Arms Behind

Subject: Taking it Deep Part One Taking it deeply – Part One Copyright Van T Z Boi 2009 (The usual disclaimers apply, this is a fantasy and could never happen, keep your lives real and your desires in your mind) I was walking slowly enjoying the sun, it was mid morning but the air was already warm and it promised to be another hot day. I felt happy and contented. Mr Jerry directed me off the path towards the bushier part of the woods and I walked alongside him, he stroked his hand down my shoulder and across my back. I smiled up at him and he returned my smile. He stopped at a grassy clearing, the others were there and I gave them one of my shy smiles. I did not recognise three of them, they were new but the other two I had met before. Mr Jerry knelt down before me and softly kissed me on the lips, he tasted lemony and I knew he was wearing the aftershave he knew I liked. He slid his hands down my sides, tickling me slightly at my waist and I giggled, twitching as he did so, I noticed the others had moved closer, the new ones hanging back a bit, they looked nervous. Mr Jerry untied my black school shoes and slowly slid them off, my grey school socks slackened slightly now the tightness of the shoes was gone. Gently Mr Jerry teased my socks off and I trembled a little at the feel of the grass under my bare feet scrunching my toes to feel the blades of grass slip between them, the sun was also warm on my bare legs. Mr Jerry now slowly untied my school tie, the stripy blue and yellow strip of material gleamed in the sunlight and I was glad to see it go, it was too hot for ties any day of the week as far as I was concerned and my neck almost immediately felt cooler. Mr Jerry smiled at my reaction, as he knew what I was like about ties and neck buttons. He began to undo my white school shirt releasing my neck button first; slowly he worked down the buttons, my pink skin coming into view, glowing a little in the sunlight as the shirt gaped open. As he tugged the end of the shirt out of my grey school shorts my nipples were exposed and the nubs stiffened slightly. Mr Jerry undid the buttons on my cuffs, I now stood still my unbuttoned shirt hanging down outside my shorts, the front gaping open to my waist as the others watched. I could hear them sigh and moan but I did not look at them, not yet, Mr Jerry smoothed the bottom of my shirt and placed his hands on my shoulders, sliding them under my collar, now he was able to slide the shirt of my back and it fell to the ground, I held my arms so it would fall of my hands easily. A deeper sigh came to my ears as I stood naked to the waist, I knew it was one of the new ones and I felt a slight movement of my upper lip as my own smile twitched. Mr Jerry waited a couple of minutes, the others moved round me, looking at me from all directions, then he undid the waistband of my shorts, moving to the small zip which he pulled down slowly, my fly gaped now, my white clean briefs shining in the sun. The shorts fell down my legs, failing into an untidy heap at my ankles and I lifted my feet one after the other so Mr Jerry could add them to the pile of my clothes by his side. I stood naked now except for the tiny white briefs, my little bulge showing as my boy cocklet began to stiffen in anticipation. There was the sound of an audible groan and I knew I looked good to someone. Mr Jerry now hooked his fingers inside the waistband of my briefs and began to ease them down, taking care to pull them forward when he got to my cocklet so he didn’t hurt me. As my cocklet sprang up into view there were several sighs and groans which got louder when my tiny pigeon egg sized translucent immature boy balls could be seen. As before I raised my legs so Mr Jerry could add my briefs to the growing pile of my clothes. Now I was completely naked and I stood still my cocklet rising upwards like a flower seeking the sun. Around me I could hear the sounds of nature, the trees rustling in the breeze, the birds and insects making their summer noises and I was naked and alone in the woods with the six men that stood watching me. Mr Jerry now stood up and took a step backwards and I watched as he removed his sandals and shorts which was all he was wearing, as his thick seven-inch man rod came into view, all pointing and gleaming with pre-cum I licked my lips, my small tongue tip rubbing the pink sensitive skin of my mouth. Again he knelt before me and lifted me onto my back, as I felt the warm grass behind me I spread my legs, lifting them up by the backs of my thighs, feeling the sun caress my wrinkled roseate entrance. Mr Jerry moved forward slightly, his