Tales of a Suburban Sex Goddess Ch. 07


Chapter 7 Spanish Fandango

It was with a great sense of relief that Beverley and Graham jetted off for their holiday in the south of Spain. Their lives had recently become closely entangled with Sylvia, Gerald, Linda and Dorothy and they welcomed the opportunity to distance themselves from the rather intense sexual relationships that had developed.

They idled away their time on the sunny Mediterranean beaches adjacent to their hotel sunbathing, swimming and taking in the sights of the many beautiful young women sunbathing topless. Naturally Beverley didn’t feel the need for a bikini top and despite being somewhat older than many of the women on the beach, still attracted admiring glances. In fact it went further than admiring glances in the case of one man who discretely photographed her whenever an opportunity arose. One evening in the hotel they encountered the photographer as they came down to dinner.

‘Are the mysterious photographer,’ Graham said by way of greeting, ‘are you a professional scouting for talent?’

‘Gee I’m sorry,’ the man said in an American accent, ‘I haven’t upset you have I?’

‘Not at all, I’m Graham and this is my wife Beverley; you’re a long way from home.’

‘Hi, I’m Marty,’ the photographer said as they shook hands, ‘no I’m not a professional; I just love to photograph shapely women like your lovely wife, I hope you don’t mind.’

‘You don’t mind do you Beverley?’ her husband enquired. Beverley smiled and shook her head. ‘Well it’s been nice meeting you Marty; perhaps you could show us some of your photos some time?’


The following morning as Beverley and Graham left the hotel they encountered Marty again. Beverley invited him to come and photograph her on the beach. Marty had a distinct preference for more mature women with large breasts and Beverley fitted the bill exactly. The beach was mostly flat sand but there was a small outcrop of rocks a short walk away which, Marty suggested, would be a good location. When they reached the rocky outcrop Beverley casually slipped out of her sundress to reveal that all she was wearing was a tiny bikini bottom. As she turned round to face Marty, he was presented at close quarters with the glorious sight of her large firm naked breasts. Marty busied himself preparing his equipment while praying his stiffening cock wouldn’t show through his flimsy shorts.

For the next twenty minutes Marty photographed Beverley sitting, standing and from various angles but mostly concentrating on her breasts. Finally he pronounced himself satisfied. They agreed to meet again that evening when Marty promised to show them the results on his laptop computer. As Marty departed Graham suggested that next time they should find a more isolated location so that he could photograph Beverley nude.


That night after dinner Marty sat in the bar in front of his laptop waiting for Beverley and Graham. He watched as they entered the bar and waved to attract their attention. Beverley was wearing a long black dress split up the thigh on both sides and as she walked the material parted to give provocative glimpses of long elegant thighs and stocking tops.

Beverley and Graham sat down either side of Marty who could just discern through the thin material of her dress that Beverley was not wearing a bra. When he looked down he could see the top of Beverley’s black stocking showing through the slit in her dress. He was tormented by the most urgent desire to put his hand on her thigh and slide it up into her knickers. Fortunately the table hid the bulge of his erection.

Beverley and Graham were most impressed with his photographs which he agreed to email to them once he was back home in the USA. Graham went over to the bar to get some drinks; Marty was temporarily alone with Beverley.

‘Graham is a very fortunate man to be married to such a beautiful woman,’ Marty began tentatively. Beverley smiled in appreciation. He waved his hand at his computer screen. ‘I hope it doesn’t offend you if I say so, but you have such lovely breasts,’ he said quietly.

‘What is it with you men and breasts?’ Beverley said with a laugh, ‘Graham is just the same; although he usually refers to them as my tits.’

‘What’s all this about tits?’ Graham said returning with the drinks.

‘Marty was just complimenting me on my figure,’ Beverley said judiciously.

‘Well Marty, if you like tits, you’ve come to the right place. There are more tits per square foot here than any where in Europe. Is topless sunbathing acceptable in the USA?’ Graham asked.

‘No, I’m afraid it isn’t; that’s why you get all us American guys coming over to Europe for an eyeful,’ Marty said with a grin.

‘Look Marty, I don’t know how much longer you’re staying here, but we’re going home in a couple of days time. We were wondering if you’d like to have a longer photo session in more private surroundings.’ Graham looked questioningly at Marty.

‘Yes, that would ataşehir escort be great; have you got somewhere in mind?’

‘Yes I have actually,’ Graham replied. ‘Lets take a walk and I’ll show you.’

