Sweet Young Kaylie Pt. 03


All morning at work the next day all I could think about was Kaylie. I sat through 2 meetings and I couldn’t give you very many details on either. The past 2 evenings had been so awesome. I couldn’t believe this was even happening. A gorgeous young lady letting me service her until she can’t take it! Even if I was paying her, so what! I have plenty of money. And what’s worth paying for more than young pussy?

It was almost noon and my phone went off. It was a text from Kaylie!

“Hey. Sorry but I can’t come over tonight!”

My mood immediately turned sour. I only have 5 evenings with my wife out of town. I want them to be spent between Kaylie’s legs!!

But then my phone alerted again. “But I’m free for the next several hours if you’re not busy.” Kaylie followed up.

Phew! My heart sped up hearing that!

“Great! I can be home in 1/2 an hour.” I texted back.

“K. I’m at the gym. Can I shower at your place?” Kaylie asks.

“Sure.” I texted back as the visions of her wet soapy body dances in my head.

“K. See you soon!”

I grabbed my stuff and headed out of my office.

“Cancel my afternoon Michelle. I’ve got to leave right now.” I told my secretary.

I got home in 20 minutes and Kaylie was already there sitting in her car.

We walked up the driveway together but I let her go in front up the walkway to the door so I could look at her hot ass in those spandex workout pants. We went in and I locked the door behind us and lead her into the master bath.

I showed her where the towels, soap, shampoo, and wash cloths are. “Take your time sweetie. You can call me if you need anything.”

“Thanks so much!” The sweet young Kaylie said.

I turned the tv on while I waited but I couldn’t concentrate on watching anything knowing I’m about to taste her young sweet pussy again. After about 20 mins I heard her yell.

“I’m finished.” Kaylie shouted.

My cock jumped in my pants before I could even jump off the couch. I quickly went to my bedroom.

As I walked in the door I noticed Kaylie is not on my bed. I looked over to the bathroom and there in the doorway is my beautiful 18 year old lover, wearing nothing but a smile. I wish I could articulate just how hot she is. I mean sure, maybe she’s not the ideal for some guys, but to me, she’s a 10 out of 10. Her C cup tits hanging out in front round güvenilir bahis and firm, her nipples hard and as long as erasers, her waist smaller than her hips giving her delectable curves, her small triangular tuft of blonde pussy hair still glistening from the dew drops of shower water, and her long wet blonde hair sitting on her shoulders.

“Oh my god!” I stammered out while looking her up and down.

“You make me feel so sexy. Like you just have to have me!” Kaylie told me.

Of course I laughed on the inside knowing that what she just said is so frighteningly true.

Kaylie walked over to the bed and laid back on my pillow with a different kind of confidence than the previous two days.

“From the neck down is all yours.” Kaylie says. Probably reminding me that this is about oral only.

“Are you comfortable for me to be in my underwear again Kaylie?” I asked, still not 100% sure what her comfort level is.

“Yeah no problem. I mean I’m laying her naked so what the hell!” She says playfully.

I took my pants off revealing my completely erect cock beneath my boxer-briefs. She looked intently but still no mention of any desire for me to stick it in her. No worries though, I’m happy spending time down below!

As I started to get on the bed I asked, “Kaylie, would you mind if I did something new?”

“Well, that depends. What?” She asked.

“I’d love you to roll over so I can kiss your back, butt, and back of your legs?”

“I guess so.” She said and flipped onto her stomach.

I started kissing on her upper back. I moved my lips from shoulder to shoulder while massaging her ass with one hand. I kissed down her back in to the sexy small of her back, the spot where I’d shoot my wad if we had doggie style sex and I pulled out! Then I moved down and kissed all over her luscious ass. From there I continued my descent and kissed her legs all the way down to her feet, massaging her ass and legs the whole time. I slowly and skillfully moved back up to her ass and spent some time at the very top of her ass crack. I kissed and licked just the top while rubbing her hamstrings right under her ass, one hand on each leg.

“I love your ass baby.” I tell Kaylie.

“I can tell. It feels nice. Your hands feel great too!” She responded.

My lips and tongue slowly started working down her ass crack and I türkçe bahis gently pushed her legs apart a little further. Kaylie squirmed a little. For a second I thought she was going to stop me and turn over. I decided to make my move.

