Her: I stand near our bed with my back to him, arms crossed, defiant and angry. How could any one man be so arrogant, so smug? He thought he was being funny but I don’t see the humor. I won’t face him. I won’t look into his eyes because if I do… I will submit to his charms. I’m mad and I intend to stay that way. I wore his silk t-shirts and boxers because he loves to see me in them. I wore them, just to drive – him – crazy.

Him: I watch her in silence. I’m decidedly aroused by her defiant stance. She’s so sexy when she challenges me. I love her even more when she does that. Her arms crossed tightly over her voluptuous breasts. Her long, tan legs look even longer with her feet planted apart. My eyes travel down her beautiful body. A slender waist. Hips so luscious and round. Soft straight shoulders. She’s delectable! Her thick wavy hair cascades down her delicate narrow back.

I should tell her I’m sorry but I don’t want to – not yet. This is too much fun. Besides, I didn’t really do anything wrong. Not really. I made a silly remark about her taste in music. It was meant to be a joke, except she didn’t laugh. She knows I didn’t mean it. We know each other too well. She just wanted to be mad and I will oblige her, for now. I can’t stay away from her. She wants me. I know she does. Sorry would work miracles. It would make it all better but that’s too easy. We both like the challenge. Damn, she looks good in my underwear.

Her: He’s moved closer to me. I sense his nearness. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I’m determined to stand my ground. I must hold on. I can’t cave in to him – not yet. His hands are on my shoulders. His face, touching my hair. I tense up and try to resist. It would be so easy to lean back onto his strong frame. It would feel so good to do that – but I want him to say he’s sorry. I need his apology. It won’t stop me from being mad but it would be a start.

Him: “I’m sorry babe.” There, I spoke those three magical words. I feel her shoulders relax as she exhales, long and slow. I’ve broken through. A few are bricks out. I won’t be happy until the wall is completely down. I’m intoxicated by her scent. The softness of her skin. Her beauty captivates me. I move in closer to her. Our bodies are in complete contact now. I massage her shoulders lightly and slide my fingers down the length of her slender arms. A sweet breathy sigh escapes from her lips. She’s trying hard to resist but I know that sigh. She’s ready to surrender.

Her: His strong hands caress my skin. I feel his warm breath on the back of my neck and goose bumps rise across my flesh. My nipples stiffen as I let out a quiet sigh of exaltation. The urge to give in engulfs my psyche when he touches me like that. He heard me whimper! He knows I’m weakening now. There’s no turning back. I’ll be putty in his hands in mere minutes. I’ll try to hold out as long as I can but this isn’t easy. I must be strong a little longer.

Him: “Baby, it was a joke, a poorly orchestrated joke. You know I love you, don’t you?” I plead my case to her turned back. She isn’t answering. I knew she wouldn’t but she’s thinking about it. This game we play is wicked but how it ends… is all that matters.

The strength of her resistance matched by the resourcefulness of my attempts; equals an exquisite outcome. I don’t want her to answer yet. I want to hear her beg me. I want the tension to mount. The flesh will weaken and the surrender will be gradual, until it’s complete. It will make all of this so delicious and worthwhile.

Her: He’s asking me the ultimate question. Of course he knows I love him. How could I not love him? He’s everything I ever wanted a man to be. He’s handsome, strong and brave. Yet, he can be so soft and fragile when he’s in my arms. Am I going to tell kartal escort him that? The time will come… but not right now.

It would be too easy and this dance would be over. I want him to make me confess it. I want him to make me admit how much he means to me. I won’t give in that easily. But… it’s getting so hard. I mean that both literally and figuratively. I can feel his erection against my bottom. Lord, it feels so good. I won’t respond, I will not give in, I must stay strong. Why does he have to smell so good?

Him: My hands move down to her hips. I place my hands on her hip bones and pull her into me. She begins to move her exquisite ass gently back and forth against my aching groin. I push against her harder and feel the softness of her curves pressing against my erection.

I want to take her here and now. I want to have my way with her this very instant. She makes me crazy with desire. Like no other woman has ever done before. I reach around and caress her soft round breasts. Her nipples are solid buds under my silk tee.

I press them firmly between my thumbs and forefingers. She winces slightly as my pinches become more aggressive. I back off and massage them lightly. Her breathing is ragged with desire. The arousal is building inside both of us.

Her: I can’t believe I’m letting him come so near me, so close, so soon. I can’t resist his touch. He’s massaging my breasts, playing with my erect nipples. He’s pinching and twisting them roughly but it feels so damn good. I’m getting so wet.

