Tamed Pt. 04: The Beginning 02


Continued from Part 3, if you haven’t read it I suggest going back and checking it out!

Disclaimer: This is all a publication of fiction and in no way happened. This also may get a little unrealistic. You’ve been warned.


I was assaulting my step sister with my eyes as she stood in front of me, looking up her thick long legs, past the scuff marks on her knees to her black panties which were being partially swallowed by her thighs. I only had a second to see the glistening mess her excitement had caused her before I spoke.

“Didn’t you have plans with your friend tonight?” I asked my flame haired step sister with a slight chuckle in my voice.

Alanah responded with a giggle of her own, letting her skirt cover her privates as she moved her hands to cling to her wide hips. “Yeah…She’ll understand when I tell her.” She gave me a quick, hungry look up and down before she began to move toward the bathroom, allowing her thick thighs to rub against one another with each ass popping step. “You coming Stud? Or do I have to drag you in here with me?” She called out with a playful laugh. Moments later I heard the shower blaze into life, staring its pitter patter of enflamed water.

I stood up moments later, pulling my shirt over my head and letting it drop onto the pile of my clothing that rested where she had pulled them off. Stepping up through the hall I heard those alluring, devilish giggles as the bathroom door moved slightly ajar. My heart raced, a wobble in my step as I approached. The bathroom had already steamed up with a dense fog of humidity, the water loudly shooting out of the nozzle onto Alanah. The clouded glass door was open wide, exposing her naked body to me. Her hair down from its tight ponytail and darkened due to the absorption of water.

A grin formed on my face, being able to see such perfection in my step sister…I stepped forward, closer and closer as my glistening cock swung heavily left and right. I examined her body like it was a fine work of art: a large, perky bust that were well more than a handful, an ass so soft looking that it would be good enough to eat…seeing her without clothes was enough to bring the beast back out of hiding.

She turned her eyes to me, watching as my swaying cock shifted with my movements, she brought her hands up to her hair and pushed it back, her wet heft now ran down her back toward that mouth-watering ass. Those cum ridden hands slid down her tits, giving her erect nipples a slight pinch before she traced her fingers down the bulge in her toned stomach; not able to contain herself after all the excitement, she let one hand slip lower, pushing between her thick thighs before finding her wet, cock craving lips. Feeling a shudder of release running up her arched back she pushed a finger between her lips, gasping a little.

“Come here you fucking hunk.” She beckoned with lust.

I stepped one foot into the shower with her…pushing my body through the open door to join my step-sister in the hot shower. I felt her hand reach behind to roughly take my hand, pulling me into her. My hardening cock was nestled perfectly between her juicy ass cheeks as our fully nude bodies pressed onto each other. I felt the blood pump back into my horse dick as fast as lightning, pushing up longer and thicker with each pump of blood that pulsed into it; the exposed tip pressed onto my gut as she forced us to push against each other.

Tilting her head back to rest on my shoulder, Alanah let out a sigh, her body shook against mine as she gave her clit a quick flick.

“Don’t ever leave a woman wanting, if she makes you cum, you have to return the favour.” Her voice was rushed in her explanation, her body now demanding to feel a full release. Using my grip on my first hand, she brought it up to her tits, making me take a handful before pushing it around in small circles, letting me feel the weight of them. Her nipples poked firmly on my palm as I groped and squeezed her. A heavy moan escaped my lips, right next to her ear as I worshipped those huge tits.

Her second hand finally wrenched from between her thighs, quickly reached for my other hand. Wasting no time as she pulled my hand between her thighs, the warmth and slickness was immediate as her thighs squeezed down around my massive paw. With her hand on the back of mine, she guided me on what to do, silently praying that I head learnt how to do this from all the porn I had watched in my teenage years.

My head exploded as I felt Alanah’s swollen, drooling lips. Going dizzy from the amount of sexual frustrations leave my body, I turned my head and roughly kissed my sister again, only this time it was me leading the charge; pushing my tongue down her mouth I started to rub her sensitive clit with my thumb roughly, whilst penetrating her cunt with two fingers. From my initial fingering I thought she was quite tight, given that a new man every night was very much on this ginger goddess’ schedule I expected her to ataşehir escort be as wide as a cave. The surprise was welcoming, as was my slow thrusts to push my cock up and down her jiggling ass.

