‘Tales from the Orient’ Ch. 03


The story continues of Dee and her friends on their ‘girls’ night’ out in Singapore. In this chapter she describes what happens after she was rescued from a group of rowdy sailors at the Nurses’ Club — and slowly she finds the rest of the night turning into something she wasn’t quite expecting.

In response to a comment about the length of the previous chapter this one is a bit longer. I tried submitting it few weeks ago with some photos but it seems stuck in the Literotica moderator system so you’ll have to use your imagination a bit more with this version. As usual, any comments will be gratefully received

Rashomon Chapter 3 – Singapore 1969

“The immediate impression I had of this man who’d just zipped me up was that he was about your height and had short, black curly hair and dark brown eyes. He had such a lovely friendly smile and asked in a soft American accent if I was OK. Well…! Then I realised that the men who were harassing me had gone quiet – and a second man was talking to them. He had a very deep voice and I assumed he was American because of his accent — he sounded like he was from one of the southern states — but what really struck me was the quiet authority he projected. The group of the men started moving away, carrying their drunk friend with them. Oh… I hadn’t expected that and I looked at this second man – and then I understood why they’d retreated.” “He was tall, black, and now with my ‘zip friend’ they were stood either side of me, almost like body guards! I felt an immediate burst of … well, I don’t know what, but I felt incredibly safe and happy. They looked so different from all the others at the dance. For one thing they looked rather smart — my ‘zip man’ was even wearing an elegant tropical style jacket and shirt and tie. I thanked them profusely and we started chatting. Things had now calmed down, the music continued and I found out my bodyguards were both US marines and had just arrived in Singapore from Vietnam.”

“The man with the deep voice must have been in his early thirties. He had beautiful glossy black skin, a scarred face, an almost shaven head and lots of tattoos on his muscular arms. He was built like a heavyweight boxer and looked quite fearsome – and he reminded me a bit of a Mohamad Ali, one of my heroes. These were the first two American marines I had ever met. We introduced ourselves. My ‘zip man’ was called Tom and his friend was called Charlie.”

“Anyway, I thanked them again for coming to my aid. I hadn’t expected it but they were both absolute gentlemen. They had lovely smiles and surprisingly soft accents and they were very friendly and easy to talk with — and not at all how I thought US marines would behave. By now Jo, Pat and Judy had seen what was happening and come to support me. As soon as they saw my rescuers they were obviously as impressed as I was — and after I introduced them they were almost drooling over them, especially Charlie.”

“We soon got talking about the music and as the evening wore on we all took turns dancing with my two bodyguards. Both Tom and Charlie were lovely dancers — and unlike some of the other men at the dance they didn’t try and grope me. We were all thoroughly enjoying ourselves but eventually the band finished playing. The night was still young and after that fabulous live music we didn’t really fancy dancing to disco pop and Jo suggested we go down town to Bugis street and continue the evening there. So, we piled into taxis and headed off.”

(Bugis street was a night market in Singapore renowned for its lively party scene after dark).

“Jo and I were in the same taxi as Tom and Charlie and when we arrived at Bugis street Charlie soon saw some more of their Marine friends from Vietnam who were also on R&R. We all got together and the party continued with lots of beer and street food. At some stage somebody produced some roll up ‘joints’ or ‘spliffs’, or whatever they’re called. and as they were passed around I was persuaded to try one. As you know I don’t approve of drugs, even ‘soft’ ones. I tried to refuse but Charlie was very persuasive so when I did try a drag of one to my surprise I found it was actually much nicer than a normal cigarette. I tried again and after a while I started to feel… how can I put it? … nice and relaxed and at the same time strangely euphoric, sometimes almost giggly and ready for anything. It certainly wasn’t unpleasant.”

“I found myself sitting alongside Tom at a small table with the rest of the group close by. As we chatted I realised we both seemed to have a lot in common and his tough appearance was a bit of a front. Although he was a US marine, straight off operations in Vietnam, he was an only child from quite a sheltered rural background. We started finding out about each other and he said he’d never really had a proper girlfriend back home — his parents were very religious — and never approved of any girls he brought home.”

