Summer’s Fantasies


Summer’s FantasiesMy name is Summer. I am in my early 30’s, single with brown curly hair andcurves in all the right places. I am not a rail thin model type, but Iblessed as I am with an ample chest and I still turn heads whenever I showoff some cleavage or wear a bathing suit. I guess I would say I’ve got agirl next door look. I’m not glamorous, but I’m still easy on theeyes. Publicly if you were one of my friends or worked with me you wouldthink I’m pretty conservative. I drink occasionally, but at work outings Inever get drunk and out of control. I date occasionally and sometimes staywith a guy for a few months, but have yet to find Mr. Right. But that isnot to say I don’t sometimes settle for Mr. Right-Now. You see beneath myplain Jane exterior is a seething caldron of passion. I learned early inlife how to pleasure myself. In fact, if I don’t orgasm at least twice aday I really begin to turn into a bitch.Few guys have been able to keep up with my sexual needs for more than ashort while so I usually just take matters into my own hands unless I’mparticularly horny in which case I’ll tart myself up, head to a bar in anearby city (I don’t want to accidently run into friends) and let myself bepicked-up for a few hours of carnal pleasure. I always feel guilty when I’mleaving the guy’s house or apartment, but with the itch between my legstemporarily satisfied, they guilt fades pretty quickly. Of course by thenext afternoon my pussy is feeling the need again to relieve my lusts soit’s back to my vibrators, dildos and other fun items in my toy collection.Even if you knew my “normal” persona and happened to meet me on one of mysex quests, I’m sure I could just dispel your concerns with a simple taleof feeling lonely. But if you happened to discover my real passion,discover what really makes me cum hard, I guarantee you would thinkdifferently about me. You see, in college I discovered an entire subcultureof people who thought the way I did. People who were turned on by thethings that make my pussy drip and my clit quiver. When I was growing upand my friends and I would play “cowboys and Indians” or other innocentrole playing games. I would always play the part of a damsel in distressneeding to be rescued. I’d hold my wrists together behind my back andpretend to be tied up. It was all in good fun. A neighbor boy always wantedto be the sheriff and he always liberated me from whomever was playing thebad guy.These games were not sexual. We were far too young and naïve for that. Igave away my virginity in high school to a steady boyfriend. I never camewith him, but I didn’t know any better. I was his first sexual partner andhe didn’t know how to please me. In retrospect I didn’t really know how toplease him either, but he wasn’t too concerned as the mere act of puttinghis penis in me and thrusting a couple of times would make him squirt. Itwasn’t until I was in college that I dated an older more experienced guywho helped me cum. Our first time being intimate he went down on me andthen rubbed my clit while he fingered me. I’d never had oral or masturbatedat that point of my life and I came so hard I scared myself. He seemedproud of his abilities and my reaction to what he’d done. That night Isucked my first cock, rode my first cock (my HS boyfriend always wanted tobe on top) and took my first load of man goo in my mouth. I lovedeverything.So began my decent into sexual pleasure. I found masturbation to be almostas satisfying without the headaches of having a partner. I had to bediscrete as my roommate was even more of a prude than I had been. Ischeduled my classes to begin one period later than she did so fourmornings a week I could play with myself after she left. I also kept closetabs on when she had to work or go to the library and scheduled my own workand studying around her schedule as much as possible to maximize my fingertime. I bought my first vibrator, a humiliating experience but somethingthat had to be done, and got caught masturbating by her a couple of times.I bet you want me to tell you that we ended up looking up because like meshe was really a wild woman underneath her calm exterior. I’d like to tellyou that but it never happened. The first time she was a little shocked,but she seemed to quickly accept that I was probably playing with myselfwhenever she was out of the room. She seemed to be gone more preferring toignore my growing need for sex. The next year I had a roommate who was muchmore liberated. Like me she masturbated frequently and didn’t seem to careif I walked in on her in the act. On weekends we’d hit the fratparties. She seemed to “get lucky” more than I did, but probably it wasbecause she had lower standards. One thing she did have was an adventurousspirit. She introduced me to porn, rented from the local video shop,assorted toys in her collection beyond my simple vibrator (she didn’t mindme borrowing but I had to wash them when I was done) and the seminal eventin my transformation to bad girl, a website with erotic stories.She told me she usually read a few stories while she masturbated and theyhelped her climax. Well anything that helped me climax was a good idea Ifigured so I started doing so as well. I checked her browser history andshe seemed to favor group sex stories. I wondered if all those nights atthe fraternities if she was indulging or whether it was just a fantasy shehad. After reading a story about a college girl seducing her roommate Ihave to admit I thought about trying to mimic that tale, but she never readany lesbian stories so I never acted on my impulse. I guess I was a bigchicken.I did ready a particularly juicy story I found in her history that made mecum harder than I ever had before. It was a story about a college girl whostarts to date an older man. (So far I was down with the idea) The guyturned out to be a major pervert and the girl ends up at a party at hishouse servicing him and his friends. My roommate must have liked thegangbang action as I could tell from her reading she thought about that alot. That wasn’t what got me off so hard, though. You see before theydrilled the girl they tied her up. With her hands behind her back (like somany times I faked it in my back yard growing up) the men took their turnsforcing their cocks into her mouth and down her throat. I loved suckingcock ever since the first one I ever tasted and the thought of having aline of guys using my mouth for their pleasure made my pussy drip.My fingers were flying over my clit as I read about the rest of theirdepraved actions. They took turns in her pussy. They took her ass. Theytook both at the same time. The used her all night until she was so soreshe could hardly walk back to the dorm. God that sounded exciting. After Ifinished the story I didn’t stop masturbating. I read it over and overdreaming about being the girl and cumming over and over until I couldn’tcum any more. I fell asleep naked, wet and happy.Time moves on and I got a new roommate the next year. I had to go back tobeing discrete about my pleasure activities. My toy collection had greatlyexpanded as had my collection of bondage themed stories. I even bought acouple of bondage DVDs. It was all I would think about when I wanted toclimax strongly, but I told nobody. I thought I was crazy for thinkingthese depraved thoughts but I couldn’t stop either. I thought about tellingone of my infrequent hook ups and seeing if he would tie me up, but I wasscared. Sure I fantasized about being bound and gangbanged, but what if itreally happened? I had nagging suspicions that reality wouldn’t be assatisfying as my fantasies. I tried to pick more aggressive partners inhope that they would “take me without me asking” but apart from anoccasional spanking (which I loved) nobody made any moves to tie me up. Mybondage life remained just in my mind as fuel for my more and more frequentmasturbation sessions.After graduation I landed a good job and got a small apartment of myown. Freed from having a roommate who might catch me, my masturbationschedule became more frequent. Every morning in the shower before work I’dget myself off. Every night before falling asleep I’d pleasure myself forat least an hour. But at work I was into girl next door mode and nobodyknew my dark secrets. I’d look at the guys in the office and say to myself”You jerks. If you only knew what I wanted and how to give it to me I’dpleasure you like you’ve only dreamed about.” I began to fantasize about awoman in my department named Trish. She was gorgeous. She was the kind ofwoman men act stupid around in hopes that she’ll give them the time ofday. Of course I didn’t want the time of day. I fantasized that she goodlook right though me and know what turned my knees to jelly. I dreamed wewould be the only two people working late one night and in the empty officeshe would surprise me and snap handcuffs around my wrists. Alone anddefenseless I would have no recourse but to submit to her wantondesires. Of course I’d cum hard three or four times thinking about her andthen pass out for the night.There was another woman in our department, Beth, who was married with acouple of k**s and a very vanilla life. Like me she seemed as boring ascould be. She was always rushing out of the office to pick up her k**s anddrive them to various events or home to make dinner for the family. SinceTrish and I were both single we did talk about sex at lunch. Beth alwaysseemed uncomfortable when we did. I pictured her and her husband havingmissionary sex once a week or twice a month and that was about it. Butsomething also nagged at me that maybe that was just her exterior. Thatmaybe like me she was completely different out of the office. I knew Trishwent out and picked up guys more often than I did, but I was confident Iorgasmed more. She would tell us stories of her weekend conquests and ofbring home a stud or two to her townhouse to bang. I always preferred to goto his place figuring I didn’t want them to know where I lived. But Trishdidn’t seem to care. She had a definite confidence and swagger about her. Icould sense that she didn’t think there was a situation that she couldn’thandle.Then an interesting event changed my life. Trish told me her neighbor hadmoved out and that if I wanted a good deal on the townhome next to hers sheknew the landlord well and he was in a hurry to get the place rented. Theprice was scarcely above what I was paying for my apartment for about twicethe space. I’d been to Trish’s place many times. She lived in the middle ofa three townhome building. The one end unit was a 3 bedroom place occupiedby the owner, his wife and their two college aged sons. Trish had a twobedroom and the other end unit was a one bedroom plus den. The landlord hadkind of a creepy vibe. He was in his late forties and was openly leering atTrish when she introduced me to him. He also gave me an uncomfortable lookup and down as he shook my hand.The townhome was very nice and in good shape. There was even a fullbasement which I had not realized when I visited Trish. Apparently shedidn’t use hers much. The guy left so Trish and I could talk. I told her Iwas uneasy around him but she assured me he was harmless. Other than histwin sons (she said they were hunks) always hitting on her, Trish saideverything was fine. She said the family was pretty quiet during the weekand since she was frequently gone on the weekends any noise the boys madedidn’t bother her. Besides I’d be sharing walls with her and probably neverhear anything. It was a good deal and I could certainly use the addedspace. Plus I wasn’t thrilled with the noise of my apartment building andwas renting month to month without a lease so two weeks later I moved.After I moved and became Trish’s neighbor, we became much closer asfriends. She gave me a key to her place and I gave her a key to mine. Webegan car pooling to work, we would have coffee on one of our patios onSaturday mornings (not too early), we would hang out at the complex’s poolafter work if the weather was nice and we frequently went out on Fridaynight drinking and dancing. Trish frequently went out Saturday night aswell, but one night of partying was enough for me. Of course we would bothdress up for the occasion. Trish never lacked for male companionship on ournights out. Sometimes I felt like her wing-woman. A couple of guys wouldapproach us and the hotter of the pair would zero in on Trish while hisless confident (and less handsome) buddy would chat me up. On more than oneoccasion we would bring guys home, against my better judgment preferring asI said to go back to his place, but we would party some more and then splitup to our respective places before the action got too heated. I loved towatch how she manipulated the guys with her beauty and sex appeal. Theywere like obedient puppies under her control. Of course I still longed foran aggressive guy but my partners always seemed like they would prefer tobe told what to do.Still I had a good life. My sexual partners still didn’t satisfy me but mytoys never let me down. I began to notice Trish on Saturdays alwaysbrought home a guy and sometimes two whereas on Friday we would come homealone about 50% of the time. I wondered if I was holding her back or if shejust didn’t want me to think she was nasty for always bringing home adifferent guy every time we went out. The fact that she would bring hometwo guys was more interesting to me. I started to think maybe two guyscould finally satisfy me as well as my toys. In fact, for a time, twoaggressive guys tying me to my bed and ravaging me became my number onefantasy while I masturbated. One other thing that began to fill my thoughtswas the idea of being able to spy on or at least listen to Trish with herguys. Unfortunately the design of the townhomes put our master bedrooms onopposite sides of a two story family room so we didn’t share a commonwall. In fact I never heard her having amorous adventures with any of herpartners. I wished she used her second bedroom because it shared a wallwith my den. (The pitch of the roof made the similar room in my place toosmall to add a closet and be a formal bedroom. Trish had a daybed in hersfor guests) Maybe if she used that for her rendezvous I could hear them.I had been in my new place for a couple of months when fate conspired tochange my situation again. On a back to back Friday and Saturday night Ilearned more about Trish than in the previous three months combined. And itwas all good as far as I was concerned. First, on Friday, Julie invitedherself to join our usual dancing night out. Her husband had taken the k**sto visit his parents and she had the weekend to herself. A girls-night-outwas what she decided she needed.We had fun dancing, but since she was married she was definitely a stick inthe mud when it came to bringing home a couple of studs to keep Trish and Icompany for the night. I could tell Trish was pretty mad about it, but Iconvinced her that it was only for one night and she always hadSaturday. We ended up back at Trish’s place early killing a couple bottlesof wine while Julie in her drunken haze told us about all her maritalproblems. It was obvious she was too drunk to drive have consumed more thanhalf the wine herself. Trish offered her the spare bedroom and Juliethanked her saying she was a true friend. I watched as Julie staggered upthe stairs and began moving toward the door when Trish grabbed my arm.”I’m going to teach her a lesson about ruining my evening. I’m going tospank her innocent housewife ass and then make her eat me until I can’t cumanymore. Want to help? I’ll make sure she gets you off too,” she said.I was shocked to say the least. I pulled my arm away.”You’re drunk too Trish. Just leave her be. You can go one night withoutcock.”Usually I wasn’t so crude, but the wine was talking. Anyway I didn’t seemto offend Trish in the least. She just said “Suit yourself. Coffee about 11tomorrow?”I agreed and took the short walk back to my townhome. I went straight to mybedroom and took off my clothes getting ready for bed. I pulled my favoritevibrator