Suddenly Gay


I recently rejoined the single world, after my wife left me for another man. (Good luck to ya, pal!) I went out to all the usual haunts, met all the same people, and did all the same things that everyone does when they are single. After a couple of months of that, I decided I wanted something different.

Years earlier, when I was in high school, a friend of mine had introduced me to gay sex. I had spent the night at his house, and his parents were sound asleep upstairs. We were lying on the floor in his den, watching the usual Cinemax soft-core crap. My cock was harder than I could ever remember it being before, maybe because of the novelty of someone else in the room with me. We laughed about the movie, and then he shocked the hell out of me by leaning over and kissing me.

I was shocked, but instantly curious. My sexual experience at that point was minimal…okay, non-existent. Even though I had never thought about sex with a guy, it was a chance that I wasn’t going to give up. When he leaned in to kiss me again, I kissed him back. Our tongues danced, and his hands quickly made it down to my hard cock. I was so horny I almost came right then and there, but he must have sensed it, because he pulled back.

Taking my hand, we moved upstairs to his bedroom, and locked the door behind us. He quickly took me into his arms and kissed me again, running his hands down my body. He pushed my shorts off, exposing escort my body to the night air. Quickly stripping down himself, he lowered me down to the bed, and took my cock in his hands again.

Stroking me gently at first, he slowly brought me to the edge of orgasm, and backed away. He shifted his body so we were in a side-by-side 69, and I saw the first hard cock that wasn’t mine. I tried to do for him what he did for me. I touched and teased his prick, rubbing the pre-cum all over the tip. He moaned for me to suck it for him, that he wanted to be in my mouth so bad, so I did. I wasn’t sure what to do, but he knew. His cock thrust in and out of my mouth, slowly and gently. At the same time, he started to suck my cock.

We 69’d for a while, when he pulled away from me. I thought I was doing something wrong, but he quickly moved back between my legs and started to lick my asshole.

I thought I would die right there, it felt so hot!

He licked and teased me for a while, getting my hole wet and loose. All at once, I felt him pushing his cock against my asshole, trying to make entry. I relaxed as best I could, and he suddenly made full penetration.

We laid there for a moment, his cock buried to the hilt in my virgin ass, giving me time to get used to the feeling, before he slowly pulled back. Just before he would have come free, he drove it back in, making me shudder all escort bayan over again. The more he did this, the better it felt to me, and the more I wanted him to do it to me. He was getting faster and faster, really slamming it home in me. I felt his body tense up, and he drove one last time into my ass. I could feel his cock twitch and spasm, and feel the wetness of his hot cum filling me up.

We lay that way for a few minutes, and then he rolled off to the side, and pulled free. I could feel his cum running out my ass, and reached down to feel it. He took my cum-covered fingers and raised them to his mouth, sucking them clean. He then moved back down to my ass, sucking all of his cum out. His hands were stroking my cock, and I quickly felt an explosion building. Without breaking stride, he swallowed my cock, drinking every last drop of cum I had to give him.

We lay there for a while, not really knowing what to do, or say to each other. Finally, as morning approached, he whispered in my ear…

“One more time?”

I nodded my head, and turned to kiss him again.

He moved his body on top of mine, so that our cocks were grinding together. His hard ass felt so good in my hands, and I knew I wanted to try him out.

I rolled him off of me, and kissed and licked my way down his body. Once I got to his cock, I ran my tongue down the shaft to his tight balls, and went right bayan escort past to his hole. My tongue made contact, and he jumped with pleasure. I pushed his legs in the air, and really went to town, probing and pushing my tongue into his ass. Before long, he was begging me to put my cock there.

I teased him by pushing my cockhead against his ass, then pulling away. After I did this a few times, he reached down as I touched his ass, and pulled me toward him. All at once, my cock was deep inside his ass. I groaned, loving the tight feel of it. He pushed me back and forth, giving me a rhythm to follow as I fucked him. He stroked his cock as we fucked, and his face was full of lust and excitement.

Before long, I felt my cock swell with the beginnings of an eruption, and he knew this, because he pushed me back, and pulled off of my cock. Turning himself around, he swallowed my cock and really gave it a workout.

Just as the first wad flew, he pulled free and let it splash all over his face. My cum was dripping off his nose, and he was loving every second of it. I pushed him down and kissed him deeply, smearing the cum between us, as my hands jerked him off. I felt his cock twitch, so I moved down to do the same for him. I let his cum cover my face, and rubbed his cock all over me.

He pulled me up, and we kissed, then licked each other clean. I never thought I would love the taste of cum quite so much, but I was hooked.

At last, we settled down to sleep. I lay beside him, drifting slowly off, when he leaned over and whispered in my ear once again.

“Our little secret?”

I nodded sleepily, smiling my way to a contented sleep.

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