stuck up sister in law pt2


stuck up sister in law pt2Having fucked Shelley in her kitchen I retired to bed feeling quite pleased with my self, getting to fuck that big titted slut in her own house, In bed I climbed in next to my drunken wife, Her totally unaware that not ten minutes earlier I had fucked and slapped her sister around the kitchen. I slept soundly awakening with a ragging hard on from the previous nights activities. I rolled over and lightly rubbed my wifes firm nipples feeling them stiffen, mmmmm was the slight moan from her lips. I moved my hand down to her neatly trimmed pussy, as I slowly stroked and teased her pussy she slowly moved her hips backwards and forwards. I worked one then two fingers inside her wet cunt. You like that don’t you, mmmmmm was her muffled drunken slur. Pulling her thong aside I move forward and rub my hard cock against my wifes pussy. Now fully wet and open I slid my cock straight into her cunt. Mmmm oooo mmmm was my wifes muffled moans. I heard movement next door as either tony or Shelley were getting up. A trip to the bathroom confirmed it was tony. That meant Shelley was still in bed, So rolling Deb onto her back I climbed between her legs and started to fuck her hard. Ensuring the headboard hit the wall between mine and shelleys room. Oohhh mmm ooh was debs drunk moans, in her stupor she was still out of it, so grabbing her legs I thrust my cock harder and harder into my pissed wife bed banging Deb moaning all loud enough for her slag sister next door to hear. Louder and louder debs moaned as I fucked her harder and harder. With quickening thrusts I let out a loud roar and pumped my seed into Debs cunt and as I rolled off deb slumped back to her pillow with my come leaking out from her well fucked pussy. As I rolled away I heard Shelley leave her bedroom and move to the bathroom, I sniggered to my self as she must off heard every thrust of me fucking her baby sister.Hearing Shelley move downstairs to the kitchen, I got up and visited the bathroom. Having brushed my teeth I decided to wait to take a shower. Peering out the window I saw tony working on his car. Wrapping a towel around me, I walked down to the kitchen to find Shelley making tea as I walked in she was dressed in a short satin dressing gown. It did nothing to hide those big fat tits that remained hidden last night. I walked over to the window again looking out I saw tony busy with his car still. I looked at Shelley and she wasn’t making eye contact. I leant over and moved my hand in side her gown feeling those bit tits. Shelley pulled away quite sharp, she glared at me “ don’t mike, tony is outside and last night should never of happened” but it did happen was my reply and you were the one begging me to fuck you, so don’t start I told you the fucking tuzla escort rules so stop pissing about and get over here. I cant mike, debs in bed and tonys just out side this is madness. Besides last night I was drunk and I regret doing what we did.Look Shelley you believe what you want, try and make it fit into what ever situation that makes you feel better but im telling you this final time get over fucking here and open that gown. Looking around Shelley started pleading please mike no we cant, tony deb are around. With a start Shelley heard the front door go and tony shout up the stairs I need to go to the garage to pick up a part be about an hour see you later, then he was gone. I just stood and smiled at a now deflated Shelley.New rules bitch for not doing as I told you I am going to make you pay. Now get here and open that fucking gown now. Shelley walked over shaking her head not believing what she was doing. I grabbed her gown and pulled it apart two heavy plump big tits came into view. I picked up the left one and bit her nipple hard, due to last night she did not scream out but pulled my head into her breasts. Sucking and biting on one then the other tits I moved my hand down to her hairy cunt and started to finger her. Her moans although low were very deep. Here was my sister in law legs spread tits being sucked loving every moment that her brother in law was giving her.Shelley pulled my head up and whispered kiss me mike kiss me please want me. as we kissed her cunt again was as leaky as it was the previous night. I pulled back and Shelley said Deb was right you do want it 24 / 7 don’t you with a smile I just looked her in the eye and said, “down” without thinking Shelley kneeled down and slowly released my towel. Picking my hard cock with her hand she leant forward and licked the end of my cock. A puzzled look came across her face but I grabbed a hand full of hair and pushed forward again Shelley licked around my cock. That’s right Shelley bit more come on bit more, more and more of my cock was forced into shelleys mouth mmmm left her lips mmm as I forced more and more of my cock into her slut mouth. Get nasty shell come on lick it all up Shelley come on bitch suck it all taste that juice, that’s right taste mine and debs juices off my cock come on you dirty fucking bitch lick your sister cum of my cock. Shelley pulled back just far enough to release my cock I pulled her hair tight and slapped her hard across the face who the fuck said you can stop.I an going to ask you did you hear me fucking debs this morning, did you hear me sliding my cock into your baby sister, well did you bitch did you hear her moan as I fucked your baby sister, did you, Shelley nodded her head so what do you think that tang is well? It my cum tuzla escort bayan and your baby sisters cum now lick it all up come on Shelley clean my