Sweet Seduction


Frank Duran was a bit drunk and very horny. He just hadn’t realized it yet. His 19-year old daughter, Sherry, was the cause of both conditions. She had been topping his glass non-stop with champagne since before dinner, under the excuse of celebrating the start of her summer break from college. Sherry’s mom, Mary, was away on a weekend trip with her girlfriends, thus giving Sherry free reign of the house and its other clueless occupant, her dad.

Frank’s horny condition was due to a carefully staged seduction campaign that Sherry started early this week. She’d known that her dad was a man with healthy sexual appetite; she’d heard him pleasuring her mom often enough through the thin walls separating their bedrooms. The sound of his muffled guttural groan was erotic music to her ears. Sherry had lost count how many times she masturbated with her dad’s image and his voice in her mind. The moment her mom announced her girls’ weekend trip, she realized the golden opportunity she presented her. Finally, years of lusting after her daddy and comparing him to those doltish boys she bedded would come to an end. It was time to act on her lust and make it a reality. She wet her lips with anticipation.

Frank paced back and forth in his living room restlessly, clearly at a loss with the uncomfortable condition he’s in. He was a handsome man: tall, lean, with a full head of thick dark hair, and at 43 years old, was still in his prime. He vaguely realized that he was pleasantly high from the alcohol, and the restless feeling he’d had all day became more and more insistent. He sighed and stopped next to Sherry’s chair, then touched her shoulder lightly. The heat of his palm on her shoulder traveled through her body straight down to her pussy, it quivered with excitement.

“Is something wrong, dad?” Sherry looked up innocently with a soft smile.

“Nothing, honey, I just wished your mom was here,” he responded distractedly.

Sherry was seized suddenly with a sense of jealousy so strong; in anger she put down her glass on the side table with a loud ‘thunk!, more forcefully than necessary. She sat straighter; thrusting her firm breasts forward, her nipples pushing through the thin fabric of her t-shirt. I’d show you how to forget mom! Sherry thought angrily.

The sound of Sherry’s glass hitting the table brought Frank’s gaze down to his daughter. He looked down dazedly at the view Sherry’s low cut t-shirt presented him. He couldn’t take his eyes off her cleavage and the expanse of creamy white skin of her daughter’s breasts. For the first time that evening, he noticed her daughter’s erect nipples. Goodness, her nipples seemed to react to his stare by growing longer and harder every second he stood there staring. He looked at Sherry and looked away quickly when she caught him staring. She smiled and tugged gently at his hand that was still touching her shoulder.

“You seem restless tonight, dad. Why don’t you sit here and let me soothe you?” Sherry suggested and got up from her seat, then promptly maneuvered her dad to sit down on the leather recliner chair.

“My head hurts, and I think I’ve had too much champagne,” he mumbled. Sherry smirked at that and quickly made small soothing sound.

“Poor daddy, would you like me to give you a massage? You know that always soothes your nerves,” She offered a bit too helpfully.

“Would you do that for your old man, baby?”

“Don’t be silly, dad. You’re not that old and of course I would. I love you and want nothing more than to make you happy. You know that, don’t you?” She flashed him her big innocent smile that never failed to melt his heart.

He nodded and then sprawled loosely on his chair, giving her full access to his body. His position made his cock stood prominently in front of him; it twitched at the prospect of being touched by his daughter’s capable hands. Dimly his mind warned him against feeling too excited about the prospect, but he was too drunk to pay much attention to that warning. His blood hummed with anticipation and he relaxed his body further into the chair.

Sherry picked up the massage oil she had prepared earlier and placed nearby just for the occasion. It’s a good thing her daddy was wearing his boxer shorts, less clothes in the way, she thought. She poured oil on her left palm and rubbed her palms together to warm it, then lifted her dad’s legs and put them on her thighs for better grip. She started stroking the arch of his feet with her thumbs: a slow and steady caress, back and forth, back and forth. Frank’s cock swelled even more at her touch, she could see it clearly through his boxer shorts. Her pussy clenched in response, hot creamy liquid welled in her underwear and she squirmed. She looked at her dad and smiled at the expression of pure bliss on his face. Not too much bliss yet, she thought mischievously. She slowed her thumbs’ movement considerably until her dad’s eyes opened reluctantly.

“Why did you stop, baby? Keep moving and do my upper legs too while you’re at it,” Frank ordered impatiently.

“Sorry, dad, I thought you fell asleep,” Sherry ducked her head to hide her smile.

