sunny’s wife’s away


sunny’s wife’s awaySunny Brown’s wife Valerie, a hospital senior dietician, had gone to Sydney for an advanced hospital nutrition and food services management course for a month and Sunny’s missing her and missing connecting with her vagina. Equally distressing he was missing her superior cooking compared to his best endeavours and generally most restaurant meals he’d had didn’t measure up either.But he survived without complaint and cooked some of his dinners, mainly sticking with chicken fried rice or mince on toast or a roast. Two bright spots were invitations on week one and week two from two friends, well his wife’s friends actually but he knew the women well. Both served him and their family delightful fare. He wanted to reward them but both said the same thing, that they didn’t commit adultery unless their husbands were out of town.On that third week he began getting a boner every half hour or so, and that told him something. Even some of the Plain Jane’s in his office began looking like pin-up babes and masturbation had proven only a short-term effective substitution because it’s effect at producing satisfaction was now negligible.Sunny, CEO of the regional office of a national insurance company, knew what was required: a woman. He skipped the idea of hitting on his married sister and youngest aunt and prostitutes. Instead he decided to scout some bars and look for a roving-eyed office girl or an out-of-town woman thinking she was missing home nookie. But he never got to do that prospecting.During his lunch break that day, Sunny was completing his brisk three-quarter mile walk on a circuit on Athlone’s waterfront and walked up to his usual seat to see it was partly occupied by a woman who was well dressed wearing dark sunglasses and had her legs open.Sunny slowed to lengthen the time he had to view up her dress before he reached the seat. She wore stockings and he could easily see the two pieces of chubby thigh above the hold-ups and her white panties were without a crotch pad because he could see the general outline of her… oh holy mackerel.His mind flooded with a vivid image of her pussy. Usually Sunny’s been attracted, passively of course, to women with great tits. With this woman he was attracted by her cunt because he hadn’t yet taken in her tits, face, hair, quality of make-up, scars, size of mouth, earrings, expression and so on, or perhaps that was it.“Good afternoon, a lovely day,” he said, making sure he smiled rather than leered.She smiled pleasantly and said, “Yes it’s a lovely day.”“American?”“No Australian,” she said. “You can test me by asking me to say fish.”“Yeah you must be an Aussie sahabet güvenilirmi when trying to take the piss out of a cluchie like that.”“That’s rude of you to use that word.”“Sorry, I should have said Australian.”She signed and said she’d been told when every Australian arrived in Ireland it raised the country’s IQ average.Sunny found that offensive. bloody Aussies, they were always stealing Irish ideas. Ireland’s had been raising the average IQ level of Australia for 150 years and took delight in reminding Australian’s of that.“Oh have I offended you?”“No I was wondering about the colour of your eyes because I can’t see for your dark glasses.”She removed her sunglasses for a moment and looked at him.She was rather pretty and he said hazel and she said spot on and that his were green. “When did you arrive?”“About two hours ago. I decided to sit here and see if I could soak up some local atmosphere. The female office workers dress pretty well.”“Have you had lunch?”“No but will do so soon.”“May I take you to lunch?”“Are you tempting to pick me up?”“No I just like Australians, especially their prettier women who are not too muscular and speak more softly than the national average, like you do.”“Yes I’ll have lunch with you purely because I’m a bit peckish and it’s the best offer I’ve had and I don’t like eating alone.”“My wife’s in Sydney right now.”The woman smiled and said, “Obviously you’re not attempting to pick me up for a bang or whatever you do because you told me you’re married.”“Well yes. Are you married?”“I might be and then again I might not be.”Sunny stood and held out his hand.She took his hand and stood and continued to hold has hand as they walked off.Now that was promising.“I was hoping to be picked up by a guy while I’m over here. I didn’t think it would happen so soon.”Sunny’s mind raced. “Would you like to have sex after lunch or this evening after dinner?”“Yes to both options,” she smiled.As they walked off he considered introducing himself as Charlie Smith but gave his real name of Sunny Brown. The name she gave was Debra Ross and he wondered about the authenticity of that name, not that it mattered.* * *As Debra undressed she said, “Are you used to adultery?”“Actually no. This is the first time my wife has been away from me longer than a couple of days and occasionally I’ve rumbled with some of her girlfriends and a few times I’ve had carnal connection with them but we always have been too drunk to go much beyond that point. What about you?”“I’ve been naughty occasionally. I like to fuck and my husband experiences a lot of work stress and goes to boring conferences that sahabet yeni giriş I no long accompany him to and so I take the opportunity to accept some approaches I receive. Should I leave on my stockings?”