wet drooling cock-tip glistening in the sun where his foreskin was already peeling away from the pulsing mushroom head that was approaching my boy pussy. Slowly it moved to touch my skin and I sighed at the gentle sticky sensation, then groaned and grimaced as the thick cock split my entrance open as I felt the thick seven inches slide inside me. I sighed again wriggling appreciatively as I felt the familiar cock root into me. I experienced no pain, those first days of pain were long gone from my memory but the grimace was there for the new ones, it made them feel powerful, manly as they invaded me for the first time and I could hear the moans around me as they watched. Mr Jerry rested his weight on his hands which were placed just above my shoulders, he made no move to lie on top of me, that would happen later, for now he would make sure the onlookers could see his powerful tool fill me up time and time again as it slid in and out. I crossed my ankles behind his backside, this position was comfortable for us both and also guaranteed that his cock would rub my little nub, Mr Jerry was very good at giving me pleasure as well as taking his own and I liked it when we were alone just the two if us in his big bed with the magnifying mirrors on the ceiling so I could watch myself as I climaxed. zonguldak escort From my position I reached up and caressed his chest, Mr Jerry was in his forties, a muscular well built man, although signs of age were beginning to soften his tummy, his six pack was now a four pack. I stroked his nipples and then squeezed them enjoying the sight of them harden and point, my own doing the same thing, at the same time his cock nudged against my passion nub and I twitched with joy as the pleasure rippled inside me, he felt the pulsing of my pussy and smiled. Gently he bent down to kiss me and again I smelt the lemony scent, I opened my mouth to admit his tongue and he fucked my mouth tenderly, his tongue flicking in and out and rubbing the back of my top teeth, this increased my pleasure and instinctively I squeezed his cock with my muscles. He started to rub his cock against my nub and I responded, thrusting up at him my backside coming off the grass several times as he fucked me to orgasm. I felt the warmth begin, then the pulsing and then the nerves went into overdrive and he held his position over me so my little cocklet could be seen pulsing, the cock slit opening and closing as it tried to ejaculate what was not there and would not be there for some years yet. The accompanying gasps and moans joined my own as the voyeurs took their fill of my boyish dry climax. Mr Jerry did not wait for me to recover, he went straight into his own rhythm, his cock like an engine piston, faster and faster he thrust and I grunted with each punch of his body, doing my best to squeeze him internally, my pussy still pulsing from my cry cum. He sucked in a deep breath, pierced me forcefully pinioning me to the grass and then I felt his cock expand and several jets of his man cream splattered inside me, lubricating my pussy for the next man. I uncross my ankles and my legs fall to the grass, Mr Jerry slides back and out, his cock still pulsing all spotted with thick globules of his sperm, a strand of his essence spills from his cock slit and dangles before falling across the grass. My hole is glistening now with pearly iridescence and a slime pool of cum begins to form as Mr Jerry’s sperm pulsates from my pussy. Mr Alan is next, he’s one of the new ones and he’s introduced to me by Mr Jerry. Mr Alan is older than Mr Jerry, he’s in his fifties and he’s plumper, going to fat around his waist, his breasts hang down from his body, sagging like a pair of hairy balls, full and rounded. He kneels between my open legs and leans over me, I have to stretch my legs wider for him as he’s so much bigger, he whispers ‘that I’m beautiful, that I’m pretty and can he kiss me?’ I nod my head and feel his heavy weight as he presses down on top of me. As he kisses me I open my mouth and suck his tongue into mine, hearing him grunt at the pleasure this gives him. I wonder if I’m the first boy he’s fucked, he seems very inexperienced and everything I do causes him to shake with joy and pleasure. As he kisses me, carefully probing my mouth with his tongue I seek his cock with my hand, its about six inches, average for a man, the cockhead is still covered with his foreskin so it true shape is not revealed. He gasps into my mouth when I touch him and moans a long, ‘Ohhhhohhhohh,’ and then as I position the head at my entrance he sighs and grunts as I pull him inside, first with my hand and