Susie and Her Brothers Ch. 01


This story is quite unlike my others, and I am unsure how it will be received. Please let me know by your votes and/or feedback what you think. Part 2 is “under construction” as I submit this.


Sometimes events happen out of the blue that can change your life, events totally unexpected and unforeseen. Such happened to me one recent weekend, and I am still pondering how it came about and what will continue in the future. The “I” in this story, is myself, Susanna, though everyone calls me Susie. I had graduated from university a month earlier and had started my first real job, which entailed a lot of stress for me. Upon graduation, my then boyfriend and I parted company, and with the demands of the new position I’d had no social life to speak of, except an occasional lunch with my best friend Becky. While I intended to get my own place eventually, I was living at home for the summer. My two brothers and I were house-sitting for our parents, who were on a month-long trip to Europe.

My brothers, Brent and Bart, are identical twins, a year younger than I. Almost everyone has trouble telling them apart, but for some reason, perhaps 20 years of living together, I can distinguish them automatically. They attend the same university that I did, and have scholarships for the swim team. They are over six feet tall, with the overdeveloped shoulders and thighs and slim waists of competitive swimmers. By comparison the top of my head barely reaches their chins. While I’ve been hard at work, the boys spend their days working out, swimming in our pool, and otherwise enjoying themselves, as far as I can tell.

When Becky and I were in high school, we were lovers. In fact we took each other’s virginity with a dildo Becky swiped from her mother’s nightstand. We carried on for some months, but after we’d started fucking guys we seem to have decided in some unspoken pact that we weren’t as gay as we’d believed. She’d been seeing Brent since summer started, and although she hadn’t confessed anything to me I was sure they were screwing like rabbits.

Things were not as nice for Bart and me. Bart had been dumped by his girlfriend for reasons I’d never discovered, although it was apparently a pretty bitter affair. In my case, I’d had nothing harder than my fingers in my pussy for a month, and that Friday I’d planned more of the same and an evening of television.

While I was eating a microwave dinner, Brent and Bart came into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Brent announced that he and Becky were going to dinner and a movie, and he would probably be back pretty late.

Bart stayed with me after Brent had left. “Whatcha doin’ tonight?” he asked after a bit.

“Nothing. I’m gonna curl up with a magazine and the TV. You?”

“I was thinking.”

“How can you tell?”

“Very funny Sis. But I was thinking we could go to the club tonight.”


“I need a date to get in. They’re not letting in single guys on weekends, apparently.”

“So you want a date with your big sister,” I snickered.

“Not really a date. Once we’re inside we can look around separately.”

“According to you all the guys will have dates, so that leaves only the single women. That’s nice for you.”

“You liked girls once upon a time.”

I’d never admitted my dalliance with Becky. “Who told you that?” I said, blushing.

“A little bird. Don’t get uptight, I know you’re not gay.”

“If I were, according to you I should go to the club without you.”

“Come on, be a sport and do me a favor. If you’re not having fun I’ll bring you home.”

“No you won’t. We’re taking my car. I’m not getting stranded if you get lucky.”

“That means you’ll go? Thanks, I owe you one.”

It seems I’d agreed, and in fact it sounded better than lounging around the house. “OK, I’ll get showered and dressed, and we can leave around 9.”

When I was ready, only 20 minutes later than agreed, Bart was waiting in the living room. I have to admit he looked good, wearing tight jeans and a silk shirt. He and Brent had shaved their heads and all other hair for the swim season, and his hair had only grown back an inch or so, bleached by the sun and chlorine.

“Looking good, Susie,” Bart said with a little whistle. I wore a black leather skirt and a white linen shirt that had been lying fallow since starting work. I’d decided against going braless, as the semi-transparency of the linen would make me look too sluttish, so I had a lacy white bra supporting my small breasts.

The club we drove to had opened a short time ago, and had gained a level of popularity quickly. The music is a mix of techno, grunge, and the occasional classic rock cut. On our arrival, the place was only half full. I danced with Bart a few times, and then chatted and danced a few numbers with a couple of friends I happened to meet. Bart was circulating and seemed to be having some success with various girls, so I bought a margarita at the bar and found a seat at one of the many small güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri tables that lined the walls. At a break in the music, Bart and one of the girls with whom he had been dancing walked to the bar, where they bought drinks and stood talking with a tall, flamboyantly dressed man. Bart gestured in my direction several times, and after some minutes he and the girl came towards me, while the man disappeared into the crowd.

