Summer Storm


My thanks to Drew for his editing and encouragement.


It was one of those sultry British August evenings, the sun lazily sinking in a cloudless sky, the air so heavy it seemed to blanket the countryside in stillness, stifling out any sounds.

As Eddie stretched back on the recliner, he felt he could barely summon the energy to lift his ice cold drink up to his lips. Damn it was horribly humid. As he negotiated with himself to get up and take a shower, he noticed a movement in the garden next door. It was his neighbour, Bev, trying to drag a large bag of gravel down the path. He watched her through half closed eyes, taking in her curves, her full breasts filling out a white vest nicely, and her mid-thigh length shorts showing off her strong legs. He watched her frown with concentration as she half pulled half dragged the bag along. Although not a slender woman she had sexiness to her, blue eyes and a very full mouth that always looked ready to wrap themselves round a cock. He felt a stirring in his shorts at the thought of her sucking his dick and he adjusted himself to feel more comfortable.

Bev was struggling hard now with the bag, so muttering to himself, Eddie hauled himself out of the chair and walked over to the wall that separated the two properties.

“Hey Bev, wait there I’ll give you a hand!”

Bev started, and looked up at Eddie, feeling her stomach flip as she met his eyes. She’d always found him attractive, and she ran her eyes appreciatively over his body, taking in a visible bulge at the front of his shorts. She looked away quickly hoping he had not noticed.

“Thanks Eddie, I don’t know why I started doing this on such a hot and humid day, I’ve got 5 of these stupid things to move. I’d be so grateful I”ll make you dinner , how does that sound?”

Eddie agreed quickly, the chance to spend more time getting to know Bev could not be passed up. Inside Bev glowed with excitement as she thought of spending more hours with Eddie.

Eddie clambered over the wall and lifted the other side of the bag. Before long they had moved all the gravel bags, and stood to catch their breath, wiping the sweat from their brows. Heavy dark clouds had gathered in the sky and the air chilled suddenly. Without any further warning the heavens opened and large heavy droplets of tepid rain teemed down from the skies. Caught unawares Bev and Eddie seemed unable to move for a split second, porno then laughing, they ran up to Bev’s porch.

The rain was so heavy they were absolutely drenched and as they laughed and shook their soaking hair, a bolt of lightening forked through the sky. Bev and Eddie felt the hairs on their bodies rise up with the static in the air and they turned to face each other. Eddie looked down at Bev, her white vest was now see-through and her nipples were hard and poking through the wet clinging material. Eddie felt his cock harden as he looked at her, her eyes were shining and she shivered as another lightening bolt lit up the dark skies. She turned round to lean on the railings looking up at the skies as torrential summer rain poured down and flashes of lightening illuminated the black clouds.

“Oh I love storms so much,” she said, her voice breathless, “I hope it thunders.”

With that a clap of thunder cracked loudly making her and Eddie jump. She laughed loudly at her shock , and as Eddie listened to her husky, throaty laugh he felt lust run through his body. He stepped in closer, and leaned over her, placing his hands either side of hers on the railing. He pressed his body into her back and kissed her wet shoulder, feeling her stop still for a second before gently pushing back into him.

He turned her round to face him, his eyes never leaving hers as he traced his fingers down her chest, rubbing her hard nipples through the wet vest. He caught his breath as she moaned and closed her eyes. He slowly unfastened her buttons as another bolt of lightening lit up the sky and they could feel the static charge in the air. It seemed to engulf them, heightening their arousal and making each touch feel deeper and earthier.

Moving his face close to hers he kissed her full mouth gently, parting her lips as he tentatively flicked his tongue over hers, groaning deeply as he felt her probe back. He pressed his hard body into hers as he pulled down the vest, freeing her full round breasts from her bra, stroking each hard nipple.

Bev felt moisture seep into her knickers as Eddie continued stroking her nipples, and sighing deeply, she brought her hand to the front of his shorts, rubbing along the outline of a hard thick cock. As she heard him catch his breath and groan she kissed him harder, muffling his moan so the only sounds that could be heard was the rumble of thunder, the steady, heavy summer rain that anime porno showed no sign of stopping and the quickening breath of the pair as they kissed and stroked each other on the porch.