out of my nightstand, my presleep masturbation session ready tobegin. I started fondling my nipples to get my juices flowing. As I put myvibe across my labia my usual fantasies began to fill me head. But then Ihad a new vision, one where Julie was across Trish’s lap and she was beingspanked. I figured Trish had been k**ding, but my mind was thinking maybeshe really was mad at Julie. Then I remembered Julie was heading to theguest bedroom. Maybe I could actually hear if something was going on inthere.I turned off my vibe and headed into my den. I sat on the floor and put myhead against the common wall. I thought I could hear a woman weeping. Couldit be that Trish had already spanked her? I left her less than 10 minutesago. Did I already miss it? No, Julie must be crying about her home life, Idecided. Then I heard a stern voice, definitely Trish’s, tell her to stopbeing a baby and get on her knees. No, I must have not heard correctly. Butthe crying stopped. I needed to hear more clearly so I went to the bathroomand grabbed a glass. I didn’t know if it was an urban legend that holding aglass to the wall would let you hear better or not but I figured it wasworth a try. I was not disappointed.I don’t how Trish did it, but when I put the glass against the wall I couldclearly hear the sound of a woman moaning and I doubted it was Juliereceiving the pleasure. My own pussy flooded as I imagined Julie on herknees with her face plastered against Trish’s golden pussy as Trish stoodtowering above her. My brain was on overload as I pictured every bondagefantasy I ever had being played out in the room next door. Trish didn’tgive any commands that I could hear like I imagined a stern mistress woulddo, but my body didn’t really care. This time I had faces to go with mydom/sub fantasies and I began fucking myself hard with the vibrator. Icould hear Trish getting close to orgasm and I wanted to cum with her. I’msure I made a nasty display of myself sitting on the floor with my vibeburied in my pussy. I tried not to make any noise lest Trish and Juliewould hear me masturbating to their hook-up. I don’t know if I wassuccessful at that, but I did climax right after Trish and it was a greatsquirty cum. I stayed sitting on the floor leaning against the wall with mychest heaving as I tried to catch my breath. It took me a while to recover,but finally I put the glass back to the wall to hear what happened next.The moaning of a woman in pleasure was evident again. At first I thoughtTrish was returning the favor to Julie. But then I heard her cry out “Oh Ilove your slut tongue” and the voice was definitely Trish. I continuedlistening. I couldn’t help myself. My clit was still pulsing from my lastorgasm and I managed not to play with myself again even as I listened toTrish cum two more times. Afterwards she told Julie to go to sleep. I hearda metallic sound although I didn’t know what it was and then I heard Trishsay “that will keep your hands secure. I don’t want you being tempted toplay with yourself tonight. If I feel generous I may let you cum in themorning. Or maybe I’ll send you next door and let Summer sample yourtalents.”Almost immediately Julie’s voice responded, “Please no. I’ll go crazy. Letme cum and I’ll do anything you want.””Yes you will do anything I want,” Trish replied. “Think about whathappened tonight. You are a born submissive and you need a mistress. Youcame like a slut when I spanked you and you look damn sexy with my juiceson your face. You need me and all you need to do is pledge your undyingloyalty to me.”The room went silent. I assume Julie was contemplating life. Trish thenspoke again.”I’ll give you one more thing to think about. If you say yes, you are tonever wear panties again in the office. Short skirts which give me easyaccess to that dripping pussy will be required or I’ll paddle youagain. You’ll do what I say and fuck who I tell you to fuck. In return, Ipromise you more excitement than you have ever had. Heck, I may even addyour husband to my stable and you can both serve me.”With a laugh Trish was done for the night. And so was I. Exhausted andsatisfied I crawled back into bed. I woke the next morning wondering itwhat I thought I heard Beth and Trish doing was just a dream. Beth’s carwas gone and when Trish came over for our usual Saturday coffee, she nevermentioned what happened the night before. Back at work on Monday Beth waswearing an unusually short skirt. I couldn’t tell if she was wearingpanties. I wanted to believe she had followed Trish’s orders. I found theconcept very exciting. But neither woman did anything out of theordinary. Not that I wasn’t paying attention and trying to catch them beinginappropriate. I had visions of finding Beth bent over her desk and Trishfinger fucking her. But I guess I was the only one thinking nastythoughts. Beth and Trish acted like nothing had changed between them. Maybeit was just a dream.My sleep patterns became restless. I kept having visions of Beth submittingto Trish. Neither had given me any reason to believe they were having anaffair. I never saw Beth’s car back at Trish’s and her social schedule hadnot changed. We still went out on Fridays and I usually stayed home onSaturday. But my lust for bondage was growing stronger. I longed to tellTrish that if Julie had backed out of their arrangement I would be happy totake her place. But the whole concept was too humiliating. My face burnedwith shame every time I thought about telling her. What if she didn’t wantme? I couldn’t handle that kind of rejection.Then another event which changed my life occurred. While I frequentlymasturbated to BDSM videos and stories, I’d never read a story about awoman who tied herself up before. When I finally did the entire notion hadmy pussy wetter than I could remember. I knew I craved submission and beingunder my partner’s control, but at the same time I was too shy to admit mydark fantasies to anyone. Self-bondage as I was reading about seemed to bejust what I needed. I could “submit” to myself from the safety of mytownhome. I decided to learn all I could about ways to tie myself up. Ofcourse I did this by reading all the erotic stories on the subject I couldfind and discarding the ones I decided were just made up fantasies.My self bondage career started simply. I bought a pair of toy handcuffs atToys-R-Us. They were cheap and they were plastic. I figured I could breakout of them if I needed to get free. On a Saturday night with Trish out, Idrank most of a bottle of wine to relax. I then stripped out of my clothes,put a BDSM movie in the DVD player and snapped the cuffs around mywrists. Trust me, I didn’t make it tough to escape this first time. Myhands were in front of me and the key was on the table. In retrospect Idon’t know why I even bothered. There was a slight sensation ofhelplessness that lasted about 5 whole seconds. It was nothing like what Iread about. I watched the movie and masturbated, but it wasn’t special. Ithrew the handcuffs in the garbage as soon as I was through.I got back online for more “research.” The most important thing I learnedwas always have a backup escape plan (a safe person to unlock you) and away to contact them. Sunday morning I made a supply trip to a local adultbookstore. It was an open 24 hour place and I figured Sunday morning wouldbe a safe time to go. There was an older lady working behind the counter. Iquickly found what I was looking for, real handcuffs, some leather cuffs Iplanned to use on my legs and on a whim, a roll of bondage tape and a buttplug. In my bondage fantasy addled brain I had a vision of the older womantaking me in back to demonstrate my purchases, but she said nothing. Shejust swiped my card and I was on my way. All the way home I could feel mypussy getting wetter with anticipation.Once home I quickly snapped the handcuffs around my wrists. The moment Ifelt the cold steel snap shut against my tender flesh my pussy gushed. Thiswas what I had longed to feel. I was tempted to masturbate again, but Iwanted the entire feeling of helplessness. I practiced unlocking thecuffs. It was pretty easy with my hands in front of me, but I worried aboutmy dexterity when my arms were behind me. I locked my left wrist tight,moved my arms behind my back and for my right wrist I just snapped thefirst clasp. I knew if I needed to I could get my wrist out still withoutthe key, although my brain registered that I was finally restrained. I hadmy cell phone with Trish on speed dial where I could reach it just in case.Learning to unlock the cuff took a little practice, but soon I had theright cuff locked tight as well. Confident that I could release myself, Imoved on in my preparations. Every story I read online indicated freezingthe key in ice was a good way to prolong your self submission. The cuffscame with two keys so I put one on my dresser for an emergency and put thesecond in the freezer. I didn’t fill the ice tray to the top for tworeasons. First I was in a hurry and I wanted that cube to freeze quickly. Iturned the freezer to its lowest setting. Second I knew for my first timewaiting for half an ice cube to melt was probably long enough.That night, another bottle of wine consumed and another BDSM movie in theDVD player I sat on my couch with my hands cuffed behind me and my vibebuzzing away on low in my panties. The sensation was delirious. I keptwatching the ice cube as it melted on a small plate on the table. The vibewas teasing me very effectively. I knew I only had an hour or so of my selfimposed torment to survive, but in my fantasy I started thinking aboutbeing tied and unable to escape. Trish kept flashing before me as I thoughtof her teasing Julie for hours on end. I was horny enough to do anythinganyone asked of me, but alone as I was with my thoughts, there was nobodyaround I could beg for relief.I thought about going upstairs for the emergency key or holding the icecube to make it melt faster, but I managed to control my lusts long enoughfor the key to melt free. Unfortunately I dropped it into the couchcushions when I first attempted to unlock the cuffs. I must have been quitea site bent over naked pressing my face between the cushions trying to getthe key. I could smell my arousal I had been rubbing into the cushions forthe past hour. It was intoxicating. Finally I was able to secure the keywith my mouth and drop it back on the table. I exercised more care thesecond time. It was tough as the vibe had me on edge and the last thing Iwanted to do was go slowly. I almost dropped the key again, although havinglearned my lesson I would have dropped it back on the table thistime. Finally free I immediately jammed my vibe into my pussy and turned iton high. My orgasm was instant and forceful like nothing I had felt beforeand I knew I was hooked on self bondage.My setups became more elaborate and my fantasies became darker. I also mademany additional trips to the adult store for more toys. My favorite setupinvolved an extra large ice cube to hold the key. The ice cube had twopieces of string attached to it as well, one attached to the key and onejust in the ice. I put a small hook in the ceiling above my bed. Aftertying the piece of string attached to the key to the ceiling hook, Iattached the other piece of string to another hook above my headboard onthe wall. This meant I couldn’t reach the ice cube once I bound myself. Tryas I might, until the cube melted dropping the key down to me, I wasn’tgoing to get free.Once my means of escape was secure, I quickly bound myself. By now I almostalways used a butt plug and usually used a butterfly instead of myvibe. Having the gentle buzz directly on my clit was far more distractingthat just having a vibe in my panties. I figured about 2.5 hours for thisextra large ice cube to melt enough to drop the key. I would be a pantingmess by the time I could free my hands and get off.Once the plug and butterfly were in place I began taping my legs. I havefound bondage tape to be a wonderful tool for securing myself. I wrappedthe tape around my ankles, calves and twice around my thighs forcing mylegs together. At other times I’ve used clamps on my nipples, but Icouldn’t bring myself to do it given how long I anticipated being at mylust’s mercies. Instead I put a ball gag in my mouth (as an aside I stilllistened to Trish and her lovers whenever she was in the spare bedroom anddidn’t fancy her listening to me moan) and slid a thick leather blindfoldover my eyes before locking my wrists behind my back. Thus secured Iscooted to the center of the bed and rolled over onto my knees.Without the benefit of my hands to support me my face was pressed down intomy blanket. I always used the same blanket when I played my bondage gamesand I always got myself off in the same place when I was done. It was not acoincidence that my face was pressed into the blanket right where I alwayscame. Scent play was something I’d never given much thought, but since I’dlearned how to turn myself on so effectively I’d learned that I have astrong arousal odor. I could be just sitting at my cube at work and thinkof something that turned me on (looking at Trish in a short skirt forexample) and suddenly my work area would be flooded with my ownmusk. Burying my face in my own fragrance was the next logical step.With my ass in the air and my face in the remnants of orgasms past, all Icould do was wait. The slow drip of the melting ice would hit my hot bodybut offer no relief. At first it hit my leg, but with some struggle Imanaged to position myself so my ass took the slow methodical countdown tomy freedom. My freedom and the promise of a massive climax. In my mind I’dbeen captured by a cruel master or mistress who was keen on punishing meuntil I begged for mercy. My exposed ass was being stretched by the plugfor the enjoyment of my master’s friends. I could feel my butt clench andrelax around the invading plug, tapered to assure I could not expel it. Thebutterfly was as efficient as ever at driving me wild. But its low powermeant I’d be teased but not reach climax. I counted the drops hitting myass. I dreamed of being captured. I begged through my gag yelling for Trishto come over and fuck me.Of course I was still way to uptight to ever tell Trish that was what Iwanted. I’d arranged for her to come over in 4 hours, long after the icewill have melted. I’d read that a self bondage adventure should have anescape person just in case. I figured if I didn’t get out in four hours Iwasn’t going to get out at all and in that case, a moment of humiliationwas better than being stuck like this until someone comes looking for me.It turns out I miscalculated the ice melt rate a little bit. I was tied upclose to three hours. I was almost too sore to masturbate. Almost. As usualit took mere moments to get myself off in explosive fashion leaving mebreathless. I lay in bed for a few minutes recovering before I got up offmy wet blanket, quickly stashed my toys, remade the bed with a cleanblanket and then took a quick shower and dressed before Trish arrived. Shewas none the wiser and my lust had been for the time being satisfied.Soon just taping my legs together didn’t give me the thrill I was seekingso it was back to the adult store. This time I actually had the courage totalk to the woman behind the counter. She seemed very knowledgeable on thesubject of self bondage. She suggested a set of leather cuffs and acarabineer. I must have looked confused. She said she remembered my otherpurchases. Told me to cuff myself with my wrists behind my back and thatshe would demonstrate. I instantly got a tingle between my legs assumingshe would try to take advantage of me. I also wasted no time doing what shesaid. With my arms secured behind my back I was helpless and feeling verywarm.The woman clipped the carabineer onto the chain between the cuffs. She thentold me to get down on my knees. Immediately I assumed she was going toforce me to eat her pussy. I was ready. But she didn’t. Maybe she didn’tswing that way or maybe I wasn’t her type, but instead of taking advantageof my bursa escort