Outside the hotel the trio paused while Beverley removed her shoes then pulled her dress aside and unclipped her suspenders. There was an enticing flash of thighs as she removed her stockings and passed them to Marty for safe keeping. They were still warm from intimate contact with Beverley’s body.

They strolled down the beach to the rocky outcrop where Marty had photographed Beverley earlier in the day. Graham explained that there was a secluded beach beyond the rocks that was inaccessible at high tide and could only be reached by wading through three foot deep water at low tide. Once there no one could see or disturb them. Marty agreed it was an ideal place and they agreed to meet in the hotel foyer after breakfast the following morning.


Over breakfast, Beverley and Graham discussed the day ahead.

‘I think we can all have some fun today,’ Graham said smiling at Beverley. She glanced at him with a question in her eyes. ‘What I mean is we are going home tomorrow; we’re never going to see Marty again; so anything goes.’

‘Aren’t you making the assumption that Marty would go along with that?’ Beverley replied.

‘I think he’d have to be some kind of saint not to want to fuck you when you’re stretched out naked on the beach with your legs wide open,’ Graham said frankly.

‘Would you like him to fuck me? Beverley asked quietly’ her throat suddenly dry at the titillating thought of having sex with a complete stranger.

‘You know me,’ he replied with a grin; ‘just so long as I can watch.’

They got up from their table and walked towards the hotel foyer where they could see Marty waiting for them. Beverley had been feeling rather jaded for most of the previous week in reaction to the excesses of their encounter with Gerald and Sylvia; but now her spirits suddenly lifted at the thought of a relaxed day on a secluded beach in the company of Marty and Graham. Marty didn’t know it yet, but this was definitely going to be his lucky day!

After buying provisions and wine at a local shop they headed off together down the beach to where the rocky outcrop barred further progress. Slinging their rucksacks on their backs they waded out into the warm water and were soon waist deep. A hundred yards further on a beautiful deserted secluded beach came into view; guarded on the three sides by inaccessible rocks. Once ashore, they walked up to the top of the beach and settled down under the rock face.

‘Isn’t this a great place Marty?’ Beverley said unfastening her wet sun dress and removing it. She casually spread out her dress to dry on an adjacent rock, before sitting down naked on a beach towel.

‘Don’t be shy, guys, get your wet clothes off,’ she insisted.

The unusual situation made Marty feel apprehensive and nervous. He undressed and was relieved that his cock didn’t embarrass him by swelling up. Graham, already naked and semi-erect, had no such inhibitions. He rummaged in his rucksack for glasses and a bottle of red wine.

Marty accepted a glass of wine from Graham and had a quick gulp. The relaxed laid back mood of the married couple was beginning to influence him. He started to unpack his photographic equipment. Graham now fully erect was sitting beside Beverley and casually playing with her breasts. Marty looked at the erotic scene through his view finder and began to take photographs. Beverley started gently stroking Grahams cock. Marty was aware that his own cock had taken on a life of its own and was now standing stiffly to attention.

‘My God Marty that’s a great piece of equipment you’ve got there,’ Graham said staring admiringly at Marty’s prick.

‘It’s a Meganix Power Zoom compact digital camera,’ Marty replied as he continued to photograph the amorous couple.

Beverley and Graham burst out laughing.

‘It was your cock Graham was admiring not your camera,’ Beverley said smiling as she stretched her limbs languorously. ‘I think I’m going to take a swim before I put on some sun cream.’

The two men watched as she sauntered down the beach, her arse wriggling provocatively.

‘You know what Marty?’ Graham said, ‘I’ve been married to Beverley for eighteen years and I still want to fuck every time she takes her clothes off.’

‘You’re a lucky guy,’ Marty replied, ‘she’s really hot!’

‘How come you’re here on your own Marty?’ Graham asked.

‘I’m actually on a tour with a group,’ he replied, ‘they are all in Madrid at the moment doing the art galleries. Personally I prefer real life nude women on the beach rather than painted ones on gallery walls but I’ll be rejoining my friends in a few days.’

They watched as Beverley came back up the beach after her swim. This time in addition to the delightful spectacle of her swivelling hips they kadıköy escort bayan could also observe her tits bouncing seductively up and down.

Beverley sat down between the two men and began to towel herself dry. When she had finished she produce a tube of sun block lotion and began to rub it into her skin.

