TAIWANESE DREAMNot too long ago, I went on a holiday to Taiwan. Great place to be, parties, gorgeous Asian women, what more could a guy want? One night I decided to have some fun, went out for dinner filled myself up, totally lonesome, so I went to the club across from where I was staying. What a place to be, the music was great, typical ass shaking music and there were plenty of girls there shaking their sexy asses. I figured the best place to start was the bar, I made my way through the crowd and headed over to the bar, mind you I must have been the only white guy in there because I got plenty of looks, so I got to the bar and ordered myself a shot of 151 and a nice cold bottle of beer to chase it down with. Knocking back the shot my throat was on fire, hadn’t had a shot of 151 in a while, but with all the girls around I wanted to get loose nice and quick, try my luck. I downed half the beer in about 10 seconds, cool down my throat and stood leaning against the bar, scanning the club for some potential female engagement.Looking around I caught sight of 2 gorgeous girls dancing away with each other in a manner that can only be described as sex on the dance floor. I couldn’t help myself, I was totally enthralled by what I was seeing, as a matter of fact it was getting me excited, I stood there watching in amazement getting semi hard just watching. Too my surprise one of the girls seemed to be looking at me, I figured she must have been looking at the guy next to me at the bar, since that doesn’t usually happen to me. I finished off my beer and put the empty bottle down, I ordered myself another drink and turned to see what the girls were up too, and there they were, right in front of me. I was virtually in shock when one of the girls walked up to me, looking at me with a cheeky smile.I smiled back and gave her a slightly stunned “Hi.” She giggled and said “Hi.” smiling even harder at me, maybe it was because I was so shy. I pulled myself together and raised my gaze slowly from the floor, inch by inch my eyes kept up what seemed to be the most amazing pair of legs I have ever seen, the reaction was almost instant, the further my eyes traveled up, the more I imagined, what sort of perfection hid under clothes and just what I could get myself into if I got them off. What a body, it was like I was dreaming, and here see was just smiling at me. “Can I buy you a drink?” kind of rolled out of my mouth along with my tongue. Her smile grew as she leaned closer to me, taking my beer from the bar, bringing it up to her delicious lips and chugging down a few mouthfuls. “I’ll just share yours” she said handing me my beer. I was quick to have a couple of mouthfuls of my own, my temperature was steady rising and so was my cock. “What’s your name?” I asked savoring the ability to speak. “I’m Claire, and this is my friend Sarah” she said in the most delightful of Asian voices. Then she turned to her friend and said something or other, but whatever it was made her friend giggle, then she gave Sarah a nice hot tongue kiss right next to me. I was in heaven. After watching the sweet display, I think it was far too obvious that I was now extremely hard, my throbbing cock pushing hard up against my jeans, just waiting to jump out. Too my utter amazement, Claire must have noticed it to as she came up to me pressing her body against mine and I could feel her gliding her almanbahis yeni giriş hand over my raging hard on. “We’re leaving now” she said with the cheeky smile beaming ear to ear. Sarah took Claire by the hand and the two started walking off, “That’s so not fair” I thought to myself, I can’t believe it. That was until I looked again to see Claire waving me over. This was one opportunity I was not going to miss. Away I went through the crowd trying to get to the girls who were already just about gone. By the time I reached the exit, they were already outside, out I rushed to find them walking into the same building I was staying in. What a stroke of luck! I can’t believe I hadn’t seen them before. I followed quickly behind them managing just to get the door before it closed behind them, and followed them upstairs, turns out they were one floor above where I was bedding down. Claire looking back at me as I got up the stairs, walked inside after Sarah, I paused for a moment outside the slightly open door, thinking this is way too good to be true, but considering the state I was in, it was a risk I was willing to take. I walked inside, to see an immaculately clean apartment, everything in it’s place, a trail of of