I pulled one of her ass cheeks over and plunged my tongue right into her asshole.

“Woah!! What are you doing?” A startled Kaylie looked over her shoulder at me.

“I wanted to spend some time back here if that’s okay. Did that feel okay?”

“Yeah I guess. Are you sure you wanna do that?” Kaylie asked. I’m certain she’s never had a guy lick her ass before.

“Yes baby. You can stop me if you don’t like it.” I told her.

She laid her head back down and I went right back to her tight little asshole. Now I spread both cheeks apart and stuck my tongue back in. I tongue fucked her ass slowly and passionately and occasionally backed off to kiss and lick her ass cheeks. When I went back to her asshole I felt Kaylie wriggling and pushing back into my face. Ah yes, she likes it!

With this encouragement I decided to stay here and just keep darting my tongue in and out of her clean ass. I took a finger and started rubbing her clit now as well. It didn’t take long for my young lover to raise her ass up inviting me in deeper.

I took both my hands now and put them on each of her hips. I pulled her ass up off the bed even more. She allowed it in anticipation of my tongue really hitting her ass deep. I oblige by plunging my tongue deep into her little pink asshole. I also returned my hand to her pussy and went from rubbing her clit to fingering her hole.

“That’s so good,” I heard Kaylie moan.

I kept treating my young beauty to her first ass tonguing. I felt her hand reach back and push my head into her ass as she cums for the first time of the day.

Now that I can clearly see that she is into this I asked her to get on all fours for me. She rose onto her hands and knees and almost shook her ass inviting me back in. Now I could really pull her ass wide and get to even new depths.

I continued to eat this sweet asshole while using my hands on her pussy and clit. A couple more orgasms and Kaylie told me her legs were trembling and she needed to lay on her back.

No problem. I spun her around and she laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide. Looking at her soaking wet pussy my güvenilir bahis siteleri mouth watered and I dove right in to her honey hole. I sucked her clit into my mouth and used my lips and tongue on it like a chew toy. In the heat of this moment without thinking I pushed my index finger all the way into Kaylie’s tight virgin asshole. She shuttered into another orgasm. Her sweet nectar oozed out all over my face and ran down to her ass and covered my hand.

I kept kissing, sucking, and licking her sweet young pussy. When Kaylie couldn’t take it anymore her legs clamped together on my head and she let out what was almost a scream.

“I can’t anymore. My clit is raw!” Kaylie informed me as she pushed my head back.

She explained that after several orgasms her clit becomes suddenly so sensitive that she can’t even touch it.

“I’m just glad I can give you those orgasms sweetheart.” I told her.

Kaylie looked to the front of my underwear and didn’t see the usual wet spot from me cumming all over myself.

“Oh no. You didn’t cum?” She asks feeling sorry for me.

“No but I’ll take care of that as soon as I see you off.” I said giving her the impression that I would be jacking off as soon as she left.

“Can I watch? I mean if that isn’t too weird.” Kaylie asked. “I’ve never seen a guy jack off before.”

“Sure” I said as I pulled my underwear down over my granite hard dick. I don’t have the largest cock out there but I’m a very respectable 7″ with good girth. And after eating Kaylie’s ass and pussy I was at peak blood capacity too!

“Wow. You have a big dick!” Kaylie said while watching me start to stroke. “Where do you cum when you jack off?” She added.

“Depends. This won’t take long so I’m just going to cum right here on the bed.” I told her.

Kaylie sat up like an inquisitive child and watched as my stroking became faster and my breathing heavier.

“I’m going to cum baby.” I warned her.

And before she could say anything I shot a load about 4 feet onto the far side of the bed. Several powerful loads quickly followed as I continued to jack on my shaft.

“Oh my gosh!! There’s so much!” Kaylie observed with a big smile on her face.

With cum still running from my dick head and down my shaft into my balls I told Kaylie, “That shows how worked up I get from your body Kaylie. I haven’t gotten this excited in a while.” I said to compliment her.

“Gosh you make me feel so sexy.” Kaylie said as she slid off the bed and walked into the bathroom.

I watched each and every bounce of her ass until the door closed behind her.

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