Subject: Sweet December Chapter 1 (Revised) Sweet December Chapter 1 14 year old Jake Matthew Timberlake has always wondered who his father is since he was five years old. His identical brother Jordan Ryan Timberlake and younger brother Devon James Timberlatke is wondering the same thing. All their mother told them is he’s in the music business like her when they were 10 and 8 years old. Justin is their father by the way. Justin is bisexual and in love with Nicholas Gene Carter who is also bisexual. Now present time it’s December 12th,2006 which is Devon’s 12th birthday. It’s 2:00 PM Friday. “Mom, Who is our father and no crap please.” Jake Timberlake asked pleading for an answer. Just then the door bell rang. “Your answer is at the door Jake.” Britney Spears said smiling. Jake stormed to the front door in a beach house his mother recently bought. Once at the door Jake gasped because he sees his dad that he never knew before with four medium size gifts and small gift for Devon. They were too young when they met him “Dad?” Jake questioned. Justin smiled. “Yes Jake, I’m your father.” Justin said smiling Jake shockingly let Justin inside. “I held all three of you as babies and tucked you in as little kids Jake.” Justin admitted the truth of when they all were babies and little kids that he was there for them but never gave his identity away. Everyone that loves Justin not a fan knew about the kids except Lance and Jc. “Dad, Devy is 12 today Jordan who over heard the conversation said smiling. “Jordan Ryan Timberlake, What did I say about eavesdropping on people when you didn’t know I was your father!” Justin roared angrily. “Not cool to eavesdrop on people.” Jordan said frowning. “Go to your room until dinner, Jake can go with you so you’re not alone.” Justin said frowning not wanting to punish him on their younger brother’s birthday not knowing they all hang out together as siblings should but sometimes don’t. Both boys stormed to Jordan’s own bedroom “Then I’ll go too, We etlik escort are a family not a darn soap opera!” Devon hissed then stormed off. “They are a team, The next thing of business without trying to anger you since we’re no longer together, Me and Jc are together as a couple, I’m also pregnant with triplets and going to tell him tonight.” Britney finally confessed her secret relationship but not knowing there is eleven not three she’s carrying. seven girls and four boys which is high risk if not totally relaxed and off her feet since it’s the world’s biggest pregnant woman . Justin gasped. “I love you both, I’m glad you confessed because I’m bisexual and in love with Nicholas Gene Carter.” Justin said smiling. Britney laughed. “I knew you were Bisexual, But the competition Juju!” Britney shrieked with laughter. “Yes, I love a backstreet boy and you love my best friend so there!” Justin also shrieked with laughter. “You’re right, We have no connection besides our kids and friendship.” Britney said frowning. “I can’t believe you’re going to have Jc’s babies, I’m really happy for you both.” Justin said smiling just as Jc came in to see Justin. He went pale. “Josh I know you’re Britters, I’m happy that Britty is pregnant with your triplets.” Justin said frowning knowing Britney will chicken out to tell him. on her own. Jc gasped. Britney glared at Justin. “Don’t give me that facial expression, You would have chickened out like with our babies, Don’t think your parents didn’t tell my folks because they did right away now admit he really is the father and not someone else.” Justin demanded. Before Britney can say a word a TV went flying across the room from Britney emotions so high. “Oh my god, It’s her!” Jc shrieked horrified and terrified as Justin stood in shock. Once the TV is about to drop Jake who sees it goes running in then grabs the TV before it fall and breaks. “Somebody help me this is flipping heavy.” Jake said groaned. Jc stormed ankara escort bayan over to Jake and helped him set it down. “Oh god I’m sorry, I have a Telekinesis force, which means I can move objects within my state mind if my stress levels are way too high.” Britney explained then slapped Justin. “Ow!” Justin whimpered. “You were in shock Juju, I had to slap you.” Britney said frowning. “Britty, Are you ok?” Justin and Jc asked at the same time. “Other than being pregnant of your children and with Justin demanding like that caused me to bring back the power I gained while on the Mickey Mouse Club, I need to be relaxed Juju, not stressed out all the time and if this is the kind of love get from both of you I need both of you to leave for the sake of my babies because this is my last pregnancy because it is high risk if my stress levels are too high so take the boys for the rest of my pregnancy so I can relax without stress.” Britney said frowning. “High risk?” Jc asked worried and concerned before Justin can react. “Either death of me or death of my babies if I’m not relaxed and careful this time around, Oh I will have my tubes tied like two months after the girls are born.” Britney explained slowly. Justin, Jc and the eavesdropping kids gasped and went pale. Everyone gasped. Jc because he was away with Nsync to know she was 6 months pregnant with baby girls. Well 7 girls and four boys.”Girls, Yucky!” Jake gagged. Oh shit!” Britney exclaimed when she sees her ultra sound results that have written at the bottom of how many babies and the sex of the babies. “What Britty?” Jc asked worried and concerned. “I’m having seven girls and four boys!” Britney shrieked horrified and terrified and about to faint. Jc, Justin and all Justin and Britney’s sons fainted. “Oh god, I must help them so I can sleep now.” Britney said to herself. She went to Justin then shook him good, then the rest of them real good. “Are you alright, I almost fainted too but we all can’t be wasted!” Britney sincan escort said laughing. “11 babies, Where are you putting them all!” Jc shrieked mortified,petrified horrified and terrified. “By C-section since there is too many and that’s why I ask you to take the boys until I give birth because it’s high risk on my life and my babies, But If I were to die I want Juju to raise the boys and you with our children and nobody else unless you’re on tour ok.” Britney explained. “But you will not die, You’re a fighter and I want you to think positive unless it does happen, Until the time comes no more negative talk ok.” Justin said before Jc can respond. “He’s right mom, You need to be positive, I’m sorry about before about girls.” Jake said now feeling rotten after learning she could die or the babies will die if her stress levels are too high. “I know you are Jake, I appreciate the apology, But if you bad mouth them when older and I did die Justin or JC can ground you for mean and rudeness to your siblings behavior ok!” Britney hissed then walked away to get to bed. “Go get her Josh, She’s fragile right now.” Justin said frowning. Jc nodded his head then went to follow the woman he planned on proposing marriage to. “Dad, I want a skate board for Christmas. Jake said smiling. “Absolutely not, Those are dangerous if you’re not a professional.” Justin said frowning. But dad, Will Richardson has one.” Jake whined. Justin gasped. He took out his cell phone and dialed Kevin’s number. After three rings Kevin picks up. “Hello” A slightly drunk Kevin said from his bedroom in bed with a clueless Lance Bass. Are you aware your nephew Will has a skate board and he’s only 11?” Justin asked. Kevin gasped. “He has a what!” Kevin asked pissed because he didn’t know about it. Will bought it behind his parents back. 12 days later The Timberlake and Chasez family came to join Christmas Eve with Britney. Britney’s parents recently died in a car accident leaving her little brother Travis who is five years old being raised by the state. Now Britney wants Justin to adopt him since he’s in love with Nick and so Travis has a real home. “There’s a small gift under the tree for you Britters.” Justin said frowning. “Oh really.”Britney answered.

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