vulnerable position, she pulled down on my arms until I bent back farenough to touch my ankles.”When you get home put on your ankle cuffs and then clip the two chainstogether. You can try to hold this position or you can roll over on yourside when you get tired. I’m sure you can dream about all sorts of nastythings when you are in this position. You can also secure your wrists andankles in front if you prefer.”I could only nod. I was also blushing. Someone finally knew my dark secretbut wasn’t interested beyond selling me some gear. I had to get over thishang up about letting people know what turned me on so I could find apartner. I stood up and slipped out of the cuffs.”If you want to lock those cuffs I have small luggage locks that fitthem. Are you using the ice method to hold your keys now?””Yes,” I admitted in a quiet voice.”I’ve got some other methods you may like. But you have to buy more tolearn them. Take these cuffs home and try them with your ankle cuffs. Comeback tomorrow and let me know how it goes. I’m here from 11 to 8.”Again I just nodded. Secretly I was thrilled to have received a task fromher. Maybe she was more interested in me than she led on. I paid for thecuffs and also bought two locks. As I was walking out the woman cleared herthroat. I looked back at her and she was holding a package ofbatteries. She tossed them to me and said “On the house. Have fun tonight.”That was probably the strangest yet most appropriate gift I ever received.I could hardly wait to get home to try my new cuffs. I had seen thisposition before in my research but could not figure out how to do it bymyself. I didn’t have time to freeze the keys. OK, I didn’t want to taketime to freeze the keys so I just cuffed myself and rolled around on thefloor for a while. It was good, but not great. Then I remembered thebatteries the woman gave me. I unlocked myself and then I took my bigvibrator and replaced the batteries. I’d never cum while in bondage. Whilebeing tied up turned me on to no end, I always had released my hands beforeI masturbated. Taking fresh batteries as a sign, I turned my vibe on highand slid it into my pussy. I then put my wet panties on to keep it inplace. It was tough to recuff my wrists and ankles. The buzzing in my pussywas calling for attention. I knew at this speed I could cum without the aidof my hands but what I really wanted to do was grab the base of the vibeand fuck myself senseless. That wouldn’t be too bad of me would it?I struggled trying to decide whether to tie myself back up. In the end mypussy won the argument and I took my panties back off and fucked myself tothree successive orgasms. And they were good too. Worn out I finallycrashed for the night. I did recuff my hands, but not my ankles. I sleptwith my hands in front of me and my legs free. I’m still a little surprisedI didn’t rub myself off one final time, but I was tired. I did wake with myhand on my pussy still slick from a night of erotic dreams. That morning Ididn’t make it to the shower before playing with myself. My new hobby wasbecoming all consuming.At lunch instead of going out with Trish I went to the adultbookstore. This time my friend sold me a Hitachi Wand. Basically it is amassager with a big rounded head that is electric. “Never needs batteriesand never runs down,” my friend said joyfully. She also asked me questionsabout my townhome and how it is laid out. She gave me instructions whichwould have to wait until Saturday. The townhomes had a detached garageshared by all the units. I was to put the keys to the cuff locks (she gaveme two more for the ankle cuffs) in my car. Then sometime Saturday (sheleft the exact time to me) I was to strip off my clothes, but in my buttplug, turn my vibe on low in my pussy AND put on the butterfly, put mypanties back on and then cuff my ankles and wrists. She told me to shortenthe chain on the ankle cuffs and put my wrists behind my back. If I wantedto use the carabineer to hogtie myself for a while I could.”But that means I have to go outside to get the keys,” I commented.”That’s right. Since you probably will not want to do that when it is lightout, you can control the minimum amount of time you will be bound.”I didn’t want to admit to her how excited I was by the prospect of havingto sneak out to the garage before I could release myself. “I don’t know ifI can do this,” I lied to her.”Who are you k**ding?” she replied. “You can’t wait to do this.”She was right of course. The rest of the week I was thinking about this newadventure. Friday night Trish and I went out and I think I was giving hermore lustful stares than the guys who were hitting on us. She and Julie hadstill not given any indication that their relationship had continued afterthat one drunk evening, but that didn’t stop me from lusting after Trishand wishing she would put me over her lap. In fact I was pretty sure thatwould be what I was thinking about when I tied myself in just 16 hours orso.I made my preparations for Saturday carefully. I didn’t want anything to gowrong. I put the four lock keys in an envelope and put it on the passengerseat. I then grabbed my garage door opener and brought it back into myhouse. I didn’t want to have to fumble with the garage door. I then got outall my toys, changed the batteries and had two glasses of wine. I didn’tdrink any more because I didn’t want to have to go to the bathroom before Iwas done. I tried to decide how many hours to start with. It got darkaround 8:45pm, but I thought even then they neighbors may be going out orcoming home. I decided to wait until 6:00 to begin and target midnight asmy key removal time. I figured that way if I really couldn’t last I onlyhad to make it three hours which I had already done several times.6:00pm came and went. I was still nervous. I figured I would masturbate totake the edge off and read a few stories while fingering my pussy. Ofcourse that only added fuel to the fire and by 7:00pm I had decided I hadto follow through on my instructions. After going to the bathroom Iinserted the three toys. I was in for a long tease which part of me wasanticipating and part of me hated. I took half the links out of the anklechain and secured them to my legs and finally clicked the locks shut. I waspast the point of no return. I stood to get the wrist cuffs, took one stepand immediately fell over. I had not projected how much harder it was towalk with the shorter cuff chain. I cursed myself for being soclumsy. After struggling to get back up I readjusted the butterfly whichhad slipped when I fell. I couldn’t resist pushing it tighter against myclit. I thought about holding it there until I came, but my desire to be a”good girl” and complete the task won out. Obviously I would be a superhorny mess when I finally retrieved the key and that would be better than aquick orgasm now. Or so I thought.Grabbing the wrist cuffs I had to decide whether to bind my wrist in frontof me or behind my back. I was sure my friend intended that I do it behindmy back. I would have other than my feet being so challenged. I thoughtabout whether to do it or not and finally decided I’d come this far thatdoing it behind my back was what I wanted. I could already feel my juicesrunning down my leg as I secured my wrists. Once the locks clicked I wasreally stuck.I moved over to the couch as best I could. I could not move fast. Thisobviously was part of the plan as it would take me several minutes at thispace to reach my garage. My toys were doing their part making me desperateto climax, but not allowing me a release. I tried to watch the blandestnon-sexual TV I could trying to take my mind off my burning hot pussy, butit didn’t work. The plug in my ass made me long for a strong man to bend meover and ram his cock up my back door. My buzzing pussy made me long for myvibrator to be turned up to full speed. I had to do something. I had to getoff. Then I remembered the Hitachi Wand. I had been too busy to try itsince I bought it earlier in the week. I thought about how hard it would beto get upstairs and how long it would take to unwrap it with my handscuffed. But I decided I had nothing but time as it was still light out andmy pussy would not be denied.Walking was a great challenge. I could only move a couple of inches perstep. I thought about hopping but I was too worried I’d fall again. When Igot to the stairs I realized the folly of my quest for plug invibrations. There was no way I could walk up the stairs and trying to hopwas really way to dangerous. I decided the only way I could get upstairswas to sit backwards and “fall” up the stairs one at a time. I would landon my ass driving the plug deeper into my bum (a nice feeling by the way inmy hyper aroused state) and then lift my legs up to the next stair. I wouldthen stand and repeat the process on the next stair. To be sure this wasthe “safest” method, but it also meant fucking myself hard up the ass. Notthat I didn’t enjoy it mind you. I was breathless with need and lust by thetime I made it upstairs and another 10 minutes closer to retrieving thekeys and getting myself off. I retrieved the Hitachi box thankful that itwasn’t packaged in molded plastic. If it had been there was no way I couldhave unwrapped it with my hands cuffed behind my back. Even in just a boxand regular plastic wrap it was a challenge. But I finallysucceed. Everything took at least 10 times as long as normal to accomplishwith my cuffs on. I’m sure I looked terrible as sweat poured down my bodyand I was very aware of the smell coming from my pussy. I looked around theroom for a place to plug in the Hitachi, but all the plugs were behindfurniture. I cursed myself for making my room so neat and blocking all theplugs. I thought about the bathroom but all those plugs were counter topheight and not accessible given my bondage. I tried to put my thinking capon to solve this dilemma. The living room had open plugs near the floor,but the blinds were also open and I wasn’t sure if I could pull themshut. The kitchen had the same problem as the bathroom. My only solutionwas the family room near the TV. There was a power strip on the floor andat least some privacy.Going down the stairs was easier than going up as I just had to sit downand slide down the stairs. Not that the impact on each tread didn’t forcemy butt plug further up my ass than when I went up, but at least I didn’thave to lift myself and then sit down each step. I was thankful that Ididn’t have to worry much about my technique going down the stairs as I hadto carry the cord of the Hitachi in my teeth. The actual wand was floppingwildly bouncing off my breasts and teasing my nipples. This tie was turningmore and more diabolical. I loved it.With great effort I finally got back to the family room. I was worried as Itried to plug in the Hitachi using my teeth than my saliva would drip intothe power strip and I would electrocute myself. I could hardly picture amore embarrassing position to be found in by the paramedics some days laterwhen somebody finally missed me enough to investigate. Common sense wouldtell you I should have skipped the Hitachi, but I was way past commonsense. I was way past horny. I had to cum.Every motion was a struggle, but also a turn on. I finally got the Hitachiplugged in, turned on high and pulled far enough away from the wall that Icould lay on top of it. I wiggled my pussy down on the vibrating head. Witha little effort I got it positioned under the butterfly buzzing my labiaand also causing the butterfly to shake much more quickly. Ahhh, that wasthe spot, I thought. Although it wasn’t buzzing directly on my clit, Icould guess how much fun it would be to use when my hands were free. Then Istarted to think how much fun it would be if Trish was controlling it. Mymind raced through several bondage fantasies each ending with Trish teasingme and not letting me cum until after I licked her pussy and pledged myundying service to her. I came and came thinking about being her slaveuntil I was worn out. Then I rolled off my new favorite toy and turned itoff with my teeth.I lay on the floor for five or ten minutes trying to recover. Lookingtoward the family room I could tell the sun was setting, but I wasn’t readyto release myself just yet. Instead I was thinking how great the Hitachiwould feel if my wrists and ankles were bound together. I thought back tohow arousing it was to hogtie myself. Now with the ability to have theHitachi buzzing beneath me, I couldn’t skip that opportunity. I struggledto my feet. The damn carabineer was upstairs in my bedroom which meantanother agonizing trip up and down the stairs. It was agonizing because theplug made me wish someone was here fucking my ass. I knew once I was freemy dildo would be up my bum and the Hitachi would be in my hand, but thatdidn’t help me right then. It only served to arouse me more.I took care to clip my arms and legs together kneeling right next to thealready vibrating Hitachi. I didn’t want to have any challenge getting intoposition. It was happily buzzing away on the floor calling out for me tomount it. With my arms and legs secured together I had less freedom toposition the head of the Hitachi right where I wanted it. I thrashed abouttrying to get it just where I had the first time but I couldn’t. The sidebenefit was my position also forced me to put more weight on the head. Moreweight meant more vibrations. Finally I hit the right spot. I’m sure I wasquite a sight as I rocked back and forth on the bulbous head. If anybodysaw me like this I could never look them in the eyes again. I imagined mycoworkers, tipped off by Trish, standing around me mocking me for mylustful desires as I came over and over for the second time. I was gladTrish was out for the night as I was sure she would have heard my screamsof pleasures. Finally unable to stand any more pleasure I rolled off andonto my back. I left the Hitachi running, it’s thumping against my hardwood floors was music to my ears.Eventually I unhooked the carabineer (I was getting skilled at that) andturned off the Hitachi. I then crawled up to the couch and lay down. Mybody needed to rest. I had exhausted myself.I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew it was darkoutside. Looking at the clock I realized it was 1am. It was now or never toretrieve the keys. I gingerly got up from the couch and slowly made my wayto the kitchen. Although I had brought my garage door opener in I hadinadvertently not left it on the edge of the counter. As a result I had astruggle to retrieve it bound as I was, but eventually I had it and openedthe garage door. My garage is long. There are three two car bays each withtheir own door but all connected inside. I have my car, my bike and somestorage boxes in my third. I looked into the backyard as my dooropened. There was light coming from one of the other townhomes. I thoughtit was from my landlord’s kitchen. But it was late. Maybe they just forgotto turn it off. Or maybe his k**s were up watching movies and we making alate night snack. Either way I wasn’t about to head outside. I wanted towait until the interior garage light turned off anyway.I opened my back door and stood naked by the screen door watching thebackyard for any signs of life. My heart was racing. I must have watchedthe yard for about 15 minutes. The light from the neighbor’s never wentout. I decided they must have accidentally left it on. I decided it wastime to go. Actually my pussy decided it was time to go. You see, standingthere safe, but exposed, was starting to turn me on again. I could havegone and humped the Hitachi some more but I needed more. I needed my handsfree so I could give myself a proper fucking. I turned around and fumbledfor the door latch with my hands. Unhooked, I finally pushed the dooropen. I took a deep breath and took my first slow tentative steps outside.The light from my neighbors didn’t really light the area around my door andI had enough forethought to turn off my kitchen lights. Fortunately Ididn’t have a motion sensor on the light by my back door. I had complainedto the landlord