Breaking apart at the same time they looked into each others eyes, and started slowly removing their drenched clothing. The summer evening was still warm despite the downpour and they felt nothing but the heat of their bodies and the electricity that seemed to dance in the air, around them and in between them.

As Bev stepped out of her shorts, Eddie placed his hands on the waistband of her knickers. “Please, leave them on for me.”

Smiling, Bev nodded and helped Eddie to step out of his shorts and boxers, gasping as she saw his full hard cock swing free. It was beautiful, thick, cut and a good 6 1/2 inches. Perfect. She ran her fingers down the shaft, marvelling at the marble hardness and soft velvety skin, and then she knelt in front of him, wanting it in her mouth.

She could see the muscles in his thighs tense as she moved her head to his cock. She slowly ran her tongue from the base of the shaft in one long move right up to the tip, delighting in his reaction as he hissed loudly between his teeth.

“Damn” he moaned.

She slowly slid his cock into her hot mouth, pushing down until her chin was brushing against his trimmed balls. She pulled back until just the tip was clamped in her mouth and danced her tongue quickly over the tip, running along the edge and flicking quickly across the ridge underneath. Eddie felt his balls leaping and his cock twitching and reaching down, pulled Bev up from her knees.

“Any more of that and I’m afraid I’ll cum really quickly,” he moaned, his breath short and laboured.

As he spoke he pushed her towards the railing, and turned her round so she had her back to him. Reaching his hands round he caressed her breasts, teasing the hard nipples as he lightly nipped and kissed her shoulder. He didn’t stop working his fingers on her breasts as he kissed down her back, biting gently, watching her squirm and arch her back in response to his touch.

He reached the band of her silky French panties and brought one hand round to stroke her firm round bottom. Sliding one finger under the hem line, he lifted the material to expose more of her cheek and gently pushed her forward. He knelt behind her and pulled the gusset to one side to look arap porno at her smooth swollen pussy lips, glistening and slick with her juices.

With one hard lick Eddie dragged his tongue across her slit, ending at her hard clit making her knees buckle as jolts surged through her body. As he sucked and licked her pussy, Eddie slipped in a finger and swirled it around inside her hot hole, feeling her muscles clamp down hard. Bev was leaning heavily against the railing as her body started twitching and jerking on Eddie’s mouth and fingers. Eddie could sense Bev was close to orgasm and wanting to experience her cumming all over his cock. He stood up quickly, pulling her panties harshly to one side and drove his cock into her dripping cunt hard and fast and without warning. Bev let out a scream and Eddie felt her inner walls clenching against his now twitching cock. Grabbing her hips he started pounding into her, building up his pace as he thrust in and out. Bev pushed to meet each thrust, her back arched and her eyes glazed.

“Eddie I’m so close now” she moaned, as the pace grew frantic.

Eddie moaned and rammed into her relentlessly, needing to drive his cock deep into her beautiful, tight twat. He knew he was close as he felt his balls tightening and a charge starting to build deep inside his body.

“Oh Bev I’m going to.. going to.. cum,” he yelled as she felt his cock thicken and swell further.

It was all she needed and Bev screamed loudly as wave after wave of electricity charged through her body, intensified by the bolts of lightening still lighting the sky. Her juices gushed down over his cock as it erupted ropes of thick cum hard and fast. They bucked and ground against each other as their orgasms joined them on so many levels. Moaning gutturally they started slowing their pace, Bev’s pussy convulsing round Eddie’s twitching cock and their legs threatened to buckle with the intensity of it all.

As the feelings subsided Bev straightened up and slowly eased her slick, cum filled twat off Eddies pulsating cock and moved to kneel in front of him. She gently took the tip of his juice and cum coated dick into her mouth and slowly licked it clean. Sucking softly, savouring the taste of their union, salty musky and sweet. Eddie squeezed his eyes closed tight as he felt Bev’s soft tongue lapping over his still hard cock, the head so sensitive to any touch. When all the juices had been swallowed down Bev stood and kissed Eddie deep and hard. He groaned as he tasted their joined flavours and held Bev tight in his arms.

The charge in the air started to evaporate, and the rain started to ease as they stood silently kissing.

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