Surprise Visit



His phone vibrated just as he got to the desk to check in. He looked down and saw it was a text message. He handed the guy behind the desk his credit card as he checked his phone.

It was Her. His pulse quickened just a bit. “How are you?” it read.

“Good.” was his typed reply. “Just checking in to my hotel.” He got his credit card back.

A moment later, Bzzz. “I see that. You’re looking hot today.” What the…?!

He turned and scanned the room as he got his key card. There, by the bar, She stood. His heart rate started to increase even more. He wasn’t expecting this. He wasn’t expecting Her.

He walked over to the bar. “This is a pleasant surprise.” He managed to say.

“I knew you were traveling and I knew you always preferred these hotels.” was Her reply. “And I missed you.” she said as she hugged him. Her hand grabbed the already growing bulge in his pants as they embraced. “Oh, that’s too bad.” She said looking into his eyes – they were almost the same height. She took a drink from the wine she had ordered and smiled. “I know how much you like it when you’re completely limp and I take you in my mouth – I know you like growing inside me that way.” she smiled lasciviously at him.

He was still stunned and the feeling of her hand on his cock still had his attention.

“I’d say your silence means you want to just go upstairs.” She was already walking toward the elevator bank.

He quickly swallowed and jogged to catch up to her. The elevator door opened as he caught up to her.

They stepped in and he pressed the button to the right floor. The door closed and he immediately pressed himself against her, kissed her mouth hard, then moved down to kiss and lick her neck. His hand gripped her ass cheek hard as he ground the bulge in his pants against her.

“Wow.” She said breathlessly as the door opened. “I think someone missed me.” She was toying with him. They both knew it and they both liked it.

They went to his room and he opened the door. They walked in and they set down their respective bags. He stepped forward to close the shear blind. He took his glasses off and thought she had gone into the bathroom because he didn’t hear it. He turned around and was immediately surprised that she was directly behind him, well now in front of him, as he hadn’t heard her sneak up on him. Already her hands were pulling his zipper down and unbuttoning his pants.

She pulled his cock from within and immediately fell to her knees. She had once bragged to him about her oral skills and she had proven time and again that it was no idle boast on her part. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he groaned as she worked her magic.

“Like that, do you”, she said. She was toying with him again. He decided it was time to gain the upper hand.

“So do you”, he replied and he pulled her head back to his cock. “Now suck me and don’t stop ’til I cum.” he ordered. She smiled, she liked being ordered around. She did was she was illegal bahis told.

Her mouth worked up and down and over his cock. Her tongue was expert in its ability and it wasn’t long before he felt the pressure building. He grabbed on to her shoulders, as much to keep her from toying with him by stopping as much as to keep himself from falling over and collapsing. She sensed his urgency and knew he was just seconds away and didn’t let up.

The pressure built. She felt it on her tongue as his load worked its way up his shaft. He felt the explosion peak and he shot his load. She locked her lips on his cock and took it all. She felt wave after wave spurt out of his cock and she swallowed each one. She worked her head up and down to milk out every last drop. And because she knew doing so would drive him crazy.

His knees buckled and he fell back against the desk. It took him a moment to catch his breath. His orgasms from oral sex were always powerful. She sat on the floor and watched him try to collect himself, trying to catch his breath. “Oh…damn.” he said to no one in particular. She looked and a slight drop of cum oozed out from the head of his cock. She snaked forward and licked the drop off with the tip of her tongue only and in doing so, she brushed the sensitive underside. He stood upright as if shot through by lightning. “Damn!” he said. She smiled up at him and he looked down at her. She was still toying with her – obviously he had not taken back the upper hand. He looked down at her and she giggled. She was quite proud of being able to suck the energy out of him, literally and figuratively.

He stepped out of his pants and took his shoes off. He never took his eyes from her. She wore a pink and white striped sun dress. She knew he liked her without panties when she wore dresses.

He pulled her to her feet and kissed her hard on the mouth. Her hand brushed his cock, which was even now beginning to grow again – she had that effect on him. He brushed her hand aside. “Uh-uh.” he said. “You have had your fun and it’s my turn.” His hand pulled at the hem of her dress and pulled her skirt up. True to form, she wore no panties and he took in her beautiful pussy. The stud through her clitoral hood gleamed. “Good.” he said. He pushed her back to the bed. He pushed with just enough force to make her fall back on the bed. She looked up him demurely. Her sun dressed was bunched just above her waist. Her legs were slightly spread and her pussy was visible. Her lips were shaved and the hair above was cut short. Her lips glistened – giving him head always turned her on. She still had her sneakers on and he liked that.

He took his shirt off and he stepped toward her and climbed onto the bed. He lowered his face near her pussy and his hand ran up her thigh. He breathed in her scent – God her pussy smelled sweet. He brushed his lips ever so lightly against her pussy lips and then moved his head up her body. His lips glistened with trace amounts of her juices. He illegal bahis siteleri fished into the top of her dress and pulled her breasts out of the sundress. He dove on them and devoured her nipple with his mouth and tongue. His hand alternated between caressing the inside of her thigh and stroking the sides of her breasts. He moved further up and kissed her on the mouth again. His hand caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples. He moved his mouth to her neck and again gripped her ass cheek firmly. She moaned. She felt his cock stiffen against her leg.

He kneeled over her then looking at her spread legs, her pussy was wet and he loved to see her visibly excited. Her breasts were still exposed out of the top of her sundress. She looked wanton and he loved seeing her that way. He rolled her over and his hand began to brush the sides of each of her ass cheeks. He forcefully pushed her legs apart and he slipped his hands between her legs and along the sides of her pussy, but he was careful not to touch her pussy directly or her clit. He traced the crease from pussy to ass and then traced his fingers along her ass cheeks.


Suddenly she felt a stinging on her ass cheek as he brought his hand down hard on her ass. She stiffened but didn’t say anything – they had worked out a safe-word and she said nothing. *slap!* the sting on her ass was followed almost immediately by a soft caress across her pussy lips. She shivered.

*slap!* this time the stinging slap was across her other cheek and almost immediately she felt a slight brushing on her pussy, but this time, there was a slight pressure against her clit as he rubbed it. He caressed her pussy again, but this time his finger dipped just a little into her pussy and he spread the wetness from there against her asshole.

*slap!* she stiffened again. Then she felt two fingers push deep her into her pussy. She gasped as he worked his fingers in and out for a moment. *slap!* he spanked her ass again, but never took his fingers from her pussy. He pulled them out then and pressed against her clit again. She stiffened her back but bent her knee pulling her foot up. Her toes curled.

*slap!* she felt the two fingers get pushed hard into her pussy again. She moaned. He adjusted on the bed and put his cock near her face. “Suck me again.” he ordered. She took his cock into her mouth and worked her tongue against it. *slap!* Once again, his fingers pushed deep into her, but this time another finger pushed into her asshole. *slap!* she moaned around his cock in her mouth.

He felt her pussy was wetter than he ever remembered. While he enjoyed the feeling of her mouth on his cock, he rolled her over. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and she moaned and pouted her lips. She felt the sheets against her stinging butt cheeks. He worked his fingers in and out of her pussy and pushed down on her clit with his thumb. He slid down and laid between her legs. He put his head near her pussy again. She felt his canlı bahis siteleri hot breath on her lips. He breathed in her scent and he looked like he was smelling a fine wine. He loved her scent.

He gripped her thighs and spread her legs wide and up towards her head and his mouth dove down on her pussy. He licked along her pussy lips and when his tongue dove into her pussy’s hole, his left hand tweaked her right nipple. He then moved up to her clit and continuing pinching and rubbing her breasts. She felt a finger enter her pussy and rub deep along her g-spot. He rubbed her deep inside to the same tempo that his tongue worked across her clit. With his free hand, he took it from her breasts and she felt a finger slide into her asshole.

She moaned. She gripped the sheets with one hand and his head with the other. He felt her hips buck against his face and he felt her pussy muscles grip against his finger. Her breathing picked up and he knew she was close. He didn’t let up. Her hips twitched. She breathed fast then held her breath. He felt it hit her. Her pussy clamped against his finger for a moment then pulsed open and close. He loved feeling that against his mouth and chin. He kept his tongue on her clit. She tried to push him off, it was too intense, but he held her down while he sucked her clit and fucked her ass with his finger.

A minute went by and her pussy spasmed again against his mouth. Now it was time! She felt movement on the bed and suddenly he was over her. She looked in his eyes and felt his cock press against her pussy very briefly then his cock was stretching her pussy open. Her eyes went wide. He pumped into her deeply and pulled back out. Her pussy clamped against his cock. The sensation of him filling her was intense. He continued to pump her. He pushed her legs up toward her breasts as his mouth clamped down on a nipple. She tried to look between them. With her hips up, she could see his cock going into and out of her pussy. He looked at her then and she looked at her pussy being stretched open.

“Cum in me.” she urged.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth again,” he replied. She knew he loved the idea of her sucking her own juices off his cock. He pulled out of her pussy and slid up her body. Before she get her hands in place, he slipped her cock between her lips and began pumping slowly in and out of her mouth. She couldn’t grip his cock because he was sitting on her arms. He reached down and pinched one of her nipples. She felt the pressure build in his cock and soon he was coming again. In her mouth. Again. She sucked down each spurt, as much as she could. Only a little dribbled out and on to her chin.

He collapsed on the bed. His breathing was labored. His eyes were slammed shut. HIs cock lay on his thigh and it glistened with their combined juices. He was caught up in his post-orgasmic bliss and was out of it. She got up out of the bed. If he was aware, he gave no indication. She wiped her chin, took a sip of her wine, and then climbed to rest on top of him.

“It’s good to see you.” he said. Her hand slipped down to his cock. She loved his cock and she tickled it below the shaft a little. “You don’t think we’re done yet, do you…?” she smiled and her voice trailed off…

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