clothes that the girls were wearing leading into the bedroom like bread crumbs to follow. I entered the bedroom to find Claire and Sarah laying on the bed, wearing only their skirts, immaculate bodies laying parallel to each other, perky firm looking tits with tasty looking hard nipples on display. “Welcome” Claire said with the same cheeky smile she had shown me earlier. “I’m glad you came along, we were both hoping you’d come with us” she said before biting her lip. “Do you mind if I take a quick shower?” I blurted out trying to contain myself. “Sure, just don’t take too long, don’t want you to miss out.” she said in reply as Sarah ran her finger tips up Claire’s pristine thigh sliding her hand underneath her skirt. “I won’t be long, you can count on it” I said with an almost ravenous smile, and with that I walked into the the bathroom and jumped in the shower. It was probably the quickest shower I’ve ever taken, but I made sure it was thorough. Jumped out and toweled myself off quickly, walking out not even taking notice of the clothes I left behind. As I walked back into the bedroom my eyes lit up, both girls, totally naked, what a sight it was too see, Sarah kneeling on the bed ass in the air, enjoying the sweetness of Claire’s pussy. Sarah had a great ass, and a sexy little pussy, that was already glistening with a hint of pussy juice. I stood and watched as Claire was getting a nice tongue tongue lashing from Sarah, listening to her soft moans, my freshly flaccid cock, jumped start back up into action, I couldn’t help but give myself a few decent strokes, while I watched the scene unfolding on the bed. It was as if it was perfect timing, as the girls swapped positions, watching Claire get up I was in awe, amazing long black hair flowing down ending just above her perfect ass. Claire was like my dream woman, the perfect woman, with the perfect body, tits a perfect handful judging by view as she positioned herself over Sarah, maybe even a little bit more. Claire turned back and glanced at me stroking my rock hard cock before sliding herself down Sarah’s tight little body and starts to slowly lap up the juices, almanbahis giriş that were so definitely flowing. By now my own juices were flowing as I watched the spectacle unfold before my eyes, and as if to signal me Claire arched up and put her unbelievably hot ass in the air, with her deliciously wet hairless pussy positioned like a bullseye, and my arrow was aimed perfectly. I walk over and as I get closer, Claire slowly shifts in my direction, looking back at me for a moment before going back down for another helping of Sarah’s wet pussy. I stand in front of Claire’s perfectly positioned ass and pussy, noticing as i get closer and closer, how wet her pussy is by now, I couldn’t help myself, she made me hungry, I wanted to taste that free flowing pussy. I got on the corner of the bed, knelt down and ran my tongue from her clit, steadily over her pussy and darted cheekily over her sweet little asshole. She loved it, gasping quietly and letting out a muffled moan into Sarah’s pussy. I was in heaven, her juice was the sweetest I’ve ever tasted, and I couldn’t get enough, and it appeared neither could Claire, she pushed back against my tongue as I went for seconds and let my tongue slip into her delicious wet hole. She tasted so good I could have eaten her forever, each round of tongue seemed to get her wetter and wetter. I loved hearing her muffled moans, kept my cock hard like viagra, got me so excited that I myself was leaking. Sucking on her pussy just made Claire push back harder against my face and Sarah started to notice the distraction I had become. Attempting to recapture attention Sarah, sits up slowly against Claire, a gorgeous sight as Sarah starts to kiss Claire, even wilder than previously at the club, forcing her to sit up too. Being the opportunist that I am I positioned myself right under Claire so she was sitting on my face, burying my between her thighs. I watched as the girls rubbed their bodies against one another and started sucking harder on Claire’s pussy than I had before, in doing so she started to fuck my face, I was reveling in the sweet aroma and basking in the flavor of the pussy that got ever wetter above me. She was loving every second of it, and so was I. Sarah, seeing how much Claire was enjoying the way I was eating her pussy, wanted a turn too. I wasn’t going to say no, that would just be rude. I pulled my body up on the bed and Sarah dropped her tight little pussy on my face, not quite as wet as Claire, but