that I should have one but now I was glad I didn’t. Iquietly shut the screen door and had moved about two feet when my worstnightmare was realized. The neighbor boys and some friends were sittingoutside on their patio. Instinctually I hit the ground. There is a row ofbushes long the back of the townhouse and I tried to roll up against themto hide. My arousal, while still present, took an immediate back seat tothe fear of getting caught. The ground was cold and I’m sure I was coveredin dirt. I could feel my tits mashed beneath me and felt the sharp pricksof the bush against my arm and leg.My senses were instantaneously put on high alert. I thought I heard one ofthe boys comment that he heard a noise from “over there.” I didn’t darelift my head to look. I kept my face buried in the ground praying theydidn’t come over to investigate. I also hoped the chain on the cuffs wasn’treflecting any light or that they didn’t think it was odd my garage wasopen.Finally my heart began to slow back down as I realized they were moreinterested in drinking beer than sneaking around the perimeter of thetownhomes in the dark. I lifted my head enough to see that two boys werestill sitting on the patio. I feared that somebody was sneaking aroundbehind me and I was about to be captured. I lay as still as possible. Idon’t know how long I cowered in the dirt waiting for them to give up forthe night. Finally they went inside. I started to get back up when theirkitchen door opened again. Once more I dove for the dirt. I watched inhorror as one of my neighbor’s k**s walked out to the garage and shut mydoor. Apparently he figured I left it open by accident. Bastard.I watch the young man walk back to his townhome silently cursing him theentire way. Finally alone, apparently for good, I stood back up. There wasno way for me to wipe the dirt from my body which made me feel even moredepraved than I normally did when I tied myself up. Actually I kind ofliked it. I had to go back inside to grab my garage door opener. I had toturn the lights on, but thankfully this time the keys were in a position Icould easily grab. Once again I had to wait for the garage light to turnoff, although I left my kitchen lights on to illuminate my returntrip. Then I was back on my way.My neighbor’s kitchen light was still on which cast a pale gray cast overmost of the back yard. I had to take the long way around the yard to thegarage. This would have made me visible to neighbors in the next building,but they had no lights on so I figured I was safe from detection. The actof walking outside bound and naked was a huge thrill. The thought ofanybody walking or driving down the alley to access their garage could findme alone, vulnerable and defenseless had my pussy creaming once again. Whatif a cop on patrol came by and spotted me? Would he arrest me? Would hetake me inside for some “harsh interrogation?” Every step made me wetterand brought a new wave of lust crashing over me.Finally I made it to the edge of the garage. I pressed myself against theside wall outside the garage so I could peak around the corner and try tosee in my neighbor’s place and see if they were watching. Out of anabundance of caution I also looked at Trish’s place although I could seeher car was missing from the garage. I knew the garage lights were going toturn on when I tripped the sensor beam walking in past the door. With myankle cuffs hobbled I didn’t think I could hop over it. I formulated a planto just move as quickly as I could and not look back. Once I got to my carI would turn my back to it and open the door and fall into the front seatto grab the keys.The way things had been going I expected to have some trouble getting intothe car, grabbing the keys and unlocking myself, but I didn’t. I’ll neverknow if someone saw me and my bouncing tits as I moved as fast as I couldthrough the bright light of the garage. Safely freed of my cuffs, althoughstill naked in my car I sat for a few minutes until the light turnedoff. My fingers were dancing on my clit, although I wasn’t reallymasturbating. I was just rubbing myself slowly enjoying the sensation andfinally relaxing after more than seven hours bound.Looking in the mirror I saw a very satisfied woman. I also noticed myneighbor’s kitchen light was out. I guess he finally went to bed. I wasn’tplanning a leisurely stroll back to my townhome, but I did feel relievedthat at least the yard would be darker. I got out of the car. Fortunatelyfrom my side of the garage the motion detector never seemed to see me sothe overhead lights did not turn on and this time I could hop over thesafety beam by the door. I had just shut my door and started walking when Isaw the bright lights of a car shine on the back of the townhomes. Mybrain, so in tuned with not getting caught, had my body moving even beforeI consciously recognized that Trish was pulling into our little paradise. Idon’t remember thinking or opening the back seat of the car. I rememberpulling the door shut, hitting the floor and looking up at my car’sinterior light praying Trish didn’t notice it was on. I remember eachsecond it took for the light to turn off felt like an hour. I was sobusted.I was shaking in fear on the back seat floor of my car waiting for Trish toopen the door. For some reason my juices were leaking down my leg and theenclosed space of my car started to smell like aroused female. I didn’tunderstand my body’s reaction. Maybe I secretly wanted to get caught. Iheard Trish’s car door slam shut. Either she was angry, drunk or both Itheorized. Then there was silence. Then I heard a garage door shutting andthen a second one. Trish must have shut my door as well as hers. Icontinued to lay as still as I could and not make a sound. Then there wasdarkness. The garage lights had timed out. I was safe.I cautiously sat up, almost expecting Trish to be looking in the window,but I was alone in the garage. I opened my car door shedding a little bitof light on my surroundings. I don’t know why I didn’t think about itbefore but there was a side entrance door to the garage. I didn’t need toleave my garage door open after all. I exited the garage thankful that Icould finally take full steps again and crept along the outside wall so Icould peer at Trish’s windows this time. Her kitchen light was on againdimly illuminating the back yard. But I didn’t see her. I was about to makea mad dash for my own well lit kitchen when I saw Trish reappear in herkitchen. I could see she had two wine glasses and a bottle of wine and shewas moving toward the door. Did she have a friend with her and they weregoing to sit outside and drink? God I hoped not. That would mean I’d bestuck out here for another hour at least. Actually that may have beenpreferable to what happened.I did my best to hide in the shadows after she walked outside but then Iwas shocked when she walked over to my back door. She knockedrepeatedly. My lights were on and my car was here so even though it was nowthe middle of the night, Trish wasn’t concerned with waking me. Maybe shehad a bad night and wanted to talk. Maybe she had seen me in the car andwas wondering if I wanted to play. She probably didn’t know I was naked inthe back yard. Or maybe she did. After a few repeated knocks she turned towalk home. I saw her eyes looking at the garage. She wasn’t really lookingat me, at least I don’t think she was, but I was definitely in her field ofvision. Could she see me in the shadows? I wanted to drop back to theground but I was scared she would see motion or hear me. Without saying aword or gesturing she walked back to her house and soon the light wasoff. My heart began to slow to its regular rhythm.I had an overbearing feeling that Trish was sitting in the darkness in herkitchen watching me. She probably had a big flashlight and was planning onspotting me with hit as soon as I came out. I sat down and almost cried atbeing so close to getting caught. I waited a few more minutes figuring shewould give up if she was indeed watching and then began to crawl toward mydoor. I did this for two reasons. One I couldn’t be sure Trish wasn’twatching and I figured in the darkness I had a better chance at not beingseen. The second reason, the one I hate to admit, was since I felt likesuch a dirty girl both from the bondage and rolling around in the dirthiding earlier that I wanted to finish the game crawling back home like awanton slut.You see, although I had stopped sleeping around when I started my selfbondage games, I really felt like more of a dirty, horny slut these dayswilling to do anything for an orgasm. This was especially true since Istarted taking suggestions from the woman who works at the adultbookstore. She was not my mistress, but she was giving me orders and it wasturning me on. I thought she would like when I told her I crawled nakedthrough the grass and dirt to avoid detection. I imagined myself wearing acollar and Trish holding my leash as I slowly crept across the lawn. I washer bitch in heat and she was taking me outside to go to the bathroom. Mymind was filled with depraved visions of what Trish was doing to me. Myarousal which had ebbed when I thought I was caught was quicklyreturning. I even considered sliding a hand between my legs to masturbatewhile in the middle of the yard. In fact I did give myself a couple ofquick strokes, but I just couldn’t do it. That was a bridge to far. Ireturned to crawling, faster this time less concerned with being seen andsoon was safely back in my townhome.My secret life was intact, although looking at myself in the mirror I couldsee the cost. I was covered in dirt and had many scratches from the groundespecially along my hard nipples. I had to shower before going to bed. Andof course alone in the darkness of my bedroom, clean body but still dirtymind, I did finally masturbate using my dildo, nipple clamps and holdingthe Hitachi at just the right angle. I wasn’t quiet. I hoped Trish hadpassed out before I started otherwise she would have definitely heard me.I slept the sleep of the dead waking to the sound of my doorbell and aninsistent knock. Pulling a robe over my panties I headed downstairs. Theknock was coming from my back door meaning it was Trish. This time insteadof a bottle she had two cups of coffee. I invited her in and we chatted. AsI theorized last night she had a bad experience at the club. She came homepissed off and horny. She said she saw my light (I lied and said I musthave left it on by accident) and had come over to talk. If she knew aboutmy nocturnal activities she didn’t say anything. Again I was too shy tobring it up. Maybe someday if we were both drunk I could admit to her how Ifelt but I didn’t want to confess right now. I was too afraid it would ruinour friendship.Later that week I went to the adult bookstore. The woman wanted a fullreport before she would give me more advice. I didn’t leave out a detailfrom how it felt on the stairs with a plug up my ass to diving into thebushes, to crawling through the yard to what I thought about when I cameone last time in my bed. She was enthralled by my story. I saw her nipplesget hard early in the tale and by the end she had her hand down her pantsand was openly masturbating in the store. With my story done, but beforeshe could climax, I tried to play the role of dominant and questioned herabout “what kind of slut masturbates in a public store?” My dirty talkseemed to spur her on and she unbuttoned her jeans and started rubbingherself faster. I’d never watch another woman masturbate before and thefact that we were in semi-public made it even hotter. In ragged breath sheasked if I wanted to join her. I gave it serious consideration for about 3seconds before I started to lift my skirt. But just then the door chimedindicating we would not be alone.Immediately I dropped my skirt. The woman reluctantly stopped, although I’msure the guy who came in could see her hand in her pants which she slowlyremoved. She didn’t rebutton her pants right away preferring to hold herhand over the counter and pointing her wet fingers at me. I knew what shewanted and wasted no time sucking her fingers into my mouth. I was bentover the counter as she fed me her pussy flavored fingers. When she wasclean I stopped. The guy was standing in the door staring at us. I smiledat him while my friend buttoned up her jeans. I don’t think the guyunderstood that he certainly could have had me at that moment and I bet thewoman behind the counter would have joined us if he showed the least bit ofconfidence or a dominant streak. Alas he looked down and shuffled off youthe DVD rental section. The woman waved me closer so I bent over thecounter again.”You did great this weekend. Try this one…”I watched as she picked up a package from being the counter. It was in abrown paper bag.”Don’t open it until Friday morning. I want it to be a surprise foryou. You will find an instruction letter and a key. I want you to mail thekey to yourself Friday afternoon. Let me know how it goes.” And then shekissed me. It wasn’t a friendly kiss either. It was an all consuming,tongue down my throat guaranteed to make me wet kind of kiss. Then she saidshe had to get back to work and went to find the guy looking at the DVDs. Iwalked out sloshy as usual. In my car I masturbated to a thunderous climaximaging the woman taking the guy in back and fucking the shit out of him.All week I was tempted to peak in the bag. But I had started to think ofthis woman as my mistress even if I didn’t call her that and even thoughshe had given me no indication she wanted anything more than to have me buyproducts from her. So I did as she asked and didn’t open the package untilFriday morning. I had already addressed and stamped an envelope. I used myoffice as the return address. When I opened the bag I found the key in aplastic zipper bag along with a hand written note from her. I sniffed itand it was obvious she had sprayed her perfume on it.”My lonely adventurous playmate,” the letter began. “Enclosed in thepackage is the latest product we have for tormenting a disobedient slave.”I pulled the product out of the bag. It was a vibrating panty of some kind.”You may check the key on the lock if you want but I guarantee it is theright one. I want you to mail the key to yourself today. Saturday morning Iwant you to put on the panty. You will see that it is designed to stimulateor tease depending on the setting all three of your special spots.”I looked at the box. The photo showed a built in butt plug, a vibratingdildo and what looked like a thin egg to press against the clit. Thematerial looked light weight with a plastic shield that would prevent thewearer from pleasuring herself while it was on. There was a series of smallholes in the bottom, I guess to drain urine if you had to pee. I openedthe box and looked at its instruction manual instead of the note she sentme. There were a wide variety of settings and a string of watch batterieswhich ran around the inside of the panty waistline. Based on the number ofbatteries I theorized the thing could run intermittently for days. Therewas also a built in belt designed to hold the panty tight against thewearer with a locking mechanism in the back to keep it in place. I began toput the pieces together… Impossible to take off, “tease and tormentsetting” long battery life and pleasure restricted to what the panty wouldgive you. It sounded diabolical. I went back to reading her instructions.”Once you put these panties on you will not be able to take them off untilthe postman arrives. I want you to set the panty on the tease setting. Thiswill cause it to randomly stimulate you at different intervals throughoutthe day. You will not be able to remove it until the mail arrives so besure to use the bathroom before you begin. I want the panties on by6am. Next I want you to relax and have your normal Saturday morning. Bynoon I want you dressed in a short skirt, a blouse with no sleeves,stockings, heels and no bra. I want you to go bursa escort bayan to the mall and be sure towindow shop for at least two hours. You should then go shoe