“I’m bahis firmaları trying to, but the damn air is too still and I’m too hot to fall asleep,” he muttered to himself but loud enough for Sherry to hear it.

Sherry quickly moved her fingers’ movement up to Frank’s muscled calves. She rubbed his calves with gentle force, soothing every jumpy nerve she encountered. Her heart was thumping wildly and her whole body felt so charged with electrifying need and quiet anticipation. Slowly, her fingers crept up to his knees, and then his thighs. He sighed when she poured more oil on his thighs. Her strong fingers smeared the oil all over his thighs, she stroked and kneaded them thoroughly but made sure her fingers went no higher than the edge of his boxer shorts.

Frank’s muscles vibrated under Sherry’s fingers, his cock thickened eagerly and lengthened more, straining the flimsy boxer fabric taut, and wetting the middle area with its pre-cum juice. Sherry bit her lips to swallow her whimper of arousal and put more force in her massage to keep her fingers from grabbing that magnificent cock. Silently she promised his cock to soon give it what it wanted so badly. An impatient sound came out from Frank’s throat as if he heard her silent promise, his right hand hovered above his cock, clearly wanted to give it a hard tug but his weaken alertness was still strong enough to stop his hand’s intention. His face flushed and his breath quickened. He put his hand down and opened his eyes to look at his daughter’s equally flushed face in slow consideration. Sherry licked her lips nervously and Frank’s eyes flared at the sight of her pointy little tongue that darted in and out of her lips so quickly.

“I’m sorry, daddy, you seem upset with me. I wasn’t doing it right, was I? Perhaps this was a stupid idea in the first place,”

Sherry pulled her hands from her daddy’s thighs and pretended to rise from her position on the floor. Frank’s hands quickly grabbed her from leaving him. Sherry lifted her face to look at Frank. His gaze uncertain and confused, clouded with alcohol.

“Don’t leave me, baby. It’s just… daddy needs something done so badly right now and I don’t feel right asking your help with this,”

“What is it it? Tell me, I’ll do it. I’ll do anything for you,” Sherry said with unfeigned eagerness.

Frank looked down at his crotch and looked back up helplessly, unable to say the words, but silently begging her to touch him down there. Sherry waited a few seconds more and let him stewed with his indecision, and finally took pity on him and put one hand on his cock through the boxer’s fabric. He groaned then, his self control slipping rapidly, and finally he nodded jerkily to her, and with that, she tugged the band of his boxer shorts down and freed his cock.

Her breath caught at the sight of his big cock: it stood tall and proud, clearly relieved to be finally free, it was thick and hot in her hands; drops of pre-cum weeping from its slit. It was the most glorious sight she’s ever seen. A new rush of creamy liquid shot from her pussy and her nipples tightened, they were so hard they actually ached with need. Sherry tugged the band lower to free his balls and Frank lifted his hips up to help her.

As soon as she got rid of his boxers, she cupped his balls with awe. They were really hot and heavy. She gave his balls a gentle massage with her fingers for a few minutes, and then gave each of them a hard tug that Frank seemed to like, judging from his groan of pleasure. Then she moved her right hand to her daddy’s waiting cock. Her fingers twisted swiftly up and down, as if she were twisting a bottle’s cap, while her other hand kept on massaging his balls on her palm, warming his reservoir of potent seed. A lightning heat of intense pleasure made Frank jerked his hips up uncontrollably, his whole body hummed with increasing hunger from his daughter’s expert touch.

She smeared the clear liquid from his pre-cum generously all over his knob-like cock head with her thumb, then increased the pressure of her hand on his cock, and pumped steadily up and down. She put 2 fingers from her other hand to put extra pressure on a sensitive spot where his cock’s root met his balls and rubbed the spot hard, his cock tightened more in approval. Sherry noticed her daddy’s hands fisted tightly by his side, his eyes squeezed shut, and soft moans came out of his mouth without thought. Hmm, it looked like her daddy was approaching his peak fast, and she didn’t want her daddy to finish without her, that would not do, she thought.

She slowed her movement gradually, until Frank took notice and opened his eyes. They were glazed with lust and desire, Sherry observed with deep satisfaction.

“I can make you feel better, daddy, but you have to take me with you all the way,” she suggested in soft whisper. Come on! Listen to your body! She silently urged him with her slow caress on his cock.

Frank groaned in frustration, “I can’t let you do that, sweetie, you’re my only baby!” he said defensively, to himself maybe?

