Summer Heat Ch. 05


Intro: Here’s a short one for the lazy among you. This is a total work of my sick imagination. Any resemblance to anyone on this planet is just your imagination. You can’t think I’d write something I could get sued over. Half siblings, Shelby (29) and Jason (27) have moved back in with their mother, Katherine (49). Several years have passed since Jason’s dad died in a tragic industrial accident. If you aren’t hooked by now, there is no hope for you.


Working through some things.

Late Sunday evening, after work for both siblings, Jason was on the sofa catching baseball scores. Shelby came in and plopped beside him. She rooted into a comfortable position and handed Jason his phone. “Here, I put Donna in your contacts. I want you to really put some effort into this wedding trip especially the dancing. Donna watches all those dance TV shows. She wants to be bold enough to dance instead of the shy person she has become.”

“I’ll do my best. It could be fun. I’ve got a lot to learn. Mom said she could teach us some ballroom stuff.”

“I can show you some basic stuff I know.” Shelby added.

“I don’t think they will have a pole at the reception.” Jason joked and chuckled.

Shelby sprang up and pinched Jason’s left nipple savagely, “Goddamit, asshole, That’s out of bounds”.

Jason wrestled her hand off his chest and held her wrist. “Ow! That hurt. I’m sorry. I’ve been waiting for you to set that one up and I slammed it.” He chuckled.

“Well, it would hurt my feelings, but it was funny. Also, I saw it coming.” Shelby relaxed. “Just do your best and treat her nice. She’s been hurt so bad. She needs to spend time with a good guy like you.”

Jason went upstairs Monday morning to have coffee with his mom before she left for work. She gave him a list of dances to look up on YouTube. “Don’t sweat this. We’ll work up stuff you can learn quickly and still look like a pro. I want you to let your hair grow. You’ve got it buzzed too close. I can see skin. Then get it lined up right before the wedding. This is going to be fun. Anytime you think it is hard, just remember, Donna’s doing it backwards in heels.”

Just the way she said it made him feel like he could get overwhelmed. He kissed his mom goodbye and went back downstairs. Shelby’s door was closed. Jason stretched, peed and lay down on his bed for a few minutes. He was thinking about rubbing his cock when Shelby’s door opened, and she went into the bathroom. Jason closed his eyes and listened. He heard the door open and then no sound. When he opened his eyes, Shelby was standing over him. She was nude and staring at him. He reached down and squeezed his cock and looked at up her pretty little pussy, just inches from his face.

“How big are you, Jase?”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“How big is your dick? I know you guys measure yourself. How big is it?” Shelby insisted.

Jason chuckled and blushed, “It’s a little over seven inches. Maybe seven and a half on a good day.”

“Are you sure?” Shelby asked.

“Why do you ask?”

“I guess that’s well above average. I was sore Saturday night. Donna put her fingers in me and I really felt it.”

“I’ll be gentler from now on. You are a small woman. I was hitting bottom pretty hard.”

“Show it to me brother. Show me your big cock.”

Jason complied. He slipped out of his shorts and shirt, dropping them to the floor.

Shelby pulled her pussy apart, so her brother could see her inner pink folds. He caught her wonderful exotic scent. He licked his finger and slowly pushed it up into her. She gasped and then began to roll her hips. “Still a little sore, you beast. But that feels good.” As Jason’s cock began to swell to full size, “I want to give you a long slow blowjob. Can you just kick back and let it last?” She asked.

Jason nodded approval. Shelby climbed in between Jason’s legs and settled in to orally pleasure her handsome brother. She began by spreading his legs like she would a woman. She lifted his balls and güvenilir bahis scrotum up and kissed his taint. She sucked and pressed her tongue firmly into the hard-hidden base of his cock and traced it upward. Shelby followed the internal part of his shaft up through his scrotum and finally the bottom of his shaft. Kissing and gently sucking each swollen ball in turn sent waves of pleasure through Jason’s groin. She moved up to gain access to the swollen head. She took it into her mouth and sucked the soft foreskin onto her tongue. Shelby slowly pulled the skin down until the denuded slick head was nestled in her mouth. As she scrubbed the underside of the head with her tongue, she gripped the shaft with her hand and began bobbing her head. With her hand stroking in time with her mouth sucking. Waves of uncontrollable pleasure rolled over Jason’s body. Suddenly he felt as though he was bursting a great piss. Hot cum gushed up and out of his cock filling Shelby’s mouth to overflow. He blew a huge load. His sister did he best to swallow all she could but still some was running down her chin. She held still while Jason’s full body spasm subside.

They both chuckled softly. “Well, you lasted a couple of minutes.” Shelby moved up to kiss and cuddle with her brother. “I love you, Jase.”

“God, that was good. Would you like me to do you, sis?” Jason offered.

