Taboo adventure 2

Alice White

Taboo adventure 2So a month ago I am at my parents visiting. Both are in their early 70s. I go upstairs to call it a night.I sleep naked and in middle of the night I get up and go to the bathroom. I realize after I cum out of bathroom my mom is still up and completely naked. She is spread wide wide rubbing her pussy. I get instantly hard and start stroking over balcony hoping she doesnt see me. Our past adventures running thru head. I return toy room and go back tod bedBut I cannot and go downstairs. My mom does not hear me so I slowly sneak up on her. My cock is now over her face and she opens her eyes and starts to scream but then realizes it’s me. She beds me to fuck herI bend her over the couch and start fucking her sloppy cunt. She orgasms right away and let’s a out a load orgasmic scream. We both realize we just woke dad up. She jumps up and starts sucking my cock. Dad walks out naked like wtfMom “you havent been able get hard for years and I need this so shut up and watch me fuck our son”Dad “I’m not gonna argue but at least cum into bedroom”We go into bedroom and mom and I get in 69 position. Dad lays beside us stroking himself. I cant help myself and reach over and start stroking dads dick while i eat mom. I feel dads duck grow a little bit.Me ” mom dad is getting güvenilir bahis hard from me playing with his dick”Mom “i wanna watch you suck it”I start sucking dads cock. It feels so good in my mouth and i can tell his cock is enjoying it. It gets a little harder and now i can taste precum. Dad is moaning. I start rubbing his balls as I suck him. He is full of cum.I continue to suck him but he just doesnt cum or get very hardSo I start fucking mom next to him. I continue to play with him to see if he can get harder. Mom begging for my cock and begging for me to fuck her harder. I am pounding mom hard and deep as she orgasms uncontrollably. Dad is enjoying it Dad “fuck mom good son. Fuck her real good”Mom “you like this? Does it turn you on?Dad “yes dear but I really love when he sucks my cock”Mom “ok well you should fuck his face then. I’ll hold his head”Me “mom jeez. I’ll suck it but wtf”Mom “shut you little cock slut”Mom grabs my head and dad starts fucking my face. He is so turned on he gets fully hard. He fucks my mouth so fast I almost gag. Mom let’s my head go and starts licking my ass and fingering it.Mom “fuck our sons ass dear. Shove your hard cock in there”Dad “son eat moms pussy while I fuck your asshole”I get in doggie and he slides his hard cock right in. güvenilir bahis siteleri I start eating moms pussy and she orgasms squirting all over uncontrollably do turned on. My dad is pounding my ass so hard and it feels so good. I moan from pure pleasure . I continue to eat moms pussy. Mom “son no more mommy has cum way to much. I am getting dry”Me “ok mom dad is fuck me real good. But I wanna taste his cum”Mom “I’ll clean his cock up and you can suck him,”I start sucking my dad and can tell he is close. Mom is sucking my cock as I suck dad.Me “I’m gonna cum. But I wanna cum on dads face”Dad “um no”Mom “yes you will dear.its time you suck him”So shove my hard cock in dads mouth as mom massages my balls.Me “omg I’m gonna cum”Mom ” fill his mouth with cum son”Me “dad get ready. Ugh ugh mmmmmmmm ughI shot a 2 week load down dads throat as mom held his head. Dads eyes got big and gagged. After mom made sure he took all of it she let his head go. Dad just kept on sucking. I stayed hard and could tell I was cumming again. I didnt tell him this time and shot the rest of my load in his mouth. He continued to suck till went limp.Now it was my turn. I started to suck his balls and then his cock. He was still rock hard. I could tell he was close and wax ready for a iddaa siteleri load. Without warning hot cum started oozing out of his cock. Thick pads into my mouth. So much I could swallow it all. It started oozing out my mouth as i continued to suck. As the flow slowed i was able to down it all. But it just kept coming a slow oozing cumshot. Omg he is still oozing cum he was so backed up. I have to stop it’s more cum than I can handle and I let it ooze all over my face and chest. For 10 minutes I continued to play with him as as he would ooze a little cum out. I looked like a glazed donut when done Me “my god I didn’t know anyone could cum that much”Mom “damn that’s years of buildup”Dad “omg that was the best sex ever”Mom “son let’s get you cleaned up in shower”Dad “lick my cum off our son now. I wanna see you eat my cum off our son”Me “omg yes”Mom starts licking it off of my face first and then empties her mouth into mineDad still stroking his semi hard cock “that’s it clean him up good”It’s like bucket of cum all over me but when mom is done I cant resist and fuck her hard.Dad “that’s it son fuck mom good”Mom moans from pleasure and discomfort. Dad cums again this time on moms face. It’s like he has a cym bucket for balls and glazes her face. I cum in moms pussyMe “omg best sex ever”Mom “holy shit dear you got hard and came so much”Dad “maybe our son needs to suck my cock more often”Me ” mmmmm I wanna fuck both of you and make you both cumDad a month later still doesnt hard with mom and wants me to suck his cock again.

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