Knowing she was getting close to being overloaded, Alanah slammed her pretty eyes shut, feeling the first touch of my manly hands on her womanhood. Not able to keep her mouth closed as a violent shiver rocked that perfect body, she let out a long, choked moan.

She was mid moan when she was met with my lips pressing into hers and my furious tongue swirling in her cock flavoured mouth. Desperate for a distraction, trying to keep this feeling for as long as she could, shed mixed her tongue against mine.

But nothing could keep her distracted from the movement between her thighs. Feeling the slow penetration of my strong fingers, the muscles relaxed to pull me in, her clit being pushed and rubbed by my thumb. It was all too much to keep up with, her bodies reactions taking over, her hands hungrily pushing mine against her to force me to play with her rougher. Her hips pushed back and forth to stroke my cock with her bouncy ass, her expert tongue greedily playing with mine as loud moans escaped her mouth.

The sound of the shower was not registering with me, neither was the scathing heat setting which my shower partner had set it to…All I was focused on was this amazing feeling of exploring my sister. Without much of a care if it was too rough, I push my fingers as deep as I could into her with one plunge, pushing my two fingers knuckle deep into her swollen hole. The moans between us vibrated in our mouth and escaping our furiously passionate, animalistic make out. I couldn’t keep my hands off of this woman, she was like a drug, addictive and feeling so good. Thrusting my cock up and down on her ass along in rhythm with her motions caused my foreskin to peel back and forth, making my knees wobble and hands tense up on her.

She let out a muffled cry in my mouth, almost pleading as my rough push inside her made those legs quiver. I felt a sticky substance drip past my knuckle deep fingers and down my wrist where she had wrapped her hand around to keep me in position. Alanah couldn’t recall the last time a guy had gotten her so wet.

I could taste the dregs of my potent cum on her lips, not caring if that was weird or not, I was too enthralled with the moment we were having. With the water cascading onto us heating our skin and body heat as we got dirty. I break the kiss for a moment, smiling as I now pushed my fingers out and in knuckle deep on her ever-tightening walls. When I pulled away, I saw her trying to move herself forward to follow my retreat, wanting to feel my lips on her for longer; she only managed to steal a quick lick of my bottom lip before I spoke.

“What would our parents think of us doing this?” I asked her with a bewildered tone; I in fact thought I was dreaming, and any moment now I was about to be woken up with more chastising and bitching. Alanah opened her eyes a took a hard blink, at first my question resulted in a deep blush and a sneaky smirk.

“I’d imagine my mom would stop paying us to live together…I’m sure your dad would call me a whore.” She put on a deep pout he gave me a signature fake pitiful look before her facade breaks and that familiar alluring smirk returned “He’d be right.” She followed the fact with a long pull of her ass up the length of my cock, tensing her ass to squeeze it tightly before pulling it back down.

Biting my lip, a moan escapes me, that feeling of that ass jerking me off was something I didn’t even know a woman could do…as we pressed together that unmistakeable flow of clear stringy liquid spewed out of my shaft onto my sisters toned lower back. The exposed bulging head brushing over her ginger hair with each thrust of our hips. Feeling the now familiar warm stream of my pre-cum hit her back, the redhead let out an alluring giggle. It amazed her to no end just how relentless my manhood was. To attempt to make the sensitive head feel even better, she started to shake her head back and forth lightly, causing the tips of her hair to brush lightly over my sensitive head; a move that only made my pre-cum surge out even more, lacing into her silky, wet locks.

“Let’s make sure they don’t ever find out then Sis…” I dive my head into the nape of her neck, kissing and sucking on the smooth flesh like a vampire. I had heard about love bites, and had seen them all the time on campus. I wanted to leave my mark on her, if this was going to be a one and done thing…Alanah let out a soft laugh while she removed her hand from mine to run through my soaked hair. She knew exactly what I was doing.

“You want to show the world who I belong to Stud?” Her tone teasing as her hips bucked quicker on my relentless fingers. “Have all the men on my hook picturing me under you, your big dick buried deep inside me…”

I give the hard groping a break for a moment, reaching forward frantically kadıköy escort bayan for the soap rack which hung over the knob to turn the shower on. My eyes shut tight while I sucked Alanah’s neck I tried to look for what I wanted, eventually grasping the bottle of shower gel she had received for Christmas, a gift from a guy who had a major crush on her. It was one of the expensive and sweet-smelling scents she wore which at this moment was driving me insane with how good it smelt.

