Taking care of my sick sweetheart

Taking care of my sick sweetheartThis happened quite some time ago, back when I was still a teenager in school, right smack in the middle of that golden age where you’d still be exploring your own personality, but absolutely couldn’t wait to start exploring another person’s body all at the same time. This other person, let’s call her Annette, had been in my life for a few months already up to this point. From that first feeble, trembling kiss shortly after we met, we had lost enough of our shyness to finally dare touch each other a little more.She lived in an apartment building in a relatively small city. When her parents were away, which fortunately was often, we’d often just lay there for hours on end in embrace. A few weeks of his had went by, one evening I walked into her room and found her sitting on her knees on her bed, staring very intently out of the window. “just looking”, she explained, as she just stayed put and kept pretending to stare into the distance. I crawled up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, pressing her lean, warm, supple body against me, the lovely smell of hair reaching my nose as I kissed her slender neck. I felt her tense up, almost unnoticeably, “What’s wrong honey?” I asked her. She didn’t reply, in stead she pressed her hips back ever so subtle, pressing her firm, pajama clad behind against my groin. At that age, it only took so much as a breeze to get me started and I realized that very soon, she was going to feel the hard bulge of my throbbing, pubescent erection pressing up against her ass. I slightly panicked for a second but then I felt her hand on my stomach, hovering in doubt for a moment, before she started to work on the buttons of my jeans. A moment later I felt her hand gently stroke the outline of my, by then rock hard cock. I gently traced my hand down the front of her pj’s and ran my fingers up and down her pussy. She let out a slight, trembling moan as I brushed past her clit and she stopped stroking the outline of my cock in order to pull my underpants down with one hand. After I had swung free she grabbed my cock and started to move her hand up and down as fast as she could in the position we mersin escort were still in. The feeling of her thin fingers firmly gripping my solid erection added to my excitement by a factor thousand as my put my hands on her hips, sliding her pj bottoms and underwear down with one single fluid motion. I started running my fingers along her clit, occasionally dipping all the way down to her simply soaking wet vagina, pressing the tip of my index ever so slightly inwards. As I looked down, I saw my own hard cock only millimeters away from her beautiful ass. This was rapidly becoming way too much. I broke the silence with “Honey calm down!” and saw her smile at me as she didn’t ease up one bit. I quickly stuck both my hands up her top, cupping her small but sturdy breasts as I grunted and shot four jets of hot cum against her lower back, leaving a few pearls beading on her stellar ass.She turned around to kiss me, long and hard, after which she whispered into my ear “Who asked you to stop?”. I gently pressed her down on to her bed and pulled off her pajama bottoms completely, caressing the inside of both her thighs as she layed her head back on the pillow. Opening her legs slowly with my hands I started kissing her leg, making my way to her clit, running my tongue around it in small circles. It wasn’t until I sucked on her clit and started to run my tongue all over it, that she exerted a loud moan. Four minutes later she uttered a half giggle half scream as she tensed up, grabbed my hair with two hands and orgasmed long and loud. The image of my cock just hovering millimeters away from her sweet ass remained with me for a long time. We kept this little evening ritual up for a long time, even though we had yet to have intercourse for the first time. One evening Annette gave me a call asking me if I couldn’t come over. She’d been sick for a few days, so we’d decided she’d be better off sleeping. This night though, her parents had gone out, causing her to start feeling alone. I told her sure and it wasn’t long before I sat on their sofa with Annette crawled up against me under her blanket. She was shaking with cold and burning up at the same time. escort mersin “Exactly how high a fever are you running?” I asked her, concerned. “I don’t know”, she responded miserably “I’ll check later, when I feel like getting of this couch again.” The thought alone of getting another, up-close, look at that beautiful ass drove me to blurt out “I’ll just do it for you, really no problem.” before I knew what had happened. “Oh, no”, she said “I couldn’t possibly expect from you, it’s probably not that bad anyway.”. In for a pound in for a penny I thought, and persisted, arguing the importance of her health. More or less to my amazement she agreed. The next thing I knew, I was rummaging through the medicine cabinet, finding not just a digital thermometer and petroleum jelly, but also some suppositories, which I decided to take along as well. She looked at me questioningly as I made my way back to the sofa and sat down in the middle. “I think the easiest way is if you just lay down across my lap, we’ll have this done in no time, don’t worry.” She did pretty much immediately as she was told. She lifted her hips slightly as I slid her pajama bottoms down, exposing her white cotton panties. “Don’t worry”, I reassured her again as I slid her panties down as well, granting me a unique close-up view of her stellar ass. The mere thought of pushing those perfect cheeks apart started sending gushes of blood to my cock immediately. It was okay, if she asked I would just honestly say this excited the hell out of me. I opened the jar of petroleum jelly and lubed up the thermometer plenty and held in my right hand as I used my left to expose her tight rosy red asshole. As slow as I could possible muster I pressed the metal tip up against her asshole and she tensed up for a second. She relaxed soon enough and I very slowly sank the thermometer inside of her. Towards the end it got steadily wider, and I stopped pushing as soon as I heard her grunt a little bit. After about the shortest two minutes I had ever lived through the thermometer beeped loudly, and display she had a fever of 39 degrees. “And?” She asked, after I had slowly pulled it out again, taking mersin escort bayan in the scenery. “It says 34, I think I did something wrong”. “Weird”, she said, as she rested her head back down, already assuming I was going to try again. This time I made sure tot not even touch the button until after I had already stuck it three quarters of the way into her ass, savoring every possible second of it. This time also keeping her cheeks spread with my hand. When I finally pulled it out again it showed the exact same value as before, of course. “39 degrees, you’re really sick!”, I told her. “The best thing I can do for you is go and get you a cold wash cloth and give you two suppositories.” This time I really expected her just to flip it and outright say no. She didn’t though. She just nodded sheepishly and agreed. This was just waaayyy to good to be true, I though to myself, as I took one of the suppositories from the wrapper, and dipped my index finger into the petroleum jelly. “I’m sorry, I don’t want to hurt you so I’ve got to rub some jelly on you.” I told her as I traced her bud with my finger, gradually spreading some petroleum jelly on there. After taking more than my sweet time with this I pressed the suppository against her asshole with my well lubed finger and gently started to increase the pressure. It virtually immediately started sliding downwards into her asshole until it disappeared. Instinctively, her sphincter tightened up after this, and I left my finger there waiting for her to relax. When she finally did I slowly slid it all the way in up to my second knuckle, enjoying the tight, warm, suction-like feeling thoroughly.”Already half-way there!” I tell her as I take the second suppository from the wrapper. Damn, looked like the end of this adventure was coming into view fast I put the second suppository up against her asshole and push it in as slow as it could possibly go. I hold my finger in place for a couple of seconds, and just I attempt to pull it out even slightly, When I suddenly notice she starts to push back onto my finger, forcing it a little deeper into her. I suddenly notice her pussy is just soaking wet. Turns out I wasn’t the only one with a bit of an odd preference. Who would have known. I move my finger completely in and out of her a few more times before I exclaim “all done!”.Let’s just say when we finally lost our virginity, I got to take hers twice.

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