The moisture saturates my center and seeps down my inner thighs. His silk boxers are clinging to my cunt. I use the “c” word to describe my vagina because no other word describes it better. It’s my cunt and more importantly, it’s his C.U.N.T., it belongs to him. Every sopping inch of it. He can make me feel so wicked.

I’m so willing to let him do all the nasty, dirty things he loves to do to me. I want him to take me. Yes… I’m desperate for him to take me… roughly, forcefully, like a cave man. I want him to shove his hard cock in my sopping wet cunt. I blush. I’m feeling so profane. I want to be fucked hard! So very, very hard. He senses my urgency.

Him: Her shapely hips are gyrating, twisting, grinding into my throbbing dick. I can barely hold off. I want her so badly. I want her body to melt into mine, make me cum hard, make me drain my cum filled balls into her sweet hot pussy.

I smell her. Her sweet, sexual musk permeates my senses. She is positively dripping wet. She wants me to fuck her. Not make love, but just down and dirty fuck her, hard. Drive my cock inside her beautiful cunt until she loses her balance.

She’s going to pretend like she’s rejecting my advances; like I’m forcing my will upon her. This sexy little bitch knows how to play this game so well. She’ll let me fuck her hard and fast because she craves it as much as I do. I will shove my dick so far inside her that my balls slap against her beautiful sex.

She can blame it all on me. Taking her against her will. My naughty girl is orchestrating this whole little scheme and I will let her because I love her, like crazy. My cock is aching for her. I pull her tightly to me as she softly mews. Such a soft sexy response. It’s like music to my ears. Her sweet, soft, child-like sounds when she wants me to be the brute. She will beg me. Plead with me. To take her fast and hard.

We both want it. I said I was sorry. She’ll accept my apology with two words. Two wonderful words. I’m waiting to hear them. My lips brush against the back of her neck as my tongue dampens the fine downy hair on her nape. She sweeps her long hair up with one hand so I can find the sweet spot. The one place that holds the key to opening her heart and her maltepe escort bayan legs to me. I run my tongue from the base of her neck up to the V of her nape. Her breathing becomes rapid and course now. She’s almost there.

Her: He’s done it! He’s reached my Achilles’ heel. My weak spot. The one place that makes me give in to him every time. I even helped, by guiding him to it. He knows I can’t resist him. The feel his wet tongue and warm breath against the back of my neck is heavenly. Goose flesh travels over my entire body.

I’m whimpering with desire. Like a baby. I can’t stop it! My breath is quicker, labored. Shit! I know what’s coming next and I can’t hold back another minute! I’ll be begging for it! Saying it out loud, so he can hear me. I can feel myself surrender to his urgency. My urgency!

“Fuck me!” The words tumble from my mouth. Once wasn’t enough. “Fuck me!” I repeat louder. It comes out as a growl, a demand, an order. I will make him do the rest. He got what he wanted. It’s time to let him take over. My voice is strong, crystal clear. “Goddamnit! Fuck me hard!” I sound desperate. Because at this point – I am.

Him: I’m smiling with pride. I can’t help it. I needed to hear her beg me and she did. She said it. She said it loud and clear. Her way of saying I forgive you, now have your way. My dick is tenting the front of my boxers. I shed them to the floor and guide her toward the bed.

“Bend over!” My voice is forceful and deep. Not a plea, not a request, but an absolute order. Fuck! My baby knows how much I love this! She allows me to think I’m taking her and we both know who’s directing this game of love. It doesn’t matter to me. We’ll both win.

She leans over and places her palms on the bed and braces herself. I stand behind her with my aching dick and run my hands slowly over every single inch her luscious ass. I grasp the sopping wet silk boxers in my fists and yank them down so hard that the globes of her beautiful round ass jiggle from the force. God, that was beautiful!

The shorts drop to the floor and she quickly kicks them aside as she spreads her legs wider. Offering herself to me as she arches her slender back to display that oh so sweet sopping cunt. She waits, like a wench, for me to enter her but I want to hear her say it again. I want her to beg me more.

My balls are aching. My dick is twitching to be inside her but I have to hear her say it once more. I stand behind her, teasing her wet pussy with the head of my cock. I brush the crown of it lightly against her outer lips. Teasing her. Taunting her. She’s rocking against me, trying desperately to entice my needy cock to enter her but I want her to say it one more time – so I continue to torment her.

