I’m sitting on my balcony, staring off into the summer sunset. It is so hot, and my Dad hasn’t turned on the air-conditioning. The weather isn’t that hot he kept saying but I knew tonight he’d turn it on. I lay on the white deck thinking about nothing. This was the last summer I would have at home, and I had hoped my Dad and I would spend sometime together but so far we hadn’t. He was still avoiding me like the plague, he had since I’d turned 18 and I’d yet to figure out why.

The sun had shifted and I was now covered by the shade of the huge tree that was in the back yard. I sighed, my thoughts of loneliness and college disappeared as I heard the lawn mower start up. I growled. I got up and looked over the edge of the railing. I thought about yelling at Dad to hold off on cutting the grass instead I just watched him. I kneeled, folded my arms and let my head rest on them. I watched my Dad, his shirt was off and sweat slide over his toned body. I shook my head, “What are you thinking,” I asked myself. I just thought of my Dad as being toned. He really is though my brain counters. I go inside.

When had I missed my Dad getting so sexy? The air is one. “Thank you,” I exclaim. I walk downstairs, and into the kitchen I fix myself something to drink…pink lemonade I think. I just poured and drank long slow gulps. I looked outside, and saw my Dad looking hotter than every, head shake, he looks thirsty. I get the tray out, and make more lemonade; we’re out of the pink stuff, and make a pitcher. I fill the pitcher with ice and grab the glass I just drank out of and a glass for my Dad. I fill them both with ice and head outside. I step on the porch and Dad sees me, I lift the tray indicating that I have something he might want. He smiles and cuts the mower. I hand him the cool, wet hand towel I’d grabbed at the last minuet for him.

I sat the lemonade down, and poured him a glass and then poured one for myself. I handed him his glass and took the towel, I walked behind him and toweled off his back. I ran my hand over his body behind the towel removing bits of grass. What would my naked breast feel like pressed into his heated back, I wondered and then groaned.

“Are you okay,” Dad asked.

“Yeah, it’s nothing,” I replied. I watched my Dad drink. I watched his throat working to swallow the cool liquid. I smiled as I thought about what it would be like to kiss him there. He sat down and I thought of sitting on his lap but didn’t. “Thank you for turning on the air,” I said.

“Not a problem,” Dad said.

I smiled. “Dad, can we go somewhere nice for dinner tomorrow,” I asked. He looked at me and I knew he was about to say no but I rushed to continue, “We haven’t ate anywhere together in a while and I’ll be headed off to college and I haven’t even got to spend very much time with you. Please?”

He looks at me and I know he wants to say no, but he knows I’m right. He nods his head, “I’ll make a reservation.”

I squealed with delight. I rushed over and hugged him. I sat on his lap for a moment and held him tightly to me it takes me a moment to realize that I had his face buried in my bosom. I pulled back and gave him a soft brief kiss on his lips and then buried my head into his neck as I hugged him. My lips couldn’t help but sneak out and kiss him there. “Thank you, Daddy.”

I stay on his lap until he said he had to go and finish the lawn. I rushed upstairs to my room and began going through my closet looking for something to wear. I found my little black dress, it looked so high school. I decided to go and get something to wear. I told my Dad and headed out. I made a stop at Vicky’s and then headed to find a new little black dress. I tried the places I usually went to and couldn’t find anything that said adult. I mean I was 18, I’m an adult and I want to look like one. I finally got in the car and headed away from the mall. I decided to venture off to the adult store maybe they had something.

I walked into the store and once inside had to produce my id. I walked through the store looking for something to wear. I found a black dress. It would be very fitting, and drape to the floor. The front had a deep v, and the back’s v would sit just above my ass. I found a dressing room and slipped it on. It looked stunning. I would need double sided tape to make sure my breast didn’t pop out. I ran my hands down my body. Then I remembered my short frame already looked curvy in regular clothes, I didn’t know what my Dad would think. I was going to put that dress back, then go and get another one I’d seen. But I walked over and paid for it.

I headed home. I hung the dress in my closet and tried to relax but I couldn’t. My eyes kept drifting back to the gown. I was also already getting nervous. I looked at the strappy shoes I had in the closet, the ones that had the silver heart dangle hanging on them, they would look good with the gown. I smiled softly to myself as I lay down and drifted off to sleep. I awoke panting my body in the middle of an orgasm. I couldn’t breath as my body continued to spasm. As I calmed down I began recalling my dream. I’d been in my room, talking with a friend and as I got off the phone my Dad came into güvenilir bahis the room. He smiled softly and began kissing me, not little girl and Daddy kisses but real deep hungry kisses. I couldn’t help but fall into his arms. We kissed and tumbled around on the floor before he lifted me and put me in bed.

