Surprise at the library


Surprise at the libraryThe look on her face was priceless. That gorgeous mouthdropped open in shock before splitting into a beautiful grin that would have melted my heart, if the sight of her cleavage threatening to burst out of that white blouse hadn’t already affected another part of my anatomy. I had already been hard before arriving at the library. In fact that was the reason I was there, she had told me that she was going to spend the day there. I was too hard to focus at work, too hard to listen to endless meetings and arguments. I needed my girl, and I needed her bad. I could hardly keep from stroking myself in the car as I had driven to the library, barely managed to get my shaft under control long enough to walk through the doors without causing a scene. But as soon as I saw my sexy little minx sitting behind a desk; mindlessly trailing a finger along the curve of one gorgeous breast, as she read, my thick cock was back to full blown, ready to rip through my slacks, rock hard erection. The smile faded from her face as I walked towards her. I saw her glance down at my pants and her eyes widened as she saw the bulge there. She didn’t look anywhere else until I was right at the desk she sat behind and it hid my package from view. Finally she looked back up into my eyes, her face flushed and her breathing shallow. “Come with me,” I said quietly and began walking around the desk. I knew that she would follow, I didn’t even need to see the shiver run through her before she stood and followed me, her high heels clacking across the stone floor of the lobby. Turning to walk between the shelves of books I strode towards the back of the library. Finally I stopped, in the middle of a deserted aisle and turned around. “Give me your blouse,” I said as she stepped up close to me reaching to give me a hug and a kiss. canlı bahis Freezing she pulled her hands back away from me and looked around nervously. She didn’t question me though, like a good girl she lifted her hands to the buttons below her cleavage and began to open them. My vision was locked on those mounds of pale flesh as she bared more and more of them to my hungry gaze. I could feel the growls forming in my chest, the desire for her mounting like never before. Finally she pulled the white cloth from her shoulders and handed it to me, standing proudly with her delicious chest held high, those incredibly perky large breasts held up by a stunning blue lace bra. It took all of my will power not to rip that bra from her body and feast on those tits, the knowledge that her hard little nipples were hidden by just that bit of lace had my mouth watering. Finally I managed to gain control of myself before attacking her and lowered my hand to my belt. I opened it and pulled it off, watching her face as I slid it through my pants with one pull. Her red silky tongue slid across her lips as she raised her eyes to mine. “Turn around,” I said and stepped closer as she instantly did so. I pulled her arms behind her back and slid the belt around her wrists, binding them together. Looking down the aisle I saw a man watching from behind a corner of one of the shelves. My teeth grazed her neck as I told her that someone was watching. The breath rushed from her lungs as she saw him and I felt her lean back into me for support. She didn’t ask me to stop though. I knew how she loved to be watched, how she loved for me to show her off. My hands lifted to her tits and I pulled the bra down, displaying her large breasts with their perfect little nipples for the man to see. I gave her neck another bite and pinched her nipples, causing bahis siteleri her to moan out loud. She had tried to keep quiet but I was sure that he could hear her. Glancing in his direction I whispered to my girl, “kneel down like a good little slut. I’m going to feed you my cock and let him watch as I claim your mouth. Do you want that little one?” Kneeling down she looked up at me, her arms bound behind her back and said, “Yes sir. Treat me like your little whore. Let me be your little fuck toy and let him watch. I’m so wet Daddy, I need your cock.” I was amazed how loud she had said it, I knew she was hoping he would hear her. Unzipping my slacks I pulled my thick rod out and let her get a good look before pushing it towards her open mouth. With a hungry groan she opened wider and accepted my cock as it pushed past her lips and began to stretch her mouth. She was looking up at me as I fed her, begging me silently for more. Her arms pulled at their bonds, anxious to touch me, to pull me deeper into her mouth. Silently I put my hand on the back of her head. I watched her eyes as they half closed in bliss at my touch and she gave another groan, relaxing as she prepared for what was to come. Pulling her head forward I forced the thick head of my cock down her throat, pushing until she was able to slide her tongue out across my balls.“MMMMMMMM Good Girl!” I said before pulling out and letting her suck just the head. Soon I was pushing back in, this time harder, faster, deeper. The growls in my chest grew until they were escaping past my teeth as I pulled her head onto my shaft time and time again. Her gagging and choking sounds filled the aisle but her eyes never left mine. When I finally pulled my cock from her mouth there were tears streaming from her eyes and strings of saliva ran from her lips to my güvenilir bahis cock. Without giving her time to catch her breath I pulled her to her feet and turned her around again to face the corner where the man hid. Bending her over at the waist I lifted her skirt up over her bare ass, exposing her dripping pussy to my eyes. The sight made me groan and I almost came right there, I had never seen my girl so wet before, so ready and needy for my cock. Lining up I shoved forward, my thick shaft sliding easily into her tight folds. Holding her hips I fucked her, filling her up time and again, furiously pounding her helpless little cunt. Looking up I saw that the man was now standing in the aisle in full view, his long circumcised cock in his hand as he furiously stroked. Reaching down I grabbed her long hair and yanked her head up straight so that she could see. She let out a moan and then watched as he stroked. Watched his hand sliding up and down his shaft at the same pace that I was pounding into her. The sound of my cock sliding in and out got louder and louder as her cream gushed around me. “Not yet!” I growled down at her, still fucking her hard. “Do not cum until he does.” Biting back a whimper she tensed, holding back her orgasm as she watched. She could not tear her eyes away from the stranger, even when my thumb began pushing its way into her ass hole. She watched as he arched his back, his shaft swelling in his hand and then he was cumming, long ropes of white cum spraying from the tip of his cock and arching towards her. With that first blast I felt her cum, her pussy clenching down around me as she climaxed with a chocked scream. The pressure around my cock pulled me over the edge and I leaned over her, burying my cock as deep as I could as I came. I came and I came inside her as she milked my cock, still shaking as she rode out her orgasm. When we finally came down from our high I pulled from her and helped her stand straight. The stranger was gone, leaving no trace behind, except for the puddle of cum on the floor.

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