Unclasping the gels cap I upturn the bottle and squeeze the cold pink slippery fluid out over her heaving tits, ejaculating the shower gel over a little too much over her body. With that my kneading and massaging of the slippery oil like gel began with my free hand while I secretly inserted a third finger into my relentless fingering of her addictive tight pussy.

She squealed; half filled with surprise as the cold gel hit her tits. “Oh fuck!” Her voice suddenly shooting to another loud moan as she locked her eyes on the pink gel mimicking the sight of cum covered tits.

*If only that where the real thing!*

With her soft lips no longer busy with mine, she leant her head back and let out louder and louder moans. Not caring if the neighbours heard, not caring if the whole building heard. Her younger step brother was going to give her the best orgasm she had every felt… And she felt absolutely no shame.

My fingers were contaminated by the stench of sex, drenched from so much of her excitement that I couldn’t tell what was water and what was drooling from Alanah’s swollen and needy cunt. It caused my cock to throb hard on her ass, the underside rubbing against that forbidden hole between your thick clapping cheeks.

Her insides tightly wrapped around me, like a vacuum trying to suck up dirt. It became tougher to furiously finger her knuckles deep, those wet walls throbbing and pulling me in. I moved out of your neck to breathe hard as I felt my sister vibrate, still lathering the cold gel into her soft tits like I was working dough. It felt good, making a girl cum with just my fingers, and the adrenaline meant that I was still strong enough to hold up her wildly shaking body.

Suddenly one of her endless moans was cut short, getting caught in her throat, her eyelids rapidly fluttering as she stared up at the ceiling. With a violent twitch of her legs, she finally felt herself fully release all the built-up pressure from me manhandling her being let go in one huge load.

Her hourglass body quivered uncontrollably as her fingernails dug hard into the back of my head, the sounds coming out of her being a loud mixture of cries, moans, and squeals. All crescendo into her hips bucking wildly and with grace like a master belly dancer gyrating like her body was made of water against my fingers, the walls of her pussy squeezing down with all it had as the orgasm kept coming. Not even able to hear anything anymore, she let her body feel everything that was happening.

Continuing for several long moments, finally the desperate flailing of being overstimulated subsides with a long sigh. Feeling like every muscle in my body was spent and useless. Her hand unclenched from the back of my head; now hanging uselessly at her side as I rest the full weight of her head back against my shoulder. Not able to keep her alluring aquamarine eyes open, her lips feel heavy and cumbersome as she muttered.

“I can’t stand… I can’t stand bro, holy fuck-” Not seeming to be able to get a coherent point across, she let her words fade away just enjoying the pure bliss that she felt praying to god that I don’t ever let go of her body.

“I never thought I would leave you speechless…” I chuckle as I held her up with my natural strength, my hand on her body slips and slides over those heavy tits. The moment after I pulled her back, arching her back like a yoga master I pulled my fingers out of her with a loud wet SHLICK sound.

I move my juice covered hand up to my lips, allowing my sister to witness this virgin little step brother of hers lick at his fingers, tasting her. My eyes widened as I felt the taste hit my tongue. It was like a sweet nectar of the gods. I made sure she saw every suckle and lick, moaning softly as I made sure there was nothing left.

“I don’t want to waste a drop.” I say with a raised eyebrow, teasing her from when she did the same to me. I didn’t know what I was doing, it was like I was being possessed by a stud who had women every day of the week, someone which I never thought I would be…

Alanah couldn’t hold back a whimpering moan as my fingers exited her, she watched as I tasted her cum, licking and sucking on every finger. Her mouth hung open slightly, none of her previous men had ever taken interest in tasting her…It was making her quickly regain any stamina she had lost in that heated moment…

She moved her feet back from under her, coming back to reality as she reached forward to switch off the shower. Instantly escort maltepe we were left in a heated room with no sound other than out erotic, heavy breaths.