‘I think we can do that for you,’ Graham suggested taken the lotion from her. ‘Marty you take the right side while I do the left.’

The two men worked their way up Beverley’s body; feet, calves, and thighs. When they reached the top of her thighs, Graham let Marty massage her shaven pubic area. Beverley parted her legs slightly; Marty could see that her labial lips were beginning to open. He allowed first one then two of his fingers to stray into her cunt; Beverley gave a gentle murmur of approval. They continued on upwards to her breasts. Marty used both hands to massage the lotion into her right breast.

Both men were kneeling with their erect cocks gently prodding her glistening tits. Without saying a word Beverley took the tube of lotion and liberally coated both her hands before taking Marty’s cock in her right hand and Graham’s cock in her left hand. In a few moments both men were writhing with the pleasure at her expert touch before ejaculating fierce jets of semen over her breasts and face. Graham began to massage their sticky emission into Beverley’s skin.

‘Semen is alleged to be very good for skin tone and complexion,’ Graham said by way of explanation.

‘Yes I’ve heard that myself,’ Marty said with a grin as he joined in with the massaging, ‘at least it’s a good excuse for coming on a woman’s face.’

When they had finished, Beverley lay down her legs slightly parted with one knee drawn up. Marty noticed that her vaginal slit was opening wider. Graham poured out more wine and offered snacks around. The sun was beating down as the waves washed gently on the shore. All was quiet; Marty closed his eyes and snoozed.


Some time later Marty felt a hand gently prodding his arm. He opened his eyes and found Beverley leaning over him; her tits inches from his face. He looked round.

‘Graham’s gone for a swim,’ Beverley murmured and began to caress his cock which immediately rose to magnificent stiffness. As she leant further forward her nipples rubbed against his chest. She gave him a long lingering wet passionate kiss. They rolled over still locked in a passionate embrace. Now Marty was kneeling between her legs which were spread wide in unambiguous sexual invitation. Her cunt was wide open in a state of extreme sexual arousal. Marty heard Graham speaking close behind him.

‘Take some pictures of Beverley’s cunt before you fuck her,’ Graham said and handed Marty his camera.

Beverley drew her legs up and spread them even wider to provide an even more obscene spectacle for Marty to photograph. She felt incredibly aroused at the extent of her lewd behaviour; displaying herself in such an utterly depraved manner to a complete stranger. Finally, his body throbbing with sexual desire, Marty laid his camera aside.

‘Fuck me Marty,’ she murmured, ‘but please go into me slowly; I’ve never had a cock as big as yours inside me before.’

Marty found it indescribably erotic to hear this obscene sexual invitation spoken with an impeccably polite English accent. He probed her cunt with his fingers and had no difficulty pushing all four fingers inside her. Beverley took hold of his stiff member and guided it carefully into her gaping orifice.

She gasped with a mixture of pleasure and anxiety as his huge cock slid deeper inside her. ‘Fucking hell Marty, that feels so good. You must be very popular with the ladies back home. Do all Americans have big ones like you?’

Marty ignored her questions and concentrated instead on gently fucking his eager partner. He was vaguely aware that Graham had taken over the role of photographer.

‘I bet you think I’m a cheap whore don’t you Marty? But that’s what men like isn’t it Marty? Oh God Marty I love your big cock; I’ve never seen such a big one before.’

Beverley began to writhe with pleasure as Marty continued to fuck her; she was dimly aware that Graham was standing close by watching.

‘My husband’s watching you fucking me Marty.’ Beverley gasped; now in the throws of orgasmic ecstasy. ‘He likes to watch men fucking me he thinks I’m a complete slut. Go faster Marty; fuck me faster; oh God I’m going to come.’ Beverley screamed with pleasure as her cunt throbbed with spasms of exquisite delight and she felt fierce pulses of semen jetting out from Marty’s huge cock.

Marty rested quietly on top of Beverley and felt his cock shrinking slowly inside her.

‘Thank you Marty, that was wonderful,’ Beverley murmured in his ear.

Marty looked up anxiously at Graham and was relieved when he gave him a broad smile.

‘She’s a great fuck isn’t she Marty? Graham asked.

‘I think I’ve just had the best fuck of escort maltepe my life,’ Marty replied as he rolled off Beverley’s hot body.

Beverley stood up and dusted the sand off her buttocks. She felt the familiar tickling in her vagina as Marty sperm began to ooze down her thighs.