“Then he looked at me and almost blushed güvenilir bahis and said he had kissed girls and played around with them a bit but had never got further than — as he said – ‘second base’. So, despite his Marine training at somewhere called Parris Island — at first, I thought he was talking about somewhere in France – and his time in Vietnam he still felt shy talking with girls — and he’d never talked to an English girl before. I reassured him he was doing fine and not to worry.”

“We talked a bit more and were getting on very well when suddenly he almost blurted out he was feeling a bit nervous. He said today was his birthday – and he was worried about what was going to happen later on that evening. I asked why and he said that Charlie had promised him that as a birthday present he was going to show him something of the nightlife of Singapore and that he’d introduce him to some local girls at a bar he knew, and then the Tom could say he was a real marine.”

“By that I understood that Charlie would take him down to a local brothel or something similar to almost ritually lose his virginity. Well, I know you’d said this often happened to young British soldiers coming out to Singapore for the first time — you said it included yourself! – and I’d just read a very funny book called ‘The Virgin Soldiers’ which described exactly the same sort of thing happening to a young soldier in Singapore in the 1950s. I tried not to grin but didn’t want to start talking about that so told Tom not to worry as I was sure that Charlie would look after him — but he had to make sure to be careful and use a condom. He seemed surprised at my concern but said he would and after that he became even more relaxed.”

“Then, of all things, we all started talking about horses and farms. Like me he loved horses and I realised he was starting to look on me as a friend and someone he could talk to, rather than just a girl he was trying to pick up – although that didn’t stop him flirting and teasing me about my English accent. I told him I’d not been able to do any horse riding in Singapore but not long before Pat and I had gone with group of friends up to Malaysia on a beach picnic, or a ‘banyan’ as it’s called here. I told him that at some stage during the ‘banyan’ I went wandering along the beach and came across a stray pony in among the palm trees. The pony was very friendly and I was able to persuade it to let me ride it for a while — bareback in my bikini, with only a headrope! — which I think impressed him somewhat.”

“By now Bugis street was becoming rather boisterous. You know what it gets like late on a Saturday night — lots of people partying, all the food stalls busy and the ‘cats’ trying to pick up unwary single men.”

In those days anybody who is now described as trans gender was known as a catamite or ‘cat’, and Bugis street was renowned for them.

“Then some drunken Australian sailors climbed on top of the public toilet block further down the street and started stripping off and making an exhibition of themselves with newspapers they’d set on fire. Then fireworks started going off around us. As you know I don’t like fireworks; one big one went off close to me and I literally jumped in the air — and the next thing I knew I had my arms around Tom’s neck and he’d scooped me up into his arms! A few seconds later he gently let me down, I apologised for being such a wimp and we laughed while I recovered. Jo had seen what had happened, came up with Charlie and suggested why didn’t we all go back to her place and finish the night off there. By now we were all really getting on really well, and Pat and Judy had already joined up with another couple of good looking marines who were friends of Charlie and Tom back in Vietnam. I seem to remember they were called Bill and Clarence.” As she was telling me all this Dee was now looking a bit more nervous. I said I was enjoying her story and promised no matter what she said I wouldn’t hold it her against her. She smiled and said;

“Well… if you’re sure — I feel a bit embarrassed at what happened so don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

And she relaxed again, lit a cigarette and went on;

“At the time this all seemed like a good idea… but thinking about it afterwards I think those roll ups must have affected me somehow. I still felt a little weird and spaced out but otherwise OK. In our taxi on the way to Jo’s, Tom was in the front seat and Charlie and Jo and I were in the back. It was rather crowded — Charlie was a very big man. He was sat on one side of the seat with Jo in the middle and me on the other side next to her.”

“Pat and Judy were in the following taxi with Bill and Clarence. Then after we’d been driving for a while I couldn’t help noticing that Jo kept smiling at me; Charlie had his arm around her shoulders and she was leaning against him and holding on to his thigh as we went around corners. I suppose she was trying to tell me something — and that should have rung türkçe bahis alarm bells.”

