Sweeter than Coffee


“Good morning sleepy head”,You say with a coffee in hand. I smile my approval because waking up to the soft tone of your voice and the sweet smell of coffee makes for a perfect start to the day.You climb in beside me and the warmth from beneath the covers hits you like hot air from an open oven door and invites you in.I murmur sounds of contentment as I feel your skin on mine and I’m more comfortable now than I was a few moments ago when I had the bed to myself.Your eyes are soft like your voice and they speak to me, they tell me that while you are here with me everything is okay. I believe you too.Your mouth is on mine, I can taste the coffee you’ve been drinking and it makes me want to drink my coffee but I want you more.“Drink your coffee before it gets cold”You tell me as you pull away from my lips, reading my mind. I make a mental note of your thoughtfulness.I drink my coffee whilst you stroke the length of my smooth back, I wonder whether you realise what you’re doing to me with such a loving gesture, then I consider that loving Küçükyalı escort bayan gestures are supposed to be arousing so you must know in the most fundamental and almost forgotten by me way that you’re seducing me without games, without a twist.I feel non-artificial juices seeping from the depths of me, I feel my engorgement and I squeeze my legs together, the stimulation is instant and my apparent wetness a secret between my body and mind for now.I sink back down into the pillow leaving my almost empty cup alone and look up at you with a grateful and adoring expression.You slide down beneath the covers now and a whimper escapes my lips because I know exactly where you’re going and what you’ll discover.I spread my legs for you instinctively giving you the undeniable scent of arousal. Your fingers find me before your mouth does and they part my soft lips revealing the pool of warm delicious juices waiting at my entrance. You gasp hot breaths that feel cool by comparison, onto me as your Escort Kartal mouth follows the cue and meets me in the most intimate of ways.I moan instantly as our lips meet and I feel your tongue delve inside me lapping at the taste you’re hungry for.My legs fall wider as I abandon my pussy to your clever and eager mouth.I know it won’t be long before I explode under you, I can’t help but tweak my own nipples as I feel something travelling from the centre of me on route to your mouth. Your tongue is reading me, it alternates between my desperate clit which is swollen so much it can’t be ignored and the place just inside me that keeps refilling itself with fresh juices you just can’t get enough of.My legs begin to shake as my orgasm sweeps over me, and a deep moan that I am afraid of releasing wakes the neighbours from their Sunday morning bliss.You respond by pushing your face further into me, making sure you spend me entirely before slowing to a standstill, leaving me breathless and throbbing gently.The Suadiye escort room is quiet now as you emerge from beneath the covers with a smile on your face.“Wow”, you say and I’d say the same too if only I could speak.You’re above me now, your face so close we can just smell the coffee on each other but cant focus properly, your cock is in me in one smooth motion and it touches places you’re tongue never reached causing me to cry out gratefully.I’m soaking and as you thrust into me and you can feel the spasms of my recent orgasm grasping you, pulling you deeper.My hips rise up, as yours grind down and we ride the waves of pure simple pleasure until they engulf us simultaneously and our juices are united in an explosion that could never be recreated.We fall asleep together the way we’re supposed to, the sweat from our hot bodies sealing us whilst we sleep with small smiles that match.I wake first and now it’s my turn to make the coffee I think as I climb gently from the bed so as not to wake you before the sweet smell of coffee accompanies me.“It’s like a god damn fairytale” I think to myself as I stir in a solitary sugar. Then I smile to myself because I didn’t just think it, I said it out loud and now I feel like I’m losing control of my senses.I catch sight of my reflection in the microwave and realise what a mess I look.

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