‘Next time, I’m riding on top,’ she said with a grin. ‘Do you guys fancy a swim?’

The libidinous trio walked hand in hand down the beach and into the sea. The sea was warm and invigorating; Beverley’s breast bounced gently up and down under the influence of the gentle tidal swell. Marty moved up close behind Beverley and began to squeeze her breasts; she could feel his cock stiffening and probing her buttocks. He felt that he was in paradise; a paradise where unbridled lust was top of the agenda.

‘Gee Beverley you’ve got a great arse, can I get my cock up there?’ Marty asked as his hands traced the contours of her shapely rear.

Beverley felt a frisson of excitement at the thought of Marty fucking her bum.

‘Your prick’s rather big Marty; you’ll have to go in very carefully otherwise you’ll make me sore,’ Beverley said.

‘Don’t worry about it,’ Graham interrupted, ‘I’ll bugger you first to open you up.’

The three sybarites continue to luxuriate in the seductive warmth of the warm sea while idly contemplating their next bout of debauchery. Beverley had already decided that this was going to be the most obscene, lewd and disgusting day of her entire life.

‘Before you guys get your cocks dirty up my arse why don’t you both fuck my mouth,’ she suggested. Beverley didn’t normally like having a man’s sexual organ in her mouth but today she intent on experiencing every lewd and obscene depravity the two men wanted to inflict on her.

This was an invitation the two men were extremely eager to take up. Beverley knelt down with the shallow water lapping round her legs while the priapic pair faced her. She grasped a cock in each hand.

‘Which of you guys wants to be sucked off first?’ Beverley asked.

‘I think we should let Marty have that honour,’ Graham suggested.

Beverley released her hold on Graham’s prick so that both hands were available to manipulate Marty’s stiff rod. She walked forward on her knees until she was able to take the first four inches of his prick into her mouth. Marty sighed with pleasure.

‘God your mouth feels just like your cunt,’ he murmured with appreciation, ‘hot and juicy.’

Beverley of course was in no condition to indulge in conversation with anybody as she concentrated on sucking and licking him and sliding her parted lips over his excited cock to simulate fucking movements. Graham looked on as Beverley continued to stimulate Marty; the only sound being Marty’s occasional obscene invocations as he savoured the delicious pleasure of fucking Beverley’s mouth.

‘Come on Marty, give her a big mouthful of cum,’ Graham urged as Marty’s frenzied writhings prefaced his ejaculation of six strong pulses of carnal cream into Beverley’s hot mouth. As Marty withdrew, his cock dripping with love juices, Beverley opened her mouth and stirred his creamy confection around with her tongue. Without pausing to swallow or eject his spermatic offering Beverley immediately took her husbands prick into her mouth.

‘This a bit like fucking a whore,’ Graham remarked, ‘when your cock is lubricated by the last customer’s semen.’ Graham had been hard for much longer than Marty and as a result packed rather more fire power when he sprayed his ammunition into Beverley’s still eager receptacle.

Beverley sat back on her heels and casually asked her husband to fetch her glass of wine. Both men watched as she sipped her drink; occasionally opening her mouth to show the sharp contrast between the dark red wine and the double dose of white sticky semen still retained in her mouth. Finally she drank a deep draught of wine and swallowed down her sperm cocktail.

Once again lust temporally subsided on the beautiful secluded Mediterranean seashore. The soothing sounds of the waves lapping the sands under the control of an invisible moon providing its own special magic; a time to reflect on the transience of all things mortal.


‘Well guys, you’ve fucked my tits, you’ve fucked my cunt and you’ve fucked my mouth; now I think it’s time for you both to fuck my arse.’ Beverley declared resolutely. She was intent on extending her depravity to the absolute limit today.

She knelt down on all fours supporting herself on her hands the lovely globes of her rounded arse sticking up provocatively. Graham carefully lubricated his cock before passing the tube of lotion over to Marty.

Graham knelt down behind Beverley and carefully spread her buttocks then slowly eased his cock into her bum crack. Marty stood by camera in hand, waiting for his turn. Beverley had been right; they were treating her like a whore.

Graham stroked his cock in an out in a steady rhythm for five minutes while Beverley, strangely silent, waited for him to come. She was already wondering if she would be able to accommodate Marty’s massive member. Graham groaned with pleasure as she felt the wetness of his pulsations in her anus. After Graham withdrew Beverley looked round anxiously at Marty.

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