Taboo Island Love


The Beginning:

The Thomas family had been looking forward to the vacation for a long time. They were in Fiji for two weeks and planned on making the best of it. Jack Thomas was the head of the family; a former US Navy Seal who seemed to become friends with everyone he met. Jack, or “Survivor Jack” as he was sometimes called by friends had a love of the outdoors and travelling to Fiji was one item on his bucket list. Now retired and working as a consultant in Hollywood on action films he was known for going on elaborate hunting, fishing and survival trips.

His companion for many of those trips was his son, Jeff, now 21. Jack taught his son everything he knew about life, hunting, women and survival. Little did Jeff know, he was going to need every bit of that knowledge for the series of events that were about to unfold.

Jeff was your typical 21 year old. He’d inherited his father’s good looks and charms with the opposite sex. He was equally adept on a deer stand as he was the back of a car. He stood 6’3 with a solid frame, brown hair, blue eyes and dimples that every woman he met loved.

Jeff was the baby of the family; he had an older sister Katie who was 25 and an aspiring doctor. Katie had dreamed about being a doctor since she was little and was every bit as strong willed as her father. She was as attractive as she was determined and just enough of the “girl next door type” that far too many boys and men fell into the trap of thinking they had a shot with her. Katie was 5’7 with blonde hair, green eyes and a killer smile.

Katie also took after her mother Julie who was a mature version of her daughter. Julie had a history of being her school council president in high school and college, was a dedicated volunteer and self-employed. She was a big reason why Katie wanted to be a doctor.

The family was enjoying itself in Fiji, the trip originally started out as business for Jack but the family quickly manipulated that into a trip for all that extended beyond his business duties. They’d taken a river safari, had gone kayaking and even spent a few days relaxing on the beach, even if Jack and Jeff did complain at times of going stir crazy.

The trip took a dramatic turn at the end of the first week of vacation. Jack and Julie had decided to do some shopping while Jeff and Katie signed up for a day of snorkelling.

Jeff and Katie walked down the dock, excited for another day in paradise. They saw the sign for their boat and a group of equally excited tourists. Everything started as you would normally expect. One of the crew members welcomed everyone onboard, gave an overview of where they’d be snorkelling and a review of the procedures. Once he finished, refreshments were passed around and with the simple sip from a cup, Jeff and Katie’s lives changed forever. Within minutes of drinking the seemingly innocent juice, their world went dark.

Part 1:

Jack and Julie returned from a day of shopping having had an exceptionally good time. Jack barely mentioned the fact he was shopping and not snorkelling. They returned to their room and shared a long, slow shower together. Tasting, touching and pleasuring one another while the water fell over their bodies. They were going to meet the kids for dinner at one of the many restaurants at the resort and had time for a little hanky panky.

Julie cooed as her husband lifted her off her feet. “Ooooh Jack!!” she hissed with excitement as he pressed her against the tiled wall in the shower, her legs around his waist as his cock slide inside her.

Jack smiled and kissed his wife. He kissed her lips, her chest and her breasts. “Mmmm Julie, you’re a dream” he grunted as he thrust deep inside his wife’s wet pussy.

Julie clutched his body as she thrust back, husband and wife fucked in the shower without a care in the world. The falling water becoming background noise like the rolling waves outside. Jack pumped in and out of his wife’s hungry pussy, holding his cock inside her for a moment before re-starting his thrusts.

They kissed like long lost lovers, their hands grabbing at each other as they grinded together. Finally their passion reached its crescendo as Jack jerked inside his wife as his orgasm washed through his body.

Julie groaned with desire as her husband started to cum, her pussy squeezed his cock as his thrusts continued, her body pressing against his as she unleashed her own orgasm.

Jack and Julie groaned together in the shower as they bucked together, coming down from their sexual highs.

Afterwards they dressed in their room. Jack smiled as he smelled his wife’s perfume in the room. He walked out of their room and went across the hall, knocking on the door for his son and daughter. “Jeff…. Katie?… you two ready?” he asked.

No answer.

Jack tried again, “JEFF… KATIE!!… you better not be sleeping!”

No answer.

Jack sighed in frustration. He checked his watch, the reservation was for 10 minutes from now and he hated being late for anything. He walked back into his room to grab the spare key to the kid’s room.