“We soon arrived at Jo’s place. She had lots of cold Tiger beer and wine in the fridge and produced a bottle of Scotch from somewhere, which the Marines thought was great news. More spliffs were lit up and soon everybody was in the party mood again. Then Jo put on some music. By now it must have been after midnight. The other three girls were obviously enjoying themselves — I got the feeling that they’d been to parties like this before. Then I started thinking … well, now what? We’d all had a fun time — but here we were, four married English girls on a night out together with four American party loving marines… we hardly knew them and I wasn’t sure what might happen next.”

“It wasn’t as if I was a complete innocent. I mean I’d been to many parties before you and I met. I’ve already told you about the one I’d been to with Susan (my sister). It was quite wild and we met a couple of boys who were a couple of years younger than us and members of the local rock band paying at the party. We liked the look of them and we paired up. Then after the gig and we were really getting to know each Susan suggested we swop over… Susan and I are best friends so I thought why not? Now this sort of thing was fine when I was a single girl and just out to enjoy myself but now as a married woman, at a party like this…?”

Yes… Susan had told me about that party a long time ago — and Dee had said that although she’d only had a couple of serious boyfriends before she met me, for a time in their teens I had the feeling that the both of them were almost groupies… although Dee always denied it. Dee went on;

“At some stage Jo changed the music to something slower and Charlie asked me to dance. He put his arms around me, then held me close… phew…! He was so big and masculine and I felt very nervous but actually he was lovely and gentle. As we danced we started chatting and I was surprised to discover he loved opera — especially Mozart! Not quite what I expected from a tough US marine. He had such charisma and I got the feeling that at any moment he was going to pick me up in his arms and take me off and …well, he didn’t actually do that but he took my hand and led me off to a room just down the corridor from where we’d all been chatting. I knew what he wanted, I started to panic but I felt that I couldn’t really refuse going with him.”

“Now, before you say anything, I felt very grateful to him for rescuing me at the dance and wanted to find some way to say thank you – but as we entered the room I plucked up my courage and said I knew what he wanted but I wasn’t prepared to have sex with him. He seemed rather surprised but… well, I have to admit he was very persuasive and we were enjoying ourselves just kissing and petting and then Jo put her head around the door, looking rather catty, and said she and the other girls also wanted to dance with Charlie and how long would I be? Charlie looked at me almost apologetically and whispered something about Jo being the hostess so perhaps he ought to keep her happy… We went back and joined the others and I danced with Bill and Clarence before Tom asked me.”

“At some stage Jo lit some aromatic candles, dimmed most of the lights and everything started to become much more personal. Jo was still in Charlie’s arms and from the way she was behaving she looked as though she was going to eat him alive. Pat and Judy were also getting very cosy with Bill and Clarence.”

“Tom and I danced and he started telling me about Vietnam, then his home and family in America and I soon forgot all about Jo and the others. He had a lovely voice and made me laugh with funny stories of life on his parents’ farm. After a while I said the smoky atmosphere in the lounge was getting to me so he suggested we go out on the balcony for some fresh air.”

“As Tom and I stood on the balcony and looked out over the sea to the south Tom pointed out the lights of a big ship anchored in the distance — it looked beautiful and was lit up like a Christmas tree. He said he thought it was the battleship USS New Jersey, which he’d heard had just arrived from duty off Vietnam. It looked very pretty and what with the scents of the tropical flowers and plants in the sultry Singapore night air and the dim light from the full moon it all felt so romantic – and for a moment I thought how nice it would have been for you to be there with me. Tom obviously realised I was feeling a bit down and when he slipped his arm around my waist I didn’t object — I just felt comforted. Well…OK, I admit I was half expecting it… I was enjoying his company and his attention. Now don’t blame me too much! You’d been gone for what seemed ages, I’d not heard from you and I suppose I was feeling lonely – and I was definitely a bit hormonal.”

