Taking It Slow


The phone rang and Caller ID showed it was the local woo-woo shop.  That was odd since I hadn’t been in there for several years, but I answered out of curiosity.  “Is this Steve?” an almost familiar voice asked. “Uh, yes,” I replied. “Hi.  This is Amy.  I coerced Tom into giving me your number.  I hope you don’t mind.”  Geez, I hadn’t seen Tom in years, either.  But Amy was yummy, so it was okay.  She and I had recently had an unexpected encounter (i.e. fuck) at a local county park one afternoon.“No, I don’t mind at all.  How are you?”  Dang, I wished she’d called me from her cell, so I’d have her number, too.“I’m good.  But I’m wondering … do you like extended foreplay?  I mean, like, really long?” Since she called from the store, I assumed things were slow there that day.  “Yes, I do.  In fact, I prefer foreplay over the fucking.  Anticipation is a powerful drug.  Why do you ask?  Mark’s a bit quick in that area, too?”  I would have loved to have seen her eyes.  Last time I dissed on her boyfriend she got really pissed, but we ended up having an awesome fuck.There seemed to be a slightly extended pause, so I figured I hit another nerve and she was gathering her wits.  I remembered how her breasts heaved under her two-piece top the last time that happened.  “Like I said before, you’re mighty perceptive.  Yes, he likes to get right to it.  I could use some long foreplay and right now I don’t care about what happens after you’re in me.” Well, shit, I couldn’t turn that down.  Amy had given me a brief blowjob, but enough to let me know she really knows how to toot the horn.  I hadn’t taken time to go down on her, she was wanting a nice, long dicking too badly that day.  She was juicy, though, as I recalled fingering her while she sucked on me.  I’d love to get a taste.  “When and where?” I asked.“Things are slow here at the store today, but that would only work for a quickie.  Mark’s off on an overnight run.  How about you come over to my place when I get off work?  Maybe about six?  I’ll fix us dinner and we can have the night to ourselves.  Mark will call, but that won’t take long.”  I agreed and she gave me her address.She opened her front door to my knock.  I’d wondered how she’d be dressed and was a little bit surprised to see she was just in an ordinary t-shirt and loose shorts.  Still, she looked mighty fine.  Stepping aside, she let me in, closed the door behind us, and wrapped herself against me.  Damn, her tits felt good pressed against my chest.  I massaged her lower back, pulling her tighter against me as my cock began to respond and our tongues danced together.  She broke our embrace, gave my slightly stiffened cock a quick rub and turned to head back into the kitchen.  I followed, thoroughly enjoying the sway of her butt.  We made small talk while she finished up dinner.  Baked chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, a veggie medley, ordinary store-bought dinner rolls, and a reheated frozen apple pie for dessert. As we ate at the small kitchen dinette table, I was continually astounded by how her appearance kept shifting.  One bahis siteleri moment she looked sixteen, the next she was seventy, the next some other age.  I’d noticed that before, as had others, and could never figure it out.  There was something sexy about it, though.  Probably because it was mysterious.  I half expected to feel her foot roaming around under the table, but that didn’t happen.  Then dinner was over.  I helped her put the food away (something macho Mark apparently never did).  She loaded the dishes into the dishwasher for later.  I started to take her into my arms … and the phone rang.  Mark’s call.  I settled on the sofa and picked up one of Mark’s biker magazines while she went into the bedroom to talk to him.  About twenty minutes passed and she came to the bedroom door.  Naked.Sweet Jesus, it was the first time I’d seen her standing nude.  I thought my mouth would start watering.  No way that body had borne three kids, but I’d met them, and they looked enough like her for me to know they were hers.  Not a hint of purple anywhere on her belly or breasts.  A little wrinkling around her navel and her breasts sagged less than most women in their mid-fifties.  Her areola and nipples were a dark pink, with the nipples slightly darker and erect.  Long, straight white-grey hair midway down her back with about the last two inches tipped in black (that was dyed, not natural).  Soft, light brown eyes in that age-shifting face.  Her pubic hair was dark and trimmed short, allowing a rather decent view of her labia.  Legs were slender with just a hint of cellulite on the thighs.  I was rock-hard in a moment.  The smile on her face suggested my shock was noted, appreciated, and found humorous.  Damn, I had to taste her.As I approached her, she reached out and stopped me about half an arm’s length away, then started undressing me.  Her focus was entirely on the immediate task of removing whatever piece of clothing she was working on.  First my shirt, then she knelt and removed my shoes, followed by my socks.  I held onto the door frame for balance.  Then she straightened while still on her knees and removed my jeans.  There was no doubt I was fully erect, even with my shorts still on.  Straightening again, she began caressing my cock through my shorts, keeping her full focus on it.  Reaching under she stroked my balls, then ran her fingers up and down the crack of my ass with one hand while the other continued to work on my shaft.  Then she brought both hands back to the front, hooked the elastic of my shorts, and lifted it out and over my cock.  With her eyes still locked on that throbbing shaft, she slid my shorts down and I stepped out of them.Straightening again, she licked her lips as she stroked my cock, now just an inch from her mouth.  I could feel her breath exhaled from her nose on the head.  As she moved closer, her tongue came out and began swabbing around my glans.  After a few moments of that, she opened her mouth further and slipped her lips around me, taking it about halfway down on the first stroke.  I could canlı bahis siteleri feel her tongue working on the underside, paying good attention to the groove running the length.  