Switched Pt. 04


To get you all up to date: I used to be Roger, now I’m Ellie. No, I’m not a transwoman, I died and my soul was sent back, but it got put into Ellie’s body. I was never supposed to be Ellie. It was a fuck up of the highest order. My soul and another’s got switched by mistake and we ended up in the wrong bodies. To make matters worse, I’ve undergone a physical change and I’m now futanari. So now I need to deal with the consequences of that heavenly error and all the extreme weirdness that follows…

But was all a fucking lie.


Someone turn off that alarm. That beeping is driving me crazy!


Seriously! Someone turn off the fucking alarm!!

Wait. Where am I…? What happened..?

“She’s awake!”

I peel open my eyes and the brightness hits me like hammer. I blink furiously as a face comes into focus… Becca…

I hoarsely whisper, “Wh–what… happened…?”

Becca smothers me with kisses before responding, “You’re in the hospital, babe. You’ve been unconscious for 3 days. I thought I lost you.”

Becoming more aware, I could see what was going on now. I was hooked up to a variety of machines and I had tubes stuck in me in places I don’t even want to think of.

“W –water…please…”

Becca reached over and grabbed a cup with a straw in it and gave me the straw to use. As I sloppily tried to suck up some water, mom, dad, and Joy all rush into the room.

“My baby!”

Mom hurried over and gave me a hug. I could hear her crying as she held me. I tried to reach up to hold her, too, but my arms didn’t want to work. I was just too weak.

Finally I said softly, “Mom, I’m ok. Please. Getting hard to breathe…”

She reluctantly pulled away, but kept her hand on my shoulder, as if she was afraid I’d fade away or something. I weakly smiled at her in an attempt to allay her fears, not sure if it worked or not. Dad walked up and put his arm around mom and smiled at me. I could see the relief in his face. Joy was standing off to the side, she, too, had been crying. Before anyone else could say anything, a medical looking type (nurse?) walked into the room.

“Ah, our patient is awake, the doctor will be very pleased to hear this. Anyway, if you’d all allow me, I need to check her out. Please wait outside just for a bit.”

Becca kissed me on the forehead, telling me she loved me, mom kissed me on the cheek, and then everyone slowly walked out of the room closing the door behind them. Then the red sheen hit.


“You are so fucking lucky, futa girl.”

Piper. Double fuck.

“Oh, please, do not get up on my account,” she smirked. “I must say I like you in this position. Quiet, unable to back talk, too weak to fight.”

I couldn’t do much, but I gave her my deadliest stare. That showed her.

I said weakly, “Fuck off, bitch. What happened? Does this mean the bait was taken?”

Continuing to smirk, she said, “Not really. The bait was not taken per se, but the Evil reached out to, shall we say, take a small nibble. If not for the anklet, you’d be dead. Hell, we’d probably all be eradicated. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, it destroyed your anklet and that’s what stopped everything. As you slept I put a brand new anklet on you, it’s much stronger. All we can hope for at this time is that the previous magic used to protect you weakened the Evil enough to give it second thoughts about trying again. Though I highly doubt it.”

“So…so why am I so weak?”

“The protection spell on the anklet drew on your magic and nearly depleted you. It was ill-equipped to handle the extreme amount of magic you emitted all at once. The power of this entity was severely underestimated by everyone. That’s a mistake I won’t make again. For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.”

Wait. Did she say what I think she said..?? Wow.

“You know I can read… oh forget it. Yes, I said I’m sorry. I almost failed. MY failure means universes die. Plus, as loathe as I am to admit it, I have a bit of grudging respect for you now. I still don’t like you.”

“Sooo… thanks?”

“Don’t mention it. Seriously. Do not mention it ever. But I have one other thing I need to do. Don’t move.”

She placed her hand around my anklet and I felt a warming sensation begin to course through my body. I was starting to feel much better, a lot more coherent.

“There. I’ve replenished you as best as I can. I would’ve done this earlier, but I needed you to be awake and aware. The new protections around you should work, but you’re not out danger. At least the Ancients got a bit of a wakeup call and they’re taking a far more active role in things. Something that they haven’t done in tens of thousands of years. Not since your so…. Um. Anyway, behave. Well as best as you can I suppose.”

Poof. Gone.

“Now then,” the nurse said, “let’s take some vitals.”