then with my muscles. “Ohhhh, so tight, so snug, and so hot and,” he whispers into my ear, “its just like a velvet glove.” He moves slowly, as though worried he might hurt me but I’m more worried about his weight, he’s heavy on me and nothing of his is touching me in any of the right places, I have to spread my legs wider to accommodate his girth and clamp my knees against his waist, I can’t cross them over his backside, my legs are too short. I know he’s not going to last long and I help him along. “Your so big daddy,” I whisper into his ear, “and your little boy loves feeling your huge big cock inside his tiny little daddies boy hole.” He cries out loud at this and I am rewarded by his burst of passion as he fucks me, actually fucks me hard for about a minute before he collapses, spent, drained, a dead weight on top of me. I can feel him come, the four spurts tell me his balls are not emptied and he will soon recover and the next time he’ll last longer and hopefully it will be better for both of us. Mr Jerry comes to my rescue, “Come on Alan your too heavy for the boy, either rest your weight on your forearms or let someone else take his turn. Mr Alan gets up of me, I se the look in his eyes, he’s in love lust with me now, I just have to train him to do me properly and I’m convinced he was a boy virgin, it gives me a glow. Another new one is next, this is Mr Ray, he’s up and ready and I watch his six and a half-inch cock which is banana shaped, pulse redly before me. Again I am introduced but Mr Ray is no boy virgin, he’s all business and he wants to see if my reputation is warranted. He pushed into me and I can feel him grinding against me. I tense myself and make my lips tremble, doing the vulnerable thing. I clutch at him, telling him how masterful he is, he feels me tense, feels my touch, sees my lips and the look on my face. There is a sour smell coming off him, the sun and the anticipation has made him sweat and he probably hasn’t worn deodorant, wanting to mark me with his scent like an animal marks his territory. I see the sneering smile on his face, he’s after his own pleasure and just wants to add my notch to his bedpost. He fucks me hard for several minutes, I concentrate on bring him off, making my pussy as tight as possible and then I fake an orgasm, he won’t know he’s never had a boy come off under him. I grunt and writhe, twitch my boy pussy and whisper to him, “Fuck me harder, please I’m nearly there,” it shocks him, I see the look on his face through my tunalı escort passion pretend half closed eyes and as he spurts I squeeze him tight, feeling him rub and pulse against the wall of my internal muscles, “Oh sir, you made me cum,” I whisper in his ear as he grinds the last of his climax into me. I know I’ve made my reputation because he doesn’t slide out of me like I bet he usually does. “Please kiss me,” I ask and I feel a gentle touch on my lips and I push back, sucking his tongue into my mouth, suckling on it like a baby needing milk. I hear him grunt and then feel his cock respond, its growing harder with re-engorged lust. I release him and sink back on the grass and he looks at me with respect, he’s already hard and ready to go again and he knows he wants it, no not it, he wants me and its going to burn him as he watches the others fuck ‘his boy’ which is what I’ve just become. Grudgingly he slides out, his cock looks bigger than when it went in, it gleams crimson now, angry and lustful looking. I smile up at him and stroke his cock making my eyes widen and my mouth open. He moans as he watches me and just for a moment there is no one else in the world apart from us two; then Mr Jerry touches his shoulder and brings him back to earth back from the boy heaven I have taken him to. He stands up and withdraws to the edge of the circle not wanting to watch. Next up is Mr Bob, he’s in his thirties and a passionate lover, I like Mr Bob and he loves me, he’s always telling me he ‘wants me to have his babies’ well if that were possible then I would have been the youngest mother ever. We both know we are in for a good time, Mr Bob always makes sure I cum before him and he’s never failed yet and that’s a lot of times. His favourite place to fuck me is in the hall of the school where he works as a teacher, he imagines we’re doing it with the entire school watching on as he plunges in and out of my tight boy pussy making me squeal with delight and he imagines the amazed and envious and lusting looks of the boys who are watching us fuck. He wishes I were actually one of his pupils but if I were there would not be much teaching except sex education done. He