Susan & Karen


Susan & KarenI went to see my friend Nick on the way home from work, but it was his wife Susan that opened the door telling me Nick was away for a couple of days but still invited me in. I hesitated but have always fancied her and thought I might be in with a chance if Nick was away. I followed her in and was a bit disappointed when I saw her grand daughter Karen on the sofa watching TV. Nevertheless, I accepted the offer of a coffee and sat down. I soon realised that Karen was in her nightie ready for bed and was showing quite a bit of leg. I’ve always lusted after her as well so was quite happy to sit and admire the view, which was constantly changing as she shifted around.Susan came in with the coffee and obviously saw me eyeing Karen and told her to cover her legs as she gave me my coffee and a strange look. We sat talking and I could feel myself getting a hard on as Karen shifted about and Susan didn’t seem too worried about her thighs being on show. They clearly weren’t expecting visitors as Susan clearly didn’t have a bra on either. As we chatted I became convinced that Susan realised the effect she was having on me and wondered if I was going to get more of a flash.Eventually Susan erzurum escort told Karen she’d better get off to bed as she had school the following day. She didn’t argue and was soon on her way and once she was gone Susan said “I saw you looking at her legs you old pervert.” I was about to deny it but then decided not to and said “well, she does have a nice pair of legs that seem to go on forever”.“As nice as mine?” asked Susan with a coy smile. “Well I have to admit I saw more of Karen’s than yours so it wouldn’t be a fair comparison.” With that she stood up and pulled her skirt to her waist. My cock twitched and was decidedly uncomfortable now and I gasped, not expecting this. “Well, are mine as good as hers?” I couldn’t answer, I couldn’t speak, my eyes locked on her thighs and the white panties now on show as I tried desperately to keep my throbbing cock from becoming obvious. She just stood there clearly waiting for a reply.“Susan, you are drop dead gorgeous, you know you have a great pair of legs, in fact you have a great body”. I stood up, wanting to touch, but not sure how she would react. She immediately pointed to my crotch and said “I didn’t realise eskişehir escort it would have that effect on you” and moving to me grabbed my bulge and squeezed it gently. I thought I was going to cum in my pants, this is not what I expected, hoped for, dreamt about, but never believed it would happen. I pulled her to me and we kissed, that did it, her tongue was in my mouth and her hips pressing against me.It didn’t take long for all our clothes to be on the floor and us along with them with me kneeling beside her kissing up and down her body as she stroked my cock, moaning all the time. Her pussy was wet and ready and my cock couldn’t take much more stroking so I eased myself round and in the missionary position gave her a good fucking. Fortunately she was as hot for it as I was and was soon groaning through an orgasm as I emptied my load deep inside her delicious cunt. After resting she said I could use the shower if I wanted to. I took her up on the offer hoping she might join me, but no, I had the shower to myself. As I started towards the stairs I had to pass Karen’s room and I could help glancing in, immediately realising I shouldn’t have. It was escort bayan a hot night and she was lying uncovered on the bed. I was mesmerised and stood there looking as my cock started growing again. I don’t know how long I stood there but was jolted back to my senses when Susan appeared with a knowing smile on her face.“So it’s not enough to fuck me, but you’re lusting after my grand daughter too”. I tried to talk my way out of it but it was obvious what I was doing as my cock was rock hard again. “Do you want a better look?” she asked. I looked at her amazed and she said that Karen died when she went to sleep and noting would wake her. With that she took hold of my cock and led me into her room. She let go of me then and leaning over Karen pulled her nightie right up, exposing her entire body. Oh fuck, what a sight, so slim and tight.“Well, look at you, you do like her don’t you, do you want to cum for her as well?” I couldn’t believe my ears or my eyes, exactly what was on offer here. “We’d better now wake her up as she has school tomorrow come closer”. I did as I was told, I didn’t need much persuading, and Susan told me I could stroke her gently. As I did so Susan went on her knees in front of me and started sucking my cock. I couldn’t believe my luck and normally I don’t have 2 orgasms so quick but as I stroked Karen’s body I could feel it rising again. I stopped stroking Karen and held Susan’s head as I unloaded another load into her, this time her mouth.

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