Huh? Oh yeah… the nurse, but what did Piper mean? Was she about to say “soul” or something else?

After being gaziantep escort poked and prodded for a few minutes, the nurse said, “I’m amazed! You are in remarkably good health for someone who nearly died 3 days ago! I’m not sure if you were told yet or not, but your heart stopped 2 times the night you were brought in. Thankfully you pulled through, but it was touch and go. But now, looking at these readings, I’m truly shocked.”

“Actually, I do feel like a million bucks!” I lied. “It’s like magic! I was quite weak when I woke up, but I’m feeling much stronger now.”

I looked down and there was a tent starting to form. I couldn’t do anything to prevent it. I just hoped she didn’t see…. oh crap.

“Yes, I can see you’re much stronger!” she laughed.

God, how embarrassing.

She said, “Oh it’s fine. You’re not the first to react in such a way. Anyway, I’ll let your family back in now. Based on these readings, unless I’m mistaken, the doctor might let you go home in a couple of days or so.”

A couple of days or so later, I was thankfully released, albeit late in the afternoon. The medical staff was stunned at how quickly I had recovered. If they had only known…

Once I entered the house, I just flopped on the couch, thoroughly exhausted by the very short walk from the car into the house. Ok, so maybe not entirely recovered. Becca joined me and snuggled up, laying her head on to my shoulder and wrapping her arms around me. She was not going to let me go for anything in the world and I felt the same.

Mom, dad, and Joy joined us, all of them happy to see me home, but also quite worried.

Mom said, “Sweetie, we didn’t get the chance while you were in the hospital and I know you just got home, so you may not want to talk about it, but are you up for telling us what happened?”

I surveyed the faces and they were eager to hear what I had to say.

I sat up as best as I could, with Becca still holding me, and said, “No, I’m ok to talk about it. I don’t know what happened. I got light headed and then… nothing. I don’t remember.”

Mom looked at me with concern and then Becca said, “Babe, you screamed like something had caused you extreme pain. You said something that sounded like ‘evil’ and you were out. Your mom screamed out to your dad to call 911 as she and I tried to revive you. You… you almost died.”

“I what..?”

Mom started to tear up and said, “She’s right. You nearly died. Becca and I did CPR until the EMTs got here. I don’t know how long we did it, but they said it probably saved your life. And then apparently you nearly died in the ER as well…. We were all incredibly scared. That you’re back home now after all of that in less than a week is a miracle. The doctors were preparing us for the worse and now you’re here as if nothing happened.”

Yeah. Miracle. A miracle called anklet. Thanks, Piper.

“Mom… everyone, I’m fine. I wish I knew exactly what happened, but I don’t,” I said, lying through my teeth. “Right now, I’m just feeling very lucky!”

That seemed to satisfy their worries, for the most part.

Dad said, “Yes, very lucky! Just promise me you will not push it. You need rest. Period. You may be the dominant in this household, but I’m pulling the dad card out right now and telling you to rest.”

I sighed and said, “Daddy, believe me, I won’t argue. While I definitely feel better, I also still feel like shit.”

Becca smile and said, “Kinda smell like it, too. Meaning, you desperately need a bath, my love.”

I lifted my arm and sniffed my pit… and PHEW! Yep, need a bath.

“Ok, ok… I give. But I need some help to get upstairs. I do feel better, but far from 100%. If you’re a good girl, baby, you can watch.”

Joy uttered, “Yep, she’s feeling better.”

That caused us all to laugh. God that felt good.

“Ok, babe, come with me,” Becca said. “Time to get clean.”

She basically lifted me up, put her arm around me to support me, and helped me upstairs to the bathroom. Becca slowly undressed me, which felt, while not the intention, very erotic. She drew the bath and made sure the water was perfect for me. After helping me into the tub, she knelt down and began to wash me. I tried to object, but she wouldn’t listen to me. I was weak, not helpless! But, God, her hands on me felt so good….

Smiling, she said, “It looks like someone is enjoying the attention, even though your mouth says otherwise.”

I looked down and saw my cock getting stiff. She reached down and proceeded to give me one hell of a handjob. It didn’t take long before I knew I was close to cumming. Sensing it, Becca leaned over a bit and caught my load in her mouth and face. As I came, I got flashes of light in my mind’s eye and I thought at first I was having a stroke, but it was far more insidious. It was a memory of what or who attacked me that night I almost died. When the memory hit me, I jumped and Becca thought she was the one who did something wrong.