“Can I cum on them?”Debra sighed and said, “I suppose so.”“Well in that case leave them on. Anyway they frame a women’s pussy.”Debra didn’t appear to hear that. She was focused on what Sunny had uncovered, a thick stubby billet of steel-like cock that was dripping slightly at the discharge end.“Omigod, I can’t wait to get that into me,” she practically drooled.“Well don’t wait,” Sunny said cooperatively and tossed her on to the bed on her tummy and stuck it in.She shrieked and said, “Remove it at once, you swine. God you are ripping me in two. I don’t take it anally and anyway you have not lubricated me and you’re not wearing a condom and skipped performing lots of working on enlarging the opening.”“Oh sorry,” Sunny said apologizing and withdraw with a disgusting plop.“Omigod, the Reli-e-e-e-f!” shouted Debra, as 8-inches of steel billet, apparently rather thicker than she was used to, sped up her leaking main channel toward her cervix while she was expressing her relief at no longer having her butt invaded.“Omigod, you savage… and you still are not sheathed.”“Sorry but you should know that’s the woman’s responsibility,” Sunny said smoothly as he settled quickly into rhythm and reached under Debra and mashed her tits.“Omigod, Omigod,” Debra sighed as she sunk into multiple orgasms.“Come on, move your ass, you wanted to be fucked didn’t you?”“Yes but…”“No buts Debra, just let yourself go and enjoy sex without boundaries,” he panted. “Um what does your husband do for a crust?”“He’s high up in the clergy.”Sunny almost ejaculated in shock.“Ah and perhaps that explains your reluctance to indulge in anal?”“Actually your straight thrust in was unbearably tight because I haven’t indulged in anal since I was twenty.”“Sorry.”“Don’t be. We can do it properly this evening. I’ll take responsibility for acquiring condoms and an appropriate lubricant.”“Okay but come on, move your ass. This is called fucking, not an afternoon nap.”Debra did complained the bed was too soft and she was feeling a little nauseated. Sunny wondered if that would be reaction after having a cock up her ass for the first time in perhaps twenty-five years. He disconnected and lifted her off the bed and placed her on her back on the small dining table and told her to lick a tit and just concentrate on squeezing his dick with her cunt muscles.“Do I have cunt muscles?”He sighed and began banging and she got into it a bit and was sahabet giriş really worrying a tit with the nipple looking big and fat and red from her bites.“No just try pulling your ass cheeks together,” he requested.It worked. The extra friction soon had him red-faced and panting.“Are you okay darling, you appear to be having a heart attack?” she inquired.The pressure of extra penis stimulation became a little too much for Sunny. His face turned purple and he pulled out and streaked her tits, face and hair with ropes of cum.“Omigod,” she shrieked. “Are you urinating on me?”Sunny sighed and rolled off and brought her to a screaming climax with three of his fingers.Sunny left the Sheraton hotel for the office after breakfast next morning. The lovers kissed goodbye without Debra having asked any details about him, not even where he worked, and all she said she was heading south later in the morning. They didn’t exchange phone numbers or email addresses, acting rather like strangers with nothing much in common.When having his pre-lunch walk that day, Stewart thought well all both of them had wanted was sex so why bother with contact details when no future contact was likely. They’d had nothing else in company apart from the desire to get off sexually. He wondered how anyone like him could be so shallow. It felt wierd but safe. No way on earth V is ever gonna find out.A few days later when he brought his wife home from the airport, as soon as they arrived inside Sunny grabbed V and threw her on to the sofa and unzipped.“Omigod haven’t you had sex since I left for Australia?”“No,” he gritted, wanting her to leave her with that impression.“But what about Sue and Rebecca? They both promised me they would invite you to dinner and have sex with you at least once.”Sunny was most put out.“There were no offers of sex but I did have dinner once with each of them and their families.”“I can’t understand. Did you offend both of my friends?”“No of course not but I did hint when thanking them for their beautiful dinner that I’d like to reward them.”“And?”“Nothing happened V. They asked how could I reward them and I said how about a hot meat injection.”V burst into laughter and then called him stupid.“Both those friends are sophisticated women and would expect to be wooed seductively before they’d think of pulling down their panties for you. God now they’ll be wondering what I see in you. Come on darls, I’m waiting for a big meat injection and poke a finger up my ass. That vibrator I took with me is no substitute for your rampaging hot cock. In the next day or so I’ll invite Rebecca over first and then Sue and we can have a threesome so they can regain their respect for you.”Sunny leered and his manhood swelled.“God you are hard baby. Your cock feels like it’s harder than steel, perhaps more like a titanium rod. While you rest after this first bang I’ll grab a rubber and peach-flavoured lubricant.”

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