Surfing Ch. 2


This is a continuation of the first story called SURFING . . .

After our first lovemaking session that afternoon, mom decided to go and catch some sun at the pool in my apartment complex. When I walked out of my room after changing into my swim trunks, I saw my gorgeous mom applying a sun screen on her long firm legs. Her red finger nail polish accenting the nice tan. She looked up at me.

“Hello lover, do you like my new bikini? I bought it just for this visit.”

“Oh yes mom, it looks great on you!”

“Remember, I’m your lover this weekend, so stop the mom stuff.” “Call me Donna in public and whatever you like if private.”

Parting her thighs, she started applying the sun screen to her inner thighs.

“You know mo.. Donna I better meet you at the pool, If I watch you much longer I will need to fuck that hot pussy of yours again.”

She spread her thighs more and ran a finger over the tiny fabric. Then ran her tongue over her lips.

“Anytime you want to put that big fat cock in this pussy just ask or even better just take it.”

I pushed my shorts down allowing my fat hard cock to spring out. She slipped her tiny bikini bottoms down and laid back on the couch. Spreading her legs wide, showing her shaved pussy as her finger tips danced over the fat pussy lips. My big hand jerked my cock as I walked toward her. Kneeling on the couch between her firm thighs as he small hand gripped my blood-gorged shaft. Her hand explored the long shaft and down to my shaved balls.

“You have one of the most beautiful cocks and you don’t know how many years it has been since I had a fat cock inside my pussy twice in the same day.”

“The day is not over yet, donna. Also remember we have a date tonight and I always fuck my hot sexy dates.”

She guided the fat head to her wet pussy lips. I eased it in slowly as I laid down on her firm body. Our lips locked in a passionate kiss as her long legs wrapped around my waist pulling me deeper into her. Our hips grinding in unison as my thick meat explored her tight wet pussy. Our tongues fucking each others mouths as I fucked her with long slow strokes.

“Oh god, I love the way your fat cock stretches my pussy.”

Her long finger nails dug into my ass cheeks as I slammed into her quickly.

“Oh yessss, lover. That’s it fuck me really hard.”

I heard her wet pussy smacking with each hard thrust. Her 40dd tits bouncing as my cock reamed her soaking cunt. He legs sticking straight up in the air. I got on my knees and grabbed her ankles and started pistoning in and out of her pussy faster and deeper. My lower body glistening with her pussy juices as the feverish passion increased. Her fingers moved to work her clit as I slammed in and out of her.

“Oh,Oh,Oh my goddddd I am cumminggggg!” She screamed.

Looking down at my sexy mother squirm in passion caused me to instantly fill her pussy with my hot cum. Her hands pulled me back down on top of her. Pulling my mouth to hers. Her legs resuming the position around my waist. Our bodies melting together in our lover’s embrace. I felt her pussy muscles gently squeezing my cock, milking all of my cum into her. Our lip lock lasting until my soft cock was pushed from her sweet pussy.

“Oh lover, let’s go and have that swim now.” She güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri cooed.

As we left my apartment, my neighbor Dave was walking out of his apartment. He looked over at us and had a big smile on his face.

“Hey dude, sounded like your two were having a little fun over there.”

Mom smiled back at him.

“Well if you enjoyed listening, I am sure you will be hearing more all this weekend.”

As mom walked past him he grabbed my arm.

“Dude that is the hottest fucking older lady I have ever seen!” “Does she fuck as good as she looks?”

“You know that is the same question I have about your hot little redhead wife.” “Maybe we could find out about that this weekend?” I smiled.

“Dude, lets see what we can do.”

I caught up with mom.

“So what did you two talk about?”

“Maybe doing a little swapping, if you are interested?”

“Only if we are in the same room, so you can watch me service that young stud and I can watch my lover fucking.” She leaned over to my ear. “We better get to that water quick before my bikini bottoms shows my excitement.”

All eyes were glued to mom as she removed her cover up and exposed the tiny yellow bikini. Her big tits bouncing as she walked over to the edge of the pool. The guys watched as she gracefully dove into the cool water. When she stood up her nipples, showed through the semi transparent yellow fabric and she climbed out of the water all the guys knew that she had a shaved pussy since their was no dark patch showing through the bottoms.

“Are you going to swim with me of just gaulk like all of the other guys?” She laughed

She walked over to me and pressed her wet body into mine. Kissed me on the lips then whispered in my ear.

“I’m letting these young studs know you are the one that is fucking me.”

As we played in the water she swam up and kissed me again. Her hand traveled down and started rubbing my cock.

“Just look what you have turned me into.” She giggled.

As I held her, I ran my hand down and squeezed her pussy. Her long blond hair floated around us.

“So about our date tonight lover. Is there a bar close by that you could meet me at? I want you to see my outfit and see if you would pick me up.”

I told her about a nice classy bar that was just a few miles up the road. I said I would stay in the pool until she left and then come up about thirty minutes later. She kissed me again then got out and walked to my apartment. Her ass swinging until she was out of sight. Some of the guys gave me some thumbs up. About an hour later I heard a horn honk and looked to see her Lexus driving by.

I arrived at the club about an hour later. As my eyes adjusted to the dark nightclub I looked around but didn’t see her anywhere. Then my eyes caught a pair of red high heels on long legs sticking out from a group of older men standing at the bar. As I walked closer, I started to wonder if I would ever see the bottom of the dress. Finally I saw the bottom of a short red dress that was just inches below her pussy. She was leaning back into the bar and the low-cut top showed massive amounts of her cleavage. My eyes traveled up to her red lipstick as she was sipping a glass of wine. Her eyes met mine as I walked over and sat güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri down in a dark booth. She looked at me as she re-crossed her legs showing that panties were not part of the outfit. Her dress rode higher as she slid off the stool. You could have heard a pin drop as she sashayed across the bar to the booth.