Jumping back, escort she said, “Babe! What’s wrong? Did I hurt you??”

Gathering myself, I said, “No! It wasn’t you. I had a memory from the night I passed out. I’m fine, seriously. It startled me is all.”

“Let me get you out of here and take you to your room. You obviously still need rest. I should not have given you that handjob.”

As I stood up, wither help, I leaned over and kissed her.

“Baby, never apologize for the pleasure you give me. I’m a big girl, I could’ve said no. The legs are a bit wobbly still, but I don’t need to stand to fuck you.”

She grinned at me and said, “Uh-uh. As much as I would love to accept such an offer, I am not going to put you in any more distress. Your ass will be in bed with me, but there will be no sex.”

I pretended to pout, but I agreed with her. That handjob took a lot out of me surprisingly.

Once in bed, we cuddled up together and I could feel the tension relax, especially from Becca. I missed having her next to me. I fell asleep immediately as we spooned.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep, but then I started dreaming of that night. Just images, nothing “solid”. All I could make out were a pair of dark purple eyes amidst the darkness that enveloped me. I got the sense it tried to pull me into it, but I was able to slip its grasp. The anklet, it burned the darkness. It receded as if acid was thrown on it, but not before it slammed into my souls like a freight train. It nearly ripped them apart, which is why I nearly died. If not for the anklet, I have no idea what would have happened to me. I sensed that I could still feel it…

I woke up with a start, gasping for breath. Light was streaming in the through the curtains and I noticed that Becca wasn’t beside me. I was about to call out to her, but then the sheen hit. Not exactly red, but somewhat muted pink. I then saw both Piper and the Crone. Fuck, now what?

“Now we have a talk,” the Crone said. “Based on the dream you just had, it’s obvious that this Evil presence may still have its tendrils in you, albeit rather weakly.”

Oh you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

Piper said, “No, have you ever know either of us to ‘kid’?”

I finally spoke aloud and said, “No, you’re both tight ass bitches who decided to fucking play with my life and everyone in my life as well! And don’t give me that bullshit about the needs of the many. Fuck that.”

Crossing her arms and giving me a death stare, Piper said, “Manners, futa girl. So we lied. Oh boo-fucking-hoo. Your hurt feelings don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, what matters is you do your damn job and be the bait. If you’re taken, all of creation is lost. The Ancients made the decision to make their stand right here and you need to play your part. We all do.”

Dammit. I know she’s right, but it’s still all fucked up.

The Crone said, “What Piper tried to say, so indelicately, is you’re far more important than you realize. I only told you enough the other night to answer your pressing questions, only what you needed to know. I…I cannot tell you any more than what you already know. The Ancients’ plans are not entirely known to me, but they do have one. You’re part of it. As is Piper. As am I. And as is Angela.”

All of a sudden there was a small golden flash and there stood Angela. I never thought I’d see her again, but there she stood.

“Hi, Ellie.”

“Um, hi?”

“I know you have more questions,” said the Crone, “but all you need to know is that Angela is here to watch over your family. Piper is watching you and only you. This comes from the Ancients. That’s all there is to it.”

Piper and Angela looked at the Crone as if she just ate bunch of shit. Something’s not right here and they know it. And I remembered Piper’s comment.

I said, “Wait, wait! What the fuck is really going on here??? I’m tired of this shit. I’m tired of just blindly following these Ancients and I am not going to do it anymore. This is just too fucked up. End of the universes? Good vs. evil? Seriously? Why I need to fight this fucking battle?? What makes me so Goddamn special in all of this?? What is it with these two souls??”

All three ladies looked at one another, none willing to talk. I gave Piper a look and she then knew that I knew that I caught her comment. Shrugging, Piper gave the Crone a “well, go ahead and tell her” look.

“Fine,” the Crone said, “you were not supposed to know any of this, all you were supposed to be told is what I mentioned to you last week, but it appears you’re more perceptive than we gave you credit for as it appears that someone said something they shouldn’t have said. The two souls that have been merged, Roger’s and Ellie’s, are the oldest souls in all of the universes. The two original beings that were created by the Ancients. Prior to their creation, this world was inhabited by just animals and humanoid creatures. Creatures with no souls. Nothing that they created.”