I was going to change that for her. As Sarah started to eagerly push her pussy down on my face, I felt Claire slowly sliding her hand up my leg, fingertips touching me gently, going up further and caressing my rock hard, leaking cock, only to feel her tongue running up from the base of my cock, up to the swollen tip and lick the pre cum off of my cock, with a sound of satisfaction. Before feeling her sweet lips engulf my cock giving me the best blowjob I’ve ever had in my life. Her tongue running up my cock each time, with the greatest of finesse and satisfying pressure. She was unbelievable, and not being able to see what she was doing made the sensations twice as good. Sarah moaning in ecstasy, starts to push her leaking pussy harder against my face and I taste her juices with delight, I love a good face fuck. Claire slowly releasing my cock from her sweet watering mouth, climbs over almanbahis güvenilirmi me and I can feel her wet pussy entrance as she guides my cock between her thighs, feeling the juices flowing as she slid down onto my cock, with her wonderfully tight little pussy, letting out a deep moan of her own. I can’t help but follow suit, it’s like her pussy was made for me, tailor made to fit around my thick cock. I moan with pleasure, letting the vibrations resonate into Sarah’s tight love nest. Claire starting to push down harder onto my cock, pushing harder and harder until I can feel her pussy juices streaming down my cock and over my balls, with every downwards motion I push up inside her making sure to get maximum depth, hearing her ass colliding with my thighs and her increasing moans as she starts to orgasm on my cock, make me even harder inside her. The increasing activity behind Sarah makes her turn around to watch Claire as she uses my cock with gainfully more pleasure with each thrust. Sarah starts to suck on Claire’s extremely hard nipples and massaging her tits, while Claire continues to grind away on my now super erect cock, now focusing all my attention on Claire, I take her by the hips and hold on tight making sure that every push inside her leaking pussy is as deep as it can go. I feel her pussy tighten up on my cock as she lets out an orgasmic scream, juices running down my cock even more so than before. Claire leans forward toward me, but I do not stop fucking her, her hair tickling my chest as she continues to actively move with me, she love the way that I fuck her, I can tell, I reach down and grab Claire’s ass, Sarah watching my cock getting wetter and wetter with each passing stroke, I start to fuck Claire harder than before, I love the way she screams and moans in my ear, it drives me on to keep going, to make her cum again and again. As I’m holding onto Claire’s ass giving it too her hard and deep continuously, I feel Sarah’s tongue against my juice covered cock and she starts to lick the pussy juice from both of us as we fuck. It makes Claire wild and I can feel her cum again, this girl is amazing, enough stamina to out ride a bull, but I match her stamina with my own. I slide out of her pussy, only to see delicious open opportunity to push my tongue inside her and lap up her flowing juices, as she lays on her back, seemingly tired, but as I suck on her tasty open pussy she said to me, “Please baby, I want you to keep fucking me, I want you to cum for me!” With pleasure I get slowly position myself between Claire’s thighs, I know I’m almost there, I want to give her what she wants. I slide inside her slowly, all the way down to the base of my cock, as she grabs hold of my shoulders, moaning as I start to withdraw and push inside again. I push harder and deeper with each stroke, I can feel my cum building up. I fuck her faster, as Claire screams, Sarah leans down and kisses her wildly, as Claire moans there each pass of her tongue. I can’t take anymore, I’m ready to blow, I pull out of Claire’s well fucked soaked pussy, and stand over the girls, my cock erupting like a volcano, over both their faces and eagerly awaiting mouths, enjoying every splash of warm cum the girls take turns to suck the remains from my cock before kissing each other and sharing my load between them. I lay on the bed spent, and the girls lay beside me, cuddling up close, laying there, almost half asleep catch my breathe, Claire turns to me and whispers in my ear. “Thank you baby, you’re the best I ever had” before kissing me passionately and passing out with her head on my chest. Needless to say, I passed out shortly afterwards.

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