Surviving Dawn Part 2


Surviving Dawn Part 2I’m startled awake, one of the girls’ begins to rustle in the hay. It feels like the sun should be coming up soon, until I look at my watch and realize that it’s only 3:30. Luckily, the moon is bright and I can see the fog rolling in off of the hills; Stephanie steps out from the shadows at the back of the barn. I set my rifle down a she draws closer to me; she lets out a shiver as she sits down beside me. I motioned for her to come over and sit on my lap, as she slides over I cover her with my blanket, trapping our body heat against her skin. She sighed as she began to warm up, and look out into the dark field. At this point, I only had one question for her. I asked her why she didn’t put on anything besides her underwear. Absent mindedly I began to slowly rub her side as we talked. She told me that after Elle had shared her story, she wanted to thank me for keeping her safe. I told her that keeping her safe was one of my top priorities at the moment, but she needed to go and rest up for tomorrow. She stuck out her lip, in a playful pout and pulled my hands to her hips as she leaned in to kiss me. Her tongue darted quickly past my lips and she lifted herself up slightly for a better angle. As I held her hips, my thumbs gently traced circles on her sides. She lightly bit my lip as a soft moan escaped hers. I was enjoying her company so much, but we had to stop. I pulled away and looked around. I didn’t hear anything, but I needed to make her think that I did so I wouldn’t offend her. I told her to take my blanket and go lay down. I took a quick walk checking the snares that I set yesterday. There was a rabbit in one of them, so I dressed it and headed back to the barn just as the sky was beginning to lighten. I started another small fire, and put some water on to boil the rabbit. When it was done, I put the fire out and camouflaged its presence; then headed back to wake the girls. I packed up our things as the girls washed up and started to reluctantly eat the stew. We begin our second day of walking just as the sun starts to peek through the trees. Amber picks up her pace leaving Stephanie and Elle a few yards behind her. She wraps her arms around mine and lays her head on my shoulder as she begins to whisper to me. The girls wanted to know how much farther we had to walk, “we should be there right after nightfall” I replied. Then she went started going on about how they felt that the three of them thought that they would never be able to repay the kindness that I showed to them. I replied “The next few months are going to be very hard; the only thing that I ask is that you three do your bet to help me and the others as best you can.” She lifted her head from my shoulders and stopped in her tracks “others?” she said with a puzzled tone. I turned around and said “Yes, there are others headed for my family’s land. We will be there in seven days, but first I need to head home and grab my remaining supplies.” Amber looked hurt, like she had been betrayed. I tried to comfort her but she pulled away and stepped behind Stephanie and Elle. I continued walking home, hoping that they would follow. I felt relief when I could hear the tall grass moving behind me, the girls taking high steps over it rather lotusbet güvenilirmi than trudging through it. Feeling the warm afternoon sun at my side warming my face, I couldn’t help but to hum a tune. It didn’t take long for Elle to ask what I was humming. Amber piped up, the first words that she had said in several hours, “when the ants go marching.” I turned around and walked backwards for a few steps; “close” I said, “The name of the song is ‘Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye’ and I could sing it if you like.” Then I turned back around and resumed my walk, merrily beginning to sing when I heard no protesting. For an hour I let the problems of the world escape my mind as we headed south through the trees, singing softly. Just as the sun began to set we came to the creek near my house. “We’re in the final stretch now girls, only another half a mile. There is a place to cross about 50 yards to the right, then up two hills.” I pulled Amber aside, “Take the girls ahead, white house on the hill, watch for anything suspicious, I will be there in thirty minutes, take this key to the cellar, don’t turn on any lights, and make as little noise as possible.” She nodded her understanding, but didn’t speak a word. I watched the three of them set off towards the creek crossing. As they disappeared around the bend, I headed off to the highway bridge. If anyone drove a vehicle over that bridge, I wanted to know about it. I finished setting up my tripwire, and headed to the house. When I arrived I went around to the front door, and went inside. Everything looked normal, with the exception of having power. After I grabbed a few more blankets and packed up my dry and canned food; I headed down to the cellar. I whispered for the girls as I opened the doors, I could hear them all let out a sigh of relief. I closed and latched the doors behind me. It was cool and a little damp, but it would be much colder than this outside tonight. I covered the windows with blankets, and lit a lantern. As the girls started to settle into place I asked amber to help me with something. We walked outside and into the house to grab a few more things. We walked into the master bedroom, and Amber looked around as she said “Things haven’t changed much in the last six months.” As I opened the closet, I said “that depends on where you’re looking.” After I opened up my gun safe, I began to pull out what we would need. I grabbed a rucksack, and packed a few changes of clothing, a cleaning kit, several boxes of ammo, and the remainder of my survival supplies. I handed Amber two rifles and two small briefcases. Next I headed to my nightstand and tucked my 1911 and my .357 then grabbed my remaining three rifles. As we turned to leave Amber stopped and set down one of the cases to pick up a picture frame. “I forget how beautiful she was sometimes.” “That’s not something that either of us can afford to think about right now” was all of the reply that I could muster. With tears forming I headed back around the house, I stopped and listened but I heard nothing. Back in the cellar, gave each of the girls an MRE and let them eat and enjoy a little rest. I grabbed canteens from my rucksack and filled them from my hot water heater. Then I took lotusbet yeni giriş the girls up for a final bathroom run. I put a small bucket of water on a gel stove so that when we