“I think you’re lying to me…There’s no way you’re a virgin.” She turned in the shower, letting my still pre-cum spewing elephant trunk say goodbye to the comfort of her thick ass. She pushed her body onto me, hiking one of her creamy thighs up and around my waist…all that yoga she was doing clearly working wonders for her flexibility. She took her lips to mine, giving me a slower, more tender and affectionate kiss. She felt her heart flutter, before her palm began to tug and stroke the underside of my heavy shaft. She wanted more.

As did I. Breaking the tender kiss after a few smacks I pushed her off of me lightly, resting my hands on her wet shoulders as I pushed her shoulder blades against the cold tiled wall of our expensive bathroom. “Well…I’m *technically* still a virgin Lana…Besides, a normal woman would be scared of a dick like mine.”

As soon as she felt her back rest against the wall, she knew what was coming. She had to prepare. Excitement and panic settled inside her. All was silenced though once she felt the weight of the underside of my shaft press up against her lips, her legs deftly wrapped around me as she rose her body up off the floor of the shower with her back pressed against the wall, letting me prop her surprisingly light body up. She squeezed her legs around me tight, pulling me hard against her. The last of her fear is let out in a soft whimper into the room, her arms finding their way around me as well, pressing out flat on the back of my neck.

“Fuck me. Now.”

With the covering skin peeled back to reveal the ever-leaking pinkie purple mushroom head of my horse cock I thrust my hips forward slowly to place it at Alanah’s entrance, tensing and relaxing my entire cock to tease those slick lips as I looked into her eyes. They were dilated like she had taken some sort of hallucinogenic drug. I grunted as I pushed it in, the tightness was unlike anything I had experienced thus far; pushing the head in I felt her walls tightly wrap around me like I was being milked by her cunt. Those amazing legs of hers tightened around my waist not allowing me to go anywhere…as if that was going to happen whether I liked it or not. Slowly and deliberately I begin to thrust into my sister, moaning and pulsing like mad even when I wasn’t even an inch inside.

Alanah felt the heavy head of my rod push past her lips, it was at that point she knew for certain that she was no longer in control. Letting out a hot moan in my ear, her breath rushing down my neck as her fingers begin to dig into my skin; I winced in slight pain as I felt her nails drag across my back. Already she felt me pushing and her hole was stretching. She had started forgetting to breathe, simply opening her mouth to let odd half moans expel out of her. Through the pain of being stretched, she felt the distinct feeling of pleasure. Feeling just the tip of my cock was swirling her brain, begging for more and more despite the pain.

Hearing my grunts of effort and cries of pleasure shed clenched down on my cock and moan out encouragement. “Push it in me. I want to take it all!” Her voice so strained she barely sounded like my step-sister anymore.

“Fuck it’s so tight!” I grunt with a thrust of my hips. Her walls gripped tightly onto me as I pushed another few inches into her. With each powerful yet slow thrust I felt her start to loosen around my thick tree trunk shaft before pushing deeper only for her pussy to be even tighter.

I knew that my precum was streaming out of me even more than usual, hoping in the back of my mind that Alanah was on the pill, or had some sort of protection to keep my potent and most likely very fertile sperm from putting my baby in her. Holding onto those thick thighs even harder to keep my sister up I was pleasantly surprised how I could keep her body up with just my arms, without a sign of being tired…”Look at me.” I moan as the next 7 inches which had yet to impale into her throbbed and pulsed even harder than it did before. I wanted to look into those bright aquamarine eyes as I fucked her, desperate to take her in as much as possible. She pulled her head back, resting it against the cool wall of the shower, she stared with hunger back into my eyes. They were filled with an overwhelming sense of lust, fucking me with each glance, yet there was a glint of excitement in her, she looked…alive.

With every inch of cock, she took inside her, her cunt almost spasmed with conflicting feelings. Though the end goal of each inch was the same, her moaning into my ear, and her pussy pulling me in more and more, just so it could squeeze around her little brother’s thick dick.

With every quiver of her stretched out hole, we both could feel her natural lube push out around my shaft, covering those swollen balls full of my thick cum. She felt a smirk try desperately to form, though finding it impossible with her mouth hung open wide to allow each moan to come out uninterrupted. She wouldn’t admit this now, when she was in the heat of the moment with me; but she adored the feeling of her womanhood being filled with my sticky, baby making cream.

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