shopping. Youdon’t have to buy anything but I want you to try on several pair and have asalesperson help you. By the time you get home the mail will have beendelivered. You may remove the panties and masturbate or you may continue towear them and bind yourself as you see fit.”I read the instructions three or four times and looked at the box with thepanties taunting me to try them right then. But I was a good girl andsimply mailed the key. That night Trish and I went out. I was so excitedabout the prospects of wearing the special panties for hours the next daythat I let myself get picked up. We had a frenzied suck and fuck in theback of his car. It wasn’t the most satisfying but it took my mind of mytask for a few minutes. Back at home the panties were calling me to testthem, but I resisted. I set my alarm for 5:30 so I could shower and preparemyself for my next adventure.The panties went on pretty easily. A little lube and the plug and vibratorslid into their appropriate holes easily enough. The clit teaser was a bitcold and the pressure it put on my mound was a bit uncomfortable, but Ifigured once it started buzzing I wouldn’t care. I made sure the settingwas on tease and snapped the lock together in the small of my back.At first nothing happened. I tested the lock and the panties were notcoming off any time soon. Then the butt plug began to gently vibrate. Iclinched my cheeks against it as a reflex which intensified the vibrationand then it was gone. I sat and waited for the other two stimulations tooccur, but nothing happened. This could be a long day.My instructions were to have a regular Saturday morning and go to the mallby noon. This meant coffee with Trish. I decided to dress in my regularweekend sweat clothes to try to look normal for her. This proved difficultas every time the clit teaser kicked in I almost jumped out of my seat. Ihad to learn to control that reaction before she arrived. The problem wasthe interval varied so much I didn’t know how many times I’d get topractice. As it neared Trish’s usual arrival time I made coffee and set usup outside on the patio. I made sure to position my chair downwind fromhers to mask my arousal scent.Thus we sat on the patio drinking our coffee comparing notes about our guysfrom last night. I got pretty good at hiding when the vaginal or anal plugturned on, but I was sure she though me crazy when the clit teaser turnedon and I tensed every time. I told her I was having an allergic reaction toragweed. I told her I was going to the pharmacy later and not to worry. Sheasked if I wanted to go out again tonight. I figured I’d have the pantiesoff long before it was time to go out and would have been able to take careof my obvious need to climax so I agreed. Maybe I could even find a betterguy tonight. Trish left about 11:15 giving me just enough time to dress asordered and head to the mall.The drive over to the mall was distracting to say the least. These pantieswere wicked. I remember thinking I had to lend them to Trish, but how couldI even bring that subject up? “Hi Trish, I love locking these panties onand tormenting myself for hours. Want to try?” This just didn’t seem like agood ice breaker. I had dressed to be seen at the mall. I had a on a shortskirt, stocking and high heels. I also had a white blouse. I skippedwearing a bra. My breasts are big enough that no wearing a bra really isn’ta good idea as I do flop around a bit. But I figured what the hell. I’dcome this far I should go all the way. I had the top two buttons openedshowing a bit of cleavage. My biggest miscalculation on the blouse was thatwithout the bra my nipples would be rubbing the front of the shirt. Theywere already hard from the number the panties were doing on my pussy andnow the gentle sway against the fabric was driving me wild. I decided I mayhave to stop and buy a bra because it was driving me insane, not that Ididn’t love it.The other people who apparently loved it was the teenage boys (and a fairnumber of men there with their wives). As I walked around the mall”shopping” I gathered quiet a following of horny guys trying to lookdiscrete while they followed me. They seemed to enjoy watching the womanwith the long legs, tight ass and bouncing tits seem to lose herconcentration and have to lean against a post or window from time totime. Of course what they didn’t know was when the panty turned on it wasall I could do to keep from screaming or to stay upright. Now I understoodwhat the panty had a shield to keep my fingers from attacking my clit. Iwas so worked up I would have done it right there in the middle of themall. I would not have cared if I got arrested for indecent exposure. I wasgetting light headed every time the vibe or clit teaser switched on. Thebutt plug was more of an annoyance, although at that moment any stimulationI received was welcome.I kept looking at my watch trying to make sure I made it the full two hoursas directed. It didn’t really matter as my mail probably had not beendelivered yet but at least if I was in my car or back home I could moanwhen this damn thing turned on giving me some relief. I also startedthinking about other places I could wear the panty, without locking it ofcourse, so I could stimulate myself and the hit a bathroom for somerelief. The office was an obvious choice, but I also gave thought towearing it in public like at a park where I could sneak off into the bushesand get off when it got to be too much.Finally my two hours were just about over. That was a very good thing asany of my new admirers could have had me right then and there if they hadthe courage to approach me and had the ability to break the lock off mypanties. Instead I walked in a shoe store to complete my instructions. Ihad two choices, a hip place with both boys and girls (they all lookedfresh out of high school) selling styled sneakers and strange women’s shoesor a more elegant woman’s shoe store. Part of me wanted to go the hip routeand freak one of the boys out by spreading my legs while he measured myfoot. But I decided against that since I was sure my skirt was trapping astrong smell of arousal and I didn’t want to put myself in a situationwhere some k** couldn’t handle himself. Instead I went to a shop whichspecialized in more formal women’s shoes.The shop was not crowded. A very elegantly dressed (at least for this mall)woman greeted me and asked what kind of shoes I was looking for today. Iwasn’t quite sure so she showed me around a bit. I caught her staring at mynipples several times and so I made sure to bend over in front of her tolook at a pair of shoes on the bottom shelf. My horniness had me feelingsaucy so I teased her as much as I thought I could get away with. That kindof behavior really wasn’t in my nature but for some reason I couldn’t helpmyself.When it came time to try on a few pairs I liked, the woman sat down a smallstool between my legs. Lifting my right foot I felt her caress my ankle andthe sole of my foot. I shivered at her touch. I’m sure she noticed. She wasstaring up my short skirt. I’m sure she could see my soaking wetpanty. Once thing I had not worried about as I shopped was the noise thepanties made. The mall was a loud place but this store wasdifferent. Besides my obvious sharp intake of air as the clit buzzerdecided to pick that moment to torment me, I could clearly hear thetell-tale buzz. I woman looked up and we locked eyes. She smiled. Sheobviously knew there was more to me than met the eye. It may have been myimagination but her foot message seemed to take on a more sensual feelingas she continued to stare into my eyes. Maybe she was trying to be a goodsales woman trying to increase her sales by discretely letting me know shecould tell how aroused I was or maybe she was letting me know she wasavailable. Either was my head was swimming in lust.She helped me try on the first pair of shoes and then escorted me to amirror to look at them. She continued to watch me in the mirror as I keptup the pretense that I was just there to shop. When I sat back down to tryon the next pair the butt plug sprung to life and I could hear it buzzagainst the chair very clearly. I wanted to die of embarrassment but mypussy gushed a fresh load of juices into the front of the panty. Why was mybody betraying me like this? My discomfort was not lost on thesaleswoman. After removing the first pair of shoes her hand once againcupped my right foot. This time instead of messaging my insole she slowlyslid her hand up my calf. My sharp intake of breath gave me away asenjoying her touch instead of being upset with her forward nature.When I looked at that pair of shoes in the mirror the woman stood behindme. She was looking over my shoulder. Her eyes were focused on my nipplespoking through my blouse and her hand was resting on my ass. I think shewas trying to see if she could feel the plug. All I felt was dizziness.Before trying on the third pair of shoes my left calf received the sametreatment as my right had before. I wanted her to move her hands upfurther. There was a moist furnace between my legs and I wanted her to getme off more than anything I’d ever wanted before. I would have doneanything for her at that moment, but she continued acting, at leastsemi-professionally, like she was just selling shoes. I was not soprofessional. Her hands became bolder after the shoes were in place. Usingboth hands she slid under my skirt and onto my hot inner thighs. I wasready to spread my legs wide like a wanton slut. I closed my eyes andmoaned quietly. I felt her fingers moving ever higher. If she didn’t stopthey would soon reach my panty. I lifted my ass slightly and slid down thechair bringing her fingers into contact with my teasing undergarment. Ifelt her fingertip snap against the hard plastic shield bringing me back toreality. She was looking up at me with a WTF expression. I didn’t know whatto say. Finally I babbled something like “I’m sorry I can’t take themoff. It’s locked in place.”The saleswoman pulled her hands out from under my skirt and took my handpulling me into a standing position. She then brought me back to themirror. Again she stood behind me and in the reflection I saw her lookaround the store. She then grabbed me firmly. Her arms wrapped around meand her strong hands gripped my breasts. She started kneading them andpinching my nipples through the thin fabric. I leaned back into her. Hermauling of my breasts stopped long enough to unbutton my blouse before sheslipped her hands inside cupping my breasts once again.”I’ve had all kinds of women in this store. I can always spot the ones outfor more than shoes.” She was pinching my nipples very hard. “You areprojecting an amazing sexual aura but now I find out you’ve lock up yourpussy from me.””I’m sorry,” I whined between moans.”I’m hip with your little game fem, but if you’re ready for the real thing,come back tonight at closing time. Lose the panties but wear theshoes. I’ll make sure you get what you need.”I was panting as she propositioned me. I wanted to cum so hard. Her nippleplay had me close. Real close. I pushed back harder against her, but shepushed me forward pulling my shirt down before she released it. My breastswere now totally exposed and the blouse pulled down onto my arms had arestraining effect, although I could easily lift it if I needed to so. ButI didn’t. I stood before her topless and needy waiting for her next move.”Look slut. You came to the mall playing some kind of teasing game. I bet Icould make you cum just sucking your nipples or maybe giving you aspanking. But I’m not going to do that. You are going to buy all four pairsof these shoes. You are going to return without your panties and if you’relucky I’ll make you cum.”I was floating on a cloud of desire. I grabbed my own nipples and begansqueezing them like she had done. I was so close. The woman seemed amusedby my inability to control myself. I was right on the edge. If the clitvibrator turned on I would have exploded. Instead I hear the bellindicating somebody had come into the store.”I’ll be right with you,” my saleswoman called out. “I have to help thatcustomer and you have to leave now. Get your blouse on and meet me at thecounter to check out. I’ll see you tonight at 9.”She started to walk away before I could respond. I did as she told mesliding my blouse back into place and buttoning it. My nipples werescreaming for more attention as the fabric brushed against them. I didn’tknow how much more of this I could take. I slowly walked back over to thecounter. Looking at the sales lady she was helping another woman in a shortskirt pick out some shoes. She then directed her to the same chair I hadbeen sitting in and then walked over to the counter.Now she was 100% professional never mentioning what had happened between usand taking my credit card to pay for the shoes. I expected her to repeather orders to me, but now that we were not alone it was as if nothing outof the ordinary had happened. Then the vibe turned on and I almostcollapsed. I leaned down against the counter and grabbed it for safety. Shewalked away without saying a word. The vibe turned off and I knew I had toget out of there. Walking out I glanced by at my new friend. She was givingher new customer a foot message. I left the store wondering how long itwould take before she was squirming under the sales lady’s direction. I wasdone with my shopping trip. I had to get home, get the key and then fuckmyself senseless.The walk out of the mall was the longest of my life. Not in distance mindyou but by the fact that I felt like everyone who saw me knew exactly whatkind of depraved slut I had become. I felt like everybody knew I waswearing a vibrating chastity belt which was driving me insane and that Ihad just let a complete stranger feel me up and torment my nipples. I hatedmaking eye contact with the people I passed. I kept my head down mostly. Mylong strides were forcing the butt plug further up my tender ass. Did itturn on while I was walking? I don’t even know. I was too stimulated fromthe shoe store and too embarrassed to be this aroused in public to noticeanything except the five feet in front of me. I had tunnel vision focusingme to the exit and the safety of my car. I’m not sure I even breathed untilI was outside.Safe once again in my car I noticed the vibrator was buzzing happily in mypussy. Did it just turn on or didn’t I notice? I sighed happily and itturned off. I was determined to complete this challenge and not try to getmyself off in the car. Of course that didn’t mean I didn’t play with mynipples a bit on the way home. If you had seen my car you may have noticedmy blouse was unbuttoned again while I kept one hand on the wheel and onehand inside my shirt playing with my nipples. If texting while driving is ahazard you should trying wearing these panties and tweaking yournipples. Fortunately I didn’t have far to drive. I practically ran from thegarage in the rear of my townhome to the front yard where my mailbox islocated. Grabbing the stack on envelopes (it must have been monthly billday) I charged toward my front door. Once inside I tossed the mail onto thecouch and ripped my blouse off and dropped my skirt to the floor. I thendropped to my knees in front of the couch, grabbed the stack of envelopesand started flipping through them.The way things have been going I’m sure you are not surprised that theenvelope with the key was not there. Of all the things that could have beendelayed why did it have to be that one? I redressed and went back out tothe mailbox to make sure I didn’t miss it. I had not. Fuck. What was Igoing to do? Beyond the lascivious need to orgasm there was the practicalmatter that I really needed to pee. The panty shield had holes in it so Iguess I could just wet myself if I had to, but the butt plug obviouslydidn’t leave me an option when I eventually had to p*o. I started topanic. My arousal quickly started to fade replaced by fear of being stuckand a self loathing for having done this to myself. Then the clit teaserand vibe both turned on together. That was a new sensation. They