Sweet Love


My husband had just come back from a business trip and was showering. I decided to unpack his luggage since I would be doing laundry the next morning.

His phone began to ring and I glanced at the clock on the wall, past eleven in the dead of the night. Who’s calling?

“Babe, can you get that for me please,” he shouted from the shower.

“Secretary,” his screen read. As soon as I accepted the call the woman began talking.

I didn’t even get to actually answer the call.

“Hope you have found my little gift Sir. Just a little something to help you along. I know how boring your wife is. Thank me later. Love you, mwah,” then she ended the call.

I closed my eyes and took a long deep breath. He wouldn’t do that to me. He would never. We’re in love, married for three years, together for five. There’s an explanation.

The plan was to be calm and ask him about it when he walked into the room from our bathroom. However, we had been drifting apart for a while, he was coming home late, leaving early, not eating my food. The odds were stacked against me.

I continued to unpack his luggage and met with a small clear plastic bag. Was that lace I was seeing? I dumped the contents on the bed. Red lace thong and an mp3 player.

The odds were stacking higher against me, I didn’t like where this was going. Switching it on, I reached for my earphones and began listening to the first audio of five. It was her, that bitch of a secretary moaning and telling my husband how she liked the way he smiled and played with her.

Before I realised what I was doing, the mp3 player was crashing onto the dressing table and toppling things onto the floor. That was noisy.

The cheater shouted, “What was that?”

I ignored him. Some few minutes later when he came out of the bathroom, I was already crying, tears staining my cheeks.

“What the- what’s wrong?”

I continued to sob, unable to contain the pain.


“Baby talk to me. What’s wrong, are you in pain?”


“Fuck baby, talk to me. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I know.”

“Wh- what do you- is it- is it her who was on the phone?”

“Huh! You really have been cheating on me,” I cried out.

“I swear it wasn’t like that, baby I swear I would never cheat on you. Let me explain.”

“So you can lie to me like you’ve been doing for the past.. I don’t know how long?”

“Zee, I love you. Please, let me explain.”

“You don’t hurt people you love.”

“I know, I’m sorry. Let me explain. Please.”

“Go ahead,” I’m weak for him.

“I’ve been working late as you know and one night, two weeks ago, I fell asleep in my chair at the office. I woke up to kisses and a half naked woman grinding against my dick. I kissed her back, grabbed her ass and helped her to grind on me, I was disoriented and it took a while to register it wasn’t you but then I pushed her off when I realised it. I’ve been avoiding you because I feel so damn guilty. I’m so sorry Zee, I swear I never meant for it to happen.”

“That’s it?”


“Is that all that happened between you?”

“Is there supposed to be more?”

“You tell me.”

“What did she say on the phone?”

“She talked about this,” I pointed at the thong, “and an mp3 I threw at our dresser.”

“Fucking hell, that bitch. arap porno It never got past that night when she basically molested me.”

I scoffed.

“Look at me Zee. You know me, look into my eyes and tell me I’m lying.”

His green eyes were sincere, I had known the moment I allowed him to explain that I was going to forgive him any way.

“I believe you,” I sighed out.

“Thank you baby. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He lifted me into his lap.

“It’s your insecurities again, isn’t it?”

“Do you blame me?”

“Zee, I love you. I love your chocolate skin, your thick curly hair. I love your curves, they get me hard so fast. I don’t want to be with a white woman, I don’t want a skinny model and I don’t want a woman with straight hair, you are the one I want. You. You are the one wearing my ring, the one I married. It’s not anybody else but you, my wife.”

“You say that now, bu-“

“Shut up.”


“Shut up. You’re not doing this.”

He shifted and threw me on the bed, quickly climbing on top of me. This is when I noticed he only had a towel covering him.

Jason claimed my lips angrily and slipped his tongue into my mouth, tasting every bit of it till we had to pull away and breathe. His kisses trailed down to my jaw, then to my neck where he softly sucked on sensitive skin, making me hum in pleasure.

