Swapping fantasy – contiued


Swapping fantasy – contiuedTo help the story flow I’ll use names nowAfter finishing with Debbie I made my way back to the bar, meeting Alan exiting the lift – we joked about synchronised fucking going in to the bar to find Debbie’s husband Rob already waiting and half way through a pint. I was a bit disappointed to see this as I had sent him to service my wife Sarah but didn’t say anything and we joined him for a pint to wait for Andy to arrive. Andy must have had amazing stamina as we were on the dregs of our pints before he finally arrived, looking pretty pleased with himself. This was the perfect moment for me to redistribute the keys and head back to our wives.When I got back to our room my wife was still naked on the bed, her legs apart, an obvious damp patch there. She was red in the face and rubbing at her pussy.I asked her what was up and her response was “don’t talk, just fuck me”. I quickly undressed got between her legs and fed my cock into her very wet pussy. She let out a groan, pulled me in to kiss me hard then pushed me away slightly to go back to rubbing her clitoris. Between me thrusting at her and her own rubbing she was soon in the throes of a loud orgasm. When this abated she pulled me in close again and kissed me again whilst grinding hard against me, eventually bringing me to the third orgasm of the evening.As I was getting my breath back Sarah told me that she didn’t want me to tell her what I had done but explained her response, saying that after being really turned on her experience had been a bit of a let down. After the excitement and apprehension of getting ready, that Rob (though she didn’t know who it was) had basically groped her breasts for a bit before mounting her and cumming after only a few strokes. She lay for a while hoping that whoever it was would come back for some more but eventually gave up and tried to relieve herself which she struggled with until getting me inside her. See while I don’t posses a monster cock, it is above average length, but with a decent girth and Rob just didn’t hit the spot. We turned in for the night and while Sarah was quickly sleeping I was wide awake, this experience had not sated my curiosity, my mind was going ten to the dozen trying to think how I could take it further, I was desperate to see how far Debbie would actually go convinced now that Rob could not be satisfying such a horny woman. I eventually dropped off with the seeds of a plan taking shape.Breakfast the next morning started off a bit awkward with no one really sure how to act – I did notice that Alan’s wife Lynne had a glow after her marathon session with Andy – but someone eventually cracked a joke and we güvenilir bahis carried on as usual. We had another 24 hours of the weekend to go so I put my next plan in to action suggesting that the boys and girls split up for the day, this idea actually went down pretty well and so the girls headed out to the shops while I took the boys to a sports bar. We had a few drinks, with me feeding Rob a couple of sneaky doubles, and when we were all getting a bit merry and hoping the Dutch courage was enough I asked who was up for taking our weekend to the next level. There was an initial agreement, but I relied on the bravado for no one to drop out when I gave my actual proposal – we had a pool tournament, and the looser would have to convince his wife to be fucked by the other three husbands, without telling the other wives and the looser watching. I was taking a huge gamble here as I doubted that Sarah would fulfill this debt, which is why I had slipped Rob a few more drinks, as when he’s had a few he thinks he is a much better pool player than he really is and his game goes off – I also knew the other two were pretty handy with a cue.The pressure of what was happening was obviously getting to us all and the pool tournament was a much closer affair than I expected, but eventually the extra drinks took their toll and Rob lost on a very close black ball game. He took himself off, and I thought that maybe this was a step too far when he hadn’t reappeared in twenty minutes. Alan, Andy and I were about to give up and accept that this was too much when Rob reappeared. He said that he had to get his head around it all, but a bet was a bet and he had taken the opportunity to call Debbie and asked her to excuse herself from the girls and go to their room and expect a surprise in about half an hour – he then went to the bar and got us all a round of shots. What a legend!When we got back to the hotel Rob asked us to wait outside his room so he could confirm that Debbie was going to go through with this, he was having second thoughts, but I was confident I’d seen something in her and was not surprised that Rob was calling us in after a very short period of time. We all sheepishly shuffled into the room to find Debbie standing by the window with a smirk on her face. She then took control walking over to us and french kissing us each in turn finishing with Rob, who she asked him to confirm that he was a looser and was to sit this one out, he answered yes so she told him to strip naked and sit in the chair, but he was not to touch himself or cum unless she told him to. As Rob was undressing she came back over to us asking us to stand in a row by the bed. When türkçe bahis Rob was sitting down Debbie proceeded to kiss an undress each of us ending up with all