returned they could wash off. The girls turned the corner of the house to take care of their business while I stood at the door. When they came back around, we went downstairs and I locked the cellar doors. I moved a sheet of plywood by the cellar wall and began to set our stuff in a spider hole while the girls began to strip out of their dusty clothes. Having finally pulled my thoughts away from the loss of my wife last year a turned around, and took in the beautiful sight unfolding before me. Amber, already nude, was helping Stephanie unhook her bra while Elle stood beside them in only her pink and white panties. Elle’s nipples were small and pink, but they stood proudly from her flat chest begging to be noticed and touched. Stephanie slid her bra down her arms and heaved her chest with a sigh. Just as her bra hit the floor, she hooked her lace panties with her thumbs and bent forward as she pulled them down her silky, white thighs. Amber gave her a playful smack, and let out a giggle as she bent over and grabbed a wash cloth. She lathered some soap and began to wash Stephanie’s back for her, while Elle pulled slowly pulled off her panties. It was apparent that Elle hadn’t shaven in some time. She looked at both Stephanie and Amber admiring how smooth their bodies were. She lowered her hand and began to run her fingers through her hair until she snapped herself away from her thoughts and pulled her hand up to her stomach. I laid some blankets down on the floor of the spider hole to help keep us off the cold ground. I looked back at the girls to see both Amber and Stephanie washing and rinsing Elle, Amber reached down and wet her rag with cold water and wrung it out over her breasts. Elle’s skin immediately tensed up, as she gasped from the sudden cold. She was given a thorough examination before she was declared clean, and given a blanket to cover up with. I lifted her over the half wall, and set her in the hole.I turned around and looked into Amber’s eyes, as she beckoned me towards her. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me into her kiss, just as Stephanie hugged me from behind trying to carefully unbuckle my belt. Amber lowered her hands from my face and began to pull my shirt over my head. Then she threw it to the side, and ran her fingers down my chest and abs. she hooked her finger in my waistband and pulled me back in close for another kiss. Stephanie ran her hands over my back and then asked about a scar, I pretended not to hear her and focused more on Amber. My left hand caressed the back of her head, while my right grabbed her ass causing her to heave her breasts into me with a loud gasp. Stephanie had my jeans down now; she pulled herself into my back and ran her hands up my torso until she found Amber’s breasts. She whispered, “Now what?” as quietly as she could muster. Amber pulled away from our kiss, and rested her cheek on my chest as she smiled at Stephanie and said, “Now, the three of us need to wash off.” I wondered how long she had been planning this, but was more than happy to play along lotusbet giriş at this point. I turned around and faced Stephanie, then placed both hands just below her tiny ass. She sighed as I leaned over and kissed her neck, then let out a giggle as I lifted her up into my arms. Amber moved around us and started to kiss Stephanie’s shoulders and rub her waist and flat tummy while we kissed. I repositioned Stephanie and set her on the ground, with Amber lying beside her. I kissed her cheek, down to her ear, then to her neck, and finally a trail of kisses down to and past her navel. As she squirmed underneath me, slowly rocking her hips forward; Amber placed her left hand on her face and kissed her. It surprised her, and she stopped moving for a few seconds before she accepted what was happening to her. I gently kissed her labia as I inhaled her scent, and Amber began to stroke her own pussy. Slowly I run my hands from her hips up to the sides of her chest as I part her lips with my tongue tasting her for the first time. She tastes amazing as I pick up the pace with my tongue darting it in and out of her tight hole, then up to and all around her clit. I roll her clit between my lips as I suck on it forcing her to moan into Amber’s mouth. I pull myself from Stephanie, and roll Amber over onto her knees. I wanted to taste her for so long now; I took my time exploring her beautiful vagina. I took my time kissing it all over before using my tongue. She turned around and sucked her juices from my tongue before pushing me onto my back. Amber grabbed Stephanie and pushed her face to mine. Amber pulled my penis through my boxers and impaled herself; as she bottomed out, she smacked Stephanie’s ass and bent over to play with her tits. I turned Stephanie over and began playing with her clit while we watched Amber rocking her hips and playing with her pussy. Then Amber forced two fingers inside of her, and stuffed them into Stephanie’s mouth. She recoiled but I had picked up the pace with my fingers and she started to moan while she sucked the juice from Amber’s fingers. Then Amber leaned forward and convulsed in orgasm moaning and whimpering as she came down from her high. Stephanie watched her as she too began to writhe in her own orgasm. Then Amber reached down and took Stephanie by her hands, “Don’t worry I will walk you through this” She said. I perched myself up on my elbows and Stephanie placed her hands on my chest to steady herself. Amber slowly guided her down making sure that she had time to adjust. She was so warm and tight that it was putting a ton of pressure on the tip of my penis. She got halfway down and stopped. With tears in her eyes, she said that she couldn’t and that it hurt too much. Together Amber and I lifted her and laid her down, comforting her until she fell asleep. When she did, we placed her in the hole next to Elle, and covered her up. I sat down in a chair thinking that the fun was over, but Amber stroked my tired dick back to life. She took her time licking it clean after it was at attention slowly working her tongue around the tip. She turned her back to me a sat in my lap, her warm pussy wrapping itself around me. She started rocking her hips and lifting herself constantly changing motions until I was ready to blow. Then she got down on her knees, and in one motion took my entire penis into her mouth. I could feel her swallowing my load as she looked up at me with her blue fuck-me eyes. When I finished she grabbed a wash cloth and some water; then she began to wash me off.

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