Sylvia, Judy and Gretchen Herrera


Sylvia, Judy and Gretchen Herrera”Äre you professional sex girls”?”No, we are just out having fun today. Sylvia is my girlfriend, but we both like boys, too, but not so much for boyfriends, do you know what I mean?”Gretchen looked at Judy seriously. It was hot in that changing room, and our bodies were close together. Judy was over three hundred pounds, and Gretchen must have been 200, at least.Judy had taken her hand out of my panties, but it was still resting there. By this time, my pussy was so wet and sensitive. I had started panting and puffing, and it was tough for me to put on the brakes and stop. I had been having sex in front of other people for the past two hours, and, in my life, for the past few months, so getting seen by somebody having a sex thing was not as much of a big deal as you might think. I was lusting for Gretchen, too.”So, you have sex with boys and with each other?” Oh my god. You make me all shy to be in here with you. I have some thoughts like this, too, but I never…’Judy was not going to miss her chance.”If you gave us a shower and some clean clothes, maybe we could play for a little bit. We could even pay you, Gretchen…”The idea of getting paid was too much for Gretchen, but she liked the idea of fooling around on this hot afternoon.” I never…with girls…I mean..I read about it.but..””Do you have sex with boys?””Oh, yes, sometimes…I anadolu yakası escort told you my uncle owns all this, and he wants to fuck me all the time, and sometimes I let him, but usually here.” patting her butt cheek” because, for my pussy, I want to save for my husband.”But sometimes you give that up too?”Gretchen cast her eyes down.'”Well, sometimes, you know, I am more a woman than a girl now, and I know how it feels to fuck with my pussy, and I like it? So sometimes we do that too, though I try to get him to do me in my behind…””Did you ever eat pussy?”No, never..””Did a boy go down on you?””Well, one boy tried that, but I was so much younger then, I thought it was really wrong and so sexy and..I don’t know to say the words..having his face and his kisses all over me down there was too much. I got mad at him because of that and made him go away. I wish I had not been such a c***d..”Judy gently touched Gretchen’s cheek. “” My friend Sylvia is the best cock-sucker and pussy eater in the world, Gretchen, would you like to play?”Judy had a way to trigger my feelings and my emotions. It seemed like it was always her doing it to me, making me feel so horny. If we were going to play with Gretchen, we had to hurry up because of my lesson. I couldn’t skip it or cancel it, but, I thought if Judy ataşehir escort and Gretchen could play. maybe I could come another time.I wanted to get in her shower or bath and get clean, and I needed to do that. She was so cute, too. I wanted to get my clothes off and her clothes off. I knew from talking to her a little bit that she was dying for it, especially after the way that Judy had described me.Judy; “Gretchen, do you suck the boy’s….””Well, of course, I’m not a ten year old…I think all girls do that.”I’ve been watching Sylvia do that all afternoon, can you believe it, all day. When I make a picture of her in my mind, I get so…””Yes, Judy, I can see that picture as well….”Gretchen touched my breast and Judy’s at the same time.”That gives me the sex feeling, Judy. The sex feeling. I have been in the bookstore many, many times, at night, when it was closed, my sister and I used to go in there to play, and we looked at all the books and pictures, all the was stimulating for a little girl, but for me now, it is more exciting, I should do it…”Gretchen did you ever….?”””No, I know what you mean, did I ever suck the dick in there?’Well, I should say” no,” but my uncle has been having me since I was about fifteen, and sometimes it would be in there…’

“With ümraniye escort all the magazines around?'”Why not? Sometimes the boys would be in there too, and I would see them. Yes, sucking the dick and fucking the ass and everything. They only cared about boys. They didn’t care what I saw..I guess those words did it for Judy.”Let’s get out of here and take a bath….”Judy, you can stay, but I need to wash my hair, have a shower, and go..””Let me find some clothes for you. Sylvia. We call this place the “Mayan Macey’s” because so many women come in here from Chiapas and Guatemala. Most of those women are not very tall, but still, they are women, not little girls, and they have to find stuff to wear to work and job interviews and so we have a whole section of business clothes. There are even some women lawyers who shop here because we can always find their size. If it doesn’t fit, and you want it, we will make it provide you.and you will look great….take a look over here. I am going to make a bath for you…”My new friend Gretchen was just about to save my bacon, as my dad used to say. I had a pocket full of bills I hadn’t even counted, but I knew that I would be happy to pay her whatever.I just knew that after I left, she and Judy were going to do some sex stuff, and I had not stopped lusting after Gretchen since I had that first picture in my mind of her dark pussy curls behind her white lace panties. Judy was going to slide them off her brown thighs and get her face in there, her kisses in there, get Gretchen all wet and funky and sucky.
.That’s what I wanted, not a voice lesson with Miss Hanscomb. Still, I was committed to the voice lesson, so that is what I did.

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