Oh. escort bayan Fuck.

“You mean, I… we… us…?”

“Yes, those two. The Ancients based them on the humanoids already on Earth, but advanced their evolution. For some unknown reason, they wanted their own humans. A Garden was created amidst the chaos so that they may live out their lives, but they disliked it. Regardless of what you’ve read, it had absolutely nothing to do with a snake or an apple or anything like that. The Garden was essentially a prison and they wanted freedom, so they fought long and hard for it before they were finally able to escape after decades of trying. Once out, they began to intermingle with the natives. The more they did so, the more offspring they produced. Offspring that had souls. The divine plan was now torn asunder. 2 souls became many on this world. That’s not what they wanted. So the Ancients abandoned it and tried again with another universe, and another, and another, ad infinitum. At some point they realized it was futile and ceased creating. They realized that creatures with souls were far too unpredictable.”

My mind was reeling. I was about to say something, but the Crone stopped me.

“Wait. Now all souls are not created equally. Some come back, you call it reincarnation, some do not. Some souls possess great powers, some are just average, and there are some souls that are essentially there for one lifetime and that’s it. Anyway, once the Ancients realized they had lost control, we were created. We were tasked to maintain the control as best as possible. They washed their hands of everything and left us to our own devices basically. To them, all souls are precious, regardless of how they’re created now. They just didn’t want to deal with the mess. As for the Ancients themselves, no one has ever seen them. I know they’re there, because I’m one of the few who has a direct link to them.”

“Can I talk now?”

The Crone nodded.

“So all of this, everything, the world, the universe, it was just a grand… experiment for them to play with?!?”

“Almost. They got bored, so they wanted to add to the world their own creations. Until then, they had ignored everything that was going on. The world as you know it was a product of evolution, until they got their ethereal hands on it. As I said, they didn’t create this world or any world, they only added a couple of human bodies to the planet.”

“So evolution is real, but so is the Bible?”

The Crone chuckled dryly and said, “Not quite, no. The Bible is mostly pure fiction with bits and pieces of accuracy mixed in. There is no singular God, there are only the Ancients. I have no idea how many there are, but they’re a microsecond younger than all of creation, which you call the Big Bang. By the way, there was no ‘bang’. One moment there was nothing, the next there was something. Not even the Ancients know what came before them.”

Piper then chimed in, “Look futa girl, it’s simple. You’re housing the first 2 souls, you’re together again since you both died the first time, the Ancients have placed you here to save everyone. They’re willing to destroy their first creations to save everything. Got it? Now do you need any more explanations or are you still addle-brained?”

I looked at Piper and took a step towards her in anger. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and it was Angela.

“Please. Don’t. I know you’re angry, but this was a desperation move by the Ancients in order to save everything. I’m sorry for ever lying to you, Ellie,” Angela said. “Don’t forget, I was lied to as well. No matter what you may think of any of us here, we need you, the Ancients need you. Without you, there’s nothing.”

I looked at Angela and I could see she was sincere. I pulled her into me and gave her a hug. I could hear her crying softly as I held her. I truly missed her.

Releasing her, I said, “All right. Some of that makes sense, as crazy as it sounds, but it’s time to do things a little differently. No more playing defense, it’s time for some offense. I’m not going to wait idly by and hope. What do I do to force this Evil to make a move?”

“Now this is something I can get behind! It’s sex. Lots and lots of sex,” Piper said. “And not just with your family and loved ones, but with us as well. Yeah, I’m not fond of that idea either… But with you, sex is a powerful magic. Your uniqueness increases the power within you.”

The Crone added, “And sex with us amps up the levels of magic within you and shines brightly to those who are looking for you. It can also affect changes. Look what happened when you had sex with Angela.”

My cock twitched when she said that.

She continued, “Mind you, if you do this, we have no idea what will happen. So you’ll need to just choose one of us copulate with and only one. This way you’re not left unprotected.”

That’s an easy choice.

“I pick Angela, but not just yet. I need time to be with my family first. I don’t know why, but I having a feeling deep in my souls that once I fuck Angela, my time will be up. I want to be able to say goodbye to everyone, at least in my own way. Give me 24 hours and then come back. I also need Piper or one of you to ‘reenergize’ me the way she did in the hospital, but even more so now. I need to be at full strength.”

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