Bart introduced his companion as Tara and gathered chairs, so that in a few minutes she was seated between us, pressed tightly together around the tiny table. Tara seemed to be about my age, and wore obviously expensive clothes. Her shiny black hair set off the pale skin of her pretty face. We chatted aimlessly for a few minutes, sipping our drinks and watching the crowd. “Tara has invited us over to her place,” Bart stated eventually.

Us? I figured that Bart had staked his territory for the night, but the implicit inclusion of myself was confusing. “Go ahead,” I said. “I can drive myself home.”

“Oh, but you ought to come over too,” Tara replied in a silvery voice. All the while we had been seated, our legs had been pressed together, and now I felt had hand stroking my thigh. In another situation I might have recoiled, but with the warmth of the space and the effects of alcohol I felt rather relaxed and placed my hand on hers under the table. If Tara were gay, then I might do worse than spend the night with her. Still, Bart’s role was confusing. Did he want to see his sister get it on with another woman? I noticed that he had never mentioned being my brother.

“What about the guy I saw you with earlier?”

“Oh, that’s just Tony. Bart is more his type. He was devastated to find no interest there.” Tara laughed. “Don’t worry about him; we often go to places like this together. I guess I must be one of those ‘fag hags’.”

Soon the three of us were in my car. Tara’s residence proved to be a large apartment located in one of the most exclusive buildings in the city. The steel and leather furnishings and the modern art on the walls proclaimed the owner’s wealth and taste. Tara fixed us drinks, and then left us so that “she could get more comfortable.”

“You OK with this?” Bart asked.

“Not sure. She’s hot. What do you think she has in mind?”

“Pretty obvious I’d say.”


“Yeah! Ever had one?”

“No! You?”

“Brent and I have. Never with two girls though. If you’re game, I am. Don’t worry, I won’t touch you.”

Although I had some reservations my lack of sex for the past month overrode them, and I decided to enjoy myself and see how things played out. After all, I thought I could back out if things got uncomfortable. Tara returned to the living room wearing an embroidered kimono robe, with obviously nothing underneath. She had let her hair down, so that it cascaded over her shoulders and halfway down her back in silky black waves. She went to the stereo and started playing some soft orchestral music, then sat down on the low leather sofa.

“You guys OK? How are the drinks?” she asked.

“Fine,” both of us replied in unison.

“Who wants to come sit by me? Susie?”

“Sure.” I sat down beside her, and she scooted over so that our legs were touching, and she put her arm around my back.

“Bart told me you wouldn’t be averse to female contact. Is that true?”

“Bart has a big mouth. But I’ve been with another girl before.”

“I hoped it was true. I think you’re very beautiful, Susie. Kiss me!”

Her mouth was hot and as our tongues played her had cupped my breast through my blouse. In turn, I slipped my hand into her robe, finding a full breast with the nipple already hard against my palm. Our embrace seemed to last a long time, and when it ended Tara began to undress me. When she unhooked my bra, exposing my breasts to the chill of the air-conditioning, I felt my nipples harden even more. The fastening of Tara’s robe had come undone, exposing her full breasts, tight stomach, and lower belly. She stood pulling me upright and kissed me hard, while her hands roamed over my ass. Then she undid the fastening of my skirt, and let it fall to the floor.

All the while I had been oblivious to Bart’s presence, completely enthralled by Tara and her seeming control of all my actions. Now, as Tara knelt before me and began to pull down my panties, I became aware that Bart had undressed himself and was sitting in the leather recliner across from us, stroking his cock lightly and watching me with an ironic smile. This was the first time we had seen each other completely nude since we were children. I could only smile vaguely back at him, and rather than being embarrassed, I felt surprisingly proud to display my body before him.

Tara shed her robe, so that the three of us were completely nude. While I stood with my legs spread apart slightly, Tara explored my opening with her fingers, then kissing my belly before descending her mouth güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to my now moist pussy lips. I knew it would not be long before she brought me over the top. As she worked on my sex, I squeezed my breasts and pinched their hard nipples, looking Bart in the face and smiling. As my orgasm approached my knees weakened, and my legs began to tremble. Tara pushed me back gently onto the sofa, then placed my legs over her shoulders so that her head was wedged between my thighs. Her busy tongue probed deep into my cunt before circling my clit. This she repeated over and over, until I screamed in ecstasy, a strong orgasm sweeping up from inside me.

