Table for Two Ch. 06


Emily still wasn’t sure about what they were doing. It was a spur of the moment and following up on those was not at all like her.

“Lean forward a bit,” Stephanie instructed from behind, “keep your knees bent.”

It was definitely exciting, but scary too.

“Like this?” Emily asked.

“That’s good. Stay like this,” Stephanie replied and Emily felt her sister’s gentle but firm hands on her shoulders, “Don’t tense up, try to relax.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Emily complained as she looked down. This was so embarrassing.

“Don’t be like that. You’ll enjoy yourself,” the younger sister chided her with a tap on Emily’s lower back, “Don’t you trust me?”

The teen was definitely in control. Emily wanted to move on, “Now what?”

“Just relax your legs,” she heard Stephanie say, “and here we go!”

Emily felt her legs slowly drift apart. Her heart started beating fast and a wave of excitement came over her. Then she looked up and lost control.

In panic she tried taking a step back to regain her balance, but it wasn’t working. Her foot slipped and flew up in front of her. She brought it back down and her other one slipped too, higher still. She screamed as she helplessly fell backwards. She felt Stephanie’s arms under her armpits, then her body hit Stephanie’s and both girls collapsed onto the ground.

When she opened her eyes, she saw her inline skates in front of her, their treacherous wheels freely turning in the air. At least she’s finally getting some use out of them.

“Sorry. I lost my balance,” Emily moaned as she looked back at her sister.

“It’s OK,” Stephanie replied and stood up, then helped Emily, “I told you to lean forward. Here, stand on the grass, it’s safer.”

Emily did so, then noticed Stephanie gritting her teeth in pain, touching her bottom.

“Are you OK?” Emily asked with concern, “Does it hurt?”

“Don’t worry, it’s a big muscle,” the teen said with a smirk, rubbing her butt through her black lycra shorts.

Both sisters had a slim natural body type to pull this off, but her bold younger sister usually chose a more revealing outfit than Emily. The 20-year old’s black sweatpants and blue sports top were comfortable and looked good, but her sister’s close fitting shorts were barely more than underwear. And they matched her black crop top, which in turn was barely more than a bra.

She wondered if it was more than bold. The sisters were drawing quite a few admiring and envious looks both from men and women. Emily tried to ignore it, but Stephanie almost seemed to revel in it.

Was her sister an exhibitionist, or was this just confidence? Emily was OK with her looks, but now she had to admit that Stephanie’s body, thanks to her working out and doing a lot of sports, was just a bit more trim and toned. Growing up together, Emily didn’t realize this until now, but Stephanie had the body of an underwear model. Once again, the artist in her felt a twinge of desire to capture this perfection.

“Em?” Stephanie interrupted her thoughts, making Emily realize she was staring, “Are you sure it’s OK for you to do this already? You only got your bandage off a couple of days ago.”

Emily averted her gaze in shame. Here she was, checking her own sister out like a piece of meat, while the girl in front of her only cared about Emily’s well being.

“It’s fine, the doctor said there’s barely a trace left,” Emily replied, then looked up, “Besides, it’s such a wonderful day, I just couldn’t resist.”

She took a deep breath through her nose, eyes closed. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. She could feel and see the sunrays flickering through the swaying trees in the park. When she opened her eyes, she found Stephanie looking at her, smiling happily. It really was a wonderful day.

“Come on,” Emily said, taking her sister’s hand, “Let’s try again.”

Stephanie and her sister spent the next hour skating up and down the park, always together. Holding hands side-by-side, pulling or pushing each other, Stephanie found herself laughing with joy throughout the session, enjoying herself as much as Emily did. The 20-year old didn’t have Stephanie’s stamina, but even when visibly tired, she kept going.

More and more Stephanie became aware of her sister’s fleeting glances, stealing a look now and again when she thought Stephanie wouldn’t notice. But of course she did, because she had precisely the same idea.

The sisters’ sweet tooth was a weakness they both shared in equal measure.

“Let’s stop for an ice,” she suggested, nodding at the ice cream stand at the edge of the park that Emily was ogling.

The 20 year old’s face lit up instantly and she almost squealed, “Yes!”

“Race you there!” Stephanie shouted and bolted.

“Not fair!” she heard Emily behind her.

Stephanie of course was still the superior skater. She could have beaten her sister anytime. She turned around and started skating backwards towards the stand. Once Emily caught up, the teen held out her hands, smiling.

“Showoff,” Emily grumbled and took her hands.

Stephanie ordered a chocolate and lemon, while her sister pendik escort had a double vanilla chocolate chip. Emily insisted on paying.