My clothes were removed between tender caresses and soft lingering kisses. My father’s tongue skimmed over every inch of my body. I panted, moaned and wiggled beneath my fathers knowing touch. He kissed me softly and whispered something in my dream and I couldn’t understand what he said but I knew what he was going to do would feel amazing. He traveled down my body to my sweet center. I tried to close my legs suddenly realizing what he was going to do. I moaned as his strong shoulders held my legs open, he’s head dipped.

I could feel his stubble starching against my things, his heated tongue laving my pussy. I felt like he was truly tasting me, my essence clinging to his lips. I whimpered my pleasure. He teased my clit circled it mercilessly bringing me closer to my impending orgasm. In my dream I heard him call my name, groaning out the baby name he used to use. I felt him in my dream hot, hard, and all male. As I started cumming in my dream, I began to wake up. As my body and head slowed I looked around my dimly lit room. I could see that the door was open, I was almost positive that the door had been shut when I drifted off to sleep. In fact once I thought about it I was pretty positive I always closed the door as I slept naked. I got up and closed the door.

I awoke the next day, and went to find my Dad. I couldn’t but there was a note saying that the date was at a nice Italian place at 8 pm. I smiled. I was excited. I went to work. I was a lifeguard this summer. I got off early, thanks to a thunder storm that moved through. I got home and jumped into the shower. I was putting in the extra effort to look good. I got out of the shower and covered every inch of my body in vanilla scented lotion. I painted my nails clear as well as my toes. I smiled softly to myself. I pulled out the bra and panty set I’d picked up and realized I couldn’t wear the bra, and didn’t really want to wear the panties if I couldn’t wear the bra so I dug around in my drawer and found a simple black thong.

I heard my Dad come in downstairs, I heard him come up the stairs. He came to the door of my room just as I was putting my shoes on. I heard him knock softly I hurried to my door not wanting him to just walk in. I smiled as I cracked the door and peeked around it. “Hi, Daddy,” I exclaimed.

Dad laughed at me. I smiled and giggled back. “Just checking to see if you were getting ready,” he asked, “Be ready in about 30 minutes okay. We’ll have to leave by then if we’re going to make it on time.” I nodded.

I finished getting ready. I put my makeup and did my hair in a simple up do. I slide the dress slowly over my body. I pulled it into place and taped it so my boobs would stay inside the gown. I heard Dad call from downstairs. “I’m coming,” I called back. I took a deep breath and stepped out of my bedroom and down the hall. I came to the top of the stairs and could see my Dad’s feet. I smiled and began coming down the stairs. I saw my Dad’s jaw drop as I came into view and I couldn’t help but crack a huge grin.

“You…you can’t go out like that,” he muttered.

“Its okay, Daddy,” I laughed. I took his arm and started heading for the door while he numbly followed behind me. I felt gorgeous on his arm. We made it to the restaurant. While we were waiting to be seated guys everywhere kept stopping and staring at me. I began to get nervous maybe the dress didn’t look as good as I thought it would or I, in general, didn’t look good. I think my Dad noticed it and he took my chin in his hand and tipped my head up he kissed me softly on my lips the kiss lingering for a moment. I smiled and felt instantly better. We were seated shortly after that kiss. I let my Dad order for me. We chatted back and forth for most of dinner he would occasionally touch my arm. At one point his hand touched my thigh, it slide up and down my leg never left my upper thigh.

I smiled softly at my Dad, and he got up and went to the bathroom. I reached over and drank the glass of champagne that was sitting by my Dad’s plate. He’d been letting me sip on it the whole night. I poured more, drank it and sat another glass of champagne by his plate. My father came back and looked at me funny. I just smiled as the champagne bubbles drifted to my head. Dad looked at me and looked at his glass then shook his head. We were going to order dessert but Dad changed his mind. He took my arm and led me slowly out of the restaurant. “I’m sorry, Daddy,” I began, “I only wanted to try it.”

Daddy just smiled. He leads me to the car and had begun to open the door for me when I grabbed him and hugged him close. “I love you, Daddy,” I said. He looked at me and then moved to kiss me softly on the cheek. I moved my head and captured his lips. I kissed him slowly. My tongue sliding against his lips, he pulled away.