alsoseemed to stay on longer than in the past. Perhaps the microchip changedits pattern after eight hours. I began to think maybe in the not toodistant future it would stay on long enough to cum. My arousal was racingback and soon I was leaning on the mailbox for support. But that feelingpassed all too soon. The panty was on longer, but still wasn’t enough tomake me climax. I made a mental not to chastise my friend at the adultbookstore for suggesting today’s adventure. Then it hit me. She must have aspare set of keys. She can unlock me.I went back into my place to change. I’d had it with this too short skirtand I needed to change blouses anyway. Before I changed, however, I didtake a picture with my cell camera to prove I went to the mall wearing theclothes she suggested. But that task was done. Now I needed satisfaction. Iput on a pair of jeans, a bra and a t-shirt. Even in this plain outfit Ifelt like I was oozing sensuality. Then I heard the doorbell ring. Whocould that be? Trish wouldn’t be expected for another three hours if wewere going out. But I don’t think we were going out. Or were we? I kind ofremember saying something about going out again tonight but I was in anarousal fog. I couldn’t be held responsible for that, could I? The doorbellrang again.I answered the door and was surprised to find Trish. Thankfully, I guess,she wasn’t dressed in one of her usual “let’s go find a guy to fuck”outfits. She had on sweat pants and a tank top. Of course she lookedgorgeous. She was holding an envelope which she handed to me as soon as Iopened the door.”The stupid mailman put this in my mailbox. Sorry I opened it before Irealized it wasn’t mine.”I could tell she was confused by the fact that the only thing in theenvelope was a small key. I tried to play it cool and think of an excusewhy someone would mail me a key. I stammered a little but I think I savedit.”Thanks Trish,” I began trying to sound normal. “I lost the key to myluggage lock (kind of true) and they were kind enough to send me areplacement.””Oh,” Trish said. I was trying to read her reaction to see if she believedme. “OK, are you coming out with me tonight?””I think I’ll skip tonight. I’m beat and I need to crash.” At least Ididn’t have to lie to her too badly.”No problem. Coffee in the morning about 11?””Sure thing babe,” I replied.I tried to keep up the normal appearance on the outside but on the inside Iwas cursing her for still being here. My next round of buzzing was due anysecond and from the repeated elevation in vibration from the last couple ofrounds I was afraid there would be no way for me to hide my secret fromTrish. Fortunately she left and I closed the door just before all threeappendages turned on. I fell to the floor weak in my knees. I reached bothhands beneath my shirt and grabbed and handful of tit flesh with both palmsand pinching my nipples hard with my fingers. I got right to the edge againbefore the vibrations stopped. “This ends now!” I remember thinking.Key in hand I ran up the stairs, the vibe and plug dancing in theirrespective holes. Once there I stripped again. I then opened up my toychest and found what I was looking for, an eight inch long, two and a halfin wide dildo with a suction cup base. I’d been a horny bitch in heat allday. I figured I better fuck like one as well. I licked the base of thedildo and pressed it against the bedroom door. I’d done that before. I knewit worked.Then I removed and deactivated the torturous panty. I say torturous butreally I loved every minute of its teasing. Finally free I got on my handsand knees and backed into the fake cock. This wasn’t my first time fuckingmyself doggie style. I’d done it plenty. I knew this position would makethe dick hit all the right spots, not that it really mattered right then. Istarted cumming and yelling obscenities on the fifth stroke and didn’t stopuntil I could not cum again. I think I managed 8 in short succession beforeI finally collapsed on the floor. What a day it had been.I went to bed early long before Trish was back. Part of me wanted to goback to the shoe store but sexually speaking I was too shredded to eventhink of being with the saleslady right then. Maybe another night we couldparty. As I drifted off to sleep I was haunted by the thought that Trishdidn’t buy my luggage story or outright knew what the key opened. She hadto have heard me fucking myself. I didn’t have the ability to be quietearlier. Fuck it. If she knows she knows I decided and promptly fell asleepand slept straight through the night.Much like she had been the morning after spanking Julie, Trish acted as ifnothing out of the ordinary had happened between us yesterday. Maybe it wasall in my head and she didn’t know the purpose of the key. I decided totone down my self bondage activities and stop visiting the adult store. Iwas too close to getting caught and too close to being out of control. Fora while I even stopped freezing my handcuff keys preferring to just pretendI couldn’t escape, teasing myself for a while and then getting myselfoff. But it wasn’t the same. My self imposed “cool down” period lasted lessthan two weeks and I was back to more elaborate adventures. Things weregoing great until fate intervened.I had seen a picture online of a particularly delicious rigging involvingmy favorite toy, the Hitachi Wand. I wanted to be sure to enjoy the tormentfor many hours so I froze the handcuff key in an extra large ice cube. Itwas Saturday just after noon. Trish and I had our usual morning coffee at11 and she was leaving for the gym. We made plans to go out that night andshe said she would be back at 5 for some wine and cheese before we headedout. This was perfect for me. I figured the ice would last between threeand four hours. As soon as she was out the door I grabbed the ice cube andheaded upstairs.I had everything prearranged in the dresser drawer that doubled as my toycabinet. Leather cuffs for my ankles and wrists, my usual ice cube stringwhich would drop the key down next to my hands and the new element I wasmost proud of, a swinging rope which could attach to the Hitachi. I didn’tbother dressing up in lingerie or doing anything fancy. I wanted to feelthe leather and the buzz of the Hitachi as quickly as possible. I made sureI was aligned properly so the key would hit my hands and then I strapped myankles into the cuffs and secured my legs spread eagle to the bed. I thenturned the Hitachi on low and clipped shut the second pair of cuffs affixedto the headboard to my wrists. Thankfully the Hitachi lined up exactly howI had planned. It hung down with its bulbous head hitting my labia andindirectly my clit. The diabolical part was it swung back and forth on itssuspension rope. As a result it would hit me in a most pleasurable waycausing my hips to grind on the bed. My own motion would push the wand awayto tease my thighs or even lose contact completely. The more pleasure itgave me the more likely I’d move enough to take that pleasure away. As aresult I had to concentrate on not moving at all resulting in musclestress, sweat and an overall hatred of myself for picking this position.As usually happened I was soon lost in a world of lust and was dreaming ofTrish finding me like this and taking charge over my body. I’d call hermistress and she would punish me when I was bad. When I was good she wouldlet me lick her pussy and might even make me cum. I learned how to rotatemy hips just right to keep the Hitachi where it needed to be and soonreached a very satisfying climax. Looking up at the clock I noticed it hadonly been twenty minutes since I bound myself. This could be a problem. Iwas already covered in a sheen of sweat and the wand was starting to buildmy arousal for round two.The afternoon became a blur of anguish and torment as my orgasms begun tocome fast and furious. Any sane person would have stopped by now. My pussywas sore as were my arms and legs. Even my stomach was beginning to hurtfrom all the times I contracted in orgasm driven by the incessant buzzingof the Hitachi. At least with a battery powered vibrator it would rundown. But no, I had to use the electrically powered vibe for this tie. Theperiodic drip of ice water onto my head only served to remind me that Ichose a larger cube size for today and that my escape was still hoursaway. My mind and spirit swirled through wave after wave of pleasure andpain. I role played scenario after scenario of how Trish could “capture” meand make me her own without me having to admit I was an out of control slutwho needed her. Yes I was still too embarrassed to admit that. I looked atthe clock. About an hour to go. I’d been cumming for the better part ofthree hours and lost track of how many orgasms I had enjoyed. But soon I’dbe free and could hide my gear, shower and be dressed as the perfect friendand neighbor by the time Trish returned none the wiser to my afternoon ofobsession about her.At the end I was staring at the ice cube above me and trying to guess whenthe key would fall. Although I came more than I ever had in my life I wasready for this to be over. Each drop of ice water was like a badge of honoras I had endured more pleasure and pain than I ever had before. I thoughtmy pussy would still be buzzing long into the night. The key was almostfree. I struggled to remain still and let the Hitachi buzz one more orgasmout of me before the key became mine. Then it dropped and arched just likemy string allowed right to my cuffed hands. I was almost disappointed. Iwas on the edge of another orgasm and now had to decide whether to wait alittle longer or free myself.You may be surprised that freeing myself won, but probably not for thereason you suspect. I had turned the Hitachi on low for the duration of mytie. I think having it on high would have killed me with orgasmoverload. But now I wanted my hands and legs free. I was then going to ripthe Hitachi off the rope, turn it on high and press it hard against my clitinstead of the maddening indirect contact of the last four hours. I wasgoing to finish with a power orgasm ripped from my body. Then I was goingto prepare to go out and be miss goody-goody vanilla co-worker again. Onlythere was a problem. The key didn’t open the lock.The key fit the lock fine and I knew from experience I had it positionedcorrectly, but it would not turn. WTF?!? I pulled the key out and looked atit. It looked right. Why wasn’t it working? In the mean time the Hitachiwas doing its thing and the orgasm I’d been so near to achieving began tobuild again. My brain, instead of worrying about being stuck was thinkingagain about Trish and being her slave unable to escape. I soon came againtrapped by my own lust. After I calmed down a bit I tried the lock again,but it didn’t budge. I resigned myself to the fact that Trish would be heresoon and I needed a plausible excuse why I was tied like this and lookinglike I’d just spent the afternoon cumming my fool head off.The wait for Trish to arrive and free me was interminable. The thought thatsomething would delay her or for some reason she would not show up at allracked my brain. Finally I heard the door bell. Then I heard a knock. I hadgiven Trish a key (she had given me a key to her place too) for emergencieslike if either of us got locked out. Of course my not answering did notconstitute an emergency. I’m sure she figured I just wasn’t home. That leftme with the horrifying option of using my cell phone I had attached to theheadboard, just in case, to call her before she went out for theevening. Not only was I going to get caught but I had to call her and askher to rescue me. What is the protocol for calling somebody up andadmitting you tied yourself up and can’t get free?Thankfully I was able to hit the speed dial button on my phone and activatethe speaker phone. Trish was less sympathetic than I had hoped. Sheactually laughed at me when I came clean about what had happened. I didn’ttell her all of the details about fantasizing about her all day. I justtold her I was stuck in my bedroom and I needed her help. Back at my doorin a couple of minutes and this time I heard the door open. I took a deepbreath. I heard Trish call out to me and then heard her walking up thestairs.Trish appeared at my bedroom door dressed as a vision of sexuality. Thiswasn’t just my post orgasmic haze playing games with my mind. She wasdressed to kill obviously planning ahead for finding a new matetonight. She had on a short tight leather dress with a scooped necklineshowing off ample cleavage. The dress came down only to her mid thigh. Shehad on black fishnet stockings and her stiletto heels were at least fourinches high. I felt myself begin to drool. She looked just right for mymistress fantasy. But how did she know that was what I wanted?”Looks like you really got yourself in trouble there babe,” she said. “Doyou do this often?”There was no point trying to deny it. “Yeah Trish I do. Almost everyweekend.””I never suspected you were into this kind of thing.””Well, it’s kind of new. I’ve been doing it for a few months,” I told herpurposely not admitting she was my secret inspiration. “Can you get meloose? The key doesn’t seem to work.””Are you sure you don’t want me to take advantage of you?” she asked in ajoking tone.So there it was. I could say yes or I could say no. The only thing holdingme back was after four hours I was very sore and didn’t think I could cumany more. Since Trish had sounded like she wasn’t 100% serious I decided toanswer the same way. “I don’t think I could take any more todaysweetie. I’ve sort of been cumming like a banshee for the last four hours.””I know,” Trish responded. “I could hear you. I wondered what you weredoing for so long.””So do you think I’m a freak,” I asked her.”No, not at all. I love to tie up my guys and make them beg for attention.””What about Julie?” I enquired.”Yeah, that didn’t really work out. I kind of wanted to see what it waslike to dominate a woman, but I prefer guys. She was willing but it reallydidn’t do anything for me. Let me try to get you out of there.”I was kind of shocked to hear that Trish wasn’t into dominating women. Fromwhat I heard when she was with Julie she certainly enjoyed herself thatnight. Oh well. My secret love of bondage was out in the open. My lust forTrish could remain a secret a little longer.Trish leaned over the bed to examine my cuffs. When she did her breastsrubbed over my face. It was my dream come true having her hover over melike that. It was a shame showing off for me wasn’t doing anything forher. She grabbed the cuffs and shook them, but they held fast.”Damn, no wonder you couldn’t get free,” she exclaimed.As if to get more leverage, she swung her leg over my chest and straddledme to get better access. She grabbed the key and started to work on thelock. Trish seemed oblivious to the fact that her skirt had hiked up whenshe threw her leg over my bound body. I had a perfect view under herskirt. It was then I realized she wasn’t wearing panties.My lust immediately began to build again. Trish was wiggling on top of metrying to get the key to work in the lock and I was watching her pussy. Godhow I wanted her to just slide forward and press her juicy slit against mymouth. I would have given her the best orgasm she ever had. I knew I coulddo it. She couldn’t get the lock to release and in a final desperateattempt she pulled hard on the buckle causing her to slid up and almostplant her pussy over my mouth. It was tantalizingly close. I stuck mytongue out trying to get a taste, but I came up an inch short. It couldhave been a mile away as it didn’t matter. I wasn’t going to get mytaste. Trish gave up and climbed off of me. I watched with disappointmentas she pulled her dress back down. She must have known she could have hadme. I guess she was serious about not being into women.”I can’t get the lock open. Do you have anything I else I can escort bursa use on it?”she said sounding disappointed at failing.”The middle drawer of my dresser is my toy drawer. There may be somethingin there you can use.”I knew there were no tools in the