“What’s pendik escort the matter?” Julie asked. Jack snorted his response, “the kids are taking their sweet time getting ready” he said as he strode back out of the room.

Jack slipped the key card into the door and walked in the room. “Jack!… Katie!!.. let’s go!”

As he walked inside, Jack realized why his kids weren’t answering him, they weren’t there. He left the room, closing the door behind him.

“Would you believe this?? They aren’t even back yet!” he exclaimed as he slammed the door to their own room.

Julie sighed; Jack was known to get like this at times. “Relax honey, we’re in Fiji, we’re in paradise. The kids will meet us at the table; they know where we’re eating. And if they’re too late then we get to have dinner just the two of us, would that be so bad?” she asked.

Jack grunted, “No……….. but I’d never act this way to my father.” He said as he took his wife’s arm and led her downstairs.

Jack and Julie returned two hours later. They had a great dinner but ate by themselves. “They better have a good explanation for skipping out on a family meal” Jack spat.

He opened their door and walked in, stepping into the bathroom. Half a second later his wife shrieked, “JACK! COME HERE……. NOW!”

Within seconds he was at his wife’s side and saw the cause for her alarm.

On the bed was a letter, “We have your kids. If you love them you will pay for their safe return” was written in red ink.

The next few hours were a blur for the now worried parents. Within the hour they’d called the authorities and learned they weren’t the only ones. There were 15 kidnap victims, all of whom had signed up for a snorkelling trip the hotel now said it never authorized.

Jeff woke up groggy and confused. The last thing he remembered he was on the boat about to go snorkelling with his sister. Now he was in a small room with his sister. He didn’t know where he was or how much time had passed.

He stood up and walked over to his sister, she was breathing but still under the effects of the same drug that had knocked him out. Katie woke up soon after; she looked up and saw her brother.

“Jeff, what’s going on? Where are we?” she asked.

Jeff smirked and shook his head, “I don’t know Katie, I don’t know. I don’t know where we are, what we’re doing here or what happened. But I don’t have a good feeling about it.”

Katie didn’t respond. She didn’t have to. The drugging and the fact they were in a room without a window that had a thick door was all she needed to know.

Katie, like Jeff, was scared but still able to function. The siblings scanned the room, looking for a weakness before succumbing to what many people would do in that situation.

They yelled.

They banged on the door and yelled.

They yelled for what seemed like an hour but didn’t hear so much as a peep from anyone or anything.

Katie sat back down on the bed, “what are we going to do Jeff?” she asked, exasperated. Signs the situation was starting to sink in flashed across her face. Jeff sat down beside his older sister; he wrapped his arm around her and rubbed her softly.

“I don’t know Katie, I don’t know. But we’re going to make it, we’re going to survive, I can feel it in my gut” he said.

Jeff only half believed what he was saying. While he was trying to remain calm on the outside, his heart was pumping a mile a minute on the inside.

The siblings didn’t hear from anyone until the next day, or what they assumed was the next day. They woke up to find bread, cheese and water on the floor by the door with a note.

Katie woke up first and wasted no time shaking her brother awake. “Jeff….Jeff… Jeff… wake up” she said.

Jeff groaned as he woke up, “I’m up… I’m up” he said half convincingly.

“Look” Katie said, as she pointed to the food and the note. She got up and brought it over to the bed. As she tore into the bread and cheese, Jeff read the letter.

“You have been kidnapped; if your family loves you then you will see them again.”

Jeff read the note two times before he read it aloud to Katie. She stopped eating immediately and looked at her brother. At that time, the two siblings held each other as they wondered what their future held in store.

Over the next two days Jeff and Katie learned they weren’t the only ones. They saw one of their kidnappers only once but they covered their face. Katie took that to be a good sign, if they were to see their face it would indicate their captors had no intention of letting them go.

A day later they heard a commotion in the hall. Jeff pressed his ear to the door as he listened to see if he could tell what was going on outside. From what he could tell, one of the other victims was having some sort of medical problem. After a while everything quieted down outside and everything returned to “normal.”

Jeff sat down and it was clear he was thinking. “What’s on your mind?” Katie asked.

