Surprise Office Visit



Another dark, damp, dreary day. I hate fall. The only thing that makes this rainy day bearable is the fact I am back in my hometown, finally. That means I am finally close to you! I know that no matter how bad my day goes, you will be there at the end of the day with a beautiful smile and a luscious kiss. I love everything about you, but especially your devious little mind! It’s that sexy mind that found a way for us to experience sex in the Richland Mall parking deck. We were scared to death with our heads spinning like tops as we fucked in my car in the middle of the day with cars whizzing by us the whole time. Its thrill of almost getting caught, right my sweet?

Well, that will have to suffice for today. You are leaving for Greenville for the day on business and you were too tired to do anything before I left for the office, so I wouldn’t be able to touch or taste you until tomorrow evening. At least I had a pair of your panties to keep me company and the snug fit was a constant reminder of you. I felt you with every step and every shift in my seat… my cock and balls begging to be set free, and my mind fighting to keep my cock from ripping right out of my pants.

The ‘BEEP’ of the intercom brought me back to life. “Marty, you have a guest up front.” Great, probably another unannounced record rep. I got myself gathered and composed and walked around the corner only to find… you! You içerenköy escort had a huge smile on your face, laughing at my surprised face. And you looked very good, wrapped up in my leather duster that you wanted to borrow for the day (for the trip, allegedly). The coat almost covered you from head to toe, except for the heels that lifted you about 3 inches.

I quickly walked around and you met me halfway with your arms extended. We came together and kissed, hugging tightly. Quickly we realized that the secretary was watching so we broke it up before it became awkward.

“I thought you were gone for the day?”

“I was, but everything changed. Can we go to your office? I need to talk to you about something.”

“Sure, baby. Come on.”

The look on your face read concern and we needed a little privacy so I took your hand and we walked around the corner into my office, your heels clicking the whole way. Once we walked through the door, you walked further into the room as I closed the door. As I turned back around, my eyes leaped out of my head and my jaw dropped to the floor. Standing before me was my dear, sweet, devious Jillian in my full-length leather duster, unzipped, exposing your perfectly delicious naked body. The wicked smile and the hand on your bare hip said everything without saying a word… you had planned today all along. kadıköy escort I am a very, very lucky man!

I knew we did not have much time before someone came knocking looking for me and my cock was screaming not to waste time thinking. I sprang to you and kissed you hard, my hands running up your sides, bringing tingles to your skin. Your fingers dove into my hair, forcing my lips harder into yours. Your hard nipples dug into my chest, only encouraging my cock to swell even more and strain against the fabric of the thin panties that were losing the containment battle.

With a forceful tug, you pulled my head away from you, and turned to sit on the edge of my desk in front of my chair. Your legs were spread wide and I need no more encouragement. I sat down and dove madly between your creamy thighs. My tongue drove deeply between your already wet and parted lips, drinking in your sweet nectar. Your thighs clamped around my head, pinning me there. With one hand, you grabbed my hair and pulled playfully; with the other you were squeezing your breasts, tweaking your nipples and moaning loudly as you came on my face.

You released me from your grip and I looked up at your face. The look you gave me was one of pleasure and desire. I knew good-damn well that you weren’t done and I hadn’t even begun. I stood up and quickly unfastened my pants, kartal escort releasing my throbbing cock from its fabric prison. You started to remove the coat from your shoulders, but I stopped you. My thinking was even if we were busted, at least we had a hint of cover while we regrouped. Besides, you look damn sexy in my coat!

I threw your bare legs in the air and thrust my cock balls deep into your dripping wet cunt. We both gasp for air as we assume a rhythm of raw passion and urgency. Our crotches slap together, filling the room with the unmistakable sounds of sex. We stare into each others’ eyes, roughly spurring each other on. Your heels dig into my back but I don’t mind the pain; it only encourages me.

You hold my tightly, biting my shoulder to keep from screaming as I mercilessly pound your pussy, practically pushing you through the tabletop. You scream into my shoulder as you cum again, squeezing my cock; milking it with your tense muscles. It is all too much for me as I tense up and grunt deeply; filling you with blast after blast of hot, sticky cum. Ropes of my juices fill you and squirt out around my cock, dripping down my balls and the crack of your ass.

We stay there for a quick moment as we recompose ourselves before I reluctantly pull out. I kiss down your body and lap at your cunt, cleaning all of our sticky sex of and out of you. As I rise, you drop to your knees and take my still sensitive cock in your mouth, licking and sucking it clean. You also tend to my balls, giving them equally tender care.

I bring you back to your feet and kiss you lovingly. You pull away with a wink and a smile, throw the coat closed and whisper, “Don’t worry… I have more surprises for you tonight!”

I am a very, very, very lucky man!!!

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