hit me in the face and now I definitely knew they were in plants.  She moved on past me to kevin who was on my right, after giving him the sight of her boobs she laid on her back, lifting her legs to the sky and taking off her G string, revealing her cleaning shaved pussy.The next and last song started, as she opened her legs in front of kevin’s face. I immediately saw his hand go to his pants to reposition his cock which had become hard. She then rolled over in my direction and kneeled in front of me to have the view of pussy and ass, as she moved across the table. I placed my hand on Kyle’s lap and felt that he’s cock was hard as well and I could feel my gstring was getting wet. She continued moving around the table but soon the last song ended and she started getting dressed again. A very quick 10 mins may I add.  As she left I had no choice but to ask every at the table to raise their hand if they not now horny. And as I expected no one raised their hands. We ordered another round kadıköy escort of drinks and Steve soon got us another girl to come dance, she was a brunette girl from Belgium. She was a bit bigger than the Russian but still toned legs and good looking bum. She had big natural boobs which were a lil saggy and big long nipples, her pussy was very nice and shaved in a landing strip. The dance was simular to the first girl moving around the table to everyone showing her privates to everyone. Soon she was done with her 3 songs as well.We continued with our drinks and all chatting, when Kyle whispered to me do I want to go with him to a private dance in the private booth upstairs. Thinking about it for a minute I said yea why not, we looked at the prices and different offers on the menu. They had 4 offers 10 min, 20 min, 30 mins and a hour. We discussed it and decided to go with the 30 min private dance. We then looked around at the different girls and eventually kyle saw a girl he fancied. We left the table of friends and we walked to our waitress to get the girl.She was a medium height red head. She gripped both our hands and escorted us up the stairs. Her stripper name was Fire after the colour of her hair, a small built body with curves, a sexy tight ass, well toned legs where you could see her muscles as she walked up the stairs. As we reached the private booth, she asked Kyle to help her get another chair. She place the chairs opposite each other so when we sat down Kyle and myself were facing each other. The room was mirrors all round, with a small platform surrounding the dancing pole. As we waited for the new song to start, we chatted. She was 22 years old, and from Australia.   The new song started and she started dancing around the pole in her black hills, she moved up and down and the hung downwards looking at me as she held on with her legs only. She slid off and sat in front of Kyle and ran her hands from her knees over her body to her boobs. Soon she moved to me, ( I was wearing soft long black pants and a button up white top with a bra and beylikdüzü escort G string,  Kyle was in smart long pants and a collared shirt) she danced seductively around me often her lips touching mind, she undid 2 of my shirt buttons before turning and moving to Kyle. She sat on Kyle’s lap wiggling and moving her body up and down. She turned around to face me and as she grinded back and forth on Kyle’s laps, while undoing her bra. She hopped back onto the platform taking off her bra and throwing it to me, her hot firm silicone boobs exposed. She dance round the pole a lil before moving back and sitting on Kyle’s lap again. She slapped her boobs into his face and grinding away on his lap. I could feel my pussy was soaking wet. And I wanted to be fucked then and there. She soon moved back to me and went behind the chair, from behind her hand glided down my chest and under my top and bra, as kyle sat watching, she rubbed my boobs and feeling my small hard erect nipples she pinched them slightly before moving to sit on my lap. She moved her boobs across my face, her nipples running across my lips, she stop and pulled my head down for me to suck her hard nipples for a while, before turning around and sitting with her legs over mine. She leaned back taking my hands to massage her boobs, with Kyle having full view, her head resting on my shoulder looking me in my eyes, our lips almost about to touch, when she suddenly stood up and went back to Kyle. She sat on his lap, placed his hand on her tight ass and started bouncing up and down. She moved off backwards kneeling down, I could see in the mirrors that she was massaging his cock and balls, his head went back from enjoyment, just before moving back to me she undid his belt and pants, and I watched as he put his cock in a more comfortable position. Once again Fire sat on my lap facing Kyle,  taking my hands and running it down her belly and under her gstring. I got to feel her clean shaven pussy, it was just as wet as mine, she allowed me to rub her pussy for a lil while before standing up and taking her gstring off. taksim escort I saw Kyle’s facial expression as he saw her pussy, meaning he must really like it. She turned to face me, spread my legs and ran her hands up my inner thighs and with her two thumbs she was now rubbing my pussy up and down. She then moved me to stand on the platform in front of Kyle, she stood behind me placing her one hand under my pants. On top of my gstring she rubbed up and down my wet pussy before sitting me down on the platform. She moved to Kyle and first grinded up and down his lap with her wet pussy. She soon stood him up as well, placing him in a side on view for me to watch her put her hand down my man’s pants. I could see her jerking his hard cock off. She eventually sat him down next to me with a slight gap between us. She hopped back on the platform standing with her legs on each side of his legs, her pussy in his face and she moved her hips seductively dancing, soon she had moved to me doing the same, her wet pussy in my face. She climbed down again standing me up and undoing my pants. She sat me down legs spread over Kyle’s placing his hand under my pants. She sat on the chair legs spread, her finger on her pussy, moving her hips fingering herself, soon Kyle’s finger was rubbing up and down my clit. And in a few seconds I had reach climax, I moaned as I orgasmed and Kyle fingered me hard as he watched her fingering her pussy. During all this pleasure there came a knock on the door to say our time was up.  Fire got dressed while we straightened ourselves out. I wished I could have done more to her or her to me. Before leaving the room she gave us each a hug, and walked us down. Getting back to the table all the mates made a noise causing me to blush. We had one more quick drink before leaving. Once in the car I placed my hand on Kyle’s cock and he was still hard. We spoke about the dance the whole way and as we were nearing my parents house as I still stayed at home, I told him to pull into the local shopping centre and down to the basement parking. Driving in I started taking my pants off and getting a condom out my handbag. Kyle parked in a far quiet corner. Switching off the car he pulled his pants down, I put the condom on and hopped onto his cock. I fucked him hard on the front seat of his car, wasn’t long till he was moaning as his cock started exploding cum. It was a well needed short 2 minute fuck before heading home. 

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