I don’t know when or how it happened, I just know that seconds later, I was utterly naked as the day I was born, moaning and writhing beneath him.

As we kissed passionately, I felt a hand slide down my front, all the way to my wet pussy. It throbbed and ached with need, to be stretched and filled. He cupped me there, his hand not moving. I was needy, I needed to cum so I pushed against his warm palm.

“Easy baby girl, Daddy will give you what you need in due time.”

He began to softly massage my clit with his palm and it took a lot for me not to push him away and just fuck myself with my fingers.

The relief I felt when he pushed his middle finger into me is indescribable. I pushed against his finger, urging him deeper into me. I needed him to find that special orgasm trigger so I could find satisfying release.

“Mmm baby, you’re so wet for me. You really missed me didn’t you?”

“Ohhh my- Yes!!”

“More then?”


Another finger joined his middle one and I moaned, my tight walls stretching to accommodate his fingers as he pleasured me.

My hips bucked hard, fucking myself onto his fingers, they felt so good caressing my walls. He was knuckles deep in my pussy, teasing me, in and out slowly. I was going crazy, I needed more, I needed to cum.

I grabbed his wrist as I began to fuck myself onto his fingers. Jason grabbed my hand and pinned it to my chest.

“Mmm, someone’s eager. Let’s give you that orgasm.”

I didn’t have to tell him when he found that delicious, massive O giving spot. He smirked from above me and pressed harder, rubbing my g-spot.

“Jay! Holy sh- I’m cumming!”

“Mmm fuck baby, cum for me.”


“Keep cumming baby.”

My body was starting to shake from the intense orgasm I was having. We hadn’t done anything sexual in over a month. It felt so good.

Jason’s fingers didn’t let up. He pistoned in and bedava porno out of my pussy till I was screaming and cumming again, creaming all over his hand, squeezing down hard on his fingers.

“Zee, open your eyes baby,” I did, “You are so beautiful.”

“I need you Jason.”

“Not yet baby, let me taste you.”

He slid down my body and kissed my thighs slowly, looking into my eyes, daring me to beg him for that tongue.

I whimpered in desperation, God, I needed my husband so bad. We maintained eye contact as his head dipped between my legs and his soft lips landed on my clit. My lips fell apart as a moan escaped me. He sucked softly and my body trembled.

“Oh God.”

“Not God Zee, Jase. I’m the one who’s making you feel like this.”

“Stop talking, you’re wasting all this honey I’m dripping.”

“Mmm, yes ma’am.”

His tongue played on my clit and my hands fisted the sheets. He pried my hands off the sheets and locked our fingers together as he went caveman, devouring me. His tongue dipped into my pussy and I was gone.

My back arched and I grinded my pussy against his tongue. Fuck, that felt amazing. I felt his tongue massage my walls and I felt the need to fuck his face. I ground harder against his face and from the way I was dripping I knew his face was going to be wet all over.

Jason continued to lavish my pussy with his tongue and I could feel myself getting ready to cum. He could feel it too, he moaned and groaned into my pussy and the vibrations pushed me off the edge. I came. Hard. My thighs were squeezing around his face and I willed myself to stop not wanting to hurt him but my body would not listen. He kept moving his tongue, and I could hear him sucking up my cream as I came in his mouth.

Finally, I came down from my high and he moved up my body, his lips crashing down onto mine. I didn’t hesitate, I kissed him back with the same passion, not minding at all that he had just eaten me out.

His hard cock pressed against my thigh as he pressed my body into the mattress with his body. I was more than ready for him, eager to feel him inside me. He stopped kissing me and I opened my eyes, he smiled, “Good girl.”

“Don’t close your eyes. I want you to look at me as I claim you again. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

The tip of his cock throbbed against my slit and I took a deep breath, holding it in anticipation.

“Breathe Zee,” I nodded hastily to that end.

He pushed into me slowly, maintaining eye contact. His hips kept the movement until he bottomed out, every inch embedded inside me, his balls pressed firmly against my ass.