Tara crawled up on the couch beside me. “You are delicious,” she said. Before I could draw breath to reply she pressed her mouth to mine. The taste of my own juices on her lips recalled the long ago time when I had tasted them with Becky.

“Ahh, so good,” I managed to say when she broke our kiss.

“And for me. You came so hard I thought you would crush my head. I love it when I make someone come like that. Would you like to do the same for me?”

“Sure. What about Bart?”

“Bart will have his fun too, don’t worry. Right Bart?’

“You’re the boss, Tara,” he said. “I’m enjoying the show.” His cock was now hard and long, and seemed very thick as he held it in his fist.

“Don’t you dare come before we’re ready,” Tara admonished. She lay back on the sofa, hooking one leg over its low back and placing the other on the floor. In this manner her entire sex was exposed to my view. Her pussy was clean-shaven, in contrast to my own unkempt bush. The inner lips were already slightly open and glistening with moisture. I had only to lean down to bring my mouth to her pussy and explore her gently with my tongue. She was very wet, and as I lapped up the length of her slit to her prominent clit, her cunt literally gushed more of her juices onto my face and into my mouth. I thought she was on the verge of coming when she suddenly pushed me away. “Let Bart finish,” she commanded.

I thought this idea was strange, but I obeyed. I moved over so that her head lay in my lap. She held onto my arm with one hand while the other spread her pussy open. Bart took my place, kneeling between her spread legs. He guided his cock into the mouth of her cunt and began fuck her with a steady rhythm. As he thrust, he supported himself on the back of the sofa, so that his head was close to mine. He seemed to be looking into my eyes as he fucked Tara, almost as if he were making love to me. I felt myself blush for the first time that evening, a strange feeling given what we had already done together. Tara was obviously close to orgasm, gasping at every stroke of Bart’s cock into her cunt. His shaft was shiny with her fluids on each outward movement, while her inner lips seemed to grasp him like a little mouth, always wanting to draw the thick morsel once more into the moist depths.

Sensing her impending crisis, Bart quickened his pace, until he seemed to be hammering into her. When the orgasm finally swept through her she clenched my arm so tightly that I felt her nails bite into my flesh. A long, low moan of pleasure came from deep within her body. Bart continued his hammering for some long moments until he made a final thrust, grunting as his cock completely disappeared into her; he stayed in that position, panting as he shot his semen deep inside her belly. As his tension dissipated, all three of us seemed in suspended animation. At length she loosened her grip on my arm, and Bart withdrew his softening cock from between her legs, its length now covered with the lovely mixture of pussy fluid and sperm.

Tara turned to place her feet on the floor, reclining between Bart and me. Dark red blotches covered her sweaty chest and breasts like stains on marble, while the remnants of Bart’s deposits trickled down the inside of her thighs in a thick, pearly stream. I have always thought a woman in post-coital relaxation to be at her most beautiful and natural. I leaned over to kiss her mouth tenderly, still tasting my own musk on her breath. At the same time I touched her gaping pussy with an index finger, coating it in the delicious mixture pooling there. As I tasted it, I reflected how it was both supremely sensual and degradingly nasty to have a stranger’s cunt juice and my brother’s cum mixed together in my mouth. I felt my own pussy moisten again at this thought.

While I was engaged in this reverie, Tara had taken Bart’s limp cock in one hand and was stroking it slowly, cleaning it of the same fluid I was enjoying. She then licked her palm and smiled. “That was intense!”

Bart and I both expressed similar sentiments with the appropriate sighs and caresses, while we cuddled together on the sofa for a quarter of an hour. When the lassitude of orgasm subsided, Tara arose and walked to the small bar on the other side of the room. She mixed three screwdrivers and brought them over to us. I had the incongruous güvenilir bahis şirketleri thought of being served by a tall, beautiful, naked bartender with streaks of semen on her inner thighs. Tara is apparently completely free of any modesty or inhibitions, and I noticed that her appearance had caused Bart’s cock to begin to stiffen.