“I’m OK, bro. Let my pussy rest. Maybe tomorrow. I’ve been wanting to give you a good blow. That’s one of my long running fantasies with you. That’s the only one where I don’t cum. I get a kick out of you cumming in my mouth, too. I can’t believe women that won’t do that. Men either. Have you ever given one of your buddy’s head?” Shelby asked.

“What? No. I’m not bi like you.” Jason answered.

“You should try it sometime. It’s really fun.” Shelby replied frankly.

“I’ll take your word.” Jason shook his head. “I’ll stick to eating pussy. I can’t believe we’re having this conversation again. Naked men are a big turn-off for me.”

The rest of Monday was a work day for Shelby and Jason went to The Steak Pit to work on scheduling. He had to swap some shifts around to prepare for taking off on the wedding weekend.

Tuesday evening Donna came over and Katherine started the dance lessons. She started with the most basic box step. “That’s it. You are drawing a square on the floor with your feet.” It was very awkward for the two students at first. “Now that you know that stupid little step, never do it again. I hate that but that’s where everyone starts. Let me show you the foxtrot. That will lead to some good stuff.”

Slow slow, quick quick. Slow slow, quick quick. “Mom, if we keep doing this, we’re going to run into the wall.” Jason whined. A quick laugh from everyone. Katherine taught some basic techniques for turning.

When she thought the kids were tiring of the ballroom, “All right, time to loosen up. Shelby, put on the swing music.” Then everyone went free style on basic swing dance.

Walking to her car, Donna kept looking around for Shelby. She appeared shortly from the house. “I thought you might come out for a minute.” They kissed. “That was fun. I don’t know if we can learn this in three weeks. Jason is more lost than I am.”

“You will be fine. You and Jase will look great together.” Shelby assured her. “Mom wants you to practice in heels next week. She’s getting Jason some shoes. You two will look like pros. I’ve got a few basics that I can show you that might help.”

Donna smiled, “Honey, we’ll be dancing with our clothes on.” She laughed.

“Oh, my God! I’m surrounded by fucking comedians.” Shelby hugged her.

Jason was having trouble waking Thursday morning. The dance lesson the night before had left him keyed up and took a while to fall asleep. When his mom left for work, he heard his sister go to the bathroom and then back to bed. He fell back to sleep only to wake a shorth time later with a full bladder and a morning piss hard. He went to the bathroom and did his duty and then freshened türkçe bahis up. The warmed-over coffee saved his life. He began to address the world around him.

Jason looked in on Shelby. Under just a sheet, she was lying sort of on her side facing away from the door. He slipped into her room and closed the door. He turned on one small lamp. He eased the sheet back very slowly to reveal Shelby’s perfect tiny ass. The sight of her started his cock rising. He stood there slipping out of his cloths taking in all the sights. The deeply clefted ass and firm round cheeks. The tan and the tan lines were sexy as hell. He slipped into the bed and cuddled up to her back. Jason laid his cock in the crack of her ass and reached around to cup her tits.

Shelby stirred. “Morning, handsome. I thought you might come in here.” She reached for his hand and clutched it tightly to her breast. She rolled toward him and kissed him.

“You were expecting me.” He said. “You’ve already brushed your teeth.”

Shelby chuckled. “Well that and I woke up with a shitty taste in my mouth. When do you have to work?”

“Not ’til dinner shift. I’ve got some time.” Jason answered.

Shelby checked the clock reading eight forty-two. “I’m still off. I might try to pick up dinner. I can use the money. I guess you are wanting to play.” She stared at her half-brother.

“Only if you want to, Shell.”

“Good answer, asshole.” She chuckled. “I want you to go slow and gentle this time.”

“Are you still sore.” Jason asked.

“No, Studly. That’s just how I want it. I want you to go slow and gentle. I think it would be nice.” She told him.

Jason new what she meant. He had gotten in the habit of fucking like a porn movie and not in a good way. He had been crude and rough. He had followed the porn formula, oral both ways, screw in a couple of positions and make a big production out of orgasm. It’s all over in twelve minutes.

He kissed Shelby softly the with more passion. He petted her and stroked her slender body. He held her closely and kissed her neck and shoulders. Jason moved over into a position hovering above her and between her legs. He gently kissed, licked and suckled her small breasts. He moved to an eye to eye position and pressed his cock against her open pussy. Jason kissed her passionately and slowly slipped into her. Not breaking the kiss, he began to oscillate within her. Juice flowed, and Shelby became wetter and wetter.

Shelby began to synchronize her feelings with his. The kisses were making her head spin slowly. The pressure and sensations of the cock filling her gave her rush after rush of pleasure. One of her mini orgasms almost pushed Jason out. She pulled her knees up high and welcomed him deep inside.