“I love you, daddy. Touching you makes me kaçak iddaa happy too, you know. Look at me, daddy, look at these!” she pulled her t-shirt up and tossed it aside, showing her breasts and rock hard nipples. They bounced lightly from her arms’ movement when she threw her top across the room.

“Do you think they will be this hard if I don’t enjoy this too?” She squeezed her breasts and tugged at her nipples for good measure, then pinched them gently with her thumbs and index fingers. Frank’s mouth watered at the sight in front of him but his lips still formed a stubborn line.

Time to up the ante, Sherry thought. She pulled her shorts down and her daddy’s eyes widened to see her shaved pussy. She looked at her dad and held his gaze, silently dared him to stop her. She dipped her middle finger inside her soaked pussy, twirled it around to coat it with her slick juices, and then lifted it up in front of her daddy’s face for him to admire.

“Look how wet you’ve made me, daddy. All my juices, they’re for you, daddy, only you,” She then put that finger in her mouth and her tongue darted out to lick her finger, and she closed her lips around the finger and began to suck gently. By then Frank’s face has turned white, his breathing has become hard and labored; the knowledge that his daughter wanted him, his pussy wet with desire for him, made his pupils dilated with lust and his cock thickened painfully in response.

“Sherry baby, I can’t, we can’t ….” Frank pleaded with his daughter helplessly. He stared hungrily at the sight in front of him, but he’s still not willing to go to that point of no return. His conscience whispered weakly that what he was doing was wrong. That he should stop right then and there and sent his beautiful daughter away to her room.

“We certainly can, daddy. I want you; I’ve always wanted you since I was a young teenager. You’ve never denied me anything in my whole life, daddy. Please say yes now and make your baby happy?” She pleaded with Frank softly.

She would not be thwarted this time, after days of planning, years of longing, she must have him! Then Sherry pulled out the one weapon that never failed to melt her daddy’s heart: she willed her eyes to become misty with unshed tears, her lashes trembled softly, her lips sad, and she let one tear rolled down her cheek. Frank’s control snapped then, and with a loud groan of complete surrender he scooped Sherry into his arms.

“Don’t cry baby, don’t cry, I’m yours, always yours, don’t cry,” he tried to soothe her frantically and Sherry hugged his neck with relief.

His mouth sought hers automatically and she opened her lips hungrily to welcome his kiss. She pulled her daddy’s t-shirt up and they had to stop kissing for the second it took to pull the t-shirt over his head. She threw is across the room and went back to kiss her daddy hungrily. Yes, yes, yes! She crowed silently in triumph. Frank gasped when his daughter’s tongue touched his and with a wolfish growl deepened his kiss aggressively. He sucked her lower lip gently that drew a mewling sound from her throat. He licked her chin, her neck, nipped her gently on her shoulder, while his hands touched her all over.

Without warning he slipped two fingers into her pussy, and her hips bucked automatically towards him to pull him in more deeply. Red hot lust engulfed both of them and he slipped another finger inside. He was immediately rewarded with a gush of creamy liquid soaking his hand. He ducked his head down to capture her rock hard berry.

Sherry flung her head back in pleasure. Her dad made a soft sucking sound with his mouth on her nipples; he grazed his teeth on them, one after the other. A pleasure so intense spreaded all over her body. Nothing existed in her world at that moment but her dad, kissing her, sucking her, penetrating her with his fingers. Oh, how she loved him.

Frank pushed his fingers in and out of her pussy with a steady stroke, and he used his thumb to rub his daughter’s clit at the same time. His cock quivered under her rosy ass cheeks impatiently, demanding their attention, but Frank ignored it for he was determined to see his daughter’s expression when she came with his fingers. He wanted so badly to please her daughter as much as she pleased him.

Sherry ground her pussy hard on Frank’s fingers, her eyes closed and her mouth opened slightly; her hands held onto his broad shoulders for support. She was close, she could feel it, her pussy grabbed and pulled at her daddy’s fingers greedily. “Not without you, daddy,” she said breathlessly but unable to stop her grinding motion for it felt so good.

Frank made a shushing noise to silence her, and crooned softly: “that’s it baby, you’re getting closer, come for me baby, come for daddy,” His thumb rubbed her clit rapidly, faster and faster it went, practically flying with its speed. He could feel his daughter’s resistance, and he knew he had to do something to end this tug of war and took control. Suddenly he bent his fingers like a thick hook inside her pussy, and pressed her swollen clit between his thumb and the side of his fingers, pinched her kaçak bahis roughly, and shoved deeply.