three of us naked sporting semi erect cocks. She then slowly undressed, first releasing her amazing pierced breasts and finishing up bending over in front of us to slowly remove her panties, I could swear I could see a damp patch in the gusset and her lips glistening. She then sat on the edge of the bed and motioned us closer.I was first at her head and she looked me in the eye while taking my rapidly hardening cock in to her mouth, making appreciative noises and occasionally looking over at Rob who was looking a bit put out in the corner but had a fully erect cock. Debbie then did the same for Alan and Andy and when all three of us were hard she laid back on the bed and demanded that we all returned the favour. Andy was first up and started to lick at her pussy, he paused to tell her how amazing she tasted and how he would gladly lick her for hours – may have explained last night. Debbie was wriggling under Andy’s expert attention but demanded that we all took our turn, Alan went next before I returned to taste her familiar juices, she was wetter than the previous night when I started, with cream oozing out. She grabbed me by my hair ad pushed me back, before getting up off the bed and giving a contemptuous look at Rob, who now looked markedly uncomfortable, but now had pre cum visible on the tip of his cock.Debbie then grabbed me and ordered me to lie on the bed, as I was doing this she wet to the bedside cabinet and produced the lube I’d left last night. Robs eyes were like saucers as Debbie proceeded to pour a liberal amount of lube over my cock, massage it, and then spread some around her anus. She then got in the reverse cowgirl position and slowly lowered her ass on to my cock, without taking her eyes off her husband, when I was fully in she laid back on to of me allowing me to reach round to grab her breasts and to kiss and nibble her neck and ears and tell her how amazing this felt, her reply to this was to groan, grind me a bit then say to the other two spectators “what are you waiting for? I want one of you in my pussy, and the other in my mouth”. Andy was quickest on the uptake and positioned his cock at her pussy, she helped guide him in and suddenly I could feel his head squeeze in, this was a very weird experience, I was prone and Andy was moving his cock in and out, we were almost rubbing cocks and our balls would occasionally touch, but we were so caught up in the moment that it was not even awkward. I then got a amazing view of Alans cock slipping between Debbies güvenilir bahis siteleri lips as she started to suck him hard while groaning at the attention of three cocks at once. I was doing everything in my power not to cum.We had all but forgotten about Rob when Debbie took Alans cock from her mouth and told us that she wanted us all to cum in her pussy, only when she had three loads inside her would she let Rob finish. We all reluctantly removed our cocks from her and she bent over the bed so she was side on to Rob. Andy was first to position himself behind her and started to grind away at her, holding her hips for purchase, I had to admit he had technique and Debbie was groaning at his attention – I can see why Alans wife was so pleased that morning! He quickened his pace and grabbed Debbie tightly as he emptied his seed inside her before slipping his cock out. I motioned for Alan to go next and he did not pass up the invite, where Andy had technique, Alan had pace and went at Debbies pussy like a jackhammer making her breasts jiggle and her squeal with each thrust. He wasn’t going to keep this up for long and soon was emptying his balls inside Debbies pussy. It was my turn now and I pushed Debbies head down on to the bed so I could get deeper penetration, she looked at me over her shoulder with total lust and licked her fingers, making her intentions clear. As she positioned her fingers above her clit she turned to face her husband as I started to push myself in to her.It wasn’t long before we were both cumming, I may have made some noise but nothing like Debbie who had started shouting obscenities at Rob while her pussy spasmed around my cock as it was shooting inside her. After I had removed myself Debbie moved around the bed so Rob now had a close up view of her pussy as our combined cum started dripping out. She blew us all a kiss and asked us to leave so she could finish Rob off in private, we all got hastily dressed and left – though I’m convinced I could hear Rob groaning in orgasm as the door was closing.Later that night when we all met back up – us boys after our games afternoon, and Debbie feeling better after she had a “bit of a dodgy tummy” and we went out for some dinner, the girls seemed unaware of anything going on, accepting Robs subdued demeanor as being a poor looser at pool, and not understanding why we found Alans comment about rematches, or double or quits so funny. I had just left the gents when Debbie grabbed me and pushed me in to the disabled loo. She told me that as soon as she put my cock in her mouth today she knew it was me that had fucked her the night before, that she didn’t realise how unfulfilled she had been with her sex life and would I help her do something about that. I said we would have to wait and see, she looked me dead in the eye and grabbed the bulge in my pants, stroking it to hardness and said with a smirk “yes we will!””

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