Sucking Danny Ch. 02


I had remained friends with both Mike and Danny over the years. I would have considered Mike to be my best friend, but I spent time with both he and his brother often. Eventually Danny got married and started his own life. I saw him much less after he and Tonya had their first child. We grew apart – that happens all too often in life.

Although I had met a girl and got married myself, the thoughts of that summer night long ago never left the back of my mind. The first time I tasted a cock was a cherished memory. The musty scent and the bitter sweet taste made my mouth water. I had a craving that would never go away. I had an insatiable appetite for cum.

I had met several men since my first time and enjoyed my secret escapades. My wife had no clue what I was doing when I would randomly go out fishing or for drinks with a friend. She trusted me and I exploited that trust. It came in waves with a year or two in between at some points, but it always returned: My desire to suck dick wasn’t going away. I couldn’t resist the way it made me feel to control a man with my mouth.

I was asked to be best man at Mike’s wedding and I was honored to accept that role. I didn’t see it coming because I expected he would choose his brother. At any rate, I was happy to play that part – it had probably been at least a year since I last saw Danny or the rest of his family. I was excited to see them. They were like family to me growing up.

I sat at the head table at the wedding. My wife sat toward the back with some friends she had just made. I found myself drinking beer after beer escort with the occasional shot of whiskey – it wouldn’t be pretty the next morning, but I was having a good time tonight.

I looked over to Danny as he was sitting beside me. I thought about bringing up the night I sucked his cock, but I was afraid. We had never discussed it. Never. It was one of those unspeakable events that happened; however, I was finally ready to talk about it. The flashback had made me hard and my mouth began to water. I brought it up because I wanted to do it again.

I said, “Do you remember that night…?”

He cut me off as he shook his head no, but said yes with his eyes. I smiled. He changed the subject quickly. We probably talked about hockey for a few minutes before I joined my wife for a dance. I felt ashamed when I looked over at him, still sitting at the table with Tonya in my seat. Why did I have to bring it up and ruin something that happened so long ago? I should have just let it remain in the past.

The party continued into the night and we all had a good time. We did talk about old times, the fun that we had, and how we hoped to continue that with our own kids. These are the things that you say with old friends; the things that will probably not happen but you wished would.

It wasn’t long before I encountered Danny in the bathroom. He was using the urinal as I walked up beside him – I was quite drunk at the time and needed to break the seal. I couldn’t help but look down at his cock beside me. It was beautiful. It’s round head sat atop his wide shaft. escort bayan His Prince Albert wasn’t there the last time I saw his cock; I’ve never seen one in person. I knew I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t resist. I reached over and touched his cock as he stood there. He looked at me angrily and took a step back. I was expecting a punch in the face – what was wrong with me? I just couldn’t help it!

We looked at each other awhile longer – it seemed like minutes but was probably only seconds. I wasn’t sure what was going on in his head as we stood there. I thought that I blew it. The party was over; we were going to fight and disturb the otherwise peaceful environment. He always had a temper, I was hoping that I didn’t just wake it up.

He lifted his hand and motioned for me to enter the stall toward the back and I did so quickly. With his cock still out, I knelt on the floor in front of him and took it in my mouth. I could taste the last drops of his piss as I began to suck. I didn’t care – I had to have it. It grew in my mouth as I caressed it with my tongue and kissed it with my lips. With both of his hands on the back of my head, he pounded his cock deep into my throat. I groaned as he face-fucked me. I didn’t care. I wanted him to cum in my mouth so bad that I didn’t care how it happened. I could hear the music playing in the background along with cheers from the crowd. I was losing my breath. I was getting light-headed. He saved me from passing out by pulling it away from me and slapping me across the face with it.

Within seconds, he was deep bayan escort in my throat again. My eyes were watering as he called me a slut and told me to never bring this up again. I didn’t care – I took this punishment willingly. It was obvious that a few different men had used the urinals while I sucked on his big juicy cock – that made it even hotter for me. It was exciting. The thought that someone may discover me on my knees with his cock in my mouth turned me on. My cock was hard in my pants. The last time I had him in my mouth there was no anger – this time, there was; he was furious.

Within minutes, I had his cum in my mouth and running down my throat. He was looking down at me as he shot his load. He pulled my head back by my hair. I opened my mouth to show him his cum before I swallowed every last drop. The taste was just as I had remembered. He had the best tasting, best smelling, and thickest cum I had ever had the pleasure of swallowing. I loved it!

He turned around leaving me kneeling in the stall without saying another word and returned to the reception. I followed a minute later and sat back down at the table beside him. I looked over at him and he made small talk. His cum was still on my breath. There was no flirting, no awkwardness, and no mention of what had happened just moments before. Seemingly, history had repeated itself.

The party ended and we went on our separate ways. I with my wife, and he with his own, we drove away and didn’t look back. Although he didn’t seem to want to admit it, I knew he enjoyed what had happened. As I leaned over and kissed my wife, I wondered if she could smell, or even taste, his cum in my mouth. Part of me wanted her to know what had happened; the thought of being caught was exciting. I sat beside her thinking, knowing, that I needed more cum. I had to have it.

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