“Now!” he ordered, and she shattered in a million pieces instantly, while Frank held her and watched her.

Sherry was still quivering from traces of her orgasm when she felt her body being lifted off her dad’s lap. She cried out in dismay when her daddy’s hand left her pussy, her hand made a grabbing motion as if silently begging him to touch her there again.

Frank kissed his daughter deeply to somewhat appease her. His own body trembled with uncontrollable need but he went on carrying his daughter’s body quickly to the living room wall, and then propped her there. His daughter’s legs were like rubber and she was barely able to stand. He lifted his daughter’s legs and placed them around his waist. With grim determination, he grabbed his rut-fattened shaft and shoved it into her in one swift stroke and they both cried out in unison. His daughter’s hands automatically held onto his hard shoulders for support. He almost took her completely with that one stroke, she was lucky it didn’t hurt thanks to her thoroughly soaked pussy.

“Oh honey, you are so tight, so perfect, so wet,” Frank crooned to her softly; his dark hair falling forward as he dipped down to kiss her deeply with his tongue.

Frank loved making love against the wall, the position granted him better control to the woman’s body, allowed him deeper access, and he could shove harder with the wall as their support. As if his daughter knew his kinky secret, her pussy that had just come so hard not a few seconds ago was now burning again with heated anticipation. Frank groaned at the marvelous heat surrounding his cock then set his knees and shoved again, and again, and when the third try finally buried his cock deeply to his root, he grunted with satisfaction. He nudged his hips back and forth to settle comfortably in his daughter’s pussy. It felt so good to be inside her tight tunnel that Frank couldn’t help but wonder why he hesitated so much earlier. He was glad his daughter was her usual persistent bossy self. He grinned with amusement, he might be drunk, but halfway through her seduction, he had taken control over and made her the seduced, she just didn’t know it yet.

He could feel his daughter’s pussy began pulling at his cock frantically, eliciting a sharp gasp from him. All musing fled his mind in a blink and Frank began to move, gripping his daughter’s ass tightly for better aim; his thrust steady and strong. He shifted his daughter a little bit for a better angle. His daughter apparently liked the new angle, because she sighed with pleasure as her clit rubbed against his pubic bone every time he slammed his cock in. And slammed it in he did, again, and again, each time faster and harder. He heard his daughter’s moan rose from her throat, deep and guttural, and he couldn’t help but answer with his own. He could feel his daughter’s nails scratching his back restlessly; he would have scratches all over his back after this was done, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was his daughter’s cunt gripping his cock tightly like a blood pressure cuff. Each pump from him drew a tighter grip from her cunt.

“Harder daddy, ram your thick cock in my cunt harder,” Sherry begged shamelessly. Her daddy grunted and pulled her hips closer to him, tilted her upper body slightly towards the wall. He rammed her harder to comply; each thrust brought her closer to her peak. She could hear the slapping noise of flesh meeting flesh from their joined bodies. She closed her eyes to concentrate fully on nothing but the feel of his cock inside her. Oh, it felt unbelievably good to feel her daddy’s thick cock slid in and out of her pussy.

Once more, a rush of creamy juice washed over her daddy’s churning cock. Her sleek, tight, folds welcomed his thick cock happily. She could smell the scent of sex rose swiftly from their joined bodies to her nostrils, and floated up to cloak the rest of the living room with its heady scent. The burning sensation in her pussy grew stronger and stronger. She met her daddy’s thrust with equal force and tightened her legs around her daddy’s hips, her heels digging in his ass cheeks to shove his cock back into her violently. She couldn’t get enough of this incredible pleasure, the friction between her swollen clit and her daddy’s coarse pubic hair created an intense sensation in her pussy that rose and rose.

“That’s it baby, thrust with me, give it to me again,” Frank whispered between panted breaths in his daughter’s delicate ear, his tongue darted out quickly to lick her earlobe and bit her there.

Sherry shuddered and shook with need. She could feel nothing but her daddy’s thick cock pumping into her, again and again with his increasingly hard stroke. Her daddy’s grip moved up to the side of her hips, his big hands held her solidly. His thumbs reached over from her hips to her swollen clit and began to crisscross against it: up and down, faster and faster, his hard callused skin adding incredible friction on her clit. Her whole body tightened and her clit swelled even more. She rose to meet her daddy’s thrust harder and harder, the slapping sound became louder, and this impossible sensation kept on rising and rising, very close but still out of reach, until she sobbed uncontrollably with need.

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