sneaks me into the school, in the evening or on weekends when he knows the caretaker is busy and we do it everywhere, on a few occasions he got hold of the keys to the headmaster’s office and we did it there, right in his office, right on his desk. The most dangerous place is at the summer fete when we sneak up onto the roof whilst the speeches and announcements are being made, then lying on a rug on the flat roof with the sound of the fete around us we do it, the best he’s done is three times, the fete fuck always gets him going and we just got back to our places in time for the headmaster to come around and shake hands. Once he had some pupils around to his house for special lessons, some special competition the school was involved in and he had me there, I was introduced as his nephew, whilst the boys were writing away around his dining room table I was sucking him off on an arm-chair in a corner of the room. Once he had spunked I walked around the table looking at each of the boys, a drool of cum at each end of my mouth. All the eight boys were around my age or younger so I had no idea if they even knew what spunk was. Later on the boys had to watch one of those foreign films with the sub titles and I came down from the shower, supposedly on my way to bed wearing just a towel. I sat on Mr Bob’s lap and kissed, proper like, not bedtime like and then I sat on his lap whilst the film played. Mr Bob placed the towel round us so he could slip his cock inside me and whilst the boys watched the film he fucked me slowly, even having to stop the film several times to answer questions. For the last half hour of the film I sat on his lap naked, the towel beside us and my nudity and erect cocklet available for all the boys to see. Mr Bob smiled at me and kissed me, I felt for his cock, its thin, only six and a half-inches long and stroked it and held the cock head against my spermy boycunt. Mr Bob pushed straight in and began to slowly long dick me whilst kissing me and teasing my nipples with his hands. He rocked from side to side until we found the right place, he knew when it was because I gasped and grabbed him as he rubbed my passion button. After that he was relentless, pushing his thin rod right on the button as I writhed and moaned and wriggled and twitched underneath him. As soon as I was close, he slid his hands down my back to grab my arse cheeks and push and grind against me whilst I had a proper good dry orgasm. As I came I grabbed him and kissed him hard my body almost bouncing up from the grass as I sought to hit the heights of my dry cum. He held me as I panted trying to catch my breath, soon I had it under control and whilst the last waves of my climax were still bouncing along my nerve ends he began his own pleasure. I read him like a book, knowing when to squeeze that extra bit, when to relax when to grind or push and when to tickle his teats, he loved it when I gently flicked my finger tips across the sensitive nubs, doing it alternatively to produce a longer lasting sensation. Minutes later he grunted and wheezed as he flooded my colon with a huge load of his man cream, I felt each of his jets hit me inside and comforted him as he laid his head on my shoulders. Gently he slid his thin cock out, we never saw this as our eyes were always locked together, Mr Bob’s eyes glittered down at me, whether this was true love I was too young to understand but I knew he had considerable feelings for me. As ever he bent down kissed the tip of my nose, winked and whispered softly in my ear. “Look after my babies won’ t you.” I nodded my assurance. Next up was the final new one, he was introduced as Mr Rick, he was very, very thin, and old, I think he was in tunceli escort his fifties and there was a funny smell about him which took me ages to place. Despite being rake thin, he carried a big paunch of a tummy and his cock was another slim one but the mushroom head that rose at the end of his thin shaft was thick and stubby. His foreskin was already under the rim where it looked tight and he was nervously rubbing it over my body, looking for my pussy in the most strangest of places. I was sure he had never been with a boy, there was a hint of desperation about him, in the way he was crouched over me and the panicky look in his eyes. I grabbed for his cock and felt it throb, he also cried out loudly and his look changed, I was absolutely sure he was a boy virgin. I brought his cock to my sperm slick boy pussy, he hesitated and I had to place my hand over his back and push. There was a look of terror in his eyes as he felt his cock enter me, then he was in, and the large mushroom