Sun dress without panties


Sun dress without pantiesThis one has limited appeal for me to be honest because panties are more sexy than no panties. But I think it might appeal to you on a nice summer day to feel the breeze blow up your dress. Saskatoon is divided by the river, the same river that affords walking trails along the river. Maybe we would start at the Mendel Art Gallery. We can enjoy different artist’s rendering of beauty; and I can show off to everyone my beautiful muse. I wonder how clumsy they think you are, because you keep having to bend over a pick up something you drop…Your sun-dress is shamefully short, and more than once when bending over the white globes of your perfect ass came briefly into view. Now walking along the trail a breeze surreptitiously lifts your hemline; sometimes people see, sometimes no one is around. Sometimes you find it harder to keep walking in front up the stairs with my fingers in you. I can tell you are enjoying your expose; your wetness covers your inner thighs. The nipple clamps only add to the slow burning that envelopes you, making all your flesh tingle in anticipation. We continue along the trail and beyond, It has been quite some time since we encountered anyone, the last one being a guy on a bike heading the other way.It’s now that I tell you to take off your dress. You have a look of defiance as you let the dress fall about your feet; a look that says you are not going to succumb to any challenge I present by failing to accept. There is a bluff of trees across the field, I indicate we will go there. The barley is just high enough that the beards tickle your lips as you walk; I can’t tell if it this or the uneven footing that has you stumbling forward; so just to be sure I have you straddle one row as you walk. Yes I’m nasty! Nasty and delightful. You are noticeably flush by the time we reach the trees.How delightful you looked with the barley heads tickling you as you walked astride the row, the sun gleaming on your skin and catching your eye with a glint as you looked over your shoulder to open your mouth in an O of exquisite pleasure – yes you like nasty and delightful too, the barley tickling your lips that began to flare from your earlier exhibitionism. I will remember that cheeky display forever now – the sun, your smile, flaring lips that hand down between your luscious ass cheeks; and make a mental tuzla escort note about tickling as a sensation you enjoy. When we get to the bluff, I pull a length of cord rope from my pocket hoping it’s long enough. There are two trees close to the edge that will be close enough together; so I begin securing your arms outstretched just slightly above your head so you are facing away from where we came. Your view obscured by the rest of the trees.”What, no blindfold” You try and mock me, empowered by your unabashed displays earlier and delightful dance through the field. “it’s not like you can see anyone approach from behind” I reply “Or even go by, like those people” and suddenly your expression shows a bit of alarm as if the realization of your predicament sinks in; The alarm is fleeting because you know you are always safe; but the seeds of doubt take root as you think that anybody could walk by… “” just wish I brought a knife” I lament as I try to use the remainder of the cord to bind even just one of your tits! It’s no use. This cord is too smooth and won’t bite into your firm orb enough to get a start, and with too short a length I can’t wrap it around you either. “Next time” I say as I cruelly twist your nipple and watch you flinch! My fingers scratch down your abdomen to seek out your lips and my other hand takes your chin to force you to look directly at me.I find your lips with one hand, they are protruding so nicely and wet so I grab them in my fist firmly and extend my thumb into your mouth. Now it’s my turn to mock you “I bet my cunt wants to cum?” and squeeze harder “Oh yes please” you agree all to subordinately. I don’t think you are mocking me any-more, I can feel how wet you are; but know this is too easy for you… and too much effort not to exploit the scene more… Releasing my grip on your cunt I immediately thrust two fingers up inside you and pull you toward me.”I bet you do my little whore, you have been having so much fun today, haven’t you”?”Yessss!” You hiss through clenched teeth and my thumb.”I think you need to wait” As I continue my assault, adding a third finger. You are so wet that the sloshing drowns out all other sounds, the birds, the breeze that rustles the barley behind you, and your panting!”I love playing with your beautiful cunt” Adding a fourth finger and working you into a frenzy now. tuzla escort bayan I have to remove my thumb because you are clenching your teeth so hard