Jason rolled her over and entered her pussy with her flat on her belly. He massaged her back in long strokes as he fucked her pussy hidden somewhere under them both. With this feeling wonderful but not stimulating the right spots, Jason sat back and pondered another position. Jason looked down to see Shelby’s cute little anus puckered up at him. He thought of her promise of anal and her warning about preparation. He rubbed it with his thumb. She didn’t protest. With a little more pressure, her sphincter seemed to relax and accept his attention.

“Jase, lay back down in the spoon position.” As he complied, Shelby pulled some of her pussy goo back onto her puckered ass. “Now, hold me and do as I say.” She clutched his hands onto her breasts. Then she reached back and took his cock in her hand and squeezed it. Sure, he was fully hard, she pulled her knees toward her chest and nestled his cock at the threshold of her anus. “Go very slowly, Baby. I want you to push then back off over and over. It will let you in when it is ready.

Jason could feel her cheeks funnel his cock into alignment with her tight little hole. He pushed until he felt resistance, then backed away. He did it again and slipped a little bit deeper into Shelby’s most intimate hole. He felt her hand on his güvenilir bahis siteleri thigh. She pushed and pulled signaling and guiding him. He pushed in until she gave a little push on his leg and he backed off. Over and over until Shelby began to push back with her hips and open herself. Jason’s cock head slipped fully into her rectum. Both of them moaned as the penetration occurred. Jason got very still. He held some pressure and flexed his cock inside her. “Oh, my God! It feels so hot in there!” He resumed his pumping motion until more and more of his shaft was slipping inside. Deeper and deeper, and then his cock was completely inside her ass.

Shelby was being hit with waves of pleasure as her ass accepted the intruder. She dilated as the internal stimulation caused reflexive opening. Jason’s was the first cock in her ass in two years. She had used a toy there, but this was a hundred times better. She had hosed herself out earlier and discreetly placed some lube inside herself. She knew this would be the day to take her brother’s anal sex cherry.

Jason moved up onto his knees with Shelby still on her side. Now that she was opened, he just stuck it in her ass and started pumping. With his pubic region between her cheeks, he found he could plunge deeper into her ass than her pussy could ever take. He fucked more vigorously. He couldn’t believe how good it felt to be deep inside the hot soft guts of this tiny woman he knew all his life.

“Mount me right.” Shelby said and rolled onto her back. She raised her legs high and presented her ass. She covered her pussy with her hand. “Never go back to a woman’s puss, too nasty.”

Jason hooked her legs on his arms and slid his cock back into her waiting ass. Her ass seemed to try to push him out from time to time but he kept pumping.

Shelby rubbed her clit and dipped her fingers into her cunt as Jason assaulted her hungry ass. She had a series of mini orgasms. Each time, her rectum would try to eject the cock, but he kept pounding. She pulled her knees higher. The big cock was filling her ass, crushing her vagina and grinding it into her g-spot. The contractions built and built until Shelby gushed forth a stream of sweet juice and contorted into an intense orgasm.

The torrent of liquid burst forth between them but did not deter Jason from pounding his sister’s shithole. More and more until finally he flooded her guts with a huge flowing load of cum. He gushed over and over in a prolonged cum until he was spent. He slowly collapsed on top of her staying inside as long as he could. Then he slipped out.

Shelby held her hand on her anus. “Want to see something?” She rolled onto her side.

Jason watched as Shelby let her ass open and a river on cum flowed out of her. She pushed, and more pearlescent globs trickled out. She pushed hard and some of the inner tissues peeked out of her ass and the last of the cum squirted out. Jason shoved two fingers into her open ass. He swished them around and felt the back side of her pussy. She laughed and sucked her ass closed.

Jason laid down beside her. “Oh, God. Shell, I can’t believe how good that was. Wild! I came like crazy. That felt so good. It felt hotter than pussy does.”

“You catch on fast, ass-hopper. It was great for me too. I haven’t had my ass opened like that in a long time. Are you glad I was your first butthole?”

“I’m very glad. You are my favorite butthole in the whole world.” Jason grinned.

“You know we need to cool this shit for a while, don’t you?” Shelby asked.

“Yeah, I know. It’s just been so damn good.” Jason conceded.

“I know, Jase, but it’s messing with my head. Ever since Donna stayed over, I realize that I’m cheating on her because she doesn’t know about this.”

“I know, and we know this can never be anything permanent.” Jason said. “This is the best sex I’ve ever had, so maybe we can have a little fun once in a while.”

“That’s what I want, too. We have to respect each other’s relationships. If you marry some little princess, I’m not going to let you cheat on her with me.”

“Agreed. I’ll always love you, sis.” He hugged her tightly.

“I want you to concentrate on making this thing with Donna special. OK?”

Ch 6 Katherine gets laid, big time.

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