cock ready for your next treat. Shelley looked at me the back to my cock then back to me with a resigned look Shelley moved forward and continued sucking her baby sisters cum from my cock.Stand up, Shelley stood, follow me I started to move back up stair Shelley shook her head no mike debs up there, but by then I was up the top of the stairs, when Shelley arrived on the landing I push her against the wall and ripped open her gown I started sucking and biting her tits again. Shelley could not stop me marking her tits it was to late I wanted tony to see what a slag he married.With Shelley naked on her landing I gently pushed open the door to where I was sleeping, Shelley froze naked with her sister not 5 feet away. As I looked in debs was sound asleep. I pulled Shelley to the open door way Shelley tried to pull away but I was to strong I place her in the open doorway naked in front of her baby sister, I leant over Shelley and pulled and mauled her big tits all whilst debs slept un aware her cheating slag of an older sister was getting felt up by her husband. I moved my hand to shelleys cunt and forced my fingers up inside that wet pussy. I wanked Shelley faster and faster with her having to bite her lip to stop herself screaming. I moved my hand up to shells mouth, lick it off you dirty bitch I whispered into her ear and in no time Shelley was licking he pussy juices off my hand. You fucking slag I whispered in her ear, yes I am sir, im your dirty slag. I quietly closed the door and took Shelley to her bedroom. Get in I said and Shelley walked into her room the bed was already made, I threw Shelley onto her bed forced her knees apart and just slid my hard cock straight up her cheating cunt mmmm Shelley sighed I started to pump just a little harder aaaarrrhhhh just a little bit more until Shelley was holding on tight.With each thrust I made a point of taunting her……… you don’t love him do you …..thrust… aahhhh Shelley moan, come on bitch tell me you don’t love him…..thrust mmmmmaaahhhh fuck , fuck , please mike don’t do this please just fuck me baby please fuck meeeee.Tell me you slag ….. you (thrust)….don’t (thrust)…..fucking (thrust)…….Love(thrust)…….him(thrust)….No, no , noooooo I don’t , I don’t love him I don’t love my husband………. (thrust) good just remember Shelley you belong to me now you have a new fucking man and who’s that bitch. It you its you mike you’re my man you’re my master not tony you my darling. Good I started to increase my pace as I fucked Shelley on her marriage bed. I leant in close to her and whispered in her ear. Get ready Shelley im going to knock you up, hear escort tuzla me im going to fuck a little bastard into you belly and you will carry it no matter what, Shelley eyes shot open with fear, but debs, tony I cant mike I cant . to late shell here it comes I intend not only to soil your wedding bed but I intend to soil you as well, you carry my marks on your tits and now you will carry my mark inside you. Gripping shelleys shoulders I forced all my hard thick cock as deep as possible and squirted my come straight into her womb. As I looked into shelleys eyes I saw a tear she looked up at me and mouthed thank you sir, she nodded her head, I will carry your c***d, I stood walked to tonys pillow and wiped my cock on it, Shelley sniggered, I then rose and stood on the bed.“Get in the middle” i directed shelley. “On your knees.” she did as I told her, and then i was standing in front of shell, my limp cock in my hand. “Close your eyes, shelley, and open your mouth.”Again she followed my instructions without question. No sooner had Shelley complied than she felt a stream of warm liquid splashing onto her marked breasts and belly, moving up toward her face. As the stream entered her mouth, she tasted the salty flavour of her brother in laws piss. i was pissing on her! As I looked down I saw shelleys body dripping with my piss, then her natural submissiveness kicked in, and she accepted this as my right as her new man. she was, after all, my property. i could use her as i wished. As my piss covered her face, then moved back down her body to spray her hairy cunt, I told her to look up as she did I told her that when she showered I want her cunt shaved to leave just a little tuff, just like her baby sister, Shelley nodded. I then aimed my piss over tonys pillow again marking my territory, once I finished I jumped off the bed, the bed and Shelley were a mess. Her tits were bruised, her face was covered in piss her hair was drenched and she knew deep down she was probably pregnant. I picked up my towel and told her to get cleaned up, as her former husband will be back soon. I left her room and peaked into mine deb was still sleeping soundly unaware that I have just knocked up her older loyal sister. I took my shower then got changed into jeans and a clean shirt.When I looked into shells room the bedding was stripped and she was down stairs talking to tony. As I entered the kitchen tony made me a cup of tea (very polite seems I had just fucked the shit out of his beloved) Shelley told tony she was going for a shower, as she passed me she gave a sly little nod.Half hour later Shelley returned to the kitchen dress ready for the days activities. As tony was talking to me Shelley went behind him she made eye contact, I raised an eyebrow and very slowly Shelley nodded her a couple of time to let me know that her once hairy cheating cunt was now smooth will just a hint of hair. It was some two hours later that deb surfaced still feeling the worse for wear.

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