“We started dancing again on the balcony. Tom was lovely and then he started running his fingers up and down the back güvenilir bahis siteleri of my dress and holding me more closely – and I realised the effect I was having on him. When I’d danced with Charlie he’d been just the same and he wasn’t shy in holding himself against me either. While it was very flattering I’d told them both to behave. Neither of them did, of course, but I don’t suppose in that way they weren’t much different to John or Rod. You shouldn’t complain — I’ve seen you doing it often enough in the past with other women on the dance floor in the Club. I call it ‘heavy flirting’ — and if I like my partner for me it’s just fun”.

“I don’t know how long we were out there, just dancing and talking and flirting and then we heard a burst of loud laughter. Tom and I looked at each other, and realised the laughter was coming from behind a half-closed door on the other side of a now empty lounge. We looked at each other and went to see what was happening. Oh… The room was lit with just a couple of candles on the dining room table and it was very dim and smoky. I peered in and I think my jaw dropped…”

“It was a bit of a shock – I could see there were playing cards scattered on the table so I think they’d been playing strip pontoon or something like that. Charlie was now stood naked with his back to the wall and Pat and Judy were… well, they’d got rid of their dresses and I won’t say what they were actually doing to him but he was obviously enjoying it. As for Jo… she had the other two marines looking after her…”

“I think Tom was surprised as I was. I gulped and looked at him then Jo saw us and waved for us to join them. I felt paralyzed; but Tom saved the day. He waved back at Jo and said I’d told him I wasn’t feeling very well and he’d offered to escort me home, but he’d come back after dropping me there. Of course, I’m well capable of making my own decisions but in this case… I just squeezed his hand, tried to look a bit wan, said to Jo and the girls I’d see them soon and we withdrew into the lounge, closing the door behind us.”

“My mind was still reeling. I told Tom I was feeling more surprised than anything else. It had never occurred to me this might happen – I’d loved the chatting and dancing and flirting with Tom but strip pontoon and then …? As you know I like a bit of fun but I wasn’t quite ready for an orgy! I looked at Tom and asked him would he really mind escorting me home, just as he’d said? I told him it wasn’t very far and well within walking distance. He just smiled and said he’d be honoured. As we went out the front door I heard Jo’s voice call out there was a spare front door key under the door mat for when Tom came back. He looked at me, smiled almost apologetically and off we went.”

“We didn’t talk or do very much on the way back — and it started raining as we were coming up Pasir Panjang Hill so I grabbed his hand and we ran the last few yards. By the time we arrived here we were breathless and a bit wet. Now I thought the least I could do was offer him a towel and a coffee or something like that for all his help.”

“So… now I was here on my own with Tom. We stood in the kitchen and just chatted while I dried his hair… I said I felt embarrassed and naïve at not realising what the other girls were up to and I felt sorry for him and all the trouble I’d caused. I made the coffee, was about to hand him one and I can’t really remember what happened next… except his shyness seemed to have gone and now I was the bashful one. He just smiled at me… then we were kissing… then … oh God – this is so embarrassing!”

She went quiet for a moment and then went on;

“I suppose it was a mixture of me feeling grateful to him for rescuing me at the dance and in Jo’s flat, and now there were just the two of us in my kitchen. Even now I don’t understand what came over me. As I’ve said I was feeling pretty hormonal and frustrated — my period was due – and what with you not being there, then perhaps the effect of those funny fags and dancing with Charlie then Tom. I don’t know what aftershave or deodorant Tom was using but it was rather intoxicating … I know it’s not an excuse and if you had been there all this wouldn’t have happened but I suppose with you being away it had been weeks since I’d felt so appreciated and I hadn’t heard from you and it was all Jo’s idea…”

By now Dee was almost babbling – and I realised the weirdly nervous but excited feeling I’d felt a few moments previously was bubbling up even stronger in my stomach — and I also had a tremendous erection. I’d never felt anything like it before — it was like a mixture of anger, jealousy but also incredible sexual excitement…

I put my arms out to her and held her hands. She looked at me for a moment, went quiet again and looked at me before she continued;

“We were kissing, we stumbled into the lounge and somehow ended up on the carpet. There was moonlight coming through the windows but it was still quite dark. We fumbled about then … we… well I suppose I tried to tell Tom we shouldn’t be doing this but I can’t say he raped me or anything like that … but please don’t ask me to describe what actually happened…”

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