“You shouldn’t be doing that,” he said and put me in the car. We drove in silence türkçe bahis for a little while.

“Daddy,” I began, “why don’t you love me anymore?”

My Dad stopped the car in the middle of the road it was a good thing there wasn’t a lot of traffic. “What are you talking about,” he asked me as though I had lost my mind. He also started to move the car off to a side road where he parked it.

I tried to make my muddled brain work, “Since I turned 18 you haven’t wanted anything to do with me.” It was a simple statement that made my Dad make the quiz face, the one where his left eye brow raises and his whole face kind of scrunches up. “I’m sorry if I did something wrong, or that I look so much like Mom,” I said the only thing my brain could come up with the make the situation better.

My Dad took my hand and brought my face inches from his, “I love you more than anything in the world and you haven’t done anything wrong and I’m not upset that you look so much like your mother. I’m having my own problems that I need to work through. Is that why you drank so much tonight?”

I shake my head indicating this isn’t why I drank the champagne tonight. “I drank tonight so I would have enough courage to do this,” I said. I swung my leg over the gap between the seats and settled myself on my Dad’s lap. I frame his face in my hands and lower my head and kiss him. He is shocked and so my tongue slips inside his mouth. I swirl my tongue around his mouth feeling his teeth and tasting him. I moan and press my body into his. In my mind I’m thinking please respond. I feel his hands sliding up my thigh over my round ass and to the gap of skin exposed by the dress. I moan as I feel his fingers digging into my soft conditioned skin. His hands move around to my waist where they encounter more of my heated flesh. I hear him groan and I whimper in response. I can feel him pushing me away. I cling tighter to him.

His hands continue to skim up my body so they’re right under my breast. He pushes me away and shakes his head, “No,” he says.

“Please, Daddy,” I whimper. I try and pull him forward or at least pull myself to him.

He shakes his head but I can feel him weakening, I move his hands lower towards my hips. And then I lean forward again; I pepper his face with soft kisses. My hands remain on his for a little bit and then I move one up to his face moving it along his neck and jaw where the thumb brushes back and forth over his bottom lip and then I begin kissing him again. I then skim my tongue along towards his ear where I nibble on his ear. I kiss his neck, I moan. I can remember wanted to do that earlier. I can feel his free hand skim up my body to just under my breast; it’s only a moment before I can feel his thumb teasing my nipple.

I sigh into his ear. I let go of his other hand. It follows the same path his other hand did but this time it slides to the middle of my body teasing my exposed skin and then it slides under the fabric and up to my breast. I pant, I know its coming. He’s heated hand caresses my naked breast. I arch my back pressing it into his palm. I tip my head back and bite my bottom lip. His tongue samples the delicate skin between my breasts. He pushes the dress to the side exposing the breast that his hand is wrapped around. I feel his stubble as his mouth makes its way to my nipple. I suck in air as his heated mouth closes over the dusty rose bead. He sucks on it gently as my fingers lace through his hair. I groan. My breath comes in short little gasps. I want to much more. My long dress prevents this. I groan and think of tearing the dress. My Dad understands this. He pushes me away. I growl my frustration at this.

“Let’s get home,” he says as he puts me in my seat. I’m positive that we’re done, and that I won’t be spending ANY time with my father this summer. “I want that dress off of you,” he says. I squeal and begin to remove the dress. “No, not here. I want to take it off at home,” he says.

I wait in silent anticipation until we pull in the drive way. Dad kisses me before he gets out of the car and leads me into the house. I know he wanted to do something outside but fear of the neighbors seeing us kept both of us from doing anything. Once inside the house he leads me upstairs to his bed room where he begins kissing me again. His hands run over my body staying at first on the thin material of the gown before moving his hands to the exposed skin. He moves the fabric in front exposing my breast. He teases my nipples he bends me back to expose them and taste my beaded nipples. I moan and press his head to me. He suddenly turns me around and begins kissing my back. He licks my spine and kisses the base of my neck.

I see my reflection in the mirror on my Dad’s closet door. I whimper, and I see my Dad smile at me in our reflection. He looked different, he looked hungry. He lowers the material that held my dress up off my shoulders. His hands skim up and down my arms and then he guides the dress off the lower half of my body. He leads me away from the mirror towards his bed. He pulls me towards him as he sits down. He strokes every inch of my skin. I climb on his lap and straddle him. He undoes my hair, letting güvenilir bahis siteleri it hang long and loose around us like a curtain. I kiss him. He moves me farther on the bed, and then rolls us over. He’s on top of me pressing against me.