“How do you like the outfit, lover?” She leaned over and exposed more cleavage.

“I think you are the hottest lady I have ever seen!”

“Mmmm, so you would pick me up and take me home if you didn’t know me?”

I grabbed her hand gently and helped her into the booth. Rubbing her silky thigh with my big hand and kissed her cheek softly.

“I would take you home and ravage you.” I whispered in her ear.

“And what if I couldn’t wait until we got back to your place?”

I lead her back to the dark hallway to the bathrooms. Then quickly slipped her into the mens room and locked the door. I dove my face into her luscious cleavage. Slipping the straps down and wrapped my mouth around her hard nipple. I sucked the nipple in and out of my mouth, gently nibbling on it as my hands gripped her firm ass. I helped her step out of the tiny red dress. Then I picked her up and set her down on the counter top. I went from nipple to nipple as her legs spread wide for my exploring fingers. I rubbed her clit hard as I nibbled on the nipple. Then slowly licked down to her shaved pussy. Her hard clit was sticking out just like her nipples, I proceeded to suck it in and out of my mouth as I slid two fingers deep into her soaking pussy. Her pussy muscles pulled at my fingers as I suck her clit harder. Then I slid my tongue deep into her pussy along with my fingers. Her finger tips sliding through my hair as I licked her pussy faster. She leaned back into the mirror to allow me more access to her sweet tasting pussy. As I licked up and down her pussy lips I moved on of the soaking fingers to her ass.

“Oh, oh, nooo” She yelped as the finger tip slid into her tight ass. I worked the slippery finger deeper into her ass. My tongue was a blur as it licked her sweet pussy. Her hands gripped my hair and pulled my face into her pussy. As I slid the second finger into her ass I felt her body start to convulse. I started finger fucking her ass faster, her body quivering with the orgasm. I moved back up and kissed her passionately.

“Did you like that?”

“God yes, no one has ever fingered my ass before and it was a very nice change.”

We slipped back out into the dark bar to the back booth. After a few minutes an older lady walked up to the booth.

“How are you two doing tonight, I’m Marge and I own this establishment.”

“Hello Marge, you have a very nice place here. Would you like to have a seat?” I asked.

She squeezed in beside me and patted my thigh.

“The reason I wanted to talk to you two was, well we have a security camera in the bathrooms and well I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the show you two put on in there.”

I looked over at mom and her face was almost as red as her dress. Marge noticed it also and she leaned over and patted her thigh. Her tit mashed into my arm.

“Don’t worry dear I will erase the tape but I was wondering if you two would like to come back into my office and güvenilir bahis şirketleri have a little fun?” Her hand continued to rub mom’s thigh as she spoke. “ I have been known to lick a sweet pussy every now and then and I bet this young stud here has a nice big cock for us to share.”

We walked in her office. I was a very large room with large screens and a very big round bed in the corner.

“Let me go and change while you two make yourself comfortable.” She flip on one of the big screens as she walked around the corner. The screen filled with mom and me as we entered the mens bathroom. It had a perfect view of moms face as I dove into her pussy. We sat on the bed and watched out private XXX movie. Her hand moved to my hard cock that was straining in my pants. Soon she had my cock out and was stroking it slowly as she watched me eating her pussy on the screen. Then Marge walked back into the room wearing nothing but a pair of black thigh high boots with 6″ heels.

“Oh yes, I knew he had a nice big cock for us to enjoy.”

Marge had a very nice body for her age you could tell she worked out. She held out her hand to help mom stand up. Her hands glided over moms body and expertly had her dress falling to the floor.

“My my my, this body even looks better in person” Marge’s hands glided over mom’s body then she gently kissed her lips. I watched as their bodies molded into an exploration of flesh. I slid back up to the head of the bed to watch. Then Marge whispered something to mom. Mom turned and crawled up the bed and engulfed my cock into her mouth. Her ass sticking up for Marge, to which Marge buried her face into mom’s open pussy. I moved her hair to get a view of my thick cock sliding between red lipstick painted lips. All I could see of Marge was her long hair, because her face was mashed into mom’s pussy. The way mom was moaning she must have been doing something right. Soon she had all of my long shaft inside her wet mouth. Her tongue twirling around the head every time she popped it out. Then taking it all back into her awaiting throat. Them mom let out a loud moan. I looked down and could tell that Marge had started licking her ass. Marge looked at me and gave me a wink as she started tongue fucking mom’s ass faster. Mom was grunting like a wild animal as she sucked my cock faster and faster. Within a few seconds I couldn’t hold back any more and erupted my hot cum into her mouth. She sucked faster and didn’t miss a drop. Moms body shuddered as she had an orgasm. Marge pulled mom up on her knees and shared the remaining cum in mom’s mouth with a passionate kiss.

Then Marge walked over to her desk and produced a huge black strap-on dildo. Mom’s eyes were as big as silver dollars as Marge placed the strap-on around moms’ body. Then Marge lubed it up with a generous amount of KY jelly. Mom moved like a cat behind Marge as she crawled up on the bed with her ass sticking up. I watched my sexy mom grab her hips and proceed to slide this long black dildo into Marge’s awaiting pussy. Her beautiful ass flexing as she plunged it all the way into her pussy.

“Oh shit yes, fuck me with that huge cock!” She squealed.

My cock started to grow again as I watched the sexy show. Mom was showing her no mercy as she fucked her harder and faster. She was slamming into her faster then she started to slap Marge’s ass with each thrust. The redder her ass became the louder she would scream in pleasure. Then Marge let out a scream of her climax. Mom gave her one last slap on the ass then pulled the glistening dildo from her. Then they collapsed on the bed with me.

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