Swimming With The Neighbors – Part 1


Swimming With The Neighbors – Part 1***For those who have been reading my blog and chatting with me you know I have very little experience with sex. Most of what I know I have learned from watching videos on here. I’m 18 and Indonesian. If you want to know more about my real experiences, read my blog. Otherwise, here is my fantasy of what I wish really happened earlier today…After I changed and went out to the pool Richard and Amanda were already swimming so I didn’t see them right away. I stepped into the pool and noticed that Richard was watching me. I had a really good time swimming and talking with Richard and Amanda in the pool, never seeing much of their suits or body until Amanda got out. I think I must have made a small sound of astonishment because Richard started laughing behind me and said, “Do you like what you see?” I knew I must have been a deep shade of red and started to say that I didn’t mean to stare. But Richard then said, “It’s alright, she has that effect on a lot of people.” I turned to him and asked, “Even you?” It was his turn to turn red. I moved closer tuzla escort to him and as I looked at him I noticed he was looking down at my breasts before looking back up at me and saying, “It’s not right to think those kind of things, but sometimes I do.” I got closer to him and said, “I understand, I think she’s very beautiful.”Richard asked, “Do you like women Jaya? Because Amanda is gay.”I replied, “Yes, I like women. But I also think I like guys.” As I say this to him I move even closer and put out my hand and touch the front of his swim suit. I feel his cock. It’s hard and erect. I look up at him and notice him swallow hard, but he doesn’t move away. I take this as a sign and keep rubbing his cock through his suit. Richard takes a deep breath of air and then tells me, “I was actually day dreaming about you doing that.” I smiled and he took that as the sign I meant and he put his hand over my cheek and bent down and kissed me.I had an almost electric feeling go through me. This was my first real passionate kiss. I felt myself move into him as I returned the kiss. His other hand tuzla escort bayan went around me and held me to him as we kept kissing. I felt his hardness against my hip. My arms going around his neck as we continued. I lost all sense of what was happening except for the feeling of his lips on mine, his hand caressing my face, his hard cock pressing against me.I was then aware of another body behind me. Amanda had come back into the pool and had come up behind me as I was kissing her father. “Don’t keep her all to yourself dad,” Amanda told her father, as she slipped an arm around between her father and me and turned me away from him. “I was hoping that you would be open to this” Amanda said as she then pressed her lips into mine and I felt her tongue searching for mine. I must have made some kind of lustful noise because Richard said, “I guess that answers that.”I’m totally lost in the moment. I don’t know exactly what happens next but I do know that my top was taken off by either Amanda or Richard because Amanda started to lick and suck on my nipples while Richard was holding escort tuzla me against him and kissing my neck. I just felt myself floating, not just because of the water, but because this was what I have been waiting for. Eventually I realized I was being carried by Richard out of the pool and over to a cabana that is out there. Amanda lays down on the lounge chair and Richard lays me down next to her. Amanda begins to kiss me again. I feel her hand on my breast and Richards hand running down my arm and over my hip, down my leg. My own hand is feeling Amanda’s breast through her bikini top. She reaches back to undo the top and I’m now given free access to her large but firm breasts. Her nipples are huge. I thought that my own nipples were large but hers stick out like the tips of my pinkies. I pinch them and I hear her moan into my mouth as we continue to kiss.Richard is still running his hand over my leg and hip and up my side and says, “Not so hard Amanda, let her breath some.” Amanda breaks our kiss and tells Richard, “I can’t help it daddy, she’s pinching my nipple and you know how that gets me really turned on.”I turn my head to Richard and smile, “I’ve been dreaming of this happening since I got here. I just didn’t imagine it would happen with a father and daughter.” ….To Be Continued….

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