Sweet Dreams


I had problems sleeping one night. I was lying in bed contemplating getting up or staying in bed, when I heard my bedroom door open. I looked over but didn’t sit up. There was a dim light coming from down the hall, and it silhouetted by roommate Tiffany. She softly called out my name, and I decided not to answer and see what she was up to. Maybe she was borrowing something or stealing money. I couldn’t be more wrong. She closed the door, which made the room almost pitch black and slowly walked over to my bed and gently sat down on the edge. She called my name again. When I didn’t answer she started rubbing my cock. To say that I was surprised is an understatement. Tiffany has never shown and interest in me sexually.

I always sleep in a pair of shorts, and soon she had them pulled down, my cock standing at attention. She grabbed it and started slowly licking the head. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. Once she took my dick into her mouth I involuntarily let out a moan, which made her freeze. I had to think of bahçeşehir escort something, before she got scared and fled. “Don’t stop.” I mumbled, “My roommate won’t be home for an other few hours.” A few minutes later she started again. She licked the shaft and ticked the head before deep throating it and licking my balls. I was in heaven. I don’t know how long she kept it up for, but before I knew it I was mumbling that I was going to come soon. She sucked faster and harder soon releasing my cum and she took every drop. Once she was done, she slid my shorts back up and left the room.

The next day, she acted as if nothing had happened. I told her that I had an incredible dream that I got the best blow job of my life and that I hoped to have another one where I actually got to fuck my dream girl. She looked at me suspiciously at first, but as I described some imaginary girl and that maybe I’d dream of a threesome as well, she seemed to relax.

I had bakırköy escort taken to having naps in the afternoon, which would let me stay awake later to hopefully have another encounter. A few nights later she came in again. She did the same as before, but didn’t suck my dick for long. This time she stood up and took off her nightgown. I could barely see her outline, but I knew that she had fair size tits. She climbed on the bed, straddling my hips and slowly slid her pussy down my cock. I mumbled something about being gentle with her.

She ignored me and started pumping up and down, slowly at first, then working up a good pace. It felt great and I had to control the urge to grab her, flip her on her back and pound that pussy. After awhile she got off and lay down beside me and spooned, helping my cock back into her dripping cunt. “Fuck me.” She whispered. I started pumping slowly but then found my rhythm. I gently fondled her breasts as my cock slid in and başakşehir escort out of that tight cunt. I found it hard to keep my eyes closed and pretend I was still asleep, but some how I managed. I mumbled that I was going to cum soon. I slid out of her as she got up off the bed. I thought that she was going to leave me hanging and head back to her room. I guess she was watching me sleep for a bit to see if I was waking up or not. I rolled over, mumbled something and stared at the wall, listening to see if she had left or not. After what seemed a long time, in which I almost fell asleep, she rolled me onto my back, got my cock hard again and climbed on. This time it seemed that she was going for broke.

She rode me like a pro, I had to grab on to the sheets, so not to be tossed around like a rag doll under her. As I got closer to cumming I grabbed her ass and started pounding, matching her rhythm. I heard her trying to stifle a scream as she came, which set me off. She kept up her pace as I shot my load deep in side of her, which seemed to make her orgasm again. I knew if she didn’t stop soon that I would scream, as my dick was now very sensitive. She did finally stop and laid on me as my dick had its last few convulsions of sperm.

After she left, I went to the on suite bathroom to clean up and wished that we could do that more often and when she knew that I was awake.

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