Jeff looked over at his sister, “we’ve been here at least 3-4 escort pendik days and not once have we been taken out of this room. As far as we know, no one has. We haven’t seen any of the other victims, we just know they’re here somewhere” he said.

Katie sat beside him, “yeah so?”

Jeff smiled, “So, the only time someone left a room that we know of was 10 minutes ago when they screamed for a doctor. Why don’t we do the same? Only once we’re out, we’ll make a break for it.”

Katie rolled her eyes. “That sounds like a stupid, dangerous idea. What about mom and dad? You don’t think they’re trying to get us back? You want to screw that up?”

Jeff leaned in closer to his sister, “We don’t know they’ll be successful, who knows what they know. If we’ve got a chance, we’ve got to take it.”

Katie paused and looked at the door. Finally she looked up at her brother, “if we’re still here in two days, we’ll try” she said.

Two days passed with little action. They didn’t see or hear from their captors at all. Jeff and Katie barely slept that night, anxious to carry out the plan they’d agreed upon days before.

Katie looked over at her brother, “OK, we’ll wait until they deliver the food and then I’ll start to yell. I’ll tell them you’ve gone into diabetic shock. Hopefully they won’t notice we haven’t asked for sugar until now. The shock of it all will be enough. Then when the time is right I’ll give you the signal and we’ll make our move. Ok?” she asked.

Jeff nodded, “ok.”

About 30 minutes later their food arrived. They could hear the scraping of shoes against the floor, Katie sprung into action.


Within seconds the door opened and two of their captors appeared in the doorway.

Katie screamed again, pointing to the floor where Jeff lay.


The two men scooped down and picked Jeff up, Katie followed behind. “HE’S DIABETIC!! He needs sugar! Hard candy! ANYTHING!” she screamed.

Katie followed the two captors as they carried her brother. No one else had come to help, either help was on the way or they hadn’t been alerted yet. They stopped at a stairway, one of the kidnappers talked to the other.

“We’ll take him to the observation room and get the candy then you watch the girl.”

While they stood there Katie got nervous, she couldn’t think of a better time, so she gave the trigger phrase.

“Oh Jeff, don’t die, please don’t die!” she pleaded.

With that, Jeff’s limp body instantly became rigid as he shook free from his captors. They were so surprised he fell to the floor. Before they knew what hit them, Katie hit one over the head with a lamp while Jeff grabbed the other and ran him head first into the wall.

Jeff looked up at his sister, his chest heaving with excitement. “Let’s pull them into this room Katie, help will be here soon.”

Once they dumped the limp bodies in the spare room they closed it and locked it. Jeff grabbed his sister’s hand as they started to navigate their way through what appeared to be an old villa. Within 30 seconds a bell sounded and they knew they’d been found out. While still holding hands they broke into a run, making it outside.

The siblings spotted a group of boats at the pier and immediately headed for them. They could hear people screaming and dogs barking in the background.

They made it down to the dock and jumped into the first boat they saw, a Cobalt 323 speedboat.

Katie was frantic as Jeff searched desperately for the keys.

“Jeff hurry!! They’re coming!” she screamed.

Jeff located the glove box and pulled out the key. He inserted it and the boat roared to life. They barely had time to untie the boat before a gunshot shattered the glass beside Jeff’s head. The boat sped away from the pier with their captors now in hot pursuit.

“Drive Jeff drive!!” Katie yelled.

Katie stood beside her brother, clutching him as he drove. The sky had turned dark, matching their mood as they sped away from their kidnappers. Rain started to pour as another gunshot rang out, then another.

The rain picked up in intensity as their captors chased them, the island where they had been held captive now far off in the distance.

Lightning cracked overhead, so loud they couldn’t even hear the gunshots when (or if) they hit the boat. Jeff and Katie could barely see the other boat the rain was coming down so hard, but they could sense it.

The chase finally ended when another bullet hit the boat and its engine.

Jeff turned the boat off immediately. For a while all they could hear was the rain, all they could see was each other. They waited and waited, expecting to be found, to be captured and maybe even shot but it didn’t happen. After a while the engine started to smoke.

“We’ve got to get off this boat, it isn’t safe Katie” Jeff said.

Katie looked at her brother, the boat and then the pendik escort bayan ocean. Neither the boat nor the ocean was particularly safe, but her brother was right they had to go.