Tara noticed as well. “Bart, I see you are almost ready for another turn. Do you want to fuck Susie this time?”

Before I could stammer out any denials Bart came to the rescue. “I’d enjoy fucking Susie very much, but since we’re your guests I think I should devote myself to you.”

“What a gallant dude you are,” Tara laughed. “Susie, I hope you won’t be disappointed if I hog him for myself.”

“No, no, not at all. My pleasure,” I said with some relief. I wasn’t sure if I would have had the strength to resist had it turned the other way. The sight of Bart plunging into Tara had reawakened in me the realization that my own cunt was made for a man’s hard cock rather than a woman’s tongue.

“Here’s an idea,” said Tara. “Let’s go into my bedroom. Susie and I can have a little 69 session, and after a while Bart can fuck me again. Maybe we can all come at the same time; that would be something.”

Neither Bart nor I found any objections to that plan, so we soon found ourselves together in the middle of Tara’s huge bed, with the covers stripped and lying on some elegant and supremely smooth sheets. I lay on top of Tara, and we started the slow re-exploration of each other’s parts with fingers and mouths. My own pussy quickly moistened to her sensitive touch. Tara’s was still red and gaping from Bart’s earlier pounding, and I imagined that the taste of her fresh fluid emissions was modified by the remnants of his semen. I held her protruding clit between my lips while brushing my tongue lightly across its tip, then sucked it gently inside. Tara obviously enjoyed to this treatment as she emitted gush after gush of fresh fluids that flowed into my mouth and smeared my chin and lips.

All this time Bart was sitting between her legs, stroking his now fully erect cock so that it was only inches from my face. Each time I raised my eyes, they met the single seeping eye in the swollen purple head. I resisted the strong impulse to take it into my mouth, and lowered my gaze to the work beneath me. In a short time Tara started to thrust hips upward, so that I was able to meet her movements with my own, fucking her opening with my tongue. I reached around her thighs and grasped her buttocks, pulling them apart so that she was completely exposed to Bart’s view. I slipped one finger into her tight puckered ass, drawing a gasp from Tara and an exploratory finger into my own behind. I knew that she was ready for Bart’s penetration, so I rose up and indicated that he should take my place between her spread thighs.

I watched carefully while he placed the head carefully between her open lips, then leaned forward so that the full length of his shaft disappeared within her, his belly touching hers. He exhaled with pleasure, staying still for a long moment as he soaked within her. Then he took her right thigh and propped it over his shoulder. When one hand on this knee for support, he began to thrust into her, slowly at first, then regularly. As he fucked, we leaned towards each other, our faces only inches apart, both of us seemingly dazed in a cloud of sexual ardor. Suddenly I had the unbearable need for him to kiss me, to validate that our mutual actions were more than a primitive reaction to hormones, that the pleasures we were giving and receiving were propagated by our hearts and minds in addition to pleasure receptors in the brain.

Bart must have read my mind, or seen my open mouth striving for his, for his mouth was soon molded to mine, our tongues touching each other in a slow dance. My heart was beating so hard I thought I might faint. Tara’s tongue in my vagina and her finger in my ass were so stimulating that each touch send a wave of pleasure through me, and I knew I would orgasm if ever she would touch my clit. I grasped Bart’s free hand and brought it to my breast. He pulled back to smile at me as if we shared a new secret, then resumed our kiss while he squeezed and twisted the hard nipple with his fingertips and massaged the soft globe. It was in this position that my orgasm took me, Bart’s tongue in my mouth, his hand on my chest, and Tara’s skillful tongue deep within me, drinking the fluids that I felt leaking down from deep within.

Tara’s prediction of a three-way mutual orgasm was not to be, for Bart almost immediately shot his load into her. Seeing that she had not come, I pushed Bart away and knelt down to resume my earlier ministrations, probing her ass strongly with one finger and licking her slit and clitoris avidly, tasting her now familiar musk and the saltiness of Bart’s semen. After a minute of this treatment, she came strongly, clamping my head tightly and screaming, “Yes, yes, yessss!”

It seems that both Tara and I must have fallen asleep shortly thereafter; when I awoke suddenly I saw that the clock by the bedside read 3:00am, and I heard the shower running. Tara lay smiling beside me, eyes open. “That was the most fantastic evening sweetie. How can I ever thank you? Except by doing it again very soon.”

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