He groaned in approval, “You feel so good around me.” He felt so good in me. Looking at me still, he slowly started to pull out and I could feel every inch of his thick cock inside me. A shaky breath escaped me and he pushed in again, taking his sweet time to fill my aching wetness.

“Jase, faster. Please.”


“Please, fuck me faster.”


“Please, daddy. Baby girl needs it. Fuck me faster daddy.”

“Not tonight Zara. Tonight it’s just Jason and Zara. I want to take my time with you,” he kissed my forehead, “show you how much I love you,” he pecked my lips, “how much I need you,” lightly sucked my neck, “how much I want you,” cüce porno sucked hard on my collar bone, most certainly leaving his mark.

“Zara,” I bucked my hips but he continued with that slow, sweet pace that was making me delirious with desire.

“I adore you Zee, you’re every thing to me.”


“Shh, tonight’s about you. I want you to see- mmmmm- what I see when I look at you. You are my gorgeous woman. Fuuuck! All mine.”

“Zara, I love your smile,” he released a shaky breath, “and your expressive eyes. You’ve got a big- oh fuck, fuck yes- a big heart. You make me want to be a better man every day.”

I was starting to get emotional.

“It makes me angry,” he thrusted particularly hard, “that you doubt yourself and our love.”


“You are my woman, my tight, wet woman, God, you feel too good. I love you baby, only you.”

“I love yo- ohhh yes!”

“I know baby, I know. Spread your legs wider Zee, take me deeper,” I felt myself cream on his cock. He intertwined our fingers as I wrapped my legs tight around his hips. He rotated his hips, rubbing against my clit, I moaned.

“Do you feel that? That’s every inch of me moving inside you. I want you to feel every ridge, bump, perfection and flaw on me inside you.”

“I feel you.”


“Yes Jay, I feel you. I feel you- ohh God, taking my soul. Mmm, you’re so perfect my love.”

Jason let go of one of my hands and gripped my ass, pushing deeper into me. I groaned deep in pleasure.

“That ass Zee, fuck. It makes me so fucking hard for you. Your curves make me think dirty all the- ahhh fuck- damn time.”

“Jase, I’m getting ready to cum baby.”

“Mmm, I can feel it. You’re squeezing me so damn tight and getting wetter.”

He started to go even slower.

“Nooo, don’t stop.”

“I have to.”

“What, why?”

“Women who don’t see their worth don’t deserve orgasms.”


“Know your worth Zara.”

“You love me,” I said, as if it was some genius revelation, but it made him quicken his strokes though they were still slow and deep.

“You don’t care that the colour of my skin is different from yours,” he kept his pace but the proud twinkle in his eyes didn’t miss me.

“You love my curves.”

“Damn right I do,” we laughed at that.

“You don’t want nobody else but me.”

“No, just you. All of you.”

I used my free hand to pull his face closer and I kissed him softly, we moaned into each other’s mouths.

“I love you so muuuuch,” I moaned out as I pulled away.

“I love you too. I belong to you. My heart is yours.”

“All mine.”

“All yours,” he confirmed.

“I’m all yours too.”

“I know,” cocky piece of hot white ass. My stud. We smiled at each other as we softly rocked against each other. We both felt the build up of our orgasms but we didn’t speed up, we were lost too deep in each other’s eyes.

“Zara,” he moaned.

“Jason,” I breathed.

“I can’t hold it baby. Cum. Cum with me Zee, please.”

I couldn’t deny him what I had been craving myself. I let go, my back arched, legs pulling him in and we came long and hard.

He held me tight against his body, groaning, his own body shaking slightly as I spasmed through our massive, violent orgasm.

Jase continued to thrust slowly until our orgasms began to wear off, then our bodies finally relaxed and he collapsed on top of me. Our mixed juices dripped onto the sheets but we couldn’t care less, both to sated and in love. We cuddled each other and went to sleep right in the mess of our lovemaking.

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