drawer but I wanted her to get a look atmy collection in hopes that she would want to use some of the toys on me. Iturned my head to watch her begin to look through my assortment. I had someother cuff keys and the keys to the torture panties. Trish found those andreturned without comment about my other items. Again she just leaned overme smothering my head in boob flesh in the process. How could she not knowwhat she was doing to me?Of course neither key worked. I was still stuck and the Hitachi was stillbuzzing away on my tender pussy. Trish said she may have a key that workedfrom her cuffs at home. She said she would go to look for them. I asked herto turn off the Hitachi. She smiled and did just that. Then I felt herfinger tips on my inner thigh.”Damn girl, your pussy is all puffy and red. You must have cum a lottoday. I can see why you want this thing turned off. I’ve always wanted totry one of these. You’ll have to lend it to me sometime.”I really didn’t know how to respond to that statement. I wanted to tell herI’d me happy help her use it, but I just said something stupid like “anytime.”Trish walked out leaving me to think more about my situation. With theHitachi off I could finally concentrate on the events of the day. My hopeof becoming Trish’s sex slave had disappeared. I couldn’t believe she didnot want to dominate me. At least she showed interest in my Hitachi. Maybethat was the opening I needed and someday a toy exchange could grow intomore. I waited patiently for her to return. She seemed to be taking longerthan necessary and then I heard a moan through the wall from hertownhome. Fuck. She was masturbating. Why wasn’t she taking advantage ofme? What was wrong with me? I obviously had turned her on if she couldn’twait to get herself off but for some reason she didn’t want me. I wasdevastated.It didn’t take long for Trish to climax. That made me feel even worse. Soonafter I heard her enter my townhome again. All I wanted was for her to freeme and then leave so I could curl up in a ball and cry myself tosleep. Trish seemed happy when she entered my bedroom. She was glowing likea woman who, well, just came. She unbuckled my ankles allowing me to twistand stretch a bit.”So did you cum good?” I asked her.She looked me in the eyes. “Yes I did sweetie. Thanks for asking.””Why didn’t you want me to help?”The tone in my voice betrayed the hurt I was feeling.”I told you I’m not into dominating girls.””OK, fine, but I’d still just lick your pussy if you want. I could get youoff.”I’m sure I sounded desperate.”But you did help me get off. I was actually thinking about your Hitachiand how great it must feel. I thought about how much fun it would be to tieup one of my guys and then sit on him and use it while he can’t touch me.”I thought for a moment. “Do you want to try that with me?”I could see the wheels turning in her head.”I don’t think I want you to watch me masturbate. That would be too weird.”There was an awkward silence for about 10 seconds.”Would you let me blindfold you?” Trish asked quietly.”Whatever you want honey,” I replied calmly. “I’m in no position to refuseanything.”I smiled at her. Maybe I could convince her having me as her slavegirl wasa good thing after all. I watched Trish contemplating her optionsagain. Then without saying another word she went back to my toy drawer. Iknew she would find a leather blindfold already adjusted to fit my headsnuggly. Trish looked back at me.”Are you sure about this Summer? I don’t want to screw up our friendship.””It’s ok baby,” I answered. “You’ll love it.”I didn’t specify what “it” was leaving her to assume I meant the Hitachialthough I really was talking about having me under her control. Trish slidthe blindfold over my head plunging me into a world of darkness. I lovedbeing blindfolded because my senses of touch and smell become soheightened. Immediately I felt new feelings of lust and arousal wash overmy body. I heard Trish turn the Hitachi back on its high setting. Then shemust have dropped it because I felt it hit my thigh and then bounced to myother legs before it settled hanging against my vagina again. Since Trishhad unhooked my ankles I had to twist a bit to get the wand where I wantedit, but once I did I couldn’t help but moan. Trish may not have wanted meto see her masturbate but I didn’t care at that moment if she watchedme. In fact the knowledge that she was in the room turned me on more.I heard the sound of Trish removing her clothes. I wish she had notblindfolded me so I could see her amazing body, but if that was the price Ihad to pay to get her to play with me then so be it. I felt her weight onthe edge of the bed and then I felt her leg swinging over my own. I wassurprised a bit when I felt her sit down on me. Her ass was on my upperthighs. The Hitachi bounced free from this action but it soon arrived backon my pussy. In fact it was pressed hard against my clit. I was about tomoan from the sudden contact when I heard Trish moan again. I then felt herass begin to move on my legs. It took a moment to realize she was going touse the Hitachi while sitting on me. I’m sure it wasn’t a mistake that shewas using her own pussy to push the head of the Hitachi down on my clit.Trish began to hump the Hitachi in earnest forcing the head to not onlypleasure her but me as well. She might not have wanted me to see hermasturbate but apparently her ability to see me was OK. We both weremoaning and the smell of arousal in my bedroom was definitelyoverpowering. Between moans Trish was praising the Hitachi and shouting tonobody in particular that it was the best thing she’d ever had between herlegs. Between moans I was praising her, although I couldn’t tell if shereally heard me or if she was so engrossed in her own pleasure that shewasn’t paying attention to me. She came with a shriek clamping her legsaround mine. I wasn’t far behind, but before I could cum again shedismounted me and turned off the Hitachi.”What the fuck?” I shouted. “Turn that back on and finish me.””Oh, sorry about that hon,” Trish said. “I was just thinking aboutmyself. Do you have a strap-on?”Now we were talking. She was finally going to fuck me. I had bought astrap-on because I fantasized about her using it on me but of course it hadnever been out of its package.”Look in the second drawer. I don’t keep it in my regular toy drawer.”I heard Trish moving around the room and then again felt her weight on mybed.”Brand new huh. Did you buy this just in case? Lift your legs up babe,” shetold me.I pulled my feet back toward my ass and spread them to give her easy accessto my dripping pussy.”Let’s together silly,” she said.I was confused until I felt her pulling the harness around my hips. She wasputting the strap-on on me not wearing it herself.”Baby, please fuck me,” I begged her.”I told you I don’t do that. But I need cock right now and this will haveto do.”Damn her. I had been dreaming about her using me and taking advantage of mebut this wasn’t what I had in mind. Once the fake cock was secured on me Ifelt her climbing over me once again. I didn’t know what to expect as sheimpaled herself onto me. She seemed happy judging by her squeals and thequickening pace she took fucking herself. As for me, I was getting a littlesecondary pleasure from her rocking motion as the base of the strap-onindirectly rubbed my clit, but it wasn’t great. I felt Trish’s hands on mybreasts. Apparently she was leaning forward so she could really startriding it hard and needed to steady herself. This was the first sexualcontact we really had and I tingled under the pressure of her fingers.”Fuck me Summer you wild bitch,” Trish called out. “Give me all of yourcock.””Untie me and I’ll give you the fucking of your life!” I shouted back ather.Trish then pinched my nipples and then lay down on top of me, although shebarely slowed her pace pounding the fake cock in and out of her pussy. Forsomeone not into girls she really seemed to be enjoying herself. She wasthrashing about. Although I couldn’t see her I could feel her hair againstmy face and knew her head was moving back and forth. I imagined her perfectass bouncing up and down on my cock. She was out of control and again I wasgetting close to coming but couldn’t quite get over the top. I felt Trishslow down and then shift her weight. She was obviously sitting uprightagain.”Your cock made me so wet baby. I loved it. Just give me a minute tofinish and then I’ll release you,” my best friend told me oblivious to myown need to cum.I heard the Hitachi turn on again. I could tell Trish was doing a slow bumpand grind on my strap-on. Now it was more wiggle and less pound with theadded pleasure of the Hitachi pressed against her clit. It turns out wewere both right. She finished quickly and didn’t care that I did not. Ifelt her dismount me and then the bed.”My God that was awesome,” she exclaimed breathless from her third orgasmin the last 30 minutes.”What about me,” I whined. “I need to cum too.””You can finish yourself. I need to go home and clean up. You’ve inspiredme to find some new hunk to bring back and dominate tonight.”I felt her struggling with the lock on my cuff again. Apparently she had acouple of different keys and finally the lock popped open. Trish gave me aquick kiss on the cheek and she was gone before I could get the cuffs offand take off the blindfold. I was pissed at her but of course I didn’t taketime to worry about that. I looked over at the dresser and the strap-on wassitting upright still glimmering with her pussy juice. Well if she wouldn’tlet me go to the source at least I can get a taste. I rolled out of bedover to the dresser, grabbed the fake cock and pushed it into my mouth. Shetasted wonderful, at least as wonderful as she could coating a latexdong. Looking back to the Hitachi still hanging over my bed I had the urgeto know what she was feeling. I grabbed the dildo and jumped back on thebed. I would have much preferred if my gorgeous neighbor had been wearingmy pleasure tool, but I managed to hold it in place well enough for me tofuck. With my other hand I held the Hitachi against my clit. It was alethal combination. Trish was probably already in the shower but if not I’msure she heard my screams of ecstasy as I brought myself off one finaltime.My pussy was numb after a total of 5 hours of near constant attention andabuse. I was sore, I was dehydrated from cumming so much and I wasn’t sureif my best friend would ever talk to me again after learning what a freak Iam, but I was also sexually satisfied in a way I’d never felt before. Ididn’t bother to get up and shower. I just curled up and fell asleep on mynasty, wet sheets. I had never felt so alive.I was dark when I woke up. My right hand had been between my legs. My pussywas still wet. Looking at the clock it was 10:45. I thought back to theafternoon in bondage and Trish using me to pleasure herself and smiled. Ireally wish I had not been blindfolded so I could have seen what she lookedlike when she came. I’m sure her breasts had been flopping wildly when sherode me. Then I remembered that she said she was still going out to lookfor a stud to dominate that night. I wondered if she had been successful.I felt very dirty both from my activities and from sleeping in the remnantsso I got up and took a shower. Then I went down to the kitchen to fix asnack. I didn’t bother putting clothes on. After everything that happenedtoday it really didn’t seem necessary. After making a sandwich I looked outthe kitchen window to the back yard to try and figure out if Trish’s lightswere on. For some reason I had to know if she had brought a man home. Maybeshe would strike out and my offer to serve her would look better.The backyard looked pretty dark. I was about to open my garage door to seeif I could see Trish’s car when a more exciting way to verify that poppedinto my head. As you probably remember I had to sneak into the garage toretrieve a key while wearing a hobble chain. Although it was exciting I wasalso very scared I’d be caught. I decided I wanted to try streaking to thegarage again only this time without the restriction of ankle cuffs. Ifigured that was safer but would still be exciting.I made sure I had my key to this side door this time. No more worryingabout my neighbors wondering why my garage door was open. My plan was tostay near the bushes and make a mad dash for the side of the garage. Then Icould open the side door and check for Trish’s car. I could also see intoher kitchen from the safety of the side of the garage. In retrospect Icould have called her too, but I’d been thinking about sex 24/7 lately andwasn’t exactly thinking straight. So out I went. My tits were flappingwildly as I sprinted to the garage. I didn’t look back to see if anybodymight have seen me.Inspecting the garage I saw Trish’s car was missing. My landlord’s car wasthere, but since he and his wife both had cars and their twin boys shared acar that was hardly a surprise or even evidence that they were home. I shutthe door and then snuck to the edge of the building to peak toward Trish’skitchen. As I suspected it was dark. Looking to the landlord’s place Inoticed their two sons sitting in the kitchen. I hoped unlike last time Iwas outside naked they would not move to their patio trapping me.I decided I had better use the bushes for cover as I went back to my ownkitchen. I took one final peak around the corner to make sure the coast wasclear when the headlights of Trish’s car came around the corner of thegarage. I spun back pressing my back against the garage wall trying to makemyself as flat as possible. Of course this was a relative description as myheaving chest made for an interesting shadow. I tried to calm my racingheart and slow my breathing. I knew Trish never used the service door (weall walked out of the open garage door and then shut it remotely) but thethought of her catching me was very exciting. I didn’t leave my headexposed long enough to determine if she was alone. I stood silentlylistening for the garage door to shut. When it did I peaked carefullyaround the corner.I was surprised that Trish was alone. I watched her perfect ass soeffectively displayed by her short skirt and high heels walk toward herplace. How could she have struck out? Maybe I had made more of animpression than I thought on her. My mind was daydreaming about burying myface between her ass cheeks when I saw her turn and walk to the back doorof the landlord’s. What could she be doing there? I watch one of the twinopen the door. Trish went into the kitchen. The boy then grabbed her in apassionate embrace and gave her a deep kiss. Trish kissed him back with afiery intensity I could plainly see even at a distance. Apparently hisbrother was getting jealous because he pushed them apart. I’ll be damned ifTrish didn’t then wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him the sameway. What the hell?When they broke their embrace Trish pointed toward her place. She walkedout first and went back to her kitchen. The boys disappeared from view. Ifelt like a pervert spying on her, but I couldn’t help myself. Trishsurprised me by taking off her clothes right in the kitchen. The windowsdid not afford me much of a view but I could tell what she was doing. Icould see that she was naked. I then saw her sit on her kitchen table. Iwondered what was going on but fortunately I didn’t have to wait long. Theneighbor boys soon were out their kitchen door walking over to Trish’splace. They had shit eating grins on their faces. It was obvious what theywere expecting. I had never taken a good look at them before. I’d met mylandlord obviously but never his wife and only his sons inpassing. Studying them as they walked to my best friend’s house I realizedthey were actually pretty good looking. Trish’s back door was unlocked andthey walked in without knocking. I watched as they repeated theirpassionate kisses only this time each had a firm grip on one of her amplebreasts. Trish’s head was tilted back exposing her neck in an apparent bidfor passionate attention from the boys. My own pussy was starting