“You had to teach your stupid big sister skating,” she explained, licking at the ice greedily, “you deserve it.”

“I do. I had a terrible time of it. Still am.” Stephanie agreed, almost devouring the delicious ice, then offered it to Emily, “Wanna taste mine?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Emily replied with a mock bashful gesture.

Stephanie smiled. She wasn’t sure what she enjoyed more, the ice, or the playful conversation with Emily.

Her sister leaned towards Stephanie’s hand, but lost balance halfway through and straightened with a yelp, almost losing her own ice.

“I think we should sit down,” she suggested and the two sisters found the closest bench, with Stephanie sitting on the left.

Now Emily could take a few good licks of Stephanie’s ice. She then offered hers to Stephanie.

“You could say,” Stephanie said as she licked the treat in a playful way, “I’m enjoying. My sister’s cream.”

She stopped to see the 20 year old shake her head. Did she go too far?

“Sister scream,” Emily said with a grin and a lifted finger, “You’re enjoying. Making your sister. Scream.”

Both girls giggled, licking their ice again. This was almost like flirting with Emily. And Stephanie liked it.

“I do enjoy that, yes,” Stephanie agreed happily.

“Not in a sexy way, of course,” Emily insisted, lifting her finger again.

“Of course not,” Stephanie nodded quickly, “That’d be very wrong.”

“Very,” Emily agreed, finishing her ice, eating the cone, “But you know eating ice cream is kind of wrong too. It’s not very good for you.”

“If it wasn’t good, why would it taste so great?” Stephanie asked.

“Evolutionary reasons, that’s what Jennifer said,” Emily explained.

Emily told her sister about her counselor, but this detail didn’t come up. She looked at her sister in confusion.

“It was about why even bad things can feel good. She wasn’t talking about ice,” Emily continued, “But I think it’s applicable.”

Stephanie finally understood and grinned. She finished the final bits of her cone too and lifted her eyebrows suggestively, “But you’re still eating it. And it’s good. So good.”

Emily grinned back, shoving her bottom into Stephanie’s, “Stop it.”

Her sister was gentle, but connected right where Stephanie fell.

“Ouch,” she covered her right side with her hand, rubbing gently.

“Sorry!” Emily said quickly.

Stephanie pulled the leg of her black lycra shorts up to reveal a bright red patch of skin on her right hip.

Emily jerked and repeated in a distressed voice, “Oh god, I’m so sorry!”

Stephanie looked up. Something was wrong. Her sister’s hands were shaking and she was breathing quickly.

She quickly pulled the shorts back, “Em, I’m OK. It’s nothing!”

“No, you’re, I’m supposed to protect you, and I hurt you, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to!” Emily kept talking. She was looking in Stephanie’s direction, but it didn’t seem like she saw her.

Emily was the anxious type, but short of the incident last Saturday, it was a long time since she had an attack like this.

Stephanie quickly leaned forward and hugged her sister.

“I’m OK, Em. And you’re OK too,” she said in a soothing voice as Emily hugged back.

“Really? Are you fine?” Emily asked.

“Yeah. Everything is fine. We’re both safe,” Stephanie said.

She held the embrace, feeling her sister calm down.

“I love you and I’m here,” Stephanie continued in a gentle voice, rubbing her sister’s back, “I’ll always be here.”

Once Emily’s heart stopped racing, she felt Stephanie relax her hug. She didn’t understand what had happened.

“Sorry about ruining this perfect day,” Emily said as she looked away.

“You didn’t.” Stephanie held her hands as she tried to lift her spirits, “It is a perfect day.”

“I don’t know what happened,” Emily sighed, “I haven’t had an attack for years. Except, you know.”

“Don’t worry, if it ever happens again, I’ll help you,” Stephanie calmly said, “Everything is OK.”

“Thank you, Steph.”

Stephanie frowned, “Last week I made it worse. Maybe I’m responsible for this.”

“No,” Emily sighed sadly, “that’s just the broken me. Broken Emily.”

“Watch it!” Stephanie warned with a lifted finger, then her expression softened, “That’s my favorite sister you’re talking about.”

Emily could only sadly smile.

“Em, you’re not broken,” her sister continued confidently, “And you’re stronger than you think.”

“Why?” Emily asked as she looked at her.

“I think you’re trying to take responsibility for both of us.”

“I’m supposed to do that.” Emily replied.

“But you’re not my parent. I’m an adult now. Let me share the weight.”

“Jennifer called you my safety net,” Emily smiled and looked at her sister, “I guess she was right.”

Stephanie nodded, smiling warmly.