Jeff disappeared into the cabin on the boat. “What are you doing?” she asked.

Her brother looked at her, “there’s a dinghy up above, pull the cord and let it inflate. I’m going to gather as much as I can down here and I’ll join you in a moment.”

Katie raced back up into the rain and found the dinghy, she inflated it and within moments Jeff appeared with a bag full of whatever was down below. He disappeared for a moment then re-appeared with some pillows that were immediately soaked in the rain.

The siblings jumped into the dinghy and pushed off from the boat. As they floated away from the speedboat the smoke from the engine grew and grew until it became very dark and finally culminated with a large explosion.

Everything became very quiet after that. Jeff and Katie sat huddled together, Jeff’s arm around his big sister as the waves carried them away into the great beyond.

Jeff and Katie actually lucked out soon after the speedboat exploded. Their captors, thinking they went down with the boat had left and the rain started to subside, the waves with it.

The siblings floated for days, letting the current take them where it pleased. They were hungry and sunburned when Katie spotted land. She grabbed her brother’s arm, “Jeff look!” she exclaimed.

Jeff saw the land his sister was pointing at and the two immediately began to frantically paddle their way to safety. They summoned all their strength and were helped by the wind which seemed to magically appear just as they began to tire. When they were close enough, Jeff jumped from the dinghy and began to swim, tugging his sister and the dinghy slowly behind him.

Finally, with their muscles screaming, Jeff, his sister and the dinghy with their meagre belongings collapsed on sand, exhausted.

Part 2:

Jeff and Katie’s escape was a bad omen for the kidnappers. Two days after their escape they made a mistake while making a ransom demand which led to their eventual demise. While the authorities talked with the kidnap victims they also did their best to console Jack and Julie Thomas. The story was the same from all victims. Jeff and Katie made an escape attempt and died. Even the kidnappers said it was true.

Despite the overwhelming evidence staring them in the face a search crew was still sent out to look for the siblings. Whether it was a rescue or a recovery crew, no one quite knew.

On the island Jeff and Katie tried to make the best out of their new surroundings. They didn’t know where they were taken originally and where the ocean had taken them after their escape. They hauled the dinghy up onto the beach and after making a large S.O.S. sign on the beach began searching for food and shelter.

Jeff with his survival skills took the lead. He built a lean-to over the dinghy which served as their mattress. For food, they started by feasting on some of the fruits and vegetables they were able to find on the island before Jeff was able to make a crude fishing rod. It took some time, but he was able to catch some fish.

The first two fish went to his sister. She objected, wanting to share but he insisted. Jeff was the baby of the family but that didn’t stop him from wanting to make sure his sister ate first.

They were still in the clothes they wore when they were kidnapped. Katie in her cotton board shorts which covered up her bikini bottoms and a matching top, Jeff in a pair of swim trunks and tank top. They had spent a lot of time in the sun while in the dinghy and tried to limit it as best they could. This time Katie took the lead, increasing their intake of vitamin C, which wasn’t hard with the mango and papaya on the island.

On one particularly hot day, Jeff and Katie were in the shade, lying down and chatting. Katie was curled up beside her brother, her arm draped over his chest, his protectively around her, holding her close.

“It’s weird, I know I should be scared but I’m not” Katie said.

Jeff chuckled, “I know what you mean. After being kidnapped and chased stuck on a tropical island isn’t so bad.”

Katie looked up at her brother, “we’re going to be rescued, I know it. Mom and dad won’t rest until they find us.”

The siblings had come to enjoy their chats in the shade. The topic often had a doom and gloom element to it but they had grown even closer than they already were since this ordeal started that the mere presence of the other was enough.

A few days later Katie was on the beach, going for a swim. They had a fire set up beside their S.O.S. sign and were trying to make as much smoke as possible. Jeff was intent on building a better shelter and decided to take a break. As he looked out onto the beach he saw his sister, wearing her bikini.

She was an attractive woman. Every guy knew it, and so did Jeff. He was her brother but he wasn’t blind. As he stood watching her now he found himself unable to take his eyes off her. They way she moved, her hips, her legs, her ass. That ass. Katie never had a lot of boyfriends, something else was always more important, but as he looked at her now, he realized she could have had any guy she wanted.

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