Her: He has me bent over like a fuck doll! I crave this. I’m so ready for him to fuck me. I wanted this so much! I can’t wait for him to shove that hard cock into my aching cunt! I edge closer and he deliberately pulls away.

That son of a bitch wants to hear it again! He knows how much he’s tormenting me! God! I want him to fuck me so hard! Fast and furious. That’s what I want. I wiggle my hips but he resists. I’m trying so hard to seduce him but so far he’s holding out. He knows he has me where he wants me.

I will go along with this wicked game… but he will pay. His fate will be to pleasure me all night long. I will keep his tongue, his hands and his cock busy until I’m completely worn down. I’ll do anything to get my way. I cry out. “Fuck me now!” I shock myself with the urgency in my command. “Puleeeeze baby! Fuck my cunt now!”

Him: Holy shit! This little hellcat makes my dick so hard! I love the way she maneuvers herself into getting exactly what she wants. The more I tease the more she wants me and escort pendik the more I’m willing to give her. She’s got my number. This little sexy bitch knows exactly how to work her magic. She does it well. Goddamn! I have to have her.

I can’t hold back any longer. The tip of my cock finds her sweet honeyed pussy and drives into it with such force that she cries out in sweet pain. She is so fucking hot… in both manner and temperature. She literally has a fever inside her pussy! It’s so fucking warm that I’m close to shooting my load with the very first thrust! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

Her: It worked! It’s heavenly. He’s drives his big fat hard cock into my aching wet pussy so hard… I cry out from the ecstasy. He slams into me like a man on fire. I feel his balls slap against me and the friction of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy is beyond compare. I want to cum! I want to come so badly! I want gush cum all over his beautiful penis! Oh My God! I am! I am! I’m cumming! So hard, so fast, so completely!

The room is spinning. My legs tremble beneath me. My pussy contracts hard and pulses against the girth of his cock. My muscles clamp around him like a vise grip. I hear him breathing hard as he thrust himself into me, faster and harder. The constant slap, slap, slap of our flesh connecting. The sounds, the touch, the emotions are surging through me, making my climax that much longer and more intense.

I cry out! “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!!” I love him so much. Nothing could ever feel as heavenly as this does. He is where he belongs and I am complete and whole with him inside me.

Him: She said it! She not only said it, she called her lovely vagina, a cunt. That made my dick twitch more. I know she hates that word. She loves me enough to say it for me and she loves me enough to let me call it that when I’m fucking her.

I love her. I love her cunt. Her sweet sopping hot cunt! I love how my dick fits so snugly inside of it. The warmth and wetness is where I belong, forever.

I want to fuck her until I die. I want to fuck her as I die. I want to pound into her and watch her sweet round ass bounce and jiggle before my very eyes for the rest of my days. I want to fill her with my seed. I want to fill her with my cock like she has filled my heart with her love. I’d give my life for her.

I’ll throw her down on this bed after I cum inside her and bury my face in her sweet succulent pussy. I’ll lick her clean and make her come over and over again. I love to feel her cum around my tongue and all over my face.

She tastes like honey. She makes me feel whole. She makes me so grateful that I am her man. Just to see her happy, is enough for me. She let me take her tonight, rough and hard. She knows she’ll be repaid tenfold.

My groin is slapping against her ass so hard. The noise is deafening. My hips move rapidly against her fleshy round ass like a jackhammer. I can feel her start to contract around my dick. Damn, I can’t hold off much longer. She clamps around me tightly and nurses my cock with her silky warm sheath. My balls are drawn tight, ready to expel my all my warm seed into her convulsing pussy. I want her so bad. She urges me on with her sweet sensual moans. My legs are weak but I pump harder. I empty my balls inside her beautiful vagina. It feels like I pumped a gallon of cum inside of her.

My dick throbs deep in her warmth. I hold on to her hips tightly. My groans are loud, beastly like a lion! Her lovely body goes limp beneath me. We collapse onto the bed into one another’s arms. Her warm body wrapped in my arms. We’re both drenched in sweat and cum. I whisper softly into her ear as I hold her in my arms. “Woman, I love you so much.”

Her: I hear his heart pounding against me and the soft precious murmur of his sweet words of love. I whisper back as he holds me close. “I love you more.” Soft kisses. Gentle caresses. From grateful fingertips. Silent messages exchanged between two like souls. We lay quietly together. Making up can be so rich. Sweet blessed surrender.

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