Sweet Dreams in Cleveland Ch. 02


(The first part of my story was driving to Cleveland with my sister. We were going to give mom so support during dad’s open heart surgery. This is day two.)


My sister Mandy and I hurried to get to the hospital in time for dad’s surgery. Mom was there already and we were prepared for a long day. After many hours, the doctor came out and proclaimed the surgery a success. We were all excited for dad to get out of ICU so we could see him.

After seeing dad, mom suggested that Mandy and I leave for the day and return tomorrow morning when dad got to his room. Mandy and I agreed. We decided that it was time for dinner and a victory drink.

The hotel had a very good restaurant with a bar. We decided that if we were going to drink, it’d be better if we didn’t drive. First thing we did was stop and pick up another 12 pack. We went to our room and iced it down. We headed to the restaurant and had a great dinner. We toasted dad’s good fortune until we were fairly toasted ourselves. Not driving was a good move.

When we got back to our room, Mandy said she wanted to soak in the tub for the next hour. I said I wanted a shower, so I went first. Mandy said not to lock the door in case she had to take a piss (her words). I agreed.

The warm water running down my body felt great. I thought about the night before and my dick got hard. I started to stroke my cock and was about ready to shoot my load when I heard the door open and Mandy said she had a cold beer for me. Her hand came through the shower curtain with the beer. I had to stop stroking my cock and take the beer. She told me not to look because it was time for that piss. I heard her peeing güvenilir bahis and starting jacking off again. I came just when she flushed the toilet which was good thing because I grunted.

She left and I got out of the shower. I put on just my boxers went into the room. Mandy was sitting on the bed in her panties and a sports bra. She looked good and I was happy I had just jacked off because my cock didn’t start getting hard. I popped another beer and told her I’d be watching TV while she took her bath. I told her she had to leave the door unlocked also in case I had to piss.

About 15 minutes later, I had to take that piss. I knocked on the door and told her to cover up. She said to bring her a beer and come on it. I opened the door and the shower curtain was wide open. She was covered with bubbles and all I could see was her head. I handed her the beer and told her to close the curtains so I could piss. She said family should be able to piss in front of each other so if I had to go, just do it. I turned by back to her, pulled my cock out and started pissing. I could see her licking her lips in the mirror and noticed that one hand seemed to be moving by her pussy. I finally finished pissing and when I shook my cock, she said “shake it more than twice, you’re playing with it”. What makes you think I haven’t already played with it was my answer.

I was sitting on the bed watching TV when Mandy got out of the shower. She had a terry cloth wrap on that barely covered her tits and ass. She grabbed a couple of beers from the cooler. She had her back to me and when she bent over, I got a great shot of her ass and pussy. My dick started to get hard and it türkçe bahis took all my will power to keep it down. She handed me a beer, sat on the bed next to me and said to turn the channel to the porn stations we watched last night.

The first movie had a hot babe lowering her pussy onto a guy’s dick. I turned to the next station and two women were doing each other. I asked which one she wanted to watch and to my surprise, she wanted to see the two women. I asked her if she had ever had a lesbian experience and she said yes. Her boyfriend would bring home girls for the both of them to fuck. I had to put the pillow on my lap because my dick was getting hard.

After a few minutes, Mandy nodded off into dream land, or so I thought. The wrap she had on was opened so I had a clear view of her pussy. She bush was trimmed in the shape of a heard and her pussy lips were clean shaven. I got up to get another beer, but I figured I could get a better view of her pussy. She opened her legs wide so I could see her pussy juices. I couldn’t help myself. I got down on the bed and lowered my face to her pussy. The sweet scent was wonderful. I kissed her pussy and she opened her legs even farther. I took her clit into my mouth and nibbled on it. Finally, I buried my tongue into her wet pussy. My fingers worked their way into her and she was grinding against them. The wrap was now wide open and she was naked. Her tits looked great from my point of view. I was able to squeeze her nipple with my free hand. She groaned and came hard.

I turned the TV off and pretended to go sleep. Mandy was still naked and my cock was poking out of my boxers. In a few minutes, I felt Mandy stir. güvenilir bahis siteleri She got up, removed her wrap and proceeded to lie between my legs. She gently removed my boxers and then took my hard cock into her mouth. What a cock sucker. Her head was moving up and down and her tongue was working hard on the bottom of the shaft. Her hands were massaging my balls. I couldn’t take any more and shot my cum deep into her mouth. She kept pumping my cock until she swallowed every last drop. She then rolled over and went to sleep.

Morning arrived. I woke up and realized that I was still naked. Mandy started stirring and lifted the sheet. She smiled and said she must have had another great dream because she’s naked. She then lifted my side of the sheet, saw me naked and asked of I had a dream. I said I did, but it sure seemed real.

Mandy reached over and kissed me hard on the mouth. She said she was sure what happened the first night was not us dreaming. She decided to fake sleeping last night to see if I would do anything. She said I didn’t disappoint her. I laughed and said I did the same thing. And she didn’t disappoint me either.

Our hands were all over each other. Mandy took my cock in her mouth again and positioned her pussy over my mouth. We started sucking each other. I pulled her pussy open and fingered her. I slid another finger into her tight asshole and she came immediately. She said she was ready for a good fucking and now positioned her pussy over my cock. Just like the porn movie last night, she lowered her pussy on to my cock and pumped. She was playing with her clit with on hand and rubbing her nipple with her other hand. I told her I was going to cum and she said to cum in her. I shot my load deep into her pussy. She continued to buck and came with a load grunt. Mandy then went down and licked my cock clean.

“This sure beats fucking a door knob,” she said.

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