“But, see? You’re teaching me skating, and you’re comforting me. Also, well, you know, the club. I’m in your debt,” escort pendik Emily admitted.

“No you’re not,” Stephanie disagreed. She looked down at her knees, “but, if you really want to do something for me-“

And Emily’s heart started beating hard again.

Emily slowly looked up and down the teen’s body, almost unconsciously nodding with approval. She was still amazed Stephanie wanted her to do this. Emily was so lucky to have her.

“Do you like what you see?” Stephanie teased with a mischievous smile, but Emily was too focused to react.

Dressed in her long white cotton shirt and green sweatpants, the girl was a picture of beauty and innocence as she was leaning against her desk, facing her sister. The golden evening sunlight entered the room from the left side, giving her brown hair a rich red tint with beautiful highlights. The hair was free, brushed into slightly messy locks and flowing down her shoulders, ending just beneath her collarbone and framing the pale exposed skin revealed thanks to the two top buttons being undone.

“I’m so embarrassed,” Emily heard Stephanie confess.

The older sister looked at the teen’s face for a couple of seconds, then said with a chuckle, “No, you’re not.”

“No, I’m not,” Stephanie agreed, smiling.

Stephanie liked to show off, Emily knew that. It would take much more for her to be embarrassed, but as the evening was going, that might still be an issue.

Emily lifted up her previous attempt, a quick red chalk portrait of her sister’s face framed by her hair. It was a good warm up. She almost managed to capture the teen’s beauty.

“Gimme!” Stephanie stretched her hand and Emily leaned in to hand her the picture.

“I want something to admire too,” Stephanie explained as she leaned the paper against the books on the dresser to Emily’s left, “You’ve got the real me to look at.”

“Sorry, it’s not that good,” Emily complained.

“Are you joking? It’s perfect,” the girl swooned.

Emily couldn’t help being proud when she saw Stephanie’s face light up again as she looked at the portrait.

Shaking her head, the teen said, “You made me look so beautiful.”

“I only draw what I see,” Emily shrugged, smiling.

“Aw you,” Stephanie smiled and waved in a bashful way, but Emily knew she loved the compliment, as much as Emily loved having her work appreciated.

Emily lifted her hand to the paper, then relented. Then lifted it again, only to let it fall back. She looked at her sister, frowning. The composition and pose were looking good, but if the goal of the painting was to be met, something needed to be changed.

Stephanie looked away from the portrait, asking, “What is it?”

“I-” Emily started slowly, scratching her head, nervously tapping the fingers of her left hand on her thigh, “I don’t know how to say this.”

“Come on, tell me,” Stephanie encouraged her.

“The green in the sweatpants clashes with the rest,” Emily finally said as she looked at her paper.

“So should I put on something else?” Stephanie suggested innocently.

“We’ve got a really nice combination going on,” Emily shook her head as she gestured, “the white shirt and golden light on your skin, those are so beautiful, just by themselves-“

“You want me to take them off,” Stephanie said and Emily could hear the grin in her voice.

“Sorry, I just-” Emily kept looking at her paper, “Yes please. Sorry.”

Why was she feeling so anxious? She saw Stephanie before, even without clothes, if briefly. But now, there was so much tension in the air.

“It’s OK, Em. Em, look at me,” Stephanie said and Emily did so, “I’m the model, you’re the artist.”

Emily nodded.

“And I really want to do this,” Stephanie continued, “Do you?”

Emily was longing to express how beautiful Stephanie was. She nodded again.

“I’ll do whatever you say,” Stephanie said as she stood up and turned right, towards the dresser under the window. Emily tried to ignore the full possibilities of that statement. Then Stephanie reached underneath her shirt for the hem of her sweatpants.

“Wait!” Emily stopped her with her hand outstretched and Stephanie looked at her, “You’re wearing panties underneath, right?”

“Well. Yeah, of course,” Stephanie shrugged and asked casually, “You want me to take those off too?”

“No! Keep those on, please,” Emily said, her hand lifted in a stopping gesture, just in case Stephanie wasn’t joking. She looked away and swallowed uncomfortably as the teen disrobed. Stephanie agreed to do this, but it was still shameful to ask her own sister to strip.

But it had to be done. Stephanie requested a sexy portrait. The 20 year old didn’t want to believe it at first, but the teen convinced her she was serious. The artist in Emily definitely agreed with the suggestion. Stephanie was beautiful and not just in her face. Emily never viewed her sister in this way, but now she had to find the most erotic, most arousing way to set up the scene.

“The socks too?” she heard. She looked at them and closed her eyes again. Cute white ones. They fit the scene, but were in a shadow and out of frame pendik escort bayan anyway. Next time.

