Surprise Seduction


My wife and I invited a couple round for drinks and dinner. The evening went well and we settled in the living room to watch some late-night TV.

My wife snuggled up close and put her hand on my crutch, nibbling my ear and whispering that she was a little tipsy and very horny. She asked if I had taken my pill, kissing me passionately when I confirmed my erection would be long-lasting. She continued to describe in great detail what she wanted done to her, turning slightly to her side and guiding my hand under her skirts and into her panties. She was very pleased when she could feel my cock hard in my trousers.

The other couple watched our groping and grinned when my wife became bolder, opened my shirt, slipped a hand inside to tease my nipple and then began suck the other. Our friends, sitting opposite, noticed what she was doing and I saw that the woman’s hand also lay on her partner’s crotch.

They kissed and as they did so her skirt rode up sufficiently for me to see her white panties. When she relaxed and once more glanced at me I smiled across at her. The direction of my gaze must have revealed her exposure. The response was a shift of the hips, a parting of the legs, and a little pantie more revealed. Her husband unfastened his trousers and her hand disappeared into them.

I told my wife quietly what I could see. She responded by straddling me and opening my trousers. Then she asked me to make sure they could see her knickers.

I reached behind her and found the hem of her skirt which seemed to lie across the back of her thighs. She told me to slowly pull her skirt up and describe the reaction.

I did as she asked, first sliding my hands under her skirt and fingering her.

Our friends were really taking notice now. The skirt was a little higher, more panties revealed and legs Bostancı Escort opened a little wider. I imagine the moisture they were probably absorbing. The woman’s hand was clearly stroking the as yet hidden erection.

I slid my wife’s skirt up a little and was rewarded by further hitching and more panties and wider legs. I told my wife and she told me to pull her skirt up all the way so that they could see her whole pantie-clad bottom.

I did so and then reached down her front and pulled her panties up tight, jamming the material into her cunt. I watched as my friend’s erect cock emerged, guided by his wife. They both were smiling broadly. The wife gestured, pointing at the cock in her hand and then at my wife’s raised rear?

I nodded but said nothing to my wife.

The other woman rose and moved in front of her husband with her back to me. His hands slipped up her skirt and after a few moments fondling, came down bringing with them her panties. She stepped out of them neatly and resumed her position next to him, opening her legs much wider to make sure I had a clear view of her open sex. Smiling she pointed at me and then herself. I nodded again.

I told my wife what had happened, that his cock was out and the panties had been removed. She stood up and told me to pull hers down, then bent over me again. I pulled her skirt high again to reveal her nakedness and spread her cheeks apart to open her to view. She whispered that she really wanted cock.

Our friend’s wife responded pulling her skirt up to her waist, kneeling, pulling her partner’s trousers and pants off and then, standing up, bending low to suck his cock revealing her arse and cunt clearly.

My wife pushed herself upright and unbuttoned her blouse She bent to kiss me, asking me to release her bra. I reached Kadıköy Escort under her blouse and felt the heat of her soft breasts as they fell against my chest. I looked across the room to see the couple part and stand together before they slowly approached us.

I told my wife. She asked how big the cock was. I told her it looked big enough. She described how desperately she wanted it. I told her that was fine by me as I had a fresh cunt on offer she kissed me hard then buried her face in my chest, breathing hard.

I nodded at the approaching couple, whispering to my wife that he was very close and that his cock looked very keen for a cunt. Her cunt. She groaned with excitement.

He touched her cleft with the tip and she shivered, moving her hips to offer easier access, her cunt seeking his cock. The wife meanwhile, her skirt still up around her waist, looked me straight in the eye, and began to finger herself.

My wife groaned happily again as the cock slid into her and pushed away from me a little, pushing back against it. She leant to one side slightly and raised her leg allowing me to slide out from under her whilst remaining impaled.

The other woman quickly took position next to her, still rubbing herself. The women’s heads were close and they giggled together. I heard my wife say what a great cock she was enjoying as I moved behind the proffered arse and shoved my cock first into the juicy cunt on offer and then, after a session of strong thrusts, into the tight anus. That produced a gasp from the owner who told my wife what I had done. She asked for the same and I saw the cock leave her cunt and force its way into her other orifice. She also gasped. Both women took the thrusts happily before asking if they could turn over and put a face to the cock that was fucking them.

They Göztepe Escort lay, spreadeagled, cunts glistening nipples erect, eyes wide in anticipation of the next session and the inevitable orgasms that would come. Both teased us by playing with their exposed clits and then told us to get back to work. My partner’s breasts remained hidden and I asked to see them. She stood, quickly stripped, and now naked, pressed herself against me, kissed me with real passion before flopping back onto the couch and spreading herself. She opened her arms and legs to me and I entered her.

We both fucked them with long firm strokes and it was not long before I heard my wife’s gasps of pleasure as she came, closely followed by my partner who clung tightly to me as she did so, asking me to fuck her harder as she enjoyed multiple orgasms. She did , each one seemingly stronger than the last until after four, she released me and relaxed. I watched my wife came a couple of times more before, announcing herself satisfied, at least for the moment, suggesting that we guys deliver our loads. She asked if we thought we could synchronise and we replied that we would try but that we would need to know where each of us were.

We renewed our thrusting and the women provided a running commentary. I was soon on the edge, enjoying my friend’s wife with her cunt a little tighter than the one I was used to. Her obvious enthusiasm also helped especially when she began to flatter both my cock and its performance. My wife did the same to her partner with unexpected obscenity until she exclaimed that she had him locked in and that yes, the first spurt was coming. At that I released my load into the eager cunt spread under me.

We both pulled out. The women remained spread open and I saw my friend’s cum oozing from my wife. My pill had done the trick and I remained hard enough to plunge into her. I lay still, buried and told her what a wicked woman she had been. She agreed .. and then whispered that she wanted to do something similar again..soon.. with a different couple…

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