Closing her lips tight around the shaft and applying a bit of suction, she slid her mouth back until just the head remained in, swirled her tongue around the glans a few times, then took me back in.  This time she sank about three-quarters of the way down.  A repeat and her nose nestled in my pubic hair.  Now she settled into a rhythmic pattern, basically jerking me off with her mouth.  Those soft, light brown eyes looked up at me and I swear she smiled around my cock.At first, I just stood there, letting her work on me, but then I took her head in my hands to hold it still and I began pumping in and out, fucking her mouth.  Her hands slid around to my butt, gripping the cheeks, pulling them slightly apart as she encouraged my motions.  I swear, I’ve never felt a mouth on my cock as wonderful as hers right then.  As she was kneading my butt, I felt a finger begin circling my asshole, pressing slightly like it wanted in.  Normally, I don’t care for that, but at the moment it seemed really hot, and I sensed a glob of precum making its way through my dick to her mouth.  She gave a little shudder which I interpreted as she tasted it, and her finger pressed harder, slipping in.  I was surprised to find I was enjoying that, for the first time.  Her finger began a slight, circular motion like she was trying to open the muscle some, then slipped a little further in.  Soon she was finger-fucking my ass to match my fucking her mouth.  Then a new sensation.  It’s hard to describe. It felt like the beginning of an orgasm, but not in my dick.  Instead of becoming localized like an orgasm does on my dick, it spread out through my mid-section in a wave.  Then another.  And another.  Shit, I was trembling like I was about to cum, but I was nowhere near that yet.  However, the precum increased and I felt her tongue tip repeatedly stroking the underside, milking it out. I could have done that all night, forgetting about her pleasure, but that would never do.  So even though she seemed to be enjoying eating precum and making me tremble, it was time to turn the tables.  She whimpered as I pulled her head off my cock and using her hand to stroke out one more large dollop of precum, she caught it on her tongue and smiled into my eyes as she swallowed it down.  “Lay on the bed.  It’s my turn to taste you.”  Pulling her finger from my ass (damn, I want more of that), she complied.  It was then I noticed the bed had been stripped of everything but pillows and the fitted sheet.   I wondered if she did that while on the phone with Mark.  The image made me laugh a bit to myself. She lay in the middle of the bed, knees bent, and legs spread wide which caused her labia to open, revealing her swollen clit and an open vagina.  Damn, she was ready to fuck, but that wasn’t going to happen for a long time tonight.  I crawled onto the bed from the foot and knelt before her crotch.  canlı bahis I could smell her passion; the musky scent was filling the room.  Her labia glistened with her moisture, causing me to recall how her breasts and belly glistened with water that day at the park.  Watching her pussy, I placed a hand on each thigh, just above her knees and began massaging slowly up toward her womanhood.  Very slowly.  Her breathing became ragged. I glanced up and saw her breasts were heaving, nipples more erect than I’d seen before.  As big around as the end of my little finger and about a half-inch long.  Her areolae were all goose-bumpy, too.  She was looking at me through lust-glazed eyes.  And I’d not even touched her pussy yet.  I wondered how many times she could cum.  As my hands approached the tops of her thighs I looked back down and saw her woman’s well was filling with nectar.  Diving right in was tempting, but I held back, wanting to stretch this out as long as possible.  She’d said she wanted extended foreplay and we had all night.  Reaching the tops of her thighs, I stroked her outer labia once with my thumbs and removed my hands. That brought a grunt from her throat. Crawling over her right leg, I stretched out on my side next to her, propped up on my elbow.  She grasped my cock and tugged.  “Patience, my dear,” I said.  “You want this to last, don’t you?”  She nodded, but with a whimper.  Her hand relaxed on my cock.  Bending over, I took her right nipple into my mouth, sucking it and the areola in, flicking it with my tongue.  She gave a quiver in response. As I continued, my right hand massaged her left breast, pinching and pulling that nipple. “Oh, God,” she moaned and began to squirm her body.  I continued this for a while, noting her increased squirming and eventually she began slightly pumping her hips.  Before, I hadn’t realized how sensitive her breasts were, and now I wondered if she could be brought to orgasm simply by stimulating them.  Another dollop of precum made its way out, so I caught it on a finger and spread it onto her lips, which she immediately licked clean.  Damn, she was a hot piece. Then I decided to try something that really turned on my ex (even though she denied it).Lifting my mouth from her nipple, which brought a frustrated sigh, I watched my hand as it circled down her almost flat belly, across her soft pubic hair, stopping at the top of her woman’s slit.  Her hips rose to meet my fingers, but I let them travel along right where they were.  Then I began to lightly stroke my fingertips across her labia, barely touching her clit and inner lips.  She groaned and worked her hips in a vain attempt to increase the pressure.  After a few moments of this torment, I focused on her woman’s well, circling and pressing in with my middle finger, quite similar to the action she’d used on my asshole.  “Oh, God,” she groaned, still trying to move her hips toward my finger.  Holy, shit, she was drenched, filled with silky liquid heat.  My finger slipped in with zero resistance until the heel of my hand rested on her clit.  “Oh, God, fuck,” she squealed.  I pulled the finger out and my ring finger joined it as they slid effortlessly back into her nether depths.  More squeals, more groans, more squirming and writhing as she tried to fuck my fingers. 

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