head felt like it altered shape to slide in my neat hole. For a second or two there was a triumphant look on his face which faded to one of sublime delight as his cock regained its shape and rubbed up along the spermy sides of my colon, then a panicked look returned and I felt him try to move quickly inside me but it was no good, with an amazing whoosh of breath from his mouth his sperm whooshed into my love hole and he collapsed on me, that strange aroma hit my nostrils and it was then I recognised it, the same smell came from one of my other regulars who played the organ in a church, but this was more intense. I was sure that Mr Rick was a church person possible even a vicar or priest. He was sobbing into my shoulder and I stroked his sparse hair, telling him softly that it was all right and that he would do better next time. He looked up at me, the tears rolling down his cheeks. “I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asked concerned. “No,” I whispered, “you have a wonderful shaped cock, that big head feels so good inside me. You just need to get used to doing it,” I said and then added very quietly, “thank you for choosing me.” “Choosing you?” he returned. “To be your first,” I replied, “its a great honour,” and I kissed him gently on the cheek. I felt his cock respond and an excited gleam came into his eye, I knew next time around he would be ready. “Don’t worry,” I added stroking his right nipple and squeezing the teat whilst at the same time I squeezed his cock with my pussy, “I’ll teach you everything,” I purred. He was hardening as he slid out and a gleam of delight and anticipation came into his eye. The final fuck was Mr Nate, I love Mr Nate, he ran the sweet shop in the high street and I never had to pay. Mr Nate employed only teenage boys in his shop, his thick five inches was part of their wages and he liked nothing better than to fuck me in the storeroom behind the counter on a Saturday morning when the shop was filled with boys who wanted to spend their pocket money. His young staff wore tight t-shirts with the shops name printed on it and bright red aprons under which they wore nothing, often these aprons would be tented out as Mr Nate fondled the boys behind the counter. All the village boys knew if they hadn’t enough money to pay for their sweets then they could ask to see Mr Nate, a few minutes sat on his lap in his storeroom whilst he played with their stalks would soon see any outstanding bill paid. Some of the fathers were well aware of Mr Nate’s friendly payment scheme, a lot of them had found it out when they had been at school with him and had paid for their sweets in the same way, only then it would have been up in his bedroom. Mr Nate is in his early forties and has a five-inch cock, the shaft of which is also thick and stubby, it ends in a golf ball sized cockhead and I adore the way it plugs my fuckchute, it always feels like I’m being fucked sideways as the entire passage is caressed five inches at a time as he moves in and out. He’s an energetic lover and caresses you all over whilst he’s caressing you on the inside. Within five minutes I’ve had a lovely tummy trembling minor dry cum and minutes after that Mr Nate had bounced his own sperm into my pussy. Tenderly he eases himself out, that thick head making a soppy sound as it pops out, both of us giggling at the sound and I’m left to rest after being fucked by six men, their combined sperms oozing out of my fuck swollen pussy. Mr Nate hands me a liquorice stick which I eagerly consume, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my naked body. My rest period is soon over and now the men divide into two groups, I will suck off the new ones whilst the other three will fuck me from behind, doggy style, then we will change around. My rest period is soon over and Mr Jerry walks over from where the men have been sitting and talking together. “Ready?” he asks me and I nod. End of Part One To be continued….. Comments to ive Other stories on – see Frequent Authors page for direct links (V for Van T Z Boi) Donny Parts 1 and 2Teacher and pupils get closer and closer Banged Away Parts 1 and 2Behind locked doors, juveniles at their best Playing Trains Parts 1 and 2Babysitting fun Pa Grub and Me Parts 1 and 2Hillbilly love Ace Tales – Family Fun Parts 1 to 4Ace meets a family of boys and shows them how to get closer Ace Tales -Jet’s First Stopover Date Part 1Ace really is the best, read why Galahad Rides Out Parts 1 & 2Edwardian Public schooldays and nights Learning the Ropes Part 1A youth and a boy, but whose teaching who? 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