now, you will bite it clean off!”Please, I neeeeed to cum, Please” You ask raggedly.”Not yet my little whore; tell me how many people do you think saw you nice happy pussy today?””I aughhhh, don’t know””Well guess then” My demeanour calm and controlled as you dance from one foot to the other trying to avoid my hand that keeps digging into you.”Ummmm, ungh six” you sputter.”And how many didn’t see?” I calmly ask.”How the fuck would… everyone else” You protest, agitated and on edge trying to hold back the orgasm that threatens to make you fail!”Everyone else like this guy, slut?” I ask and pull my hand away “I think he wants to see””Where?” as you try and turn your head each way to see behind you.”Oh, he’s gone now, no worries” I assure you as I wipe my soaked hand on your breasts like a paint brush.”He sure looked curious” I say as I taste you from your heaving chest and hard nipples.I don’t know if the threat helped alleviate your orgasm, or make it inevitable; maybe it is the attention to your tits, but I feel you squirt a dribble on my bare leg below my shorts. “Did you just cum?””No, No I didn’t” you protest.I grab your hair and point your face to the tell-tale moist streak running down my leg. “Then what is this?””That’s me being happy” You say with a smile.”Count with me. Six!” As I grab one nipple between my fingers squeezing hard and pulling until it slips from my grip.”Six” You reply; and my other hand comes up and slaps your unsuspecting cunt with a loud smack!”Five” I demand, repeating the tortuous process”Five” You reply. Smack!All the way down to one; and then thinking it’s over; you beg me to cum. You really sound sincere and I almost give in. I love when you cum!”Six” I start again with your other nipple now”Six” You reply; Smack! Wishing you never asked me to pay more attention to your tits!And as we again work our way deviously down to one I cannot help but to praise you and your tenacity; because if you haven’t cum you used every ounce of defiance. Your poor nipples look raw, tender but hard… such a delicious paradox that always makes me smile. The really amazing part for me is how the clear viscous fluid hangs in obscene strings and gobs from your inflamed cunt escort tuzla lips and thighs. If I didn’t know how good you tasted I might be put off, but I know what a treat is there. I hold my hand to your face, slightly hanging and pretend to be upset. “Is this cum?””No!” You say, defiantly even though you are starting to show signs of not being able to prevent your orgasm. “Are you sure? It looks like cum” I say admonishingly “And tastes like cum” As I lick my hand. “You taste it and tell me it’s not” as I slather your face around your mouth and your cheeks. I lean in and kiss you and lick your face whispering “It’s okay if you cum when You aren’t supposed to” as I flutter fingers inside your sopping cunt before catching your clit firmly “I just get to think of more ways to punish you” and squeeze hard on your most sensitive button “I know you really need to don’t you, slut” I say smirking.Italian words, and not nice ones are all that I can discern emanating from you. You want to cum so bad; and your whole body stiffens and fights back. You won’t look down at my hand, or at my face, and hang stiff like frozen clothes on a laundry line in the winter. I move behind you now and cup your whole pussy in my hand then run my hand up and spread slickness from your the start of your lips to where your firm ass cheeks start, then back and forth feeling your ass quiver as I do. Now I use two fingers and rub just that spot in little circles, pressing harder each time. This new sensation has you dancing again; torn between bearing down to impale your ass on my fingers, or get away. But there is no escape!”Try not to cum my dirty whore” I offer as use both hands to pull your cheeks apart and clamp my mouth over your lips from behind and underneath. You can’t tell what is invading which hole: My teeth sc**** your clit, my nose pokes at your ass and my fingers are everywhere fighting my tongue to get deeper inside. When you finally burst I had your clit between my teeth and two fingers in your ass and who know what inside your delicious cunt! My chin was almost buried in there. You collapsed against my face, like all those times when you grind on purpose; but this time I lifted up, and your entire weight focused at the apex of your delicious junction and my face – Burst is the best way to describe the force that you shot with; then a dribble and almost hesitatingly you burst forth again. You fought with all you had but there was no way you were going to stop from cumming. We both knew it; it was just a matter of time! Such a beautiful slut for me you are.

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