He strokes my hair that’s now spread out like a curtain behind me. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispers as he rains kisses on my face. He begins to scoot down my body, licking and nibbling as he does. He lingers on my breast, playing with the dusty pink buds that stick out like little thorns; they’re so hard they hurt. He massages my breast gently, easing the tenderness cause my excited anticipation. He kisses between them and heads lower his tongue plays inside my belly button for a bit and I know what’s coming. My heart begins to pound. I whimper softly. “Are you alright,” he asks. I nod as I bite my lower lip.

He inches down just a bit more and I can feel his heated breath stirring the hair that rest there, protecting me, and hiding me. I want to melt into the bed. But Daddy opens my legs farther, wedging them open with his broad shoulders. I’m so hot and wet I can feel my lips begin to open as he does this. I feel him blow softly against me now and I close my eyes. As I open them I can see that Daddy’s canopy has a mirror in the top. I groan I’m watching him now. He parts me slowly with his thumbs, opening me up. He tells me he wants to see me in the light this time. My brain is confused. I whimper. I want to look away but I can’t. His head dips. I see his tongue come out and graze his lips, and then it flicks my clit. I groan my back arches. It feels like electricity is shooting through my veins. I pant softly, and then feel him again. His whole tongue slides along my parted lips. That tongue doesn’t just lick, it teases. It plays along the outside before it dips in and gathers the honey clinging to me. I can’t take my eyes away. My Daddy’s eyes are closed and alternately opened as he gazes at me. He sees me all of me.

“You taste better than I remember,” he murmurs against me. I’m still confused. The things he saying, the glorious things he doing to me, the way my body feels as if I’m floating. Daddy is taking his time, truly enjoying me, savoring my taste that clings to his lips like fresh honey. Then he is pressing his tongue against me sex harder. He’s sucking on my clit. My hips are moving now pressing up against him and then pulling away. I want him so bad.

I whimper and call out his name. Pleading with him to give me what I want, but the desire changes suddenly I ache deep inside. I want to be filled I want him pressing into me, hard and fast and thick. “Daddy,” I beg, “please, I want you inside me?” I try to use my body to guide him up and into position but he won’t come.

“I want to watch you this time, I want to see the pleasure I can give you,” he says and he goes back to manipulating me with his mouth. I’m watching him again in the mirror. I’m watching me, flushed rosy pink. My hair is a tangled mess; my body is moving as though it doesn’t belong to me. I watch my nipples bead and darken. I see my hands coming to play with them as Daddy’s had; I see his eyes watching me. His arms stretched along my form, moving my hands aside he takes over. I move my arms down to play with his hair. Our movements have now pinned me open to my Daddy, my movements simply helping him drive me to my little death. I’m gasping for air, my lungs working so hard to draw in breath. I see his eyes again. They’re pleading with me to give him what he wants and I can feel myself giving into it. Wanting my release and wanting to make him happy.

I smile just before I begin my orgasm coating my Daddy’s tongue. I close my eyes and when I open them my Daddy is above me. He kisses me, and my taste is clinging to his lips. I smile. “I love you, Kitten,” he says, “You taste even better than last night.”

“What do you mean,” I ask.

“The dream that you had last night wasn’t completely a dream,” he said, “I heard you making noises and I came in to check on you and you were naked making these sexy little mewling noises. You called my name, and I couldn’t help it. I tried to get out before you woke up but I wanted to slide inside you so bad, but I didn’t know if you wanted it too.”

“I did, Daddy. I wanted you inside me so bad. I woke up aching for you. I felt so empty like now. Please, Daddy will you be my first,” I asked.

Daddy smiles down at me. He’s already between my legs and he begins pressing inside me, opening for the first time. Surprisingly it doesn’t hurt but I can feel the stretching, opening really. I was in gymnastics for a while so I can see why it’s not as painful. I feel so full, stuffed. I can feel him all the way inside me. He begins moving soft and slow at first. I know he’s being gentle letting me get used to him fulfilling my ache. I moan and he begins to move harder and faster in me. He uses the full length of his cock to stroke the walls of my pussy. I quiver around him. I wrap my legs around him, my tiny feet digging into his back urging him deeper, pleading with him to go harder and faster. That’s when the noises begin to fill the room, they echo around us making it seem like we’re the only people breathing. It sounds hot and needy, or like two people working together to satisfy only the other. My father’s lips are pressed against mine, hungry open mouth kisses. Tongues are crashing, hips are caressing.

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