to feeljealous as the two young studs were giving my friend attention. Attentionthat I certainly could have used.I watched as Trish got off the table and disappeared to the floor. Icouldn’t see the details, but it was obvious what she was doing. I beganrubbing my clit. Trish worked the two boys over for a few minutes untilthey pointed toward the interior of her townhome. I saw her get up. Herface was flush. She walked in front of them and my show was apparentlyover. I didn’t bother worrying about being seen. I bolted for my door. Iprayed Trish would take them where I could hear them. She knew I was homeand after this afternoon knew I was a perv so hopefully she would take themto her second bedroom. I’d even settle for the muted sounds from thebasement. As it turned out that is where I tracked them down.But there was something else I found downstairs. Hanging out of a ceilingtile on the shared wall with Trish’s place was a yellow video cable. Therewas a sign that said “plug this into your TV.” That cable was not there thelast time I was downstairs. I grabbed a chair and followed the cable upinto the ceiling tile. Lifting the tile I discovered the walls went up tothe floor joists but access to Trish’s place was as easy as moving the nextceiling tile. The wire came up from her basement and down into mine. Shehad obviously set this up while I napped. When I realized the wire wasprobably connected to a camera I got excited.I just had an old cheap TV in my basement but that was perfect for thispurpose. The picture wasn’t great, but I could clearly see Trish on allfours sucking off one of the boys while the other did her frombehind. Through the concrete walls I couldn’t hear much, but I made upsounds in my mind to match the action. In the background of the picture Isaw a collection of crops, floggers, cuffs and clamps. Apparently the boysdidn’t care about any of that preferring to just go with tag team sex of mysexy neighbor.From Trish’s reaction they were very good at what they were doing. Theyalso seemed very in control of their emotions. That probably was why theydidn’t try to dominate her. Three tops is never a good idea. They needed meover there so I could be slave to all of them. I’m sure you are notsurprised that I masturbated again watching the X-rated show Trish hadarranged for me to see. I wondered if she had originally planned to bringhome some submissive guy to show me what she really enjoys. But I was happyto watch her get drilled by our neighbors. I made a mental note to get toknow the boys. Perhaps they can offer me the same neighborlyattention. When they were done with her she did her best porn starimpression and let them shoot on her face. She was on her knees and whenthe boys pulled on their pants and walked upstairs she remained on herknees facing the camera. She smiled at me, winked, and then made a show ofwiping the cum off her face and into her mouth. What a whore. I loved itand wished it was me.Frustratingly everything the next week made it seem like nothing out of theordinary happened last Saturday. I know she wanted me to watch her take ontwo guys like a slut bunny and she certainly knew what I was all about, butnothing about it was said between us. Finally by next Saturday I hadreached my breaking point. All week I had fantasized about Trish and nowthe neighbor boys. It was time for me to lay my cards on the table as itwere. Instead of waiting for Trish to come to my house for coffee I went tohers. She didn’t seem too surprised to see me.”So did you enjoy the show last Saturday?” she asked.”You knew I would,” I countered.”Yeah, I did too. Those boys have great cocks. Too bad they are not intoBDSM.””Speaking of bondage,” I replied, “I have not stopped thinking about you orthem.””I told you I’m not into girls.””I know, but you like tying up guys. Can you just tie me up so I can’tescape myself. I want to know what it feels like,” I pleaded.”What are friends for?” she replied with a wink.I stepped into her townhome. When the door shut behind me and she lockedthe deadbolt it felt like a prison cell shutting.”From now on you will do exactly what I say without question, agreed?” sheasked.I nodded my head.”Good. Take your clothes off. All of them. Fold them and place them on thatchair,” she said pointing toward the living room.I did as I was told. It felt very liberating. I stood before my best friendnaked and alive. My nipple were hard and my pussy was wet. I couldn’t waitfor her next command. If I’d known what it was I probably would not havebeen so impatient.”I really enjoyed playing with your Hitachi last Saturday. That thing isamazing. Be a good girl and fetch it for me,” Trish ordered.”But, but, but I’m naked and the sun is shining,” I complained.”That’s not my problem,” she responded. “If you want me to tie you up Ineed to get something out of this arrangement. I’m going to use yourHitachi again after I tie you. Or you could just get dressed and go tieyourself.”I was in a quandary. I didn’t want to be seen naked outside but I alsodesperately needed her to take control. I started moving toward the kitchenand the back door.”Where are you going?” Trish asked.”Back door,” I responded pointing toward the kitchen,”No, no, no, go out the front.””But what about the people on the street?””Why should we have all the fun today?” she replied and I knew I wassunk. I walked to the door and opened the deadbolt.Grasping my key in my hand I peeked out the door much like I had done fromthe garage.”Meet me downstairs. Don’t take too long or I’ll get bored with you and youcan forget this.”Trish turned and walked away. I was shocked she wasn’t going to watch me. Itook a deep breath and ran to my house. My heart was pounded when I made itinto the safety of my townhome. Running through the front yard in daylightwas 10 times worse than the backyard at night. It was also 10 times asexciting. I hurried and got my Hitachi and then made the mad dash toTrish’s. I expected her to have to door locked to make me wait on herstoop, but she didn’t. I ran down the stairs to her basement. She wasarranging several sets of cuff and paddles. She took the Hitachi from me. Inoticed she was holding a blindfold. Damn, once again I wouldn’t get thempleasure of watching her. Strange since she let me watch her lastweekend. Of well. As long as she ties me.The first thing Trish did was have me pick out a collar from a collectionshe had in her bondage gear cabinet. She explained that normally acollaring ceremony was very formal as the dominant took his/her slave on apermanent basis. She said not to read that much into this but that shewould need it later. I picked a simple leather one with a big D ring in thefront. Trish had me put it on myself. I felt completely different once Ihad done so like I was a real slavegirl, even if it was temporary. NextTrish pointed to a padded bench and told me to bend over it.”I’ll pick your next adornment,” she said.I’m sure she had already made her mind up because she returned quickly witha butt plug that had a long hair tail attached to the end. I gave her aquizzical look.”You’re acting like a bitch dog in heat so I’m making you look like one,”she said with a smile.Trish applied a generous amount of lube to the plug and also to the outsideof my asshole. The plug slid in easier that I think she expected.”So this isn’t the first time you’ve had something up your ass. Good. Thatwill make it easier later.”Trish then pointed to a padded mat on the floor and told me to get on myknees. When I did so she walked past me. I realized my mouth was at theperfect height to service her pussy. Oh how I wanted her to rub it againstmy face and for my tongue deep inside her honey pot. Instead she went overto a cabinet and returned with a strange contraption of cuffs and chain.”This is to put you in a sitting hog tie. It’s not the tightest bondageposition but I think you will like it. Hands behind your back please.”Trish made quick work of me. Two cuffs went around my ankles. The cuffswere chained through a common ring in the center to two wrist cuffs. Whenshe was done a minute later my left wrist was chained to my right ankle andmy right wrist to my left ankle. The chains were short enough that I had tolean backwards slightly. This had the effect of throwing my chest outexposing my breasts to whatever torture (or hopefully pleasure) Trishwanted to inflict on me. The second effect was to stress my thighs. I hopeshe didn’t plan on me holding this position too long. This position alsoexposed my pussy which was leaking copious amounts of fluid. I loved thistreatment.Trish then retrieved the Hitachi and took her own clothes off. I wassurprised and happy that she didn’t blindfold me. Instead she sat on thefloor in front of me and spread her legs. She was exceptionally filthy inher descriptions of what she was feeling from the Hitachi and how much sheloved fucking the neighbor boys. She teased me saying how much she knew Iwould love it if she used the Hitachi on me and called the boys forhelp. Watching this beautiful creature of pure sex masturbate in front ofme while in bondage had my lust off the charts. I’m sure that was herpurpose. When she finally climaxed I begged for her to do me. I promised Iwould do anything for her if she would just get me off. I told her I’d beat her beck and call and would get her off whenever she wanted. Just pleaselet me cum now.”Anything, anytime?” she asked.I was practically panting with need from watching her show and having myass penetrated. “Yes anything.””OK,” she said. “Let’s see if you like this.”I watched as she grabbed her cell phone and sent a text message. Was shesignaling the boys to come over? Then she went back to the cabinet andbrought another set of the hog tie cuffs and chains which she set in frontof me. She then brought over a large double ended dildo (or was it avibrator I couldn’t tell) two pairs of nipple clips with short chains,another butt plug with tail and an ornate collar. I must have lookedconfused. I watched as she lubed up the plug and slid it up her own ass. Itwent in easier than mine did. I guess her ass gets more action than mine.”I told you I’m not into dominating girls. But that doesn’t mean I don’tlike getting tied up like you do.”I was dumbfounded. I could only watch as Trish first attached one of thenipple clips to my right nipple letting the chain and second clipdangle. The pain was mouth-watering. I’d infrequently used clamps beforewith limited pleasure but with her in control it felt great. She thenclamped my left nipple. Again its chain and matching clip dangled in frontof me. Trish didn’t say a word. She then slid one end of the double dildointo my pussy. There was little to no resistance. I was soaked. She thenflipped a switch and it began to vibrate.”This is a neat toy. Both sides are controlled independently so you cantailor the speed and frequency to the person using it. I think for you topspeed will be good. You’ll probably cum in minutes.”I groaned with pleasure as the vibrations began to rock me to mycore. Trish then knelt in front of me and hooked her own ankles with thecuffs and then slid the other end of the vibrator into her pussy.”I prefer a tease setting. It turns on and off randomly at low speed andwill not let me cum.”I thought of the ramifications of having Trish teased and primed for wildsex. When she releases us she’ll be ready for anything. That will be mychance. I didn’t want to be all cummed out from having the vibe on high.””Can you set my side the same way?””I can, but you might not like it.””I can handle it. Trust me.”I watched Trish fiddle with the control and the vibrations stopped. I tooka deep breath. Trish put on her collar. She looked so sexy andsubmissive. The fact that she was placing herself in bondage and apparentlyhad the same desires I did was an incredible turn on. She then picked upthe nipple clip dangling from the chain off my left breast and attached itto her left nipple. There was a shot of pain through my body as the chainwas momentarily stretched to the limit. She then repeated the process withthe right chain.”We’re now attached. Don’t move to fast or we’ll both be in extreme pain.”I nodded my head. Trish leaned back pulling the chains almost taught. Shethen grabbed the two remaining wrist cuffs. She must have been an expert incuffing herself because she did it quickly with apparently littleeffort. Thus we were both bound with our asses plugged, our pussies sharinga diabolical vibrator, our nipples clamped together so any movement by oneof us would instants bring pain to our partner and our wrists and anklescuffed holding us in a kneeling position. I was also staring at Trish’sstunning face and amazing tits fantasizing about what I was going to do toher when she releases me.”I didn’t see how you can release the cuffs,” I questioned Trish.”I can’t,” she relied.”What?” I exclaimed with alarm accidentally pulling on her nipples.”Please don’t do that,” she said.”Sorry,” I replied.”You wanted to be bound so you can’t escape. I’ve done that. You will findit much more stimulating than waiting for an ice cube to melt.””But you said you can’t get us free?” I said sounding nervous.”That is correct. That is what you wanted.””I wanted for me not to be able to get free until you release me. How arewe going to get out of this?” I was almost crying. Then the vibe turnedon. It shocked me because I had forgotten both my holes were very full.”Not to worry. I sent a text to let my mistress know where we were. She’lllet us go.””Your mistress?” I questioned.”Yes. My mistress. It’s time I let you in on a little secret. I do enjoytying up guys and making them beg me for attention, but being under thecontrol of a strict mistress is what really turns me on. That is why Ican’t dominate you.”I was almost in tears from stimulation overload. “And she is coming herethis afternoon?””Yes she was very interested in meeting you after I told her about youraffection for self bondage. She’s the one who suggested I switch the keysso you couldn’t escape last Saturday. She gave me an order to recruit acoworker for her. Sorry about that. But I had fun and I’m sure you didtoo.”This was all too much for me to handle. “But what about the neighbor boys?””The twins, Peter and Bobby? They’re fun with good cocks, but I don’t letthem tie me. They know how to fuck so I use them for stress relief whenmistress isn’t around.””I can’t believe you did this to me,” I said with an accusing tone.”Bullshit,” Trish replied. “I see the way you look at me. You’ve wanted tofuck me since we met.”As if to reinforce her point she pulled back on the nipple chain shooting abolt of pain through me.”True, but I want to serve you not someone else.””Not to worry. You’ll love your new mistress. She has the sweetestpussy. She also doesn’t mind me fucking around when she’s not home so we’llbe able to play I’m sure.”My head was spinning. “I don’t know if I can do this Trish.””You really don’t have a choice, Summer. You can’t escape and I know whatthat vibe will do to your resolve. By the time she gets here you will be sodesperate to cum you’ll do anything she says to have an orgasm.”The vibe turned on again higher this time. I was riding a confused wave oflust and I could feel my orgasm building. I tried to focus my eyes on Trishbut apparently her end of the vibe was on too. She looked so beautiful. Shewas right. I would do anything to be with her and I’m sure by the time mynew mistress arrived I’d probably beg her too to fuck me hard.”What’s our mistress like?” I managed to ask Trish.”She’s married with k**s, but you would never tell from her body. She’sstunning. You’ll fuck her husband and suck his cock all the time. He likesshooting in my mouth. He’ll love you too. They take care of me and I takecare of them. She’ll give you just the right balance of pain andpleasure. Just enjoy the ride.”I wasn’t sure about this but I trusted Trish and I was horny as hell. Twohours later I was desperate to cum when I heard the sound of boots comingdownstairs. She was here.

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