“Up to you, the socks won’t be on the painting,” she replied.

“Now, better?” Stephanie asked and she looked up as her sister leaned her bottom against the desk again, her hands on top of it.

She nodded thoughtfully as she looked up Stephanie’s long legs, from mid-thigh upwards being covered by the long shirt. The colors were perfect, as were her sister’s legs.

She moved her gaze higher, then frowned again. She started breathing heavily when she realized what needed to be done.

“Emily,” her sister called to her.

When she looked at Stephanie’s face, she saw a loving smile, lifted eyebrows and a nodding head, “Relax. We’re OK, right?”

“Yeah, we’re OK,” Emily breathed out and smiled. Stephanie’s calmness was really helping, “But you’re definitely going to kill me.”

“I definitely am not,” Stephanie replied, then nodded again, “Tell me. What. To do.”

“The buttons. On your shirt,” Emily said slowly, “Could you please undo them?”

“How many?” the teen asked while she undid the top one.

Emily knew it was wrong to view Stephanie in this way. She knew she was straight, but her current assignment required her to be otherwise. She wanted to believe her artistic abilities allowed her to do it, but the truth was Stephanie’s body would probably make most girls question their sexuality. Of course, this was also her sister. Despite all of this, or maybe because of it, she couldn’t help but feel aroused by the teen in front of her.

When Emily didn’t respond, Stephanie looked at her again.

“All of them,” Emily said, looking away.

A quiet second. And another one.

Emily took a deep breath.

“I’m not wearing-” she heard Stephanie object.

“-I know,” she interrupted her, head turned away, eyes closed and nodding.

She kept her eyes closed, the inner artist telling her it was good that Stephanie wasn’t wearing a bra. That it was the best way for her to be. Not just for her comfort, or even not only for the portrait, but also for Emily’s enjoyment. The rest of her mind had to accept the artist’s conclusion.

‘Stephanie is a beautiful and attractive woman,’ she thought, nodding. Her heart was almost racing by now.

After an eternity of silence, she heard rustling and could only imagine the teen revealing herself, bit by bit. She didn’t have to imagine the moisture collecting between her own legs. It was just her body following in her mind’s footsteps.

“Keep the shirt on, please.”

Silence again. Stephanie was ready.

Emily was scared to look, but she could hardly paint her sister otherwise. Maybe by touch.

That thought quickly made her open her eyes.

She started at the bottom, focusing on Stephanie’s right side, flooded by light, trying to ignore the intimate details of her center. She followed the long leg upwards, skin smooth and light-skinned as her athletic but trim thigh flared into a curvy side, her hip just wide enough to give her a feminine look, now gently covered by the bottom of her open shirt. There was her right hand in the background, the white sleeve joining the right side of her open shirt. A small bump in the shirt, barely outlining the teen’s B cup, the upper part covered by red-brown hair.

Stephanie was looking at her, as Emily studied her sister’s face. The girls looked very similar, especially to strangers, both being likened to a young Jennifer Connelly. But Emily saw the differences too. Stephanie’s face was just a bit wider than Emily’s, giving her a younger look. She had gentle brown eyebrows, one just a little bit higher than the other. They matched her symmetrical nose, and were complimented by her full lips. Stephanie used an almost invisible, natural lipstick and light make up with base and foundation. Emily would have preferred her sister didn’t use any at all.

Stephanie’s skin, lit from Emily’s left side, shone in a lovely natural color and was showing it’s texture and natural details. The light pronounced all features in a beautiful plastic fashion, forming highlights and throwing shadows. Slowly, she let her gaze drift downwards, moving over the gentle neck, shadowed by her hair.

With a gulp, Emily continued lower. The neck ended in her well-defined collarbones. Lower still, the two half orbs of her breasts peeked from between the open shirt, lifting and falling with Stephanie’s breaths. Emily thanked all deities both Stephanie’s nipples and areolas were covered by the shirt. Then Stephanie’s stomach, trim enough to form a gentle vertical line down the middle. She was glad her sister didn’t try to draw in her stomach or flex the muscles, leaving it in it’s natural, relaxed state. Even so, her tummy was almost flat, forming only the gentlest of rounded hills, topped by her belly button, a cute one as everything about Stephanie.

Emily felt her heartbeat in her ears as she followed the trim underbelly down into the half-shadowed forbidden area, onto Stephanie’s pure white panties. The thin cotton garment, framed by the shirt, retreated further back, jutting forward only on her sister’s plump mons, where it just barely hinted at the teen’s most intimate features. The bottom side formed a triangular space between her thighs, a very attractive feature that Emily was glad she shared with her sister.

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