Summer of 2000 Revisited


My name is Helga and my husband’s is Ricky. I am 5’5 wear a size 34C bra. I am a blue eyed blonde from Germany with great looking legs and a nice ass. I met my husband at one of the HOT New York parties. We started talking, have a few drinks, he took me home because the girl I came with was busy with some guy, I was sure she was glad that I left her alone. We hit it off well and started going on dates and finally got married. He was 27 and I was 26. We have been married now for 10 years. The sex was great but after a couple of years I suggested that we should spice it up by having a third party. I thought for sure he was going to blow his top. To my surprise he said he had been fantasizing about this for some time, and he would love to do it. I was delighted and told him I wanted black cocks because they turn me on and, I had been fucked and eaten by blacks before. That did it. For the next 10 years we continued anytime anywhere.

Every story I write is an actual experience

After I got home from my “Flat tire experience” I told Rick what happened. He looked at me and said “I wish I had been there, I would have enjoyed it.”

I told him that I had a phone number and I am sure we could have a repeat without the flat tire. He looked at me with a big grin on his face and asked if I would mind.

“No, I would love it” I already got exited just at the thought of it.

“Why don’t you call and see if we can set up a little party, explain that I would be coming along as a spectator.”

I called Billy and told him that I would like to come back and have some fun but my husband would come along to watch, He likes to see me fucked , eaten and generally taken advantage of by 2 black cocks.

“Come on over but my cousin is staying here, how do you feel about that?”

I told Rick about it and his answer is,

“Can you handle 3 guys?”

I thought about it and started to get all wet in my pussy.

“I have never handled 3 guys but it should be a lot of fun.”

I called Billy back and told him we would be over by 10pm. I got dressed in my black, illegal bahis front buttoned blouse, skin tight short skirt which barely covered my ass, thong and a pair of stiletto heels. Rick looks at me and says.

“They are going to jump you as soon as you walk in.”

“Rick get me a strong drink and a joint”

We got there at about 10 o’clock. We walked into the living room and were greeted by Billy, Jim, cousin Mark.

Billy gave us a nice big drink of vodka, which I love, and I sat down on the couch wondering how I am going to handle these 3 guys. Billy asked me how I enjoyed the last time I was there and answered him,

“I loved it.”

Billy asked if I am uncomfortable with 3 of the here. I said no. With that, Billy sat down on one side of me and Mark on the other side. Rick and Jim were sitting in a couple of recliners. I asked Billy to give me a joint so I could relax more.

While smoking the joint I slid down on the couch to make myself more comfortable and this brought my skirt way up almost to my pussy. I started to feel wet between my legs and wanted them to start on me.

Mark reached for the buttons on my blouse and slowly unbuttoned them, Billy ran his hand up my leg, pushed the thong aside, spread my legs and drove 2 fingers into my wet pussy. I was ready to cum.

Mark had all the buttons opened and grabbed one tit in his mouth and squeezed my other nipple between his fingers. I came and my body shook so much I thought I was going to fall apart.

Billy went on his knees, put my legs over his shoulder, grabbed the cheeks of my ass and stuck a fat tongue into my cunt. He is sucking all the juices out and used the tip of his tongue to rub my clit. The sensation was incredible.

He took 2 fingers and hooked them in my pussy, found my g-spot and used his thumb to play with my clit. I let go of another tremendous climax, wildly shaking my legs. I am dizzy, I am totally exhausted .

Billy moved up and shoved his big fat cock into my cunt, the juices are still running, He is fucking me hard. He pushes his cock as far as it can illegal bahis siteleri go. I feel his balls slapping against my ass, I wrap my legs around him and pull him in. I feel his cock throbbing and I know he is going to shoot a hot load into me. It feels wonderful as he fills my pussy with his hot cum.

He gets off of me and as he does, more of his cum hits my belly. He goes down and cleans my belly with his tongue, “this tastes good.”

He swallows and gets a taste of his sticky cum. He smiles at me, flips me on my belly, spreads the cheeks of my ass and starts to run his tongue around my asshole, it feels great and I know he is going to fuck me in the ass.

I push myself up on my knees so that he can get easier at my hole. He has a tube of lube and squeezes some of it into my ass, he puts the head of his cock against my whole and he is pushing slowly, the head is in and I feel the rest of his huge cock sliding in.

He is moving his cock in and out, the sensation is terrific and I am about to come again. I feel his cock is swelling and I know he is also ready to shoot his load, I climax and he shoots his load up my ass and it keeps coming. He finally stops and I lay down on my stomach exhausted.

I sit up and Mark straddles me, puts the tip of his cock against my mouth, rubs hit against my lips and I lick his pre cum, open and he slides his cock into my mouth. I grab his shaft and slowly work his cock down my throat, I gag a little but after a couple of strokes I got it down .

My lips are against his balls and I work my tongue around his shaft, he is moaning and I feel his cock swelling, he is about to shoot his load, I suck him hard and shove his cock all the way down my throat where I want him to shoot.

Jim comes over, bends down, puts my legs over his shoulders and sticks his cock into my soaking wet pussy, starts fucking me slowly pushing his cock as far as it will go, he begins pumping faster and I know he is going to shoot his load, takes out his cock and moves it up to my mouth, I open and he shoots his load right in my mouth, canlı bahis siteleri I swallow and he keeps cumin and I swallow as fast as it fills my mouth.

I lay down on my back and Jim continues to fuck my face, Billy comes over and spreads my legs so that he can get his cock into my pussy.

They are both fucking hard and I can feel myself cuming just as Jimmy lets another big load go down my throat, Billy comes at the same time that I start shaking and I come.

They both get off me and I get up and say.

“I need as stiff drink and another joint.”

I walk over to my husband and ask him if he wants a piece of me yet?

“No I’ll wait till we get home.”

I sit down on a towel, all the juices are running out of me, I drink my vodka and smoke my joint. I fell relaxed and said.

“I don’t know about you guys but I need more.”

Mark lays down on the couch and he pulls me down so the his cock goes right up my asshole, my back is to him, he pulls me back and my pussy is exposed for Jimmy to get into my pussy. I am being double fucked and I love it. I want them to come at the same time as I do but I come first shaking my legs and moving up and down.

The cocks are fucking hard and I can feel they are both ready to shoot, a few more strokes in and out and I feel my ass and pussy being filled with hot loads, I am in haven, I love it.

They both get out of my holes and help me up. I sit down, I am exhausted. I reach for my thong and blouse, I am ready to call it quits.

Billy looks at me. “Helga I still have a big load in me and I want you to suck it out of me”

I look at Ricky and he smiles with his thumb up telling me to go for it.

I got on my knees and took Billy thick cock into my mouth and sucked him as hard as I can, I swallowed his cock all the way and I run my tongue around hi shaft. His cock is pulsing and he shoots a huge load down my throat. I pull out his cock and wiped it clean with my tongue.

He has a great smile on his face, bends down and gives me a big kiss.

I slowly got dressed and Rick and as we were leaving I asked that if we are still in Florida could we have another party.

“Oh yes was the answer.”

When we got to our hotel Rick tore off my clothes and went to town on me. We both came a couple of times and fell asleep.

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