Surprised in the shower


Surprised in the showerSurprised in the showerI had come home from a long trip I had book a suite at a hotel in AC. We had checked into the room it had 2 rooms a large Jacuzzi in the bed room. Bathroom had a large shower with multiple shower heads. We had went down to relax have a drink and play a little Blackjack. After about an hour the wife slipped her hand on my leg began rubbing my thigh and grabbed my cock and gave a squeeze, looked me eye and smiled. After the hand she said “I horny and want fuck! I have a big surprise for you!” My cock got hard just thinking what she had in mind! We made our way to the room no sooner closed the door I had stripped naked kissed my girl and began undressing her. Moved her to the couch laid her back finished undressing her, caressed her breasts nibbling on her nipple first one then the other. Moved my hand down to her clit rubbing between my fingers nibble still on her hard nipples. I wanted to taste her moist pussy, buried my face in her pussy lapping her juices moving up on her clit nibbling and sucking it, till it became erect she moaned in delight. She moved down on the floor sitting on my face and we went to a 69 position with her on top sucking my hard dick rolled the 4skin back and sucked the knob running her tongue around the gland I ran my from the clit to her hole ran my tongue to her tight anus rimming her ass slipping my in a finger in her tight hole, moved back to her clit while finger fucking her ass; she was sucking my cock bobbing up and deep throating it could feel canlı bahis the head on the back of her throat, coming back up sucking the head, feeling I was going to shoot a load soon, and she was moaning with delight building to an orgasm herself bucking her hips up and down on my facing. She began to have her orgasm pressing her pussy on my mouth; “ohhhhh goddd I’mmmmm cummmiiinnn !!!! ” her juices flowing Sucking them down I started fucking her mouth pushing deep against the back of her throat shoot several shots of cum down her throat she sucked down every drop .Laid there holding each other, I asked her about surprise she had for me? She replied “I’ll show you later!”She said” Let get a shower go see a show!” Went into the bathroom the shower was 6’x4′ 3 shower heads and a wand, I turned the overhead shower on stepped inside. I was standing under the main shower after a couple minutes the wife stepped in I though she brought her shampoo and body wash in she grabbed me and we locked in a deep kiss under the main shower feeling the warm water running on us, was exhilarating, grabbed her buns and squeezing and messaging she did the same I felt her finger on the rubbing my anus rubbing the opening, my cock sprung right up getting hard thinking about what she had for me. My cock was sandwiched between us she began swaying rubbing my cock between our bodies, it felt so good. She asked me to switch the shower to the hand held. We continue to kiss and our hand rubbing and messaging each other. She had told me to close bahis siteleri my eyes. I thought she was going to wash me felt what I though was body wash she squirted the top of my head then my shoulders and chest she began to rub and wash me it felt so good! She began to gently bite and nibble on my nipples her hand moved to my raging cock stroking the skin over the head; I opened my eyes when I looked my body was covered in chocolate!! Wow she had brought a bottle of Hersey’s syrup in the shower she said” we’ll what do you think!” I replied “Wow feels good!!” I grabbed the bottle and followed suit began putting it in her hair then shoulders and breasts; then rubbing it around messaging her breast licking her body sucking her nipples slipping my hand down on her wet pussy she was stroking my cock and rubbing my balls. It was an amazing feeling we began rubbing are bodies together I had my cock between us our hands roaming wildly caressing and messaging each other my cock rubbing against our bodies I began to leak precum I could feel my cock began to erupt shoot several hard ropes between us. I dropped down licking my cum from her body! There was a small seat in the corner I had her sit down and put her legs over my shoulders grabbed the syrup and squirted on her mount rubbing down on her pussy and buried my facing licking the folds of her labia and sucking her clit so sweet sunk my tongue deep in her hole tasting her juices mixed with syrup…. Yum! She grabbed my head pushed it tight against her I nibbled and gently güvenilir bahis biting her clit I could feel her begin the tremble get ready to have an orgasm, she said “I need your cock in me!!!” She had me lay on my back and mounted me in cowgirl style! She began to ride my cock! Watching my cock slide in her pussy was exciting and the syrup was like a lubricant she lowered all the way down on my cock she began riding my cock watch her go up and down on the shaft I felt soon I was going to shoot my load she began riding my cock faster I held out till she started orgasming I followed she slammed down deep on my cock gyrating on my cock I could feel my cock rub her uterus she began to orgasm pounding it against her uterus she came, feeling her on the head of my cock I grabbed her hips thrusting deep and shooting my load several time filling her with my cum… She had laid back on me I grabbed her breast lightly squeezing them and messaging her nipples her body slid to my side and we locked in a deep kiss… I flipped her over to a doggy position my favorite moved my mouth to her pussy and eating and sucking my cum from her pussy mixed with the syrup it was sweet and salty (What a great combo) We had turned on the overhead shower and side showers and washed each other clean and rinsed the syrup off…..manual masturbating each other to an orgasm. After dried each other off we had collapsing on the bed. Little pillow talk about how sensual and erotic it was rubbing each other body with syrup! She said and it made her hair feel soft!!! A plus….Something you have to try!!!! Something me and the wife do at least once a year